Podcast Friday: Supernatural 🎙 

“Most mysteries can be solved by looking at the facts. But sometimes, the facts don’t lead to a logical explanation, and the truth lies somewhere in the unknown…”

Getting a lot of spam the last few days… 🤔

Must be a campaign by Hey! 😉

Finally got around to watching the PS5 reveal video. Looks cool! We’ll be picking up a digital version when it launches. Alongside the Xbox Series X. 👍👍 🎮

Remember 1080i? 📺

Replacement AirPod Pro has arrived! Glorious crackle free audio once again! 🎉 🎧

Addition to AirPods that I would love. Better, make it a standard for all headphones. w/option to disable if wanted.

A super tiny led indicator for other people.

🔴: Noise Cancelling active. I can’t hear you. DND.

🟢: Transparency, I’m listening, and can hear you.

Using Firefox exclusively as my browser for the last ~6 months on Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Only found two issues. 🦊

1) You don’t get ApplePay prompts on websites that support it. They only show up in Safari.
2) Can’t auto populate text auth codes.

#1 might be deal breaker. 😬

Voice Tweets is Twitter wishing they came up with TikTok, right? 🤔

iPad apps that are locked to portrait orientation. Stop it.

After using my own domain for my email for SO long, going back to something like “username@hey.com” would feel like a huge step backwards. (especially given that you are almost certainly not going to get the username you want.)

Stick with one email. That you own.

My automated youtube-dl system broke.. here is what happened and how to fix it (in case it happens to you).

I am a very light and extremely anxious sleeper. One odd noise and I’m up for hours with panic. Made it to 2:44am this time! 🎉

Challenge: Build Something In Your Garage! burk.io

Fun challenege project I did with a friend of mine (remotely) about a month ago.

SO MANY friendly kitties in our neighborhood!! (I’ve lost count) 😀😻❤️

🎥 🍿 The Mummy (1932)

Sanebox really lays it on thick when you cancel.

Also, new HomeKit thermostat arrived today! (Still need to touch up paint behind it) 🥵 🥶

Stove cleaning day! 🧼

I imagine it won’t be long until someone builds a service that pulls Spotify exclusive podcasts and spits them out to generic RSS feeds for subbing via Podcast apps. 🎙

Gorgeous day today!

What’s up with spiders always chilling out in the ceiling!? 🕷

Currently blowing my mind: Friction Stir Welding. 🤯

We’re back in the land of glorious fiber!!! 🙌

People seem to be very confused on how a mask works.. it’s either only holding their chin up or only covering their mouth and not their nose…

Reminds me of people who drive and talk on their cell phone by holding it next to their mouth on speaker so it’s “hands free”.. 🤦‍♂️

All my internet ads are now for “bullet proof vests” and “body armor”. Cool.. 😔