Down to the final 9!

So.. Bend “tests” are still a thing on YouTube? 🤦‍♂️ 😔

Third batch going out! ⭐️

Dead Cells is really good! 🎮 😀👍

I really think the Monica “personal CRM” is great! (I also really wish there was an iOS / iPadOS app to keep up with it!) 🐼

Trying to force myself to use this swipe typing in iOS 13 to see what it’s like.

Second batch going out the door! ✉️

Easier to keep track of the sticker quantities if there is a single blog post link to look back at. WWDC19 Stickers

First batch heading out the door!

Beautiful hike at Castle Rock today! ☀️ 🌲 ⌚️