It sure looks like Fry’s is going to be closing by end of year. 🧐

Playing Games - GRIS 🎮

Great day of writing! Got one blog post out and another scheduled for tomorrow! Working now to build a custom IA Writer preview template.

That’s a wierd one. A post from 2007 is showing up as though it was published today.. 🤔

Two high end design “choices” that drive me crazy. (Fortunately the second one can be “fixed” with the addition of the hand grip.) 📱 📷

“The Modern Web” 🤦‍♂️

  • Trash ads everywhere
  • Over 1 min to load the page!?
  • 100+ Errors
  • Total object count never stops increasing
  • “This webpage is using significant memory. Closing it may improve the responsiveness of your mac.”
  • Page eventually crashed

The Leica Q2 📷

Not sure if this is a good idea? I am going back through ALL my blog posts to clean them up (spelling, formatting, etc) and convert any weird HTML to MD. Through the years of migration after migration, things got weird in some spots. Not to mention broken images!

In the wake of 2 mass shootings at Walmart stores in recent months, the company said Tuesday it plans to discontinue handgun ammunition and all sales of short-barrel rifle ammunition used with military-style assault weapons

Removing the violent videogames didn’t work? 🤔 📧

Horizontal View: Default is one too many columns
Portrait View: Default is one too few colums

🤔 🙃