🛬 🇯🇵 😀

This shirt is super accurate today! ☀️ 😎 016ACAC9-984E-41C1-BDC5-1DDF2F26A1CC.jpg

Let’s sit down and get through some of this Pocket backlog.

Paint. 📷



I thought 2+ hour podcasts were tough to get though in a week. The Talk Show just did a hold my beer with 3 hour 20 min. 😵

Getting podcasts onto the Watch is still a horrific experience. ⌚️

Tax Day! 💸

I have to imagine someone could secretly delete 1/3 - 2/3 of the apps on my phone and I wouldn’t notice.. 📱

Happy to see winter is over. 72 deg. ☀️ 😎

Our UPS lasted 6 years before screeaming at me that it was dying. 🔌 😱