👋 Boston


Tried WarFrame again. It was better the second time I tried it, but I still think it might not be for me. 🎮

When did they start putting fun little cutouts in Amazon boxes?? 📦 🚀 1DDDDF3F-7E0A-4BFC-8F13-5284A679DBA8.jpg

Who’s excited about getting a new label maker!? 🤚

I don’t think I have ever run a multi-user macOS system..? Learning new things.

Cores! 🤘

Here we go again.. 🤦‍♂️ CC252233-F807-4E84-8F5E-FE1CD724FB5D.jpg

Nintendo brought it pretty hard today with today’s Direct!

Trying one of those gravity blankets. Trial night 1. 🤔 🛏 😴

“Skype for business” is really proving to be terrible

Icro is looking really good! Happy to throw $8.99 toward future dev! Saving timeline position is 💯

Just need to make the $8.99 donation a little more discoverable. 😉 @hartlco B0A4CF03-4A12-485F-96A1-434B5D6779D4.jpg

I never turn on “swim mode” in the shower. (Never really an issue). Today it put my hydration off the charts! 😂 💧 07B027A7-6C17-4FDB-9380-54369FD114B8.jpg

Hover >> FastMail migration went smoothly!

Mail delivery is instant now!


Really liking what the Ubiquiti AMPLIFI system looks like!

I wonder which mesh WiFi system we will be switching to..? Seems as though nothing remains independent from the “big 5” for very long anymore..

My shirt isn’t holding up to today.. 🌧

🐱 👩‍🚀

It’s fixed! 📺

Riiiigggghhhhhttttttt. (It’s in San Jose, CA already) 😂 “weather”

New Blender! (This is the kind of thing I get super exited about!) 😀 blender emoji

Crap! I forgot to watch Groundhog Day today. Oh well, there is always “tomorrow”. 😂

Epic Games put on a Marshmello concert inside of Fortnite today! It was really well done! 😀 💃 🎶🎉🎮

Migration to FastMail ✔️

🍷 🧀 🎮