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2017 vs. 2018 Travel

I travelled quite a bit in 2017 for work and as a byproduct I ended up with various travel ‘perks’ as part of the deal. 2018 is going to be a bit different due to changing jobs. Before I say anything else, I definitely feel that no mater what the perk is, it is not at all worth the amount of time you spend earning said perk in terms of time away from home and family.

2016 & 2017
Southwest A-List Preferred (w/ companion pass)
TSA Pre Check
Global Entry

TSA Pre Check
Global Entry (This is good for 5 years at a time)

The only thing I will probably miss is the companion pass, but realistically, looking at the number of times it actually worked out from a scheduling standpoint, we wold most likely be better off just buying an extra ticket when needed. Plus, I do still have a bunch of miles that can be used to buy tickets.

Overall I am looking forward to less travel in 2018! 🤞