Purple Mountains. 📷

Purple Mountains.


Bye bye NY. 👋 🗽

~13 years ago I worked on the first immersive TelePresence system. A platform that promised less business travel. The technology was/is amazing, yet here I am flying from CA to NY for 1.5 days of meetings.. ✈️

I had 0 biz travel when I was at Cisco. Go figure.


If you were thinking about doing an Apple Trade In but didn’t think the “Up to $XXXX” price was enough. Go through the process to see what the actual value is. I did it for a MacBook (which says “Up to $1100”) but it ended up being $1265. 🤷‍♂️😃👍

Catastrophic Failure. F656E3C3-39DB-429A-928B-DCE74FA4557B.jpg

I was curious if this would work.. and it did!?

iPad Pro Hyper Drive plugged into a MacBook Pro. 😱

Whiskey 📷



Delicious! FD1DC7E5-C95D-4338-813F-84F3096907A2.jpg

Looking forward to when I can sign up for a flikr account without yahoo being involved in the process. 📷