I was hopeful with all the sound effects changes in Big Sur, some of that would have come to iOS. The main one that should have changed ages ago is the camera shutter sound for screenshots. It’s still so awkward if you take a screenshot in a public place.

I’m ready!

Virtual Board Games with friends for the New Year! 🎲🥂

It’s clear that our kitties are very interested in what their mommy ( @alcedine ) is doing with this other cat.. 🤣


Piecing together a “live streaming rig” out of stuff I already have around the house! This will be for irl stuff like woodworking in the garage. 😀 🎥

  • My Old iPhone (11 Pro)
  • Osmo Mobile V1
  • Osmo Tripod
  • External Battery Pack

Have a safe, healthy, and happy New Year all you wonderful Micro.bloggers! 🎆 🥂

Streaming Live on Twitch!

Content: Woodworking in the garage!


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2020 Results! On To 2021! burk.io 🥂

Hemispheric Views — Episode 016 🎙
Killer Growth!

In this final episode of 2020, @canion reveals his Clooney connections, @Burk drops more Unannounced Trivia Corner™ and @martinfeld jabbers about cinema.

Thanks to all who have given the show a go! Happy New Year!

I think I’m going to go with this layout. 🪚

Need to figure out a way to live stream woodworking projects! 🪚

We’re onto the next stage of our wine making! 🍷

Streaming Live on Twitch!

Content: Final edit pass on Hemispheric Views Episode 016!


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Still in search of an Xbox Series X and PS5. 🎮

I hope I can get to the bottom of this soon.. Every.Single.Day.

Streaming Live on Twitch!

Content: Playing Games


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Prepping for my next woodworking project! 🪚

Going to replace the handle on our kettle 🫖

Time to play everyone’s favorite game!

“WTF color is this wall!?”

Tool Tip 💻

I have been invited to the Milo family! @HemisphericViews @canion @martinfeld

I am streaming the edit of the next episode of the podcast! (just to see what it would be like to watch someone do it)


Abstract 2020. 📷

Abstract 2020.

Love midday peppers for a snack! 🌶

Recorded another episode of the podcast (at a different time slot)! I wonder how the show will be different, if at all!? 😀🎙

Coming to your ears on 12/31!

ASU UltraBoosts! Graduation shoes! 😀 👟 (I have wayyyy too many shoes!!) 😂