Beginning Stranger Things season 3! 📺

Baked salmon is ready!

New bourbon! 🥃

Update to my Noise Cancelling Headphones Blog Post. With the Bose 700’s added to the list. 🎧

Are you ready for a terrible Star Wars joke I just made up?!

Q: What do they call Cloud City in Oregon?

A: Portlando 😂🤣😂

Does this count toward my being ready to be a dad someday?

New beer! 🍺 🥭

Is this a foot in the door for “default apps”? 🤔 📱


It’s weird to me that you can only have 2 pinned favorites?

“Noise Cancelling Headphones 700”

That’s the product name???? 🤨

I was comparing the newly updated MacBooks yesterday and it’s an interesting decision for the specs I would choose. 🤔 💻