Lunch time 🍜

Definitely sick and tired of governments trying to force their bullshit agendas on the consumer technologies I use.

My new hobby is enthusiastically replying to spam. 📧

📣 It’s Hemispheric Views Thursday 📣

Episode 038 has been excruciatingly hand crafted and distilled to the very essence of what it means to be a hemisphere for 365 days.*

*Translation: New episode is out! It’s a celebration of our first year, but you wouldn’t know it!

After using Drafts for who knows how many years, I have just setup the Workspaces feature to give it a whirl. bleeding edge 🤪

Every iPhone is incremental. Probably the most incremental of all the platforms. When the product name changes, that is when it will be a revolutionary new thing. And then it will begin incrementing again. That’s how it works.

PSA: In case you had any single doubt about the power of mass media to change the mindset of a person who you love dearly into a warped alternate reality, I am here to tell you first hand: It can happen, and it’s so slow you didn’t even notice until it was potentially too late. 😔

I guess I have “5G uc” now.. 🤷‍♂️ 📲

Our shishitos are firing on all cylinders this year! 🌶

The random red ones are INCREDIBLE!

Backyard WiFi ✅

First time we have had rain since installing the Rachio. It’s working!

It’s raining today, no watering needed

Rain + Blanket + Coffee + iPad Solitaire


Just a quick update, Sushi Tuesday™ from this week has been moved to today.

Sushi Tuesday Friday™ 🍣

/End programming note

Looks like 16GB is enough for some people. 🤷‍♂️ 📲

I keep hearing people online say the iPhone can’t be USB-C because it’s too thin. The iPad Pro has been thinner than the iPhone for years and has had USB-C. So… Nope.

Seeing on the web as well. This is as far back as I can get. @jean @manton @help

Did anyone else lose all posts prior to ~4:30pm?

Take away all the ad/sponsorship revenue, likes, retweets, shares, analytics.

How much of the content from the creators you follow online (YouTube, Podcasts, Blogs, etc.) would remain exactly the same in tone, perspective, and feeling?

Any Android podcast listeners out there try this?

Couple whiskeys with @jmjordan! Nice! 🥃😀

Let the streaming begin! 😀

30 min to go! I am 50/50 on the Southern Hemispher showing up! Hemispheric Views Discord Chat 😬

Ready 👍

2 hours to go! Will the Southern Hemisphere stay awake and make it to the Apple event today!? Hemispheric Views Discord Chat