Companies that rely on your personal data for 100% of their revenue are bypassing personal data protection rules?


📖 Progress Update

It is SO great being able to unplug power from my laptop, and plug the same plug right into my iPad. ❤️*USB-C

😱 🐪

One of my favorite little tricks to get a list of my apps for moving to a new fresh install machine.

ls /Applications > NewSystemApps.txt

Then drop that text in a new Notes.app, highlight all, and add checklist bubbles. Now I am ready to go through and start installing apps.

Is everyone pretty in love with FastMail for a mail host? Or do I need to consider others? (Currently using Hover)

Hover is pretty ok, but would like the use of aliases, push mail, and having some issues with connections lately.

I mega ❤️ the design of @vincent’s blog! https://vincentritter.com

Running without headphones 😱

So nice to have your airpods in “Find my iPhone”! I know they are at work so I don’t spend who knows how long digging around the house!

Does anyone use a Bluetooth “headset” for being on long conference calls? I am having a heck of a time finding very many options. I tried the Jabra Evolve 50 and it was pretty good but uncomfortable after ~30ish mins.. would like a good boom mic and sound in both ears. 🎧

Umami Burger. 🤤 🍔

Wow! I just realized I have been writing crap on the internet in one form or another for 20 years! 😱 🌐

Fuck everything about this stupid asshole. 🖕

President Trump created the longest government shutdown in U.S. history so he could get $5.7 billion for a border wall, and today he caved in exchange for $0.

Podcast Friday: Hackable? 🎙 

“Geoff Siskind, digs into the minds of cyber criminals with cybersecurity expert, Bruce Snell, giving us an in-depth view of the vulnerabilities we face so we can stay observant, and out of the hacker’s path.”

I had a wacky idea. 🔌🔋

It didn’t work.

On my iPad

I want “Double Tap Space” to create a period when using software keyboard but NOT when using external keyboard. I can’t find any tricks to do this.

This feature is great until you are trying to create a markdown list and need the two spaces at the end of each line..


  1. Stop using RSS.
  2. Take the time to cut out the majority of feeds that have overlapping content.
  3. Continue ignoring it.

Stickers 😀

This smells amazing 🍺 🍍

Original iPhone
iPhone XS Max Box

😱 📱

Still a ways off, but it’s getting closer! ⌨️ 🙌

🔗 apple.news

Apple Pay coming to Target

🏆 Armadillo Racing

If your Logitech mouse recently stopped scrolling in MacOS, go check this in:

System Prefs > Security & Privacy > Accessibility

Wacky thing to have stop working for seemingly no reason.. 🐭

Achievement Unlocked!

Stand Desk at Work 🙌 🏆