New beer! 🍺 🥭

Is this a foot in the door for “default apps”? 🤔 📱


It’s weird to me that you can only have 2 pinned favorites?

“Noise Cancelling Headphones 700”

That’s the product name???? 🤨

I was comparing the newly updated MacBooks yesterday and it’s an interesting decision for the specs I would choose. 🤔 💻

First time in a while that I don’t have to scroll! 🎧 🙌

Super Mario Games, Ranked From Best to Worst 🎮

I think I would have put Sunshine higher in the ranking.

The Discover Tagmoji Tracker (not sure what to call it) should now be back in sync with current Tagmoji in production and all community suggestions! 🎉

iOS/iPadOS 13 Dev Beta 3 (revision 2)? 🤔

The next chapter in my quest 🎧