Some of the biggest corporations in the United States are scaling back their display of violent games in the wake of recent mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton.

Probably best to just remove all video games and use the space for more guns.


Security researchers have cracked Apple’s FaceID biometric system yet again. But there’s an unusual caveat to this trick: to successfully unlock an iPhone, the attackers first need to make sure the victim is out cold.

“Cracked”!? More like “they used FaceID”…


I must have taken productivity pills or something! - Packed up more of the house
- More progress on the board game
- Did a bunch of consulting work
- Baked a cake
- Installed new lamp in bathroom

I find it intersting that generally people say “On iPhone and Android” rather than “On iOS and Android”.

The redesigned list scroll view in watchOS 6 is great! ⌚️ 👍 😀

Anyone need any of this stuff? (Offers accepted!)

I’ve been using dark mode from iOS beta 1 though 5. I switched to light mode for beta 6 to see what it’s like. For some strange reason light mode feels more polished than dark mode? I suppose that is due to iOS design being based on light mode for 10 years..? 📱 🌕🌑

Beta 6’ing. 📱⌚️

This seems to be where we’re at. Still. In the year 2019.

Hooray for coffee shop work today! ☕️