Finally got around to it! New Year, New Color Scheme!

(now to find all the pesky corners that I missed on the first pass)


Something seems troubling about the flickr acquisition.

On the surface it feels like there was no longer term plan for the purchase, past the actual purchase?

Only after acquisition it seemingly was discovered that they couldn’t afford to run it without gaining more subscribers (to a service that was not going to change for some time). Then came the plea for free users to pay for Pro (had those free users wanted Pro, they would probably already have it?). And now an increase in Pro subscriptions to offset the lack of new subscribers.

I really thought this purchase was going to be rejuvenating for flickr and hopefully it still is, but again, on the surface, this doesn’t seem like a strong start.

Working our way through the Hanayama Chess puzzles! 🧩

Pawn ✅
Rook ✅
Knight ✅
Bishop ✅
King ✅
Queen (still working on it..) 😬

Tesing. Export >> Bear Import

Just to see how it handles various embedded content pieces.

I have to say, @gluon would look awesome on macOS as well! 😬😉 Really liking the aesthetic. Does Catlyst help or hinder? //@vincent

2019 MacBook Air battery life: Fantastic! 💻👍

With Catalina, all the apps I used to backup my notes in broke. I haven’t found anything so far that provided similar functionality to Notes2Txt or Export. I did find today that Bear has as Automator action that let’s you export everything to .html files.

When I see online ads (not very often these days) they have been for knee replacements.. Nailed it.

🔗 The Secretive Company That Might End Privacy as We Know It 🤔

Clickbait or Concern. You be the judge. ⚖️

Fun little game on Apple Arcade. Pretty short and neat art style. Pilgrims 🎮 🕹

J 📷


I don’t know the last time I went to a McDonald’s, but this coffee mug is one of my favorites! I think they are from ~1970s. “Oven Proof. Made in USA” Ceramic I think? ☕️

TickTick seems like a nice looking Todoist. ✅

They have arrived! 😀 👟 😍

adidas “Moon Festival” UltraBOOST 4.0

People are always saying what a nice community is? Well, they are right! @alcedine and I had the pleasure today of meeting up with a couple m.b folks from Wollongong, Australia! ( @martinfeld & @NTKF ) Couldn’t be nicer people! Thanks for making it possible m.b! 😀👍

iA Writer is a delight. 💻

Ouch.. my site is very broken in Microsoft Edge. 😬

Going to need to look into this!


Re: Slack. The way you have to make a new account for every. single. workspace. makes me wonder.. they didn’t think people would belong to more than one when the service was built and it’s too hard to change that now?

“Deactivate Your Account” is a sham. Show some damn back bone and put a full “Delete My Account No Questions Asked” button. Furthermore, if you have NO option to remove, it proves that you don’t believe in your product. No excuse.

Email Clients (very general ratings) 🧐

Apple Mail🟢
Airmail (Beta)🟢

Apple Mail🟢
Airmail (Beta)🟢


Nose Clouds™️

Verizon’s actual search results are provided by Microsoft’s Bing, but Verizon added several privacy-focused features—while retaining the ability to serve contextual ads.


Verizon today launched a new search engine, claiming that its “OneSearch” service will offer users more privacy than the standard options in a market dominated by Google.


Neat! 💻 😀

Super stoked to try this out and see how it compares to Coda!