Almost forgot that it’s Baby Yoda - Season 2 day! 📺

Hooray! 14.2 GM! No more of this pop up!

I get the idea of the red chump hats that say something “funny” on them istead of his bs slogan. The problem is that no one is reading the words, they just see a stupid red hat and think you support hate.

Everything talks about upgrading to 4TB of iCloud storage, but there is no price anywhere. Weridly, it seems I already have it? I assume this is my old 2TB plan combined with the new Apple One 2TB plan, and this will fall back to 2TB after the trial? @kimonostereo

Photos Memories: San Jose – 2018 📷

San Jose -- 2018

Easy choice today!

Users can buy iCloud storage in addition to Apple One plans, for up to 4TB

I am actually happy about this! I was just recently getting concerned about running out of space becasue of my photo library. I will be ok for years to go now.

Happy to see you can now pay for using Apple Pay!

BaDing! <—that’s the sounds Apple Pay Makes

I thought clicking the icon on the right would bump it up in single increments.
It does not.
It goes to 100%. I do believe my heart actually stopped for a second. 🔊

Getting so close I can feel it! 👨‍💻

The White House science office listed “ending the COVID-19 pandemic” as the top accomplishment of President Trump’s first term, even as the U.S. has set records for new daily infections and numerous hospitals across the country are stretched to their breaking points.


Photos Memories: Belize – 2012 📷

Belize -- 2012

Water found on Moon.

If you voted for Biden you thought: “Oh cool, I wonder what this could mean for science!?”

If you voted for trump you thought: “Drill Baby Drill! Nuke the moon and sell it!”

22% of American adults either moved or know someone who moved during the pandemic

That seems like a weird stat, no? I guess the actual number wasn’t big enough to be interesting so they added “or know someone”.


App of the day: TextSniper

“This thing is friggin awesome!” -Jason

It’s on SetApp as well

The lack of coverage regarding GitHub & youtube-dl to be odd and concerning.

It doesn’t pull in the same ad clicks as “Apple is mean” but this issue feels way more important to “the internet” as a whole than Fortnite in the stupid App Store..?

Surely I’m missing something?

Your ballot for the November 2020 General Election has been accepted and will be counted! 🗳

Reeder 5 Sync

Mac mini: Every 5 minutes
MacBook Pro: Don’t fetch on this Mac
iPhone: Don’t fetch on this iPhone
iPad: Don’t fetch on this iPad

This has been working great. Feels much faster than having all devices constantly pulling everything.

Outa the way! We’re making wine!!! 🍷 🍇

The very first full copy of BOARD GAME NAME REDACTED has arrived! 😀😀 ⚔️🛡🎲

Time for final tweaks before locking all designs and allowing other people to acquire it!  

So Happy! (and so terrified)

Never had one of these before. 🥭 🍺

How do you feel about the little app/podcast banners in mobile Safari?

👍 Good

🤷‍♀️ Indifferent

👎 Bad

New stickers!


Photos Memories: San Jose – 2013 | Film 📷

San Jose -- 2013 | Film