They are trying harder.

Still not sure why they don’t get rid of that last bit of garbage in the subject. If that weren’t there it would be almost perfect to scamming people.

I would love to get my hands on this “Timery” testflight app for Toggl!! ⏱

Podcast Friday: Works For Me 🎙 

“On Works for Me, hosts Francesca Levy and Rebecca Greenfield navigate the productivity industry by way of their own experiences.”

trying to do some api stuff.. 🤔

Thinking no one looked at this on device before release..

Oh! GoodNotes 5 is out!? Wait.. I wonder why it’s a free upgrade?

Sony a6400 👀

Stickers keep appearing!

My last blog post was the first post that was done 100% on iPad. It worked great! 😀 👍

  • Writing (Apple Notes)
  • Photo Capture (Camera App)
  • Photo Edit (Photos)
  • Video Capture (Camera App)
  • Video Edit (Rush CC)
  • Publish to Blot.im Git (Working Copy)

I was really hoping to check this off my list today. It’s not looking good. ✔️🤒

We went to Lowe’s today to get some stuff for the bathroom. Apparently our Lowe’s is gone..? 🤔

Goodreads, for video games..?

Why do I use Micro.blog? This is a huge part of the reason. The people. Without great people, you can’t have a great community! Thanks all!

A few others
Chronological Timeline!?
No ads!?

Today marks 1 year on Micro.blog! 🎉🎊🎈

So many great people and conversations. 😀

I closed all my other “social” accounts over the last year. 👍

Watching Half-Life Documentary 📺 🎮

Very confused product. 🤔

😱 😉 @manton @danielpunkass

Netflix is perfect for flights now. It has offline downloads and PIP support. 📺 🎥 ✈️

I have changed my opinion on the hug emoji. I like it now. 🤗

Dinner last night was so good, I’m having the exact same thing tonight! Groundhog Day.

I ordered one of the new Brydge keyboards for the 2018 iPad Pro 12.9. It looks pretty great, more to come after I get it! ⌨️

Trying for the second time to watch Bird Box. 🎥 🍿

Another rental car with CarPlay! It’s the best!

SNOW! ❄️ ⛄️