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2019-06-18: Happy Birthday @macgenie!! 😀 🎂🎉🎈🎁 Sent with confetti

2019-06-17: 🎉

2019-06-16: Given the past, Beta 2 should be this week! 🙌😀 that’s when I will probably try again on my iPad Pro. 

2019-06-15: Down to the final 9!

2019-06-14: So.. Bend “tests” are still a thing on YouTube? 🀊‍♂ 😔

2019-06-13: Third batch going out! ⭐

2019-06-13: Dead Cells is really good! 🎮 😀👍

2019-06-12: I really think the Monica “personal CRM” is great! (I also really wish there was an iOS 

2019-06-12: Trying to force myself to use this swipe typing in iOS 13 to see what it’s like.

2019-06-10: Second batch going out the door! ✉

2019-06-09: Easier to keep track of the sticker quantities if there is a single blog post link to look back at. 

2019-06-09: First batch heading out the door!

2019-06-09: Beautiful hike at Castle Rock today! ☀ 🌲 ⌚

2019-06-09: Went to a place called Hops and Scotch with @alcedine last night. It was really cool! All the 

2019-06-07: Podcast Friday: Dialog 🎙 “Each season, Federico and John discuss the impact of technology on 

2019-06-07: Brydge Keyboard - iPad Pro 12.9 Updated 2019-06-07 It’s not working out..

2019-06-06: My replacement Brydge keyboard arrived yesterday. Putting it through the motions now. Going to 

2019-06-06: iOS 13 on my iPhone X: Going fine. iPadOS 13 on my iPad Pro: Downgraded to iOS 12. 🗑 🔥 ❌⛔📛🛑🚷📵

2019-06-06: For those unable to get all the way out to CA this year for the Micro.blog meetup at WWDC 2019, add 

2019-06-06: Micro.blog last night at the show 😀⭐

2019-06-05: Live Near WWDC! 🍺 🊉 🎞

2019-06-05: Officially recommending to not install iPadOS DevBeta1.

2019-06-04: Drinks with @alcedine at The Contenintal while we wait for The Talk Show Live. 🍞

2019-06-04: Time for the Escape the Keynote escape room! @alcedine and @jsorge are in our group!

2019-06-04: I will do my best to figure out some way to get some of these out to you all!! 🀞


2019-06-04: Lovely day in the park. 🌳 WWDC

2019-06-04: I way over ordered Micro.blog at WWDC19 stickers.. If you are around, and didn’t get any of them, 

2019-06-04: I way over ordered Micro.blog at WWDC19 stickers.. If you are around, and didn’t get any of them, 

2019-06-03: Brydge Keyboard Update #3: original keyboard confirmed defective by Brydge. Replacement on the way.

2019-06-03: Anyone at WWDC able to score me some of the shirts from the pop up? Men’s L, Women’s M.

2019-06-03: Using a Bluetooth mouse with my iPad Pro is wild

2019-06-03: 🔊

2019-06-03: 🔗 Running list of apps that don’t seem to work with iOS 13 - burk.io

2019-06-03: Roaming around downtown San Jose. I have all the iOS, iPadOS, and Xcode betas on an SSD if anyone 

2019-06-03: We are officially iOS 13 now! 😀 (doing this, so you don’t have to! 😂)

2019-06-03: iOS 13 and iPadOS installing. 😬

2019-06-03: Downloading all of them. 😀

2019-06-03: “Important Note for Thrill Seekers: If you’re interested in living on the edge and trying out the 

2019-06-03: Commence Downloads! WWDC

2019-06-03: Mac Pro 🀯

2019-06-03: Ready. Set. Go!

2019-06-03: Dusting Off An Old Project - Part 1 burk.io

2019-06-03: Super excited for today (this week)! ☕ is ready, ⚡fiber internet tubes are warmed up, Micro.blog 

2019-06-02: 🊄 💀 WWDC

2019-06-02: Cooking 101: Burn the cheese = delicious. 🔥 🧀 😀

2019-06-02: 📣 WWDC FYI: I plan on having a number of USB drives with all the new WWDC betas on them for anyone 

2019-06-02: I’m ready! WWDC 🀖

2019-06-02: New mug! ☕ 😀

2019-06-02: What ever happened to that board game I was working on developing??? 🎲

2019-05-31: Which devices will I be installing iOS 13 Dev Beta 1 on? All of them. 💉🗡

2019-05-31: Podcast Friday: The Shrink Next Door 🎙 “The Shrink Next Door is the story of one therapist’s 

2019-05-30: I ❀ ChangeTower!


2019-05-30: Everyone thinks I am crazy for never putting cases on my devices! Justified! 🊇 🔗 New Hampshire man 

2019-05-30: Hey look! It’s @danielpunkass in the Mac App Store! 😀

2019-05-30: Run Away!!!! 🏃 📚

2019-05-29: Ordered the new Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700. Not sure what that name is about.. 🀞they are 

2019-05-29: I wanted some jerky..

2019-05-29: I went to Flipboard to delete my account and was greeted by this disgustingly large ad taking up 

2019-05-28: I may be misremembering, isn’t there a way to “officially” refer people to Micro.blog? @manton 

2019-05-28: Much like movie spoilers, ignoring all posts, podcasts, etc that “know everything coming out at WWDC 

2019-05-27: Is anyone doing the AltConf Escape room!? @alcedine and I are signed up for Tuesday (after the 

2019-05-27: New T-Shirt! 😀

2019-05-26: I forgot to leave the house today.

2019-05-25: Things the US Senate is using their massive power to ban: Video Game Loot Boxes: ABSOLUTELY!! Actual 

2019-05-24: Finally getting around to finishing season 5 of Silicon Valley. 📺

2019-05-24: This is neat tool! Broken-Link-Checker blc -r [you-domain.com](https://you-domain.com) > 

2019-05-24: I have finally done it! I got past 3! 🀣 🏆 @manton

2019-05-24: Podcast Friday: Drawing Inspiration 🎙 “Exploring the joy of drawing with graphite and digital 

2019-05-24: Update: Worked with CS over at Brydge to do some troubleshooting. My unit is going to be sent back 

2019-05-23: See you all on Tuesday, June 4th at the Micro.blog Meetup! 😉

2019-05-22: Charging my iPhone with my iPad is still awesome!!

2019-05-22: I’m back!

2019-05-21: Nitro Matcha Tea 🍵 👍👍

2019-05-21: Who knew!? 📱

2019-05-21: I may be under a rock, has anything been said about a live @gruber The Talk Show at WWDC this year?

2019-05-21: With SmuMug acquiring Flickr, I wonder if there will be a mechanism to migrate data between them? 

2019-05-20: Sure, why not. 🚙 🀖

2019-05-20: We’re in!

2019-05-20: The Timery App for Toggl is getting closer to being real.

2019-05-19: Cheers!

2019-05-18: I wonder if I will have anything to give away at the Micro.blog WWDC meetup this year? 🀔😉

2019-05-18: The Shift Key.

2019-05-18: something tells me we may get some 🌧 this weekend.. 🀔

2019-05-17: I can’t imagine you can get much more relaxed than this. 🐱

2019-05-17: Yeah, I’m thinking he’s back. Wick 3

2019-05-17: John Wick 3 tonight! How will it all turn out!?

2019-05-17: iss you Grumpy Cat. Rest peacefully. May your grumps look down on us from the cat tree in the sky. 

2019-05-16: Brydge Keyboard Update: This one is definitely defective. I have reached out to their support to get 

2019-05-16: Has anyone checked out / used this? ViewBug. 📷

2019-05-16: That time when I was sitting in a meeting with Microsoft and the presenter’s PC goes BSOD. 😬

2019-05-16: At that point in the work travel month where I am forgetting where I am..

2019-05-15: Looks like it’s actually going to be a thing! TimeryApp

2019-05-15: Hololens’ing

2019-05-15: At Microsoft HQ today to demo Hololens 2 and check out some of their IoT labs stuff!

2019-05-14: Something tells me that OnePlus has a new phone out. 🀣🀔🧐📺

2019-05-13: I’m not sure Slack ’solved’ any problem, but rather added another way to accomplish something. 

2019-05-13: iPad sticker update 2019-05-13

2019-05-13: Minty 🌱. 📷 burk.photos

2019-05-13: Minty 🌱. 📷 burk.photos

2019-05-13: Wasn’t execting iOS 12.3 today. Nice surprise. 😀 📱

2019-05-12: Gone. 📷 burk.photos

2019-05-12: Is @news an official account? Not sure how I missed this.

2019-05-12: I am not sure I have an answer for @johnjohnston, but thought some of you might? Camera Advice 📷

2019-05-12: First ‘in the wild’ use today! ☕

2019-05-11: 🎥 🍿 🍺 Detective Pikachu w/ @alcedine

2019-05-11: We ( @alcedine + me ) just finished co-op play through of BOXBOY! + BOXGIRL! Great puzzle game! I 

2019-05-11: We (@alcedine + me) just finished co-op play through of BOXBOY! + BOXGIRL! Great puzzle game! I 

2019-05-11: Tada! 📊

2019-05-10: Introducing @alcedine to John Wick!

2019-05-10: The Bezos + leaving earth thing may have substance, but it sure just feels like another instance of 

2019-05-10: Podcast Friday: Blackout 🎙 “Rami Malek stars in this apocalyptic thriller as a small-town radio DJ 

2019-05-09: Remember Computer Shopper magazine? That was one thick magazine! I spent days thoroughly looking at 

2019-05-09: It wouldn’t be a trip to Portland if I didn’t leave having eaten WAY TOO MUCH delicious food!!! 😀

2019-05-09: Interesting how senators seems to have more harsh opinions toward loot boxes in video games than 

2019-05-09: I just realized that somehow, every time I am walking around Portland, I am wearing my Micro.blog 

2019-05-09: Had to hit up Bamboo Sushi before flying out! 🎋🍣

2019-05-09: It’s a warm one today! ☀ 😀

2019-05-09: 🙌 🎉

2019-05-09: Getting a little work done before meetings. ☕

2019-05-08: Dinner in Portland tonight! Ringside Steakhouse 🥩 🥃 😀👍

2019-05-05: Definitely thinking the word “smart” is being added to products a little to liberally.

2019-05-04: New Siri Shortcut. “Hey Siri, snap your fingers.” Half of your lights turn off

2019-05-04: Endgame! 🍿 🎥 🥃

2019-05-03: Very much looking forward to when you can wash an iPad like you can an iPhone! 🧌

2019-05-02: Bye bye lost cables behind the desk at work!

2019-05-02: MacBook Pro uptime: 22 days, 36 min. 👍

2019-05-02: Question for those who use the first party Micro.blog app. When you open the app, it auto shows the 

2019-04-28: Watching: Musical Chairs ⚔ 📺

2019-04-28: B&H is officially open again! They have processed the order. Now to wait “patiently”.. 📷 😬 (I am 

2019-04-28: Yes please! BEETLEJUICE The Musical

2019-04-27: New 🧶 store with @alcedine

2019-04-27: Well this is an unexpected surprise!

2019-04-26: Is it a “Foldable Phone” that folds into a tablet, or a “Foldable Tablet” 

2019-04-26: Question for the group: How many years until we don’t call them “Smartphones” 

2019-04-26: 2019 Update: Phone & Tablet “Drop Tests” and “Bend Tests” are still 

2019-04-26: Java doesn’t even want you to have Java.

2019-04-26: Daily 🍍

2019-04-26: The practice of cold emailing someone on LinkedIn to their work email address is disgusting.

2019-04-24: I really need to get mentions added to posts.. Hey Siri, add that to my todo list.

2019-04-24: It’s much more than 64 degrees today! 😃 🍋

2019-04-24: Icon design: white rouded square with small synbol in the middle. Must have slowly happened because 

2019-04-23: 🔗 The Mysterious Life and Death of Frank Meyer, the Man Behind Meyer Lemons

2019-04-23: I think I may need to upgrade my AirPods afterall. The case doesn’t seem to want to charge reliably 

2019-04-22: I guess I forgot to charge my ⌚ last night? Got the 10% charge warning, so I plugged it into my 

2019-04-21: I did it! I pulled the trigger on the Leica Q2! 🙀📷 They aren’t in stock anywhere, and in a 

2019-04-20: Finally got around to fixing all the dead images and links in my “Shortcuts” posts. Also 

2019-04-20: What a cool Siri suggestion! I love when technology does something unexpected and helpful! 😀📱👍

2019-04-20: I thought I was going insane when Atom seemed to be auto removing my trailing whitespace. Turns out, 

2019-04-20: Went for a 🏃‍♂ yesterday carrying my bulky 📱 because syncing podcasts to the ⌚ is an awful 

2019-04-19: New game I am really enjoying! 🎮 BABA IS YOU

2019-04-16: Sometimes blog posts just happen! (Love when that happens)

2019-04-16: Do you think they have good WiFi in their building? 😂

2019-04-15: Research. Research. Research. 📷

2019-04-14: 🎶 It’s the most wonderful time of the year 🎶 🍺 🍉 😃

2019-04-14: Drink time!! 😀 🍋



2019-04-13: When some state inevitably allows teachers to be armed with little/no training, and one of those 

2019-04-12: Let’s go!! 🎮 🐈

2019-04-12: Airplay audio from iPhone to iPad Pro.. 🀔

2019-04-12: Not easy.

2019-04-12: Sony a6400 - $999 Fuji X-T3 - $1899 📷 🀔 🧐

2019-04-12: Really liked these glasses! ☕

2019-04-10: ⌚ 🍇 @alcedine surprised me with a new Apple Watch band yesterday and it’s defintely the favorite of 

2019-04-08: This 🕯 is blowing my mind!! It smells EXACTLY like Froot Loops!!! 🀯 I had to buy it. SNIFFFFFF

2019-04-08: Trying out this Anyone else?

2019-04-08: What a shock. AT&T 5Ge is equally awful as their LTE (4G). It’s almost as if they are exactly 

2019-04-08: Flight delay. Flight delay. Flight delay. Going to work today is going to be a beast.

2019-04-07: Like the name states. ☕

2019-04-07: As with coffee. Portland food does not disappoint! 🍜

2019-04-07: The ☕ in Portland does not disappoint!!

2019-04-07: Whiskey pudding with sea salted caramel top. 😍 🍮 🥄

2019-04-06: I want to buy this!

2019-04-06: Delicious onigiri! 🍙

2019-04-06: I sure screwed up, I should have planned an m.b in Portland! So many of you here! Next time 100%! I 

2019-04-06: If you know me, you knew we would be making a stop here while in Portland! Three Stripe Life.

2019-04-06: Remember that time we went to Portland and parked in a garage on Friday, only to find out on 

2019-04-06: If you see someone running around Portland today wearing a blue Micro.blog shirt, stop them and 

2019-04-06: What is everyone’s favorite coffee place in Portland?

2019-04-05: Portland Food = A+

2019-04-05: Hi Panic! 🚚 😀

2019-04-05: 👋 Portland!

2019-04-04: Bring your daughter to work day. 😀 Brite Bomber! 🊄

2019-04-03: Lone Palm 📷 burk.photos

2019-04-03: Got a robo call today letting me know “your pain relief back and/or knee brace is now available for 

2019-04-03: I bought another pair of shoes. I’m a monster! 👟

2019-04-02: Not having good luck getting this DHL package delivered. Day 1: Address was wrong..? Day 2: Called 

2019-04-01: It’s Mochi and Kiwi’s 10th Birthday! 🐱 🐱 🎂 🐟 ❀ I can hardly believe they are 10! Photo of them in 

2019-03-31: Movie Day! Captain Marvel! 😀 🍿 🎥

2019-03-30: Lasagna’d

2019-03-30: Eggplant lasagna night! Courtesy of the wonderful @alcedine! 😀🍎

2019-03-30: All dressed up. 🧣

2019-03-30: Round 1 setup of iPad mini complete. iPad name = iPad smol

2019-03-30: Round 1 setup of iPad mini complete. iPad name = iPad smol

2019-03-29: Picked up an iPad mini today since they are available for in store pickup as of today. 👍

2019-03-28: If you have access to both PowerPoint and Keynote, which do you choose?

2019-03-28: I am currently doing this to post my One Shot photos over to Micro.blog. It’s one manual step 

2019-03-28: It wasn’t mentioned in the update log, but it looks like the amazon app its the iPad Pro screen now!

2019-03-27: So true! Study Says Video Game Music Makes People More Productive - GameByte

2019-03-26: Since there looks to be an API to Apple News, wondering if it would be nice to add an option to link 

2019-03-26: Honeycomb 📷 burk.photos

2019-03-26: 😂🀣😂🀣😂 ⚡📲 9G!

2019-03-26: Hot on the heels of the Kechron K1, info on the K2 is now available! ⌚

2019-03-25: I have officially watched the film Casablanca for the first time! It filled 18% of my flight back 

2019-03-25: Was hoping to run by the  Store and pick up an iPad mini, but it looks like I will have to order 

2019-03-24: Bye Taipei! Back to California! 🌎

2019-03-24: When I hit “load more” in Icro, I get 30 more posts. Is this a limitation in Icro or the micro.blog 

2019-03-24: One more night in Taipei, then back home!

2019-03-22: 👋 🇯🇵 ❀ 🛫🛩🛬 🇹🇌 👋

2019-03-21: I watched 4 movies in a row on the flight over. I don’t think I have ever watched that many movies 

2019-03-19: 🛬 🇯🇵 😀

2019-03-18: This shirt is super accurate today! ☀ 😎

2019-03-17: Let’s sit down and get through some of this Pocket backlog.

2019-03-17: Paint. 📷 burk.photos

2019-03-16: I thought 2+ hour podcasts were tough to get though in a week. The Talk Show just did a hold my beer 

2019-03-16: Getting podcasts onto the Watch is still a horrific experience. ⌚

2019-03-16: Tax Day! 💞

2019-03-15: I have to imagine someone could secretly delete 1/3 - 2/3 of the apps on my phone and I wouldn’t 

2019-03-15: Happy to see winter is over. 72 deg. ☀ 😎

2019-03-13: Our UPS lasted 6 years before screeaming at me that it was dying. 🔌 😱

2019-03-12: ❀ my shoulder kitty! 😀🐱

2019-03-12: I wonder if my Brydge keyboard will arrive before or after April 15..? ⌚

2019-03-12: POLL: In regard to apps, I start my week on: Sunday Monday Other

2019-03-11: Freedom™ burk.io


2019-03-11: Maybe this will prompt the addition of DropBox / Box type features into iCloud Drive?

2019-03-10: Welcome to Night Vale LIVE SHOW! 😀

2019-03-10: I’m watching you, watching you, watching you.

2019-03-10: Dog+Bear+Cat?

2019-03-10: Three iPhone sizes would be a delight. S, M, L. 📱


2019-03-09: Purple Mountains. 📷 burk.photos

2019-03-09: Bye bye NY. 👋 🗜

2019-03-09: ~13 years ago I worked on the first immersive TelePresence system. A platform that promised less 

2019-03-06: PSA 📣 If you were thinking about doing an Apple Trade In but didn’t think the “Up to 

2019-03-06: Catastrophic Failure.

2019-03-05: I was curious if this would work.. and it did!? iPad Pro Hyper Drive plugged into a MacBook Pro. 😱

2019-03-03: Whiskey 📷 burk.photos

2019-03-03: Delicious!

2019-03-02: Looking forward to when I can sign up for a flikr account without yahoo being involved in the 

2019-03-02: Saturday = Rain, Blankets, Coffee, Alfred Hitchcock 🌧 🧣 ☕ 🎥

2019-03-01: This is new. 🀔

2019-02-27: I am very happy with our Mac mini decision!! 😃

2019-02-26: With all the advances in the medical world, why does dentistry still feel like medieval torture? 

2019-02-26: Photos 🖌 iPhone: 42,040 Photos, 1,062 Videos iPad: 42,040 Photos, 1,062 Videos Mac mini: 26,882 

2019-02-26: Where is my RSS..?

2019-02-25: Raindrop.io

2019-02-24: 📚 Progress: 0%

2019-02-24: 📚 Progress: 100% 4.5 ⭐

2019-02-23: Going up.

2019-02-23: Went to Stiches West today with @alcedine. 😃 🧶

2019-02-23: 🍻

2019-02-23: Two MacBooks or One Mac Mini? burk.io

2019-02-21: cool.

2019-02-21: Uh oh. @blot outage?

2019-02-19: 👋 Boston ⛄

2019-02-17: Tried WarFrame again. It was better the second time I tried it, but I still think it might not be 

2019-02-17: When did they start putting fun little cutouts in Amazon boxes?? 📊 🚀

2019-02-17: Who’s excited about getting a new label maker!? 🀚

2019-02-15: I don’t think I have ever run a multi-user macOS system..? Learning new things.

2019-02-13: Cores! 🀘

2019-02-13: Here we go again.. 🀊‍♂

2019-02-13: Nintendo brought it pretty hard today with today’s Direct!

2019-02-12: Trying one of those gravity blankets. Trial night 1. 🀔 🛏 😎

2019-02-12: “Skype for business” is really proving to be terrible…

2019-02-12: Icro is looking really good! Happy to throw $8.99 toward future dev! Saving timeline position is 💯 

2019-02-12: I never turn on “swim mode” in the shower. (Never really an issue). Today it put my hydration off 

2019-02-12: Hover >> FastMail migration went smoothly! Mail delivery is instant now! 📧💚

2019-02-11: Really liking what the Ubiquiti AMPLIFI system looks like!

2019-02-11: I wonder which mesh WiFi system we will be switching to..? Seems as though nothing remains 

2019-02-09: My shirt isn’t holding up to today.. 🌧

2019-02-08: 🐱 👩‍🚀


2019-02-06: It’s fixed! 📺

2019-02-04: Riiiigggghhhhhttttttt. (It’s in San Jose, CA already) 😂 “weather”

2019-02-03: New Blender! (This is the kind of thing I get super exited about!) 😀 blender emoji

2019-02-02: Crap! I forgot to watch Groundhog Day today. Oh well, there is always “tomorrow”. 😂

2019-02-02: Epic Games put on a Marshmello concert inside of Fortnite today! It was really well done! 😀 💃 🎶🎉🎮

2019-02-01: Migration to FastMail ✔

2019-02-01: 🍷 🧀 🎮

2019-01-30: Companies that rely on your personal data for 100% of their revenue are bypassing personal data 

2019-01-29: 📖 Progress Update

2019-01-29: It is SO great being able to unplug power from my laptop, and plug the same plug right into my iPad. 

2019-01-28: 😱 🐪

2019-01-28: One of my favorite little tricks to get a list of my apps for moving to a new fresh install machine. 

2019-01-28: Is everyone pretty in love with FastMail for a mail host? Or do I need to consider others? 

2019-01-28: I mega ❀ the design of @vincent’s blog! https://vincentritter.com

2019-01-26: Running without headphones 😱

2019-01-26: So nice to have your airpods in “Find my iPhone”! I know they are at work so I don’t spend who knows 

2019-01-26: Does anyone use a Bluetooth “headset” for being on long conference calls? I am having a heck of a 

2019-01-26: Umami Burger. 🀀 🍔

2019-01-25: Wow! I just realized I have been writing crap on the internet in one form or another for 20 years! 😱 

2019-01-25: Fuck everything about this stupid asshole. 🖕 President Trump created the longest government 

2019-01-25: Podcast Friday: Hackable? 🎙 “Geoff Siskind, digs into the minds of cyber criminals with 

2019-01-24: I had a wacky idea. 🔌🔋 It didn’t work.

2019-01-24: On my iPad I want “Double Tap Space” to create a period when using software keyboard but NOT when 

2019-01-24: Options Stop using RSS. Take the time to cut out the majority of feeds that have overlapping 

2019-01-24: Stickers 😀

2019-01-23: This smells amazing 🍺 🍍

2019-01-23: Original iPhone on iPhone XS Max Box 😱 📱

2019-01-22: Still a ways off, but it’s getting closer! ⌚ 🙌

2019-01-22: 🔗 apple.news Apple Pay coming to Target

2019-01-20: 🏆 Armadillo Racing

2019-01-20: If your Logitech mouse recently stopped scrolling in MacOS, go check this in: System Prefs > 

2019-01-18: Achievement Unlocked! Stand Desk at Work 🙌 🏆

2019-01-18: They are trying harder. Still not sure why they don’t get rid of that last bit of garbage in the 

2019-01-18: I would love to get my hands on this “Timery” testflight app for Toggl!! ⏱

2019-01-18: Podcast Friday: Works For Me 🎙 “On Works for Me, hosts Francesca Levy and Rebecca Greenfield 

2019-01-17: trying to do some api stuff.. 🀔

2019-01-17: Thinking no one looked at this on device before release..

2019-01-16: Oh! GoodNotes 5 is out!? Wait.. I wonder why it’s a free upgrade?

2019-01-15: Sony a6400 👀

2019-01-15: Stickers keep appearing!

2019-01-15: My last blog post was the first post that was done 100% on iPad. It worked great! 😀 👍 Writing 

2019-01-13: I was really hoping to check this off my list today. It’s not looking good. ✔🀒

2019-01-13: We went to Lowe’s today to get some stuff for the bathroom. Apparently our Lowe’s is gone..? 🀔

2019-01-13: Goodreads, for video games..?

2019-01-13: Why do I use Micro.blog? This is a huge part of the reason. The people. Without great people, you 

2019-01-13: Today marks 1 year on Micro.blog! 🎉🎊🎈 So many great people and conversations. 😀 I closed all my 

2019-01-12: Watching Half-Life Documentary 📺 🎮

2019-01-11: Very confused product. 🀔

2019-01-11: 😱 😉 @manton @danielpunkass

2019-01-10: Netflix is perfect for flights now. It has offline downloads and PIP support. 📺 🎥 ✈

2019-01-10: I have changed my opinion on the hug emoji. I like it now. 🀗

2019-01-09: Dinner last night was so good, I’m having the exact same thing tonight! Groundhog Day.

2019-01-08: I ordered one of the new Brydge keyboards for the 2018 iPad Pro 12.9. It looks pretty great, more to 

2019-01-08: Trying for the second time to watch Bird Box. 🎥 🍿


2019-01-08: Another rental car with CarPlay! It’s the best!

2019-01-08: SNOW! ❄ ⛄

2019-01-08: Oh, I see. 😮 ❄ ☃

2019-01-07: What do these numbers mean?? ❄

2019-01-07: Hey @Jack and @MacGenie, great 2019 kickoff episode of @Monday! 😀👍

2019-01-07: First flight of the year. Delayed. 🀔 😂 ✈

2019-01-07: Decided to stop doing my “Siri Shortcuts” as a series project. There are people doing way more than 

2019-01-07: I guess that is $7 less a month I need to spend. Cool! 🔗 GitHub Free users now get unlimited private 

2019-01-07: New high score! 🎮

2019-01-07: Something that iCloud Drive is really going to need to add from a checkbox perspective: Ability to 

2019-01-06: Stardew Valley is a delight. 👚‍🌟 👩‍🌟 🎮 Loving the newly added Co-Op play.

2019-01-04: Podcast Friday: Monster - The Zodiac Killer 🎙 “The Zodiac Killer’ dives into one of the most 

2019-01-02: The Cinemark app just lost its permission to exist on my phone. Worthless watch notification.

2019-01-01: The Amazon Store (Physical store) was quite a nice experience. And the Kindle Oasis I purchased is 

2018-12-31: Happy New Year! 🎉 🥂 🎇 Sent with fireworks

2018-12-31: Started Reading: Freedom™ 📖

2018-12-31: I totally understand this red wine and dark chocolate thing now! 🍷🍫

2018-12-31: In an unexpected turn of events, I went to a physical Amazon store AND bought a Kindle Oasis today. 

2018-12-30: 2018 Running Stats! It definitely wasn’t easy, but absolutely blown away that I got through 

2018-12-30: Run Log Update Calendar Week: 52 Total Miles This Week: 4.69 This Year: 290.19 Notes - That’s 


2018-12-28: 🔗 We’ve wasted so much plastic, it’s almost impossible to picture—these charts will help 

2018-12-27: LEGO Star Wars December Gift Calendar All 24 Days 📷

2018-12-27: On iPhone X. @cheesemaker @manton

2018-12-26: Just saw the updated micro.blog notifications style when you are in app. They look great! 😀👍 

2018-12-24: LEGO Star Wars December Gift Calendar Day 24 (Final Day!)

2018-12-24: Happy Holidays all you crazy awesome people!! 😀❀🎉🥂

2018-12-24: 🌧 🎄 ☔

2018-12-24: Pretty excited to start a new Stardew Valley Co-Op game with @alcedine! 👩‍🌟👚‍🌟 🎮

2018-12-24: Movie Night 🎥 🍿 Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse

2018-12-23: LEGO Star Wars December Gift Calendar Day 23

2018-12-23: Run Log Update Calendar Week: 51 Total Miles This Week: 5.45 This Year: 285.50 Notes - One more week 

2018-12-23: Transferring podcasts to your watch is the new dial up internet.

2018-12-22: Soon we can say “it’s 2019 and YouTube still doesn’t support PIP..”

2018-12-22: LEGO Star Wars December Gift Calendar Day 22

2018-12-22: A few more updates to our HomeKit setup! 💡🏡

2018-12-22: Hooray! I get to pick up @alcedine today! 😀🎉✈

2018-12-21: LEGO Star Wars December Gift Calendar Day 21

2018-12-21: Podcast Friday: Numberphile 🎙 “Interviews with people who love numbers and mathematics. Hosted by 

2018-12-20: Tobacco giant Altria (which owns Marlboro and Virginia Slims) has bought a 35 percent stake in Juul 

2018-12-20: Thanks Amazon! 🀣

2018-12-20: LEGO Star Wars December Gift Calendar Day 19

2018-12-20: These are my favorite paper clips 😀

2018-12-19: Back Then “Mac at home, PC at work” Now “iOS at home, Mac at work” 😃 📱 💻

2018-12-19: Take this as you will (n=1) 📱 I use an iPhone X (Face ID) and an iPhone 8 (Touch ID) every day. Day 

2018-12-19: Irony? Your lockpicks are inside the house you are locked out of. 😔 🔑

2018-12-19: Office 16.20 = Another great use of the TouchBar! 😀

2018-12-18: LEGO Star Wars December Gift Calendar Day 18

2018-12-18: The number of times this has been run tells me that Slack didn’t “fix all the problems of email” 

2018-12-17: LEGO Star Wars December Gift Calendar Day 17

2018-12-17: This somehow catches me by surprise every year and every year it makes me smile. Such a fun feature 

2018-12-17: Facebook should just acquire LinkedIn. It’s the same damn thing.

2018-12-16: Remember CableCARD!? LOL

2018-12-16: Run Log Update Calendar Week: 50 Total Miles This Week: 2.57 This Year: 280.05 Goal For 2018: 250 

2018-12-16: LEGO Star Wars December Gift Calendar Day 16

2018-12-15: 😍 Time for a monitor upgrade!? 5K2K UltraWide

2018-12-15: 💉Flu Shot ✅

2018-12-15: LEGO Star Wars December Gift Calendar Day 15

2018-12-15: 👋 Cydia 📱 RIP 💀

2018-12-15: 📢 The people have spoken! Tagmoji Discover Requests updated.

2018-12-14: LEGO Star Wars December Gift Calendar Day 14

2018-12-14: 🎉 I was definitely having this issue!

2018-12-14: Podcast Friday: Hell and Gone 🎙 “14 years ago, Rebekah Gould was brutally murdered in a small town 

2018-12-13: LEGO Star Wars December Gift Calendar Day 13

2018-12-12: Declaring bankruptcy: - RSS - Podcasts - Pocket Reset 👋

2018-12-12: Stardew Valley Co-Op is on the Switch now! 👚‍🌟

2018-12-12: LEGO Star Wars December Gift Calendar Day 12

2018-12-12: Receiving emails related to the topic of “cleaning out your inbox” makes me 😂

2018-12-11: LEGO Star Wars December Gift Calendar Day 11

2018-12-10: LEGO Star Wars December Gift Calendar Day 10

2018-12-09: LEGO Star Wars December Gift Calendar Day 9

2018-12-09: This is probably a mistake. 🔥 🌶

2018-12-09: Run Log Update Calendar Week: 49 Total Miles This Week: 3.42 This Year: 277.48 Goal For 2018: 250 

2018-12-09: This SanDisk thumb drive is great! Small USB-C & USB-A 128GB

2018-12-09: I tried some new Noise Cancelling Headphones 🎧

2018-12-09: The real winner in this electric scooter war is the company that manufactures the scooter. All 3 of 

2018-12-08: LEGO Star Wars December Gift Calendar Day 8

2018-12-08: I have become quite a fan of tofu!

2018-12-08: I am super impressed with ZOHO Notebooks. Where did this come from!? Really nice work! Concerned 

2018-12-07: LEGO Star Wars December Gift Calendar Day 7

2018-12-07: Katamri Damacy is LSD in game form!

2018-12-07: Podcast Friday: The Omni Show 🎙 “Get to know the people and stories behind Omni’s award-winning 

2018-12-06: Neat! ECG ❀

2018-12-06: LEGO Star Wars December Gift Calendar Day 6

2018-12-06: Microsoft Edge Q: How do you export bookmarks? A: Click Import Bookmarks… 🀔

2018-12-05: 🔗 I love watching these videos of cookie cutters being formed!

2018-12-05: iOS 12.1.1 One tap to flip between the rear and front-facing camera during a FaceTime call 🎉

2018-12-05: LEGO Star Wars December Gift Calendar Day 5

2018-12-04: Lots of shouting into the void “the iPad can’t replace my laptop”. Seems with all 

2018-12-04: LEGO Star Wars December Gift Calendar Day 4

2018-12-03: LEGO Star Wars December Gift Calendar Day 3

2018-12-03: I have to say that @Smokey is killing it with the weekly recaps of micro.blog. We need to figure out 

2018-12-03: I picked up some new pens last week. I am liking this one quite a lot so far! 🖊 Pilot Juice up 04 

2018-12-02: LEGO Star Wars December Gift Calendar Day 2

2018-12-02: LEGO Star Wars December Gift Calendar Day 1

2018-12-02: Run Log Update Calendar Week: 48 Total Miles This Week: 3.52 This Year: 274.06 Notes - Getting back 

2018-12-02: My watch has jokes today.. 🀔 ⌚

2018-12-02: My post from April 2016 isn’t holding up well so far.. 😬😂 Apple Product Line

2018-12-01: I finally watched John Wick for the first time. Welcome to 2014! 🎥 🍿

2018-12-01: 🔗 Then-and-Now Photos Reveal How San Francisco Has Changed Over a Century

2018-11-30: Really great updates to the Aerial screensaver in version 1.4.5! 🖥

2018-11-30: Podcast Friday: The End Of The World 🎙 “The End Of The World is a 10-episode deep dive by podcast 

2018-11-29: Needed top 25. Top 1 will do! 😃

2018-11-29: iPad support comes to the eero app 🎉

2018-11-28: 👋 🇯🇵 See you soon!

2018-11-27: 🙌 Finally found out how to use the Apple Pencil to select cells rather than draw! (this is how it 

2018-11-26: Does anyone know of any Toggl rumors about it coming to iPad? 🀔

2018-11-26: Only felt the one earthquake this morning, I guess we’re done for today. (this is in Tokyo, not 

2018-11-26: This is a new feature of Safari I didn’t know about. Very useful!

2018-11-26: I have never seen a square monitor! 1920x1920

2018-11-25: What a view for breakfast! 🗌 ☕ 😀

2018-11-25: What a nice computer to sit down in front of in the morning. No hassle, just enjoyable productivity!

2018-11-25: Run Log Update Calendar Week: 47 Total Miles This Week: 0.00 This Year: 270.54 Notes - No running 


2018-11-24: Dear Japan Rail System, I love you! //Jason ❀

2018-11-24: Podcast Friday: Heart Sounds 🎙 “A regular roundup from the desks of TCTMD reporters covering the top 

2018-11-24: 🍺 👍

2018-11-23: 🗌

2018-11-22: Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Wishing you all a great day! 🊃

2018-11-22: Our hotel is modeled after the inside of a Mac Pro!

2018-11-22: Arrival!

2018-11-21: I love USB-C! Plug in a single USB-C cable on the plane and it can charge my iPad, Nintendo Switch, 

2018-11-21: With iPads now reaching up to 1TB storage options, it’s time for a new toggle in the settings: 

2018-11-21: I always forget how big the 787 planes are. ✈

2018-11-19: Has anyone here used Adobe Premiere Rush CC on the iPad? I started looking at it today and it looks 

2018-11-19: Micro Monday: @gaby He just got to Inbox 0! Follow him and make sure he keeps it up! 😉

2018-11-18: Stickers started appearing on my iPad today!

2018-11-18: Run Log Update Calendar Week: 46 Total Miles This Week: 3.06 This Year: 270.54 Goal For 2018: 250 

2018-11-17: Keeps getting worse. 🔥

2018-11-17: Holy wow!! 📷 This Negative Mural Can Be Developed By Inverting A Photo

2018-11-17: I absolutely love how easy it is to deal with T-Mobile! ❀ 📱

2018-11-16: Podcast Friday: Imagined Life 🎙 “Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to walk in the shoes 

2018-11-16: UPS: Let’s Go! (📊 deliver Pikachu and Eevee!)

2018-11-15: Trying out a new set of noise cancelling headphone for my next international flight. ✈ I have been 

2018-11-15: This is going to be fun to play with! 😈

2018-11-15: Not having a Toggl iPad app wouldn’t be quite as annoying if iPhone only apps could at least be 

2018-11-14: Smoke.

2018-11-14: COOL! Gigabit Ethernet on my iPad Pro! 😀👍

2018-11-14: The current lineup of Apple devices is killer! 📱 📱 (pretend this is larger. and an iPad) ⌚ 💻 🖥 I 

2018-11-13: Face ID on the new iPad allows you to simply tap a key (I just use the space bar since it’s the 

2018-11-12: Mini Golf with @alcedine yesterday! 😀⛳🏌‍♂🏌‍♀

2018-11-11: Run Log Update Calendar Week: 45 Total Miles This Week: 2.84 This Year: 267.48 Notes - Need to get 

2018-11-11: Tech headlines are getting so bad. “New Apple Pencil requires $1000 charger” 🀊‍♂ Yep.. and this car 

2018-11-11: This has to be the last 6 pack in the state!! SO HAPPY!! 🍻 😀

2018-11-11: Thank you to all fellow veterans. Salute!

2018-11-11: Today marks the 7th year I have been fortunate enough to call @alcedine my wife! 🎉 🥂 She brings joy 

2018-11-10: iPad Pro 12.9” I’ve used it for a couple hours and WOW WOW WOW ❀ 🀯 💥 This feels like an iPhone X 

2018-11-09: 🎉 Surprise 🎉 ⚠ Flight Delay ⚠ Every flight anymore.. 😎

2018-11-09: Will Notes.app support Markdown in the next 12 months? 🎱 “_maybe_”

2018-11-09: I wonder what it is about airports that makes people fall under a spell, transforming them into 

2018-11-09: Just realized that when I land back in CA today, I will get to unbox my iPad Pro / Pencil / Keyboard 

2018-11-09: Podcast Friday: Breach 🎙 “A new podcast investigating history’s most notorious data breaches.”

2018-11-09: “The robots can’t take your job if you’re already retired.” 😂

2018-11-08: This water tastes exactly like pink Starbursts!!! 🀯


2018-11-05: For Micro Monday I recommend @GetOutAndVote!!!!!!! 🗳

2018-11-04: 😂

2018-11-04: Run Log Update Calendar Week: 44 Total Miles This Week: 2.08 This Year: 264.64 Notes - Pretty sure 🀒 

2018-11-04: 🔗 Camera Lens Made Of Ice!

2018-11-03: VOTE! 🗳 VOTE! 🗳 VOTE! 🗳 VOTE! 🗳 VOTE! 🗳 VOTE! 🗳 VOTE! 🗳 VOTE! 🗳 VOTE! 🗳 VOTE! 🗳

2018-11-02: Every time I pick up the iPhone 8 I have a moment of panic while I think the top and bottom of the 

2018-11-02: Podcast Friday: Legal Wars 🎙 “Hear the stories behind America’s most riveting court cases with all 

2018-11-01: Got a “great” spam phishing email today. They only need my social security number and date of birth. 

2018-10-31: Movie Night: Zombieland 🎥 🍿 🎃 🧟‍♀ 🧟‍♂

2018-10-31: ✅ 12.9” // Space Gray // 512GB // WiFi + LTE 🎉 😀

2018-10-28: Run Log Update Calendar Week: 43 Total Miles This Week: 5.58 This Year: 262.56 Notes - Work travel 

2018-10-28: The iPhone XR is a really nice device! Coral 😍🧡

2018-10-28: How to make an Apple Leather Phone Case. (This display is neat!)

2018-10-28: That’s a new one. iOS / watchOS

2018-10-27: Movie Night: Ant-Man and the Wasp 🎥 🍿 🐜

2018-10-27: Last week in Austin.

2018-10-27: Special surprise coffee this morning! Very delicious! Thanks ! 😀☕

2018-10-26: Podcast Friday: Make Do 🎙 “Tiff Arment and Julia Skott talk about art and making. They won’t teach 

2018-10-26: Went through airport security (Pre Check + CLEAR) and the metal detector “randomly 

2018-10-25: What’s up Austin? 🍺

2018-10-24: Thinking I should start a new photo series: “Random art in hotels with reflections of 

2018-10-24: Still 🌧 in Austin. Still can’t drink the water.

2018-10-23: That’s a lot of tasty sounding hot sauces! 🌶 🔥

2018-10-23: Every Lyft driver in Austin so far has asked me for directions.. after knowing I don’t live here..

2018-10-22: Except this week.. 😬

2018-10-22: 🔗 I picked a heck of a week to come to Austin..

2018-10-21: Run Log Update Calendar Week: 42 Total Miles This Week: 5.34 This Year: 256.98 Notes - Dear foot, 

2018-10-20: I may be going crazy, but! OmniFocus used to weave calendar items into the list when in forecast 

2018-10-19: Austin, TX bound next week! @manton, is that “near” you for a coffee?

2018-10-19: Splatoween! 🎃 🊑 🎮

2018-10-19: I bought a jacket today because I couldn’t resist it! Glad it’s 80 degrees outside in mid October.. 

2018-10-19: Someday “IOT” things will actually be intelligent and help solve real problems. Things 

2018-10-19: Definitely going to get one (or two) of the new USB-C Watch chargers! 👍⌚😃

2018-10-19: Podcast Friday: Moonshot 🎙 “A podcast exploring crazy ideas that might change the world.”

2018-10-18: Still running Tyme 2 & Toggl side by side. I wish one were a clear winner, but it’s a toss 

2018-10-18: Why would you not put the day number in the complications instead of a useless calendar icon.. 🀔 

2018-10-18: Trying out one of the new ⌚ faces.

2018-10-18: I found a couple other things I forgot to migrate from AWS >> Wasabi. All ✅ now!

2018-10-17: Nothing I do makes this work.. 🀷‍♂😞☹

2018-10-17: Now attempting to figure out how to heck to fix this..


2018-10-17: I finished Building The PiDP8/I!* *blog post + photos

2018-10-17: Our Game Frame is back up and running! MicroSD card went bad. Rebuilt a new card and we’re good! 😀👍

2018-10-16: Low Coolant The “Low Coolant” light was diagnosed as a leak from a crack in the radiator unit. 😱 

2018-10-16: 😃 😱 🎉 Drafts for Mac beta release is available in preview for Drafts Pro subscribers: 

2018-10-16: Trying something new. Migrated all hosted images from AWS to Wasabi.

2018-10-16: The Road To 250 Miles! 🏃‍♂

2018-10-15: I thought my 38” 21:9 was insane! Nope! Dell Unveils the World’s First 49-inch Monitor

2018-10-15: Very sorry to hear about the passing of Paul Allen. 😞

2018-10-15: I wanted to see what I could do in the way of a “night mode” on my blog. Here is what I 

2018-10-14: Run Log Update Calendar Week: 41 Total Miles This Week: 10.80 This Year: 251.64 Notes - I have made 

2018-10-14: We went to Candytopia* yesterday! 🍬 🍭 🎉 😃 *blog+photos

2018-10-13: Another reason I love USB-C. Needed power in a pinch at the car dealership. Can’t do that with 

2018-10-12: blot.im is super rad!

2018-10-12: I hooked up the PSVR (and it’s 6,000 cables) to the PS4 today to see what has changed in 2 

2018-10-12: Wait… wtf… it’s October!?!? How?! 😱

2018-10-12: 3pm ☕ for sure 😎

2018-10-12: Major update to Pocket on iOS yesterday! I really like the changes! 👍👍

2018-10-12: Turns out, “Low Coolant” = “Get a new radiator”.

2018-10-12: Podcast Friday: Daniel and Jorge Explain the Universe 🎙 “A fun-filled discussion of the big, 

2018-10-11: Current status: Breaking everything related to my blog, micro.blog, DNS, etc! 100% gurantee nothing 

2018-10-10: People who write about how “you can’t get real work done on an iPad” are saying 

2018-10-09: I initially dismissed blot.im a few months ago when I first saw people talking about it on here. 

2018-10-09: It’s an afternoon ☕ kind of day!

2018-10-09: Afternoon snooze. 💀 🐱

2018-10-09: damn, all of the blot.im people keep making me look at it! 😃

2018-10-09: Is adding “Decentralized” the new “Blockchain”?

2018-10-09: 🔗 When a Quadcopter Strikes the Wing of an Aircraft 😱 With little research having been carried out 

2018-10-08: 🔗Google+ exposed data for 500k users Google exposed the private details of almost 500,000 Google+ 

2018-10-08: Firefox. 🌎 🊊

2018-10-08: Facebook’s Portal devices are video smart speakers with Amazon Alexa voice assistants built in 

2018-10-07: Run Log Update Calendar Week: 40 Total Miles This Week: 4.12 This Year: 240.84 Goal For 2018: 250 

2018-10-07: I am getting dangerously close to finishing this project! 💻 😀

2018-10-06: Movie Night 🎥 🍿 Solo: A Star Wars Story

2018-10-06: 👍👍🍻😀

2018-10-06: How many pieces of shit do we need in the US government!? 🀬

2018-10-05: Is it normal for smoke to come out of a raspberry pi? 🀔 🔥

2018-10-05: PROJECT DAY!!! 🎉 A lot of soldering left to do! 😀😀😀

2018-10-05: 🀊‍♂ UI

2018-10-05: Hey @manton, I am getting double reply boxes as of this morning. 🐛

2018-10-05: Podcast Friday: Unobscured 🎙 “History is full of stories we think we know. They are old and dark, 

2018-10-04: It worked so well the first week I was using it.. Not sure why it won’t sync now? 🀔 The worst thing 

2018-10-04: Teleprompter mode in Pages on the iPad is SUPER useful!! 👍👍😀

2018-10-04: Ack! Attempting to save a corrupted Screenflow project! 😱:😭

2018-10-04: “Apple computers are overpriced compared to Windows computers.” I was pricing out some 

2018-10-03: What would you all think of this? Micro.blog supporting “micro videos” in the timeline? Say 

2018-10-03: I fully expect him to use this National Emergency System for campaigning. It will happen.

2018-10-03: I definitely like the look of WiFi 5 over 802.11ac. What I am not looking forward is the inevitable 

2018-10-03: Just got an alert on my phone. Pretty sure it said: National Emergency Alert The Current President 

2018-10-02: ✔

2018-10-02: New Emoji! 😀🎉

2018-10-02: Viewing more posts on the web interface ia great! AND there is markdown preview on the web post 

2018-10-02: Updated Post: Trying The Apple GiveBack Program They received the watch and cleared it. Apple Gift 

2018-10-02: Is it the layout and design that make people like Medium… Medium.gif

2018-09-30: FCC Chairman Ajit Pai 🀡 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

2018-09-30: Stew Night! Starring our favorite cooker, the Instapot! 🥘 mmmmmmm! 😀 Beef Stew Before & After 📷

2018-09-30: Today was mentally rejuvenating. Went for a hike and now relaxing with an afternoon ☕. Good to take 

2018-09-30: Run Log Update Calendar Week: 39 Total Miles This Week: 7.36 This Year: 236.72 Notes - This week was 

2018-09-29: When I find myself asking: why do I have an account with insert name of service? I suppose that 

2018-09-29: Awesome little feature I never noticed in Overcast: a little indication of the release schedule of 

2018-09-29: Does anyone use the Apple Podcasts app with a lot of subscriptions? Like over 50 shows? It seems 

2018-09-28: When it comes to making big updates to how your iOS apps are organized, the Apple Configurator tool 

2018-09-28: There are still Team Fortress Classic servers running!? 🎮 (I may have played a game for nostalgia..)

2018-09-28: Podcast Friday: Wolverine: The Long Night 🎙 “Following a string of mysterious deaths in Burns, 

2018-09-27: I love stuff like this! 🔬😀 🔗 slate.com What Would Happen if All Matter on the Earth Was Replaced by 

2018-09-27: 🔗 www.popsci.com New eco-friendly microbeads could save oceans, rather than destroy them

2018-09-27: Back to 100% completion! Blackbox Puzzles ◌ if you haven’t checked this game out, it’s 

2018-09-27: 🔗 📺 The Myth of Hercules: 12 labors in 8-bits - Alex Gendler - YouTube 7:50

2018-09-27: 🔗 LEGO FORMA Introducing a new, premium LEGO experience to help you re-engage with your creative 


2018-09-27: Interesting. I wasn’t expecting something like this from Zeiss directly. 🔗Zeiss ZX1 📷 Zeiss 

2018-09-27: How are we still doing “iPhone drop test” videos…

2018-09-27: 🀬

2018-09-27: Number of apps installed on my phone: 204 CHALLENGE: Get it down to 50 😱📱

2018-09-27: Looks like a nice big update to Dropshare!

2018-09-26: Chef Pro Tip The 450 degree oven rack is hot. Don’t touch it. 👚‍🍳

2018-09-26: Making cauliflower pizza crust for the first time! 🍕 🀞

2018-09-26: We started this game / puzzle a little while ago and it’s a blast! 🎲 @alcedine and I are 1/6 of the 

2018-09-26: yep. headphone jacks are so great… why go wireless when you could use a 20ft cable! 🀊‍♂

2018-09-26: XKCD - Bad Opinions

2018-09-26: This is quite the reversal by Sony. 🔗 PS4 cross-play is in open beta starting today Sony has 

2018-09-25: The best time to go for a run is when you REALLY don’t want to go for a run.

2018-09-25: Interesting Face ID discovery today. I have three pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses that are the same model 

2018-09-25: Found them!! 😎

2018-09-25: Adding some new Tagmoji suggestions Social Sciences: 📝 📓 🧠 Technology/Programming: 👩‍💻 👚‍💻

2018-09-24: I’m really surprised at the number of time tracking apps don’t support simultaneous timers..? Most 

2018-09-24: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Ready Player One 🎥 🍿

2018-09-24: All of my most used apps are now Dark Mode! 🀣 🌑

2018-09-24: macOS PSA 📢 If you are like me and have “Require password after sleep or screensaver 

2018-09-24: The new Walkie-Talkie feature in watchOS is awesome!! ⌚

2018-09-24: ✖🀔

2018-09-24: I never force close it and yet I get the warning pop up every 48 hours. What do you all use (if 

2018-09-23: Omnifocus 3 for Mac has arrived! ✔ 💻 😃

2018-09-23: Simply amazing! 🌳 🔗 Photographing the Biggest, Oldest, and Rarest Trees on Earth

2018-09-23: Run Log Update Calendar Week: 38 Total Miles This Week: 5.35 This Year: 229.36 Goal For 2018: 250 

2018-09-23: Nice relaxing Sunday with @alcedine playing a game of Senet! 🎲

2018-09-23: Lame Leaky Faucet ❌ New Awesome Faucet ✅ @Alcedine and I tore out the original sink faucet in our 

2018-09-23: Trying The Apple GiveBack Program After enough bad experiences selling stuff through Craigslist, OfferUp, and similar services, I 

2018-09-23: Has it ever really been “optimized” for the Mac..? Spoiler: Nope.

2018-09-22: Bye bye sucky faucet!!

2018-09-21: SO happy to have the Stainless Steel Link band back in the rotation!! 😀⌚ Got it with Series 0 

2018-09-21: Podcast Friday: The Control Group 🎙 “Encouraged by a private research group, a doctor at a mental 

2018-09-21: Used the Overcast standalone watch app today’s a run. 👍 Really nice work by @Marco on making it feel 

2018-09-21: The packaging for the series 4 watch is absolutely top notch. Apple’s packaging team doesn’t get 

2018-09-21: Went faucet shopping for the bathroom sink today. How jealous are you!?

2018-09-21: It’s all opinion, but, much like how the iPhone 4 was when “the iPhone got really good” the Apple 

2018-09-21: It is REALLY good! 😍⌚

2018-09-21: 🎉 📊 ⌚ 😃

2018-09-20: I thought it was winter 3 days ago.. 🀔

2018-09-20: Comfort Goal. 🐱

2018-09-20: Jordan Peele’s ‘Twilight Zone’ Series Gets Its First Teaser CBS All Access 

2018-09-20: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan ✅📺 An up-and-coming CIA analyst, Jack Ryan, is thrust into a 

2018-09-19: I fixed my AirPods! Was having an issue where I could hear almost nothing from the right AirPod.. I 

2018-09-19: 🚚 Second sticker added to MacBook 🚚 @omni 💜 ✔

2018-09-19: Seeing a weird bug with the latest Castro update. Randomly says I have 3 items in the inbox, but 

2018-09-19: 🥩 🍀 🍎

2018-09-19: hmmm. I wonder what this is about? 🀔

2018-09-18: Time to update the HomePod! 🎶

2018-09-17: Nice! I 100%’d the Season 5 Battle Pass! 🎮 😀

2018-09-17: Initial Reaction: 🀮 Instagram wants to be your favorite place to shop Shopping is about to become 

2018-09-17: 🎉🔒 This is so wonderful 🔓🎉

2018-09-17: Micro Monday Follow @cheri! Do it now! 😃

2018-09-16: Is it Friday yet!? 🀪⌚

2018-09-16: I’m getting further! Holedown

2018-09-16: Are these PCalc stickers new!? 😂 🐌 🎋

2018-09-16: Run Log Update Calendar Week: 37 Total Miles This Week: 6.45 This Year: 224.01 Notes - 90% of the 

2018-09-16: The app review team is cranking this weekend! Good job team! 😀👍

2018-09-14: Movie Night! 🎥 🍿 😀

2018-09-14: Interesting to see all these iOS apps hitting the store tonight that are “ready for iOS 12 & 

2018-09-14: This game is a blast! 😀🎮 Donut County

2018-09-14: Podcast Friday: Mac Geek Gab 🎙  Dave Hamilton and John F. Braun come together weekly to answer your 

2018-09-14: ⌚✅

2018-09-13: One more hour. 11:59pm

2018-09-12: GM Seeds! 🌱

2018-09-12: ⌚👍😀💞

2018-09-12: The new “be right back” page looks great! Neat little animation touch too.

2018-09-12: Hello today! ☀ It’s going to be a great day, it’s iPhone X day! 😃

2018-09-11: I don’t ever want to get off the @omni OmniFocus beta cycle, I love the beta icon SO MUCH!! 😀❀👍

2018-09-11: The page build failed for the master branch with the following error: Page build failed x20 email 

2018-09-10: Let’s go!! 🎒

2018-09-10: Do you use Alfred as an app/file launcher? Do you find that it misses the first letter you type? 

2018-09-10: The fix we all wanted!! Yes!! 😃 🔉

2018-09-09: Sure, it’s fun to go in an Apple Store and check everything out, but remember when we had 

2018-09-09: Run Log Update Calendar Week: 36 Total Miles This Week: 8.17 This Year: 217.56 Notes - Pretty 

2018-09-08: I needed some string. Didn’t have any. Used a USB-C cable instead. Nailed it.

2018-09-08: Sitting in the dark. Writing. Thinking. Writing. Editiing. Correcting. Writing. Thinking. Writing.

2018-09-08: Well that is super handy! ⌚📲

2018-09-08: 🔗 Victorian Prisoner Mugshots Brought to Life with Color Photos post-1890 utilize a shoulder 

2018-09-08: I ❀ AirTable, but I have run into an issue 😔 I want some of their “pro” features like 

2018-09-07: Wednesday Cat. (On a Friday)

2018-09-07: Podcast Friday: IRL: Online Life Is Real Life 🎙 “Host Veronica Belmont shares real stories of life 

2018-09-06: The Dyson V10 is a huge improvement over the previous models!!

2018-09-06: Pro Tip Don’t publicly post a Shortcut that includes a private token… 🀊‍♂ Starts 

2018-09-06: Crazy Justice 🎮 It has a LONG way to go..

2018-09-05: 📺 Started a new show: Jack Ryan First time I have ever opened the Amazon Prime Video app.

2018-09-05: 2016 MacBook Pro keys that have ☠☠ October 13, 2017 = “N” (sent to repair depot to 

2018-09-04: In the latest Mojave beta, the Aerial screensaver started working again! 🎉😃

2018-09-04: With Xcode supporting markdown, I thought for sure we would see support for it in Notes.app. Even if 

2018-09-04: I think I accidentally switched to OmniFocus 3.

2018-09-04: 10 Video Game Soundtracks Celeste Splatoon 2 Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion Super Mario Odyssey The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of 

2018-09-04: Congrats to the Sunlit team on shipping the new version! It’s really good!! 😀📷

2018-09-03: Citizens of Portland, OR: Which company has the best fiber internet service in Portalnd? Perferably 

2018-09-03: I ❀ the OmniFocus beta icon! 😃 ✅ 🖍

2018-09-03: Computer-optimized floor plans Joel Simon used a generative design process powered by a genetic 

2018-09-03: Slam a Red Bull™ Clean the entire house Profit

2018-09-03: Playing around with things.. ✅

2018-09-02: Wow! 🔗 Cows, trees, corn, and golf - how America uses its land Here’s How America Uses Its Land is 

2018-09-02: Run Log Update Calendar Week: 35 Total Miles This Week: 1.25 This Year: 209.39 Notes 🙁 not a great 

2018-09-02: Streaming Morphite Live on Twitch! 🎮

2018-09-02: Hardest Categories To Migrate Data Between - Task Managers - Notes - Video Editing Projects - 

2018-09-02: If you are in San Jose, CA, definitely check out the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum! And don’t 

2018-09-02: Sync Your DuckDuckGo Settings If you use DuckDuckGo, you may or may not have also gone through the settings and got things tweaked 

2018-09-01: I can’t stop looking at this! 😍 Photos of Tokyo taken with fractal lens look incredibly futuristic

2018-09-01: I think someone forgot to put the drain plug back in the bottom of the lake!

2018-09-01: Such a great hike today with @alcedine! ⛰🚶‍♀🚶‍♂

2018-08-31: I ❀ the logo for the Firefox Nightly builds! 😍

2018-08-31: It would be a dream come true to have a beverage in the Mos Eisley Cantina while listening to the 

2018-08-31: I can’t believe marquee still works 😂

2018-08-31: New Meetup added to micro.meetup! Also, the iCal feed is updated as well. Don’t forget to sub 

2018-08-31: I went to Mozilla last night for an event and it was so refreshing to see a tech company that has 

2018-08-31: 🀣

2018-08-31: Podcast Friday: Canvas 🎙 “Hosted by Federico Viticci and Fraser Speirs, Canvas is a podcast all 

2018-08-31: Oh, so now there is actually an update!

2018-08-30: How great is this!! 😀😀 🍪 🌎 🊊 This is a browser cookie I will always accept! 😉

2018-08-29: At my desk, I switch between my MacBook Pro & iPad Pro for different tasks. Use iPad for a 

2018-08-29: Thanks for the new 🐱 Tagmoji™! 😀

2018-08-29: Hey look! Due 3.0 is out today! The best app ever for when you need nagging style reminders! ⏰ 📱 👀

2018-08-28: For Halloween this year I am dressing up as this article headline 🎃 Chat with Bixby to buy tickets 

2018-08-28: More Tagmoji have made the journey from Suggestions to Production! 🎉 🏒 Hockey 🐱🐈 Cats 🐶🐕 Dogs 🎥🍿📜 

2018-08-28: Having an increasing amount of waterproof (resistant) tech is going to be a problem for me at some 

2018-08-28: All the Shortcuts are updated on GitHub! https://github.com/jasonburk/shortcuts Better format New 

2018-08-28: Shortcut episodes have a new home! Over on Github! Much better format I think. You can see all the 

2018-08-28: Started playing Morphite on the Switch. Liking it a lot so far! 🎮

2018-08-27: Shortcuts Ep. 9 Siri Shortcuts - Episode 9 Shortcut Name: Micro.linker Revision: 1.0 Add to Shortcuts! What does it 

2018-08-27: The Restart Page Free unlimited rebooting experience from vintage operating systems

2018-08-27: 11! 🔊

2018-08-26: Hey, look who’s rockin dark mode now (I think this came in the update from today?) Mars(dark 

2018-08-26: I tried using an iPhone 5s yesterday instead of the X. That size is great! An SE probably would have 

2018-08-26: Run Log Update Calendar Week: 34 Total Miles This Week: 4.61 This Year: 208.14 Notes 83% Complete! 

2018-08-25: I’m commenting on this link. Hey, it’s a link.

2018-08-25: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Hey, it’s a review.

2018-08-25: 🔗 Hey, it’s a link.

2018-08-25: EB3781BC-376F-4C24-8C08-EDAFE972A5C3

2018-08-25: One thing I have found when creating Shortcuts is how they get to be a bit unmanageable if they are 

2018-08-25: MicroPub Question! I have 2 names under 1 account Main: @burk Sub: @OneShot Posting to 

2018-08-25: Is there anything on iOS that is even remotely as good as MarsEdit on the Mac?

2018-08-25: Original iPhone and iPhone 4 are still two of my favorite iPhone designs. 📱

2018-08-24: Remember how big SIM cards used to be!? 📱

2018-08-24: Podcast Friday: Parallel 🎙 “A tech podcast with accessibility sprinkles”

2018-08-23: Hey everyone, welcome back to Vacuum Talk! 🎙 We bought a Dyson DC59 Animal vacuum ~8 years ago and 

2018-08-23: 🀔 Interesting! Trello just added a feature called “Emoji Reactions”. Get’s me 

2018-08-23: This is hilarious! 🀣 felixrieseberg/windows95: 💩🚀 Windows 95 in Electron. Runs on macOS, Linux, and 

2018-08-23: Beta 10!? 🀔

2018-08-22: Stoked to see Nikon pushing out some new gear to push things forward! Z6 & Z7 combined with the 

2018-08-22: 👍👍🍎

2018-08-22: 🔗 The Animal Crossing letter system, explained After obtaining stationery from the store, you have 

2018-08-22: 🔗 xkcd: Voting Software

2018-08-22: 🔗 This is every TED Talk

2018-08-21: Another great @monday episode! Hi @collin! 👋 😃

2018-08-21: Looks like another Parallels update has arrived. (Version 14)

2018-08-20: It’s about damn time. This has always been a bullshit gate keeping out great talent. 🔗 15 companies 

2018-08-20: It’s time to make the decision to pull life support on my 2009 Mac Pro. Something is causing 

2018-08-20: Just crossed the 200 photo mark on my photo.blog! One Shot - burk.photos 📷🎉

2018-08-20: 📣 Another Monday. Another beta!

2018-08-19: Fresh. 📷 burk.photos

2018-08-19: Hey look! It’s an Icro shout out! @hartlco

2018-08-19: Run Log Update Calendar Week: 33 Total Miles This Week: 10.96 This Year: 203.53 Notes 🎉 Hit the 200 

2018-08-18: In Case Of Emergency, Wear Sport Loop When I decided to take on a running challenge this year, I also upgraded my Watch to the Series 3, 

2018-08-18: I have so many notes about Portland now 😲

2018-08-17: 100% on board with USB-C iPad Pro. ✅

2018-08-17: Podcast Friday: Within The Wires 🎙 “Each season is its own story, with different narrators and 

2018-08-17: Anyone using OmniFocus 3: Does version 3 add any kind of system for shared project / tasks with 

2018-08-16: Really great run today! 🏃 👍 I ran downtown today so I played the “don’t stop running” game. Keep 


2018-08-16: Congrats on the shoutout in the app store for Marsedit @danielpunkass!

2018-08-16: 🎉

2018-08-16: I just found this feature in Patreon! If you support things that post audio for supporters, Patreon 

2018-08-16: A lot of good discussion around the use of “@” for usernames. I think I like the idea of 

2018-08-15: 🀔

2018-08-15: In a bit of a pickle when it comes to sideloading audiobooks.. Where do they go now..? 🀔 macOS 

2018-08-14: I’ve gotta get there shortcuts finished and posted.. Get it done already Jason.

2018-08-14: Saw this “Read It Later” service today for the first time. Not something I would want in 

2018-08-14: The store that I waited in line at to get the original iPhone on day one is still there! 🛍📱 I 

2018-08-14: Hypothetically if someone asked you about moving to Portland, what neighborhoods should they look 

2018-08-13: Oh hi there! 👋

2018-08-12: Do you drink La Croix waters? What’s your favorite flavor? 💧

2018-08-12: Paint chips.

2018-08-12: I am having a heck of a time keeping up these days. ☹ I can’t go back far enough to catch up. 

2018-08-12: Run Log Update Calendar Week: 32 Total Miles This Week: 10.31 This Year: 192.57 Notes - Very solid 

2018-08-10: I can’t believe it! Cookie is 3 now!? 🐱❀

2018-08-10: Have a great weekend everyone! 🎉😃🍻

2018-08-10: I just posted Micro.blog “Responses” and am wondering what your thoughts are? We have 

2018-08-10: Micro.blog "Responses" @alcedine and I were talking about how favorites work on micro.blog (it really should have been a 

2018-08-10: Blast From The Past

2018-08-10: Podcast Friday: Twenty Thousand Hertz 🎙 “The stories behind the world’s most recognizable and 

2018-08-10: oooooooooooo! What’s new!? 😀

2018-08-09: Don’t mind me, just filing a radar. On my TV. 🀣

2018-08-09: 📧 Email Airmail Canary Mail Pilot Newton Spark Mail.app ✅

2018-08-09: 🔄 @kaa For yourself micro.kaa.bz the truth of the matter is that you’re actually writing these 

2018-08-09: Don’t forget about the m.b meetup today in Minneapolis, MN! Micro.Meetup ALSO: The iCal feed 

2018-08-08: The auto start/stop workout feature in watchOS 5 is really great! ⌚

2018-08-08: Discover Page Updated! Hey all, finally caught up on the Discover page updates! Should be 100% now. 

2018-08-07: micro.blog is such a source of joy! 😀

2018-08-07: I just changed the game!!! 😀

2018-08-07: Camping Trip To Mammoth 🔥💚 🏕 Drive To Mammoth We set out for Mammoth Lakes on Thursday to go camping and check out the 

2018-08-06: Great new Castro feature! I guess I don’t need a HuffDuffer feed anymore..

2018-08-06: 💻 macOS PB5 🎉

2018-08-06: Run Log Update Calendar Week: 31 Total Miles This Week: 3.35 This Year: 182.26 Notes - 73% complete. 

2018-08-06: 📱 DevBeta6 🎉

2018-08-01: I love the iPod Socks! fight me

2018-08-01: Wait a minute.. Why are we not using APNG??

2018-08-01: 🔗 If anyone needs / wants PDF Expert for Mac, here is a link for 50% off to celebrate their 11th 

2018-07-31: Passport renewal was actually quite painless! 👍✅

2018-07-31: Quest: Find the source of this slow sink drip. EXP: 4000

2018-07-31: Opinion Corner As a whole we need to stop using the term “fake news”. It legitimizes the term that 

2018-07-31: Mojave Public Beta 4 is more like Dev Beta 1 than Dev Beta 1 was..

2018-07-31: Lisening to yourself on a podcast = 😱 Fotunately, no one else will hear it. Right..?! 🀣

2018-07-31: I have been making some Siri Shortcuts. Couple things that could be nice additions to Shorcuts.app. 

2018-07-31: 📺 Imagine This: A Web Without Servers - Tara Vancil - JSConf EU 2018

2018-07-31: 🔗 GifCities - The GeoCities Animated GIF Search Engine under construction 🀣

2018-07-31: If you use Things 3 on macOS, you might want to hold off on Mojave Public Beta 4. Something is 

2018-07-31: Here we go! PB4!

2018-07-30: A Word of warning If you add any of the IKEA HomeKit lights to your house, they may become possessed 

2018-07-30: This week on Retro Gaming Corner.

2018-07-30: Anyone have some ‘focus’ I can borrow today..?

2018-07-30: 👋 Beta 5 📱 ⌚ 💻

2018-07-30: Shared projects in Things 3 would be amazingly wonderful!

2018-07-29: Run Log Update Calendar Week: 30 Total Miles This Week: 8.32 This Year: 178.91 Notes - Pretty solid 

2018-07-28: Cheers everyone! 🥃

2018-07-28: I want an OLED panel on my MacBook before any kind of touch input. 12-15” of iPhone X display! 

2018-07-27: Wowie! 😯

2018-07-27: Episode 8 brings a shortcut to quickly grab a webpage and send it to Feedbin for sub. Shortcuts Ep. 

2018-07-27: Shortcuts Ep. 8 Siri Shortcuts - Episode 8 Shortcut Name: Send RSS feed to Feedbin Revision: 1.0 Add to Shortcuts! 

2018-07-27: Micro.blog Archives! With the recent addition of the “Archives” feature, there is now a simple way to see a chronological 

2018-07-27: Podcast Friday: The BirchTree Podcast 🎙 “A companion podcast to https://birchtree.me by Matt 

2018-07-27: In case you need something not terrible to read today. 😃 Sweet Tart the Cat Becomes Mayor of 

2018-07-26: ✅ Clean up bookmarks and remove dead links.

2018-07-26: In case anyone hasn’t wasted hours with this game yet. 🀣 Universal Paperclips 📎 📎 📎 📎 📎

2018-07-26: 🀊‍♂

2018-07-26: I don’t know what I did.. Somehow I got a new UI for youtube.com and it’s MUCH better! 

2018-07-26: Streaming Fortnite - Battle Royale Live on Twitch! 🎮


2018-07-25: 👍🏃‍♂

2018-07-25: This Episode of Shortcuts is one of my favorites so far! It was a great project to research and 

2018-07-25: Shortcuts Ep. 7 Siri Shortcuts - Episode 7 Shortcut Name: Photo Upload to hosted Micro.blog / Retrieve URL Revision: 

2018-07-24: Sorry about all the trash posts everyone! (Going to get another micro.blog account for testing stuff 

2018-07-23: 🔗 The Vox Vacation Index finding a great macroeconomic bargain is about more than simply looking up 

2018-07-23: Who knew!? 🔗 What Lie Beneath Europe’s Top Tourist Attractions Photography can reveal the hidden 

2018-07-23: 🙌🎉 Season 5 Victory Royale! #1 😀

2018-07-23: Queen of the printer. 🐱 👑

2018-07-23: I seem to be having issues with charging my 10.5” iPad Pro over the last few weeks.. Can’t quite 

2018-07-23: OH NO! I just heard a click come from the HDD in my NUC server.. 😱

2018-07-23: Shortcuts Episode 6 Satisfaction Level Tip Calculator w/check splitting! This one is so handy when 

2018-07-23: Shortcuts Ep. 6 Siri Shortcuts - Episode 6 Shortcut Name: Happy Level Tip Calculator Revision: 1.0 Add to Shortcuts! 

2018-07-22: Run Log Update Calendar Week: 29 Total Miles This Week: 4.45 This Year: 170.59 Notes - 68% complete! 

2018-07-21: 🔗 A coffe cup. Made from coffee! ☕


2018-07-21: Tip for setting up “Preview Themes” in MarsEdit for m.b standard themes. Use the 

2018-07-21: Shortcuts Ep. 5 Siri Shortcuts - Episode 5 Shortcut Name: Save Safari URL to saved.io Bookmarking Service Revision: 

2018-07-21: Wow! Airmail.app has come a long way since I last used it! Look at you jumping into the email spot 

2018-07-21: Last 2 things didn’t post. Did this one..?

2018-07-21: The Sir Shortcuts widget that you put in the “Today View” is AMAZING! It turns your 

2018-07-21: Shortcuts Ep. 4 Siri Shortcuts - Episode 4 Shortcut Name: Logging Water With HomePod Revision: 1.0 Add to Shortcuts! 

2018-07-20: Attempting to track down why this particular post won’t… post.. 🀔

2018-07-20: Podcast Friday: The Weekly Review 🎙 “A Podcast About Starting (or Restarting) The Chapter of Your 

2018-07-19: I never install the watchOS betas, but “someone” installed watchOS 5 beta 4 on my watch and I have 

2018-07-19: I Treasure Truck’d.gif

2018-07-19: hmmm 🀔 A lot to think about here.gif

2018-07-19: No contact names in Messages on watchOS or macOS? No contact names in Messages on watchOS or macOS? I was having this issue on both. BUT, I have now 

2018-07-19: I would love to be able to wash my AirPods in the shower like I do my Watch and iPhone! 🙏

2018-07-19: I had a lot of fun working on this one yesterday! Siri Shortcuts - Episode 3

2018-07-19: Shortcuts Ep. 3 Siri Shortcuts - Episode 3 Shortcut Name: Running Challenge - Percent Complete Revision: 1.0 Add to 

2018-07-18: I very much look forward to the day that Shortcuts sync through iCloud!

2018-07-18: More shows added to the microcast directory! 🎙 Have a Listen! 😃

2018-07-18: 📢 If you are using the Aerial Screensaver, macOS Mojave Dev Beta 4 / Public Beta 3 breaks it. The 

2018-07-18: Shortcuts Ep. 2 Siri Shortcuts - Episode 2 Shortcut Name: Twitch Live Announcement Revision: 1.1 Add to Shortcuts! 

2018-07-17: I would love to know the backstory on this! How long did it take? Who made the Memojis? Must have 

2018-07-17: July 17. The one day a year that you are not sure if Calendar.app is running in your dock or not. 📆

2018-07-17: macOS Mojave PB3!

2018-07-16: Micro Monday: @adactio’s food photos have me drooling constantly! 😃 Great all around poster!

2018-07-16: This may be new in macOS Mojave? It sure makes Notification Center on the Mac a lot more useful to 

2018-07-15: I’ve done it!!! This was a tough one to earn! 🏆

2018-07-15: The Microcast Directory is starting to populate! Thanks everyone, and keep em comin! (Also let me 

2018-07-15: Run Log Update Calendar Week: 28 Total Miles This Week: 2.50 This Year: 166.14 Notes 🚶‍♂ Traded in 

2018-07-14: Do you have a Microcast?! If so, let me know, I would like to get a directory going so we can all 

2018-07-14: Things are not always what they seem..

2018-07-14: Absolutely beautiful day for a hike! Ended up being 7 miles. 😀👍

2018-07-13: I don’t know how much more tech “journalism” I can take in before giving up on it all together..

2018-07-13: ❀🍿❀

2018-07-13: I definitely want one of these! Maker Knife - Kickstarter

2018-07-13: Shortcuts Ep. 1 Siri Shortcuts - Episode 1 Shortcut Name: Dictate to Micro.blog Revision: 1.1 Add to Shortcuts! What 

2018-07-13: 🔗Manually pixelated food Art director Yuni Yoshida has created these pixelated food photos by 

2018-07-13: Podcast Friday: AppStories 🎙 “Each week, Federico and John discuss their favorite new apps and 

2018-07-12: La Victoria breakfast burritto fixes any morning! 🌯

2018-07-12: Just listened to the latest episode of AppStories and found that @Becky was a guest! 😀 👋

2018-07-12: New MacBook Pros and Fortnite Season 5! What a day! 😀 🎮 💻

2018-07-12: Loving the specs on the new 2018 MacBook Pro! 👍

2018-07-11: We have a new lawn!!! 😀

2018-07-11: Testing dictation to Micro.blog with the new ability to edit.

2018-07-11: Although you can’t use the Apple Pencil with the iPhone, it does seem to charge it! That can be 

2018-07-11: YouTube Premium should include PIP on the iPad.

2018-07-11: I can’t be stopped!!!

2018-07-11: 💀 👃 🐱

2018-07-10: 10 Years Of The App Store I downloaded 16 apps on day one. 33 in the first week. Some of the apps 

2018-07-10: I finally got some time to mess around with the Siri Shortcuts Beta. 🎉 This is my first one! 

2018-07-10: Posting to microblog using dictation and shortcuts.

2018-07-10: It seems like the Apple TV and HomePod should act as iBeacons for easy location triggers.

2018-07-10: Current Weather

2018-07-09: Mochi 🐱 ❀

2018-07-08: Not super into this flavor…

2018-07-08: 🙌 🎉 NEW PILLOW 🎉 🙌

2018-07-08: Interesting behavior re: macOS Mojave PB2 Standard Laptop Mode: Stable and running great. Ultra-Wide 

2018-07-08: Dynamic Wallpaper was not working for me on Mojave Public Beta 2. I think I may have fixed it? Turn 

2018-07-08: It’s no secret that the Adidas Ultra Boost is my favorite shoe. Yet another pro for them, they 

2018-07-08: Run Log Update Calendar Week: 27 Total Miles This Week: 4.07 This Year: 163.64 Notes 🏆 We did the 

2018-07-08: I am not sure when this setting was added to Reeder 3 (I may have just never found it) but it makes 

2018-07-08: 6:30am = CRAZY TIME for Cookie! 🐱

2018-07-07: I am so impressed with @alcedine and her ability to make amazing things out of a ball of yarn! Great 

2018-07-07: Update on our Foam Glow run from @alcedine! 😃 Valerie Burk - Foam Glow 5K! 🏃‍♀

2018-07-07: It’s almost time! 🏃‍♂😃

2018-07-07: Streaming Live on Twitch! https://twitch.tv/grepjason Secret of Mana Co-op with @alcedine

2018-07-07: I have been thinking about the Micro.blog Favorites Feature. I am sure there are a TON of great 

2018-07-07: Micro.blog Favorites Feature One of the great features of micro.blog is the ‘forced interaction’ it encourages. Unlike some other 

2018-07-07: What are your thoughts on x-posting? Blue Bird. Fading Away. I am sending things into the system, 

2018-07-07: Today (tonight) is the day! FOAM GLOW 5K 😃🏃‍♂

2018-07-06: The only thing I can find that doesn’t function properly with macOS Majave (PB2) is the Readkit app. 

2018-07-06: 🎥 Movie Night 🍿 Tomb Raider (2018)

2018-07-06: I will never understand why this kind of random crap showing up without prompt in Windows is the 

2018-07-06: Setting up a new streaming system. We will be able to stream any system that is HDMI! (Nintendo 

2018-07-06: 🎉🎉🎉

2018-07-06: Podcast Friday: Automators 🎙 “Automation makes your life easier and everyone can do it. We tell you 

2018-07-06: A nice little update to the message you receive when viewing posts that are not processed yet. More 

2018-07-06: I used the WhenWorks App for the first time today and it worked brilliantly! 📆

2018-07-06: Blue Bird. Fading Away. It’s been three or four months since I actively used Twitter. I have been cross-posting everything 

2018-07-06: Oh joy. I am now getting text message spam / phishing. 🀬

2018-07-06: 🙌 Internet Connection Restored! 🎉 ~10 hrs of downtime.

2018-07-05: 🔎 Red Light = 😭 UPDATE Connection restored! ~10 hrs of downtime.

2018-07-05: Hello no. Pass. 🔥

2018-07-05: Twenty Eighteen Summary | June I have been receiving @Belle’s email list regarding monthly reviews, and I wanted to see if I could 

2018-07-05: Link garbage is out of control.

2018-07-05: The new ability on micro.blog to make nav links point to external links is great! This adds a lot of 

2018-07-04: Beautiful Day! 😎🌻 @alcedine and I went for a hike and had a nice picnic lunch at the top. 😃 ~3.25mi


2018-07-03: This is handy for creating new project templates quickly! Things URL Scheme - Link Builder Simply 

2018-07-03: Who all went to the Indie Web Summit Micro.blog meetup?

2018-07-03: I Have Done It! 😃 🙌 🎉 🊄 🎮

2018-07-03: Holy wow! 😱 Stabilized GoPro footage from a roller coaster looks like an alternate reality During a 

2018-07-03: Something to try tomorrow! 🎆📷 How to Shoot Defocused Firework Photos I’m photographer David 

2018-07-03: Watching the recordings from IndieWeb Summit 2018! 😃 Great job on the micro.blog portion @manton 

2018-07-03: iOS 12 - Dev Beta 3 time! 🎉😃📱

2018-07-03: Finished “The Punisher” Season 1 tonight. 💀 Wow! Intense! Gritty! Powerful!

2018-07-02: Fortnite Playgrounds are finally live! Anyone on the Switch?

2018-07-02: Gigabit fiber is less good when it’s down.. 😢

2018-07-02: Update to the Mac Pro Upgrade Project - Part One: Software writeup regarding software updates past 

2018-07-02: OLD PHOTO Remember when the first MacBook Air launched!? My first encounter. 😱

2018-07-02: Noted: m.b timeline does not support YouTube embeds. m.b hosted blogs do support YouTube embeds. 

2018-07-02: Hatsune Miku Expo 2018! 📺 YouTube Link

2018-07-02: How though!?

2018-07-01: Helluva Great Live Show!! 😀👍🎉🎀 Hatsune Miku

2018-07-01: Run Log Update Calendar Week: 26 Total Miles This Week: 10.57 This Year: 159.57 Notes 🏆 I did over 

2018-06-30: Epic Shopping Cart Rides! 🛒

2018-06-30: Current weather condition: 🔥 AF

2018-06-29: 🔗 https://computer-literacy-project.pilots.bbcconnectedstudio.co.uk Bye Bye rest of my life! 📺

2018-06-29: 🔗 Two-by-fours are not actually 2-by-4 WHAT!? 😱

2018-06-29: 🔗 The color photographs of World War I WOW!

2018-06-29: Podcast Friday: Akimbo 🎙 “Akimbo’s a podcast about our culture and about how we can change it. 

2018-06-27: 🔗 The Condensed Guide to Running Meetings

2018-06-27: I need to write a script that sends me a random blog post of mine each day. It’s 

2018-06-27: I wrote this blog post back in 2009 (wow that was a long time ago!) but it’s still something 

2018-06-27: It’s CRAZY how much green bar continuous feed computer paper costs! 💰💞

2018-06-27: 🔗 Photos of Mushroom Clouds Made of Mushrooms

2018-06-27: New Monopoly Set! White House 2018 Edition “What can you get away with?”

2018-06-26: The implementation of “Follow Up” in Canary Mail looks to be really cool! Trying it out now! 🐊📧

2018-06-26: 🔗 📺 Splatoon 2 - DIY Nintendo Labo

2018-06-26: $117,000 per year is now considered low-income here. Awesome.. That makes sense…

2018-06-26: 🌎micro.meetup page updated.

2018-06-24: We had a great time in Madison, WI! It is beautiful!

2018-06-24: Waiting for 🎇!!

2018-06-24: Run Log Update Calendar Week: 25 Total Miles This Week: 2.49 This Year: 149.00 Goal For 2018: 250 

2018-06-24: 🌎micro.meetup page updated with new event: Macstock 2018. Woodstock, IL. 😀

2018-06-22: 🌎micro.meetup page updated with new event: Portland. After Indie Web Summit! 😀

2018-06-22: Podcast Friday: Stuff You Should Know 🎙 “If you’ve ever wanted to know about champagne, 

2018-06-20: Our massive box of photos is back from ScanCafe! Let the importing begin! 📷📀😃

2018-06-20: I haven’t seen a gif this good in a while! This addition to this store is AMAZING!🀣

2018-06-19: 🔗 This is so cool! Every Second

2018-06-19: Looks like I was off by 1 day for DevBeta2. 🎉

2018-06-18: My life contained in 7 apps.

2018-06-18: I really appreciate that it shows each component individually. 🔋

2018-06-18: I thought for sure we would see dev beta 2 today. Perhaps maybe still this week..?

2018-06-18: The Nintendo Switch pro Controller is such a better ergonomic experience than the Playstation 

2018-06-18: The “system” is working! 💪 🏃‍♂ 🥗 Consistent running (exercise) + a much better diet = 

2018-06-18: Looking good! 😎 🆙 📆

2018-06-17: Just when I think it really wouldn’t be a problem to not have a twitter account, I remember that SO 

2018-06-17: Run Log Update Calendar Week: 24 Total Miles This Week: 6.20 This Year: 146.51. Notes 📆 Goal is 59% 

2018-06-17: Check out that last photo in full resolution if you can. 😃

2018-06-16: I thing I am officially done setting up my MacBook Pro from scratch! It feels great!! 😃💻

2018-06-16: 🔗 This is super cool!! 🌎 Locate modern addresses on Earth 240 million years ago

2018-06-16: Just finished Altered Carbon Wow! INTENSE!!! 😱

2018-06-16: I had a dream last night that I had the chance to re-design notification badges on iOS. It was 

2018-06-16: Hey @manton, update on the ‘page update’ issue: the page updates are still not working, but CSS 

2018-06-16: The new Sunlit app is REALLY good! 📷 Job well done @cheesemaker & @manton!

2018-06-15: Podcast Friday: Internet Friends 🎙 “Drew and Jon met on the internet in 2012. It was a whole 

2018-06-13: To watchOS 5 or not to watchOS 5..

2018-06-12: Hearing about Fortnite landing on the Switch: 😃🎉 After looking into it: - 😞 Only has Battle Royale, 

2018-06-10: Cookie playing fetch. 🐱

2018-06-10: Kitties love the Lovesac Supersac! 😀 (the humans really enjoy it as well)

2018-06-10: Run Log Update Calendar Week: 23 Total Miles This Week: 3.41 This Year: 140.31 Goal For 2018: 250 

2018-06-09: I wonder who Casper is targeting this to? @macgenie 😀

2018-06-09: Movie Night: Black Panther 🎥 🍿

2018-06-09: Starting my Mac from scratch this time was SUCH A GOOD IDEA!!! It’s feeling so good. Amazing 

2018-06-09: A dream future of creating blog posts! I had a dream last night about creating new blog posts (yep) and it was next level future!!! It went 

2018-06-09: I started using Castro about a month ago and it has changed my Podcast Listening life! Very happy 

2018-06-08: Podcast Friday: Limetown 🎙 “Ten years ago, over three hundred men, women and children disappeared 

2018-06-07: Just when you thought Cookie couldn’t get any cuter, she goes and puts on a tiny knit hat made by 

2018-06-07: Finally watching the WWDC18 SOTU.

2018-06-07: Updated the micro.meetup page to archive past events! (I’ll update the wwdc event guest list 

2018-06-06: So done with rotating hard drives. Never using anything that isn’t an SSD again. Period.

2018-06-06: Time to play some SwiftShot! 😀🏆

2018-06-06: I keep finding more signs/hints in iOS 12 point to iPhone X like iPad Pro is coming! MUCH EXCITE!

2018-06-06: There was a micro.blog meetup at WWDC this year, and it was great! So many awesome folks and great 

2018-06-06: After MANY years of migrating from Mac to Mac to Mac… I am building up a Mac from scratch 

2018-06-05: Neat photo of me taken by @alcedine! 😀

2018-06-05: The line for the Live Talk Show begins!! 

2018-06-05: I am having way too much fun with this!

2018-06-05: Time to drop off the CA ballots, and then head to the micro.blog meetup!

2018-06-05: [Playing Games] Yonder:The Cloud Catcher Chronicles 🎮 The Details Game Name: Yonder:The Cloud Catcher Chronicles Game Platform: Nintendo Switch, 

2018-06-04: Definitely uninstall Little Snitch first if you plan on installing the macOS 10.14 Dev Beta 1.

2018-06-04: It’s always super interesting to see how much worse macOS betas break apps vs iOS betas.

2018-06-04: CLICK CONTINUE GO FOR A RUN a) 😃🎉 b) 😭

2018-06-04: Looking forward to seeing / meeting everyone tomorrow at the micro.blog meetup!

2018-06-04: I wonder if my “alternate appearance” can be @alcedine!? 🀔

2018-06-04: It’s Me(mojo)! 😀

2018-06-04: And… we’re live! 1⃣2⃣

2018-06-04: No one that knows me is surprised by this! 🀣

2018-06-04: AT THE MICRO.BLOG MEETUP I will have all the new developer betas available on thumb drives for 

2018-06-04: Ready to install!

2018-06-04: Almost time to install iOS 12! 😉 1⃣2⃣📲

2018-06-04: Can we PLEASE stop using these!!??

2018-06-04: WWDC week is going to be so great this year! 😀🎉🍻

2018-06-03: Easily my best game to date! 🎮

2018-06-03: This is new! (Safari extensions in the Mac App Store)

2018-06-03: Nap time with Cookie. 😎🐱

2018-06-03: git msn.

2018-06-03: I feel like email spam is mostly a “solved problem” (am I wrong?), but you wouldn’t know that 

2018-06-03: Spoiler: running in 85+ degree weather is much harder than 70 degree weather. 🏃‍♂ 🌈 The More You 

2018-06-03: The ability to triage my open tabs on any of my devices from any of my other devices is a dream! 

2018-06-03: Run Log Update Calendar Week: 22 Total Miles This Week: 5.01 This Year: 136.90 Notes 🔥 Getting 

2018-06-02: What is even going on? 🀔

2018-06-01: Tickets procured for the Live Talk Show!

2018-06-01: Podcast Friday: Remaster 🎙 “A show about playing games and making games.”

2018-06-01: Anyone got plans Tuesday around lunch time? 😉 m.b//wwdc

2018-05-31: Finally got out to give the new Boosted Board extended range battery a go! Even with the added 

2018-05-30: 🔗 American Money Reimagined 💵

2018-05-30: Great Apple Store Genius Bar experience today! Problem 1. iPhone X: Couldn’t update / restore / activate phone. I have had the phone since 

2018-05-30: 🀔 2018-06-05

2018-05-29: Where is my hotel? Ask Siri! If you travel at all, this little tip may prove useful to you. No matter where you go, it can be 

2018-05-29: Haven’t tried it yet, but it looks like a very nice (and quick) markdown app with live 

2018-05-29: The micro.blog meetup is only one week away! I can’t wait! Are you ready!? 😃 What the heck is 

2018-05-28: Another delicious boba!

2018-05-28: Nitro Old Fashioned. ☕ DELICIOUS!

2018-05-27: Wedding! 👰 🀵 So awesome to see my best friend marry the love of his life! ❀

2018-05-27: Run Log Update Calendar Week: 21 Total Miles This Week: 6.25 This Year: 131.89 Goal For 2018: 250 

2018-05-26: 🍷

2018-05-25: Delicious dinner @ Goat & Vine! The pizza had such a great name too, “Smokey The Pear”! 😂

2018-05-25: We happened upon a place called Snooze today for breakfast in San Diego. It was really good! Check 

2018-05-25: Rental car has Car Play! I LOVE IT!! 📱🚙

2018-05-25: Podcast Friday: Internet History Podcast 🎙 “INTERNET HISTORY PODCAST - FROM NETSCAPE TO THE IPAD”

2018-05-24: Huffduffer to the rescue!! Quick and easy way to collect random audio bits from the web and make a 

2018-05-24: micro.meetup Directory Updated! Silicon Valley iCal feed up to date. (includes wwdc event) 

2018-05-24: Hey everyone! I am updating my privacy policy! Simplicity What you see is what you get. Transparency 

2018-05-24: Discover Directory Updated! 2018-05-24 9:31 AM

2018-05-24: It’s official: I really really really really need timeline sync / position for micro.blog now. So 

2018-05-22: And with that, Stranger Things Season 2 comes to a close!

2018-05-22: uh oh! Two of our cats have merged to become one! 🀣

2018-05-21: Two new games added to the mix 🎮: Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition Yonder: The Cloud Catcher 

2018-05-21: Great meeting this morning!! 😀👍👍

2018-05-20: This map is stunning to look at!

2018-05-20: Run Log Update Calendar Week: 20 Total Miles This Week: 7.53 This Year: 125.64 Notes 🎉 We’re 

2018-05-19: Nooooooooooooooooooooo 😭😭😭 You will not be forgotten.

2018-05-19: First official phone drop in many years! Hello asphalt! All things considered, it came out like a 

2018-05-18: Getting enough water in a day sure is harder than you would think! 💧✅

2018-05-18: Podcast Friday: Presentable 🎙 “The Presentable Podcast focuses on how we design and build the 

2018-05-17: Season 1 was a fun watch! Looking forward to this!

2018-05-17: This SD card is causing way more trouble than it has any right to!! 🀬

2018-05-17: Have you still not tried @blackboxpuzzles!?

2018-05-16: Bad news everyone.. I have been informed by an anonymous person in an online game that I am a 


2018-05-16: 2018 Running Quest with Apple Watch! How does the apple watch fit into my exercise routine? Hint: I 

2018-05-15: Microsoft’s Surface Hub 2 is beautifully designed These are the kinds of products that the big 

2018-05-15: 2018 Running Quest with Apple Watch! When I started “RunQuest 2018” I knew it was going to have the Apple Watch involved in 

2018-05-14: We have officially started: Stranger Things 2!

2018-05-14: Plants: 1 Sidewalk: 0

2018-05-13: Run Log Update Calendar Week: 19 Total Miles This Week: 4.04 This Year: 118.11 Notes 🍜 Started 

2018-05-13: Mother’s Day Brunch! 😃 🌷 🍜 @alcedine, her mom, myself, and my mom! Valerie and I made some 

2018-05-13: Tech in children’s healthcare meeting. Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital. 🏥 Great 

2018-05-13: When you want to drink a 40oz AND be classy. 🀣

2018-05-13: POP QUIZ Which one is: A) a Cat B) a Swiffer

2018-05-11: 🚲

2018-05-11: “Sane” is really the only way to describe our housing market… 🀮

2018-05-11: Podcast Friday: Ologies 🎙 “Take away a pocket full of science knowledge and some insane 

2018-05-10: These UPS trucks are adorable! 🚐

2018-05-09: New personal best for FORTNITE Battle Royale! Placed #2! 🎮

2018-05-06: Run Log Update Calendar Week: 18 Total Miles This Week: 8.12 This Year: 114.07 Notes First trail run 

2018-05-06: That’s a hell of a deal!

2018-05-04: What Apple Watch Face Do You Use? I was talking to Rosemary the other day about the Watch Siri watch face, and watch faces in 

2018-05-04: WOW, I had 8 twitter accounts! As of noon today, I now have 2.

2018-05-04: Podcast Friday: Darknet Diaries 🎙 “True stories from the dark side of the Internet.”

2018-05-03: Re: Twitter password thing It’s less steps to delete my account than to change the password.. 🀔

2018-05-03: 📌 Making my own photo timeline has bben updated with all the latest and greatest info!

2018-05-02: This layout might be too minimal..

2018-05-01: Dicover Suggestions Update Topic: Science Potential Tagmoji: 👩‍🔬 👚‍🔬 🔬 ⚗ Suggested by: David Pace 

2018-05-01: FORTNITE Battle Royale 50v50 - Last Day Highlights! 🎮🎥 It may be gone, but it sure was fun while it 

2018-05-01: Fortnite Update Day Good News: Season 4! 😀 Bad News: 50 v 50 is gone.. 😢

2018-04-30: Good As New!! New controller: $50 ❌ Replacement trigger: $5 ✅ 🎮 = Fixed! 🎉

2018-04-29: The updates to Bear Notes 1.5 look great!!! 🐻 📝

2018-04-29: Run Log Update Calendar Week: 17 Total Miles This Week: 4.64 This Year: 105.95 Notes n/a Goal For 

2018-04-28: Movie Night: Avengers Infinity War 🎥 🍿

2018-04-27: Streaming Fortnite - Save The World Live on Twitch!

2018-04-27: Podcast Friday: The Habitat 🎙 “The true story of six volunteers picked to live on a fake 

2018-04-26: Wow, that’s a pretty good deal on Setapp.

2018-04-25: In this episode of Baking With Jason Lemon Basil Scones! 🍋🌿 YUM!

2018-04-25: I can never go back to a “normal” monitor after using an UltraWide. 21:9

2018-04-24: Repair on aisle DualShock 4! Repair on aisle DualShock 4! 🎮

2018-04-24: Making some mini-moo cards to have on hand for WWDC week! 😃

2018-04-24: Keeping an open mind, but I would be lying if I said “I’m not concened about 


2018-04-23: This should be good for micro.blog posts!

2018-04-22: Happy Earth Day!

2018-04-22: The “micro.blog” community is the best! Looking forward to seeing some of you at WWDC! 😃👋

2018-04-22: Run Log Update Calendar Week: 16 Total Miles This Week: 6.27 This Year: 101.31 Notes 🎉 Milestone: I 

2018-04-21: What is this!? 😀 🥀 🍑

2018-04-21: Another Tagmoji (📷) moves from the “Suggestion” to “In Production” column! Time to 

2018-04-20: Another amazing Instantpot beef stew!! Nessie approves! 🥘🊕✅

2018-04-20: Does Daisy replace Liam? Or do they get to be friends and work together? 🀖🀖

2018-04-20: Podcast Friday: Alice Isn’t Dead 🎙 “A truck driver searches across America for the wife she 

2018-04-19: Great update to the micro.blog official app! Full aspect ratio photos!! 🎉

2018-04-19: Time literally disappears when I am in Atom!

2018-04-19: Bye Bye “(2)”! 🙌 I can now sleep easy. Before After

2018-04-19: This “(2)’ is driving me crazy! I must get rid of it!

2018-04-18: 🔗 https://www.digitaltrends.com/cool-tech/oneup-life-preserver/ This throwable life preserver 

2018-04-18: 🔗 1911 www.youtube.com/watch

2018-04-18: Just got someone else’s attorney docs.. This email and any attached files are confidential 

2018-04-17: If you like playing solitaire or similar card games, you really should check out Flip Flop 

2018-04-17: I don’t go to Las Vegas very often (usually for work), but I usually stay at a different place 

2018-04-17: Everyone knows this already, but @danielpunkass’ MarsEdit is so damn good! 😃👍💻

2018-04-17: Making my own photo timeline Instagram became too much for me to accept for a couple reasons. I enjoy creating neat photos and 

2018-04-17: 🀞 I hope Top Golf comes to the bay area soon! It’s so much fun!

2018-04-17: There is a great little museum over at Shelby in Las Vegas. The gentleman that gives the tour knows 

2018-04-16: A couple of friends and I went to Dream Racing @ Las Vegas Motor Speedway last week and it was A 

2018-04-16: Just had a pretty good earth shake here in downtown San Jose.

2018-04-14: In case anyone was wondering how not to do electrical work. ⚡🔥

2018-04-11: 2018 Silicon Valley Comic Con The third annual con has come to an end. The event continues to 

2018-04-08: Run Log Update Calendar Week: 14 Total Miles This Week: 2.52 This Year: 92.36 Notes 💀 I took this 

2018-04-08: Spoiler @settapp puzzle. Thanks again for the fun gift! 🎁😀

2018-04-07: Maybe we will see a BlogBot or Blogerrific some day? 😉😃

2018-04-07: Present From @Setapp! 🎁 I got a fun present in the mail today from @setapp! Thanks! 🎁😀💻

2018-04-07: Good morning Silicon Valley Comic Con! ⚡😀🎉

2018-04-06: OK

2018-04-06: Podcast Friday: Micro Monday 🎙 @monday “Micro Monday is a weekly microcast with Jean MacDonald 

2018-04-05: Are GPU prices finally starting to come down? Could it be!? 🙏 📉

2018-04-05: 💀 ❌ 🧟‍♂

2018-04-03: 🔗 Tiny Sushi! 🍣

2018-04-02: Anyone else have a Mac Pro (5,1) running High Sierra? The 10.13.4 update fails to install for me. 

2018-04-01: Not too bad today! 😉

2018-04-01: Happy Birthday Kiwi & Mochi! 9 years old today!! 🐱🐱😀❀

2018-04-01: The hike from today, mapped out. (I need to find a better tool to do this. Doing it manually is WAY 

2018-04-01: Movie Night: Coco 🎥 🍿

2018-04-01: Super successful drive recovery! - 3.5” drive - Enclosure wouldn’t mount - Bare drive 

2018-04-01: Run Log Update Calendar Week: 13 Total Miles This Week: 6.98 This Year: 89.84 Notes 🚶‍♂ Less miles 

2018-04-01: Almaden Quicksilver Hike This place is a beautiful hike! Lots of different trails to explore. We went in about 3 miles, had 

2018-03-30: 💀 by taxes.

2018-03-30: Podcast Friday: [Polygon - The History of Fun]() 🎙 “Each week, a new exploration of the hidden 

2018-03-30: Owning way too many domain names finally “paid off”! I just finished a transaction 

2018-03-29: No Signs Allowed In This Area

2018-03-29: Hello 11.3. 👋📱

2018-03-29: Happy Birthday @alcedine!! 🎉🎂🎁😀🎈❀

2018-03-27: A tiny envelope would have been fine.. ✉ 📊 With all of the data and tech Amazon must have, it 

2018-03-26: Is Discord another Slack?

2018-03-26: If I ever needed “intro music” for myself it would probably have to be Slam by Pendulum. What would 

2018-03-26: New Art Installations In SJ 🐻 There are new art installations popping up around downtown San Jose! This is a giant bear made of 

2018-03-26: Happy to see @kimonostereo on this week’s @monday microcast! Can’t wait to listen.

2018-03-25: Movie Night Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 🎥 🍿

2018-03-25: Run Log Update Calendar Week: 12 Total Miles This Week: 7.82 This Year: 82.86 Notes 😎 Nothing really 

2018-03-24: Top Down Kitty 📷🐱

2018-03-24: New Bubble Tea place!! It’s delicious! Check it out if you are ever in downtown San Jose! Tea Alley

2018-03-24: Gun vloggers turn to PornHub after YouTube ban This is more appropriate than I ever could have 

2018-03-23: You know what is never in my timeline on @microdotblog.. Ads! Not even one!

2018-03-23: Podcast Friday: Originality 🎙 “The most common question creative people get asked is, “Where 

2018-03-21: We got a new bed (matress)! Let the 100 night ‘trial’ begin! 🛏 We went with The New 

2018-03-21: Doing things manually is boring! 🀣 Made a small ‘app’ to enable posting of live stream 

2018-03-21: Super cool tech from https://haptx.com! www.youtube.com/watch

2018-03-20: micro.blog has only been upvoted on Product Hunt 11 times!? Let’s get to work micro.bloggers!! 😀👍 

2018-03-20: Top 5 “social networks” 1. micro.blog

2018-03-20: 🊁☁

2018-03-20: Streaming Live on Twitch!

2018-03-19: Mac Pro Upgrade Project - Part Two: Hardware (Planning) In Part One of this upgrade, I updated all the software (and firmware). Go check that out to get 

2018-03-19: Want: iMessage support for rich text / mardown support.

2018-03-19: I was going to skip coffee today.. Then I remembered that is insane. ☕ 🧟‍♂

2018-03-19: 🎉 New micro @monday microcast is up! Yay! 🎙 😃

2018-03-18: Run Log Update Calendar Week: 11 Total Miles This Week: 6.49 This Year: 75.04 Notes 🎉 Crossed the 75 

2018-03-18: “Winter”

2018-03-18: ❀✖✖

2018-03-17: Started Altered Carbon tonight! 📺

2018-03-16: The Case of the Missing 🍕! 5:00PM - Order 🍕 for 7:30PM delivery. 7:30PM - No 🍕. 7:55PM - Call and 

2018-03-16: Another grey day outside. 🐋☔🌧🌫

2018-03-16: Podcast Friday: American History Tellers 🎙 “The Cold War, Prohibition, the Gold Rush, the Space 

2018-03-15: So delicious! @alcedine makes THE BEST granola!! 😃 🥣

2018-03-15: 🔗 🎥 Stephen Hawking’s Favorite Places

2018-03-15: Great write up by @eli! How-to micro.blog, a micro.guide

2018-03-15: Untitled.

2018-03-14: blank is going to disrupt blank using blockchain! Go! 😉

2018-03-14: Attempting to figure out why the PS4 Bluetooth connection is so bad all of the sudden.. 🎮

2018-03-14: Boosted Board - Extended Range Battery Upgrade! After a much longer wait than expected, it has finally arrived! It’s time to swap out the standard 

2018-03-14: Experimenting with this settings combination on my phone this week. 📱 Raise to Wake = OFF Tap to 

2018-03-14: It’s Pi all the way down today! 🏃‍♂

2018-03-14: More Power! Boostedboard extended range battery

2018-03-14: 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939937510582097494459230781640628620899862803482534211706 

2018-03-13: Definitely not something I ever wanted to see popup as a notification. 😔 You will be greatly missed 

2018-03-13: Looking forward to everyone coming out here again for WWDC! June 4-8!

2018-03-12: 8 year old  triplets.

2018-03-12: Streaming Live on Twitch!

2018-03-12: The new micro @monday microcast is a super cool idea! Stoked to start listening.

2018-03-12: We’re on the Fortnite iOS list!

2018-03-12: Looks like a few people were interested in the announcement today regarding Fornite on iOS..

2018-03-11: Run Log Update Calendar Week: 10 Total Miles This Week: 6.11 This Year: 68.55 Notes 😷 Someone passed 

2018-03-11: DIY Splatoon! 🎮

2018-03-10: If you use an external drive with your PS4, this cable is a must! 🎮

2018-03-10: Streaming Live on Twitch!

2018-03-10: Mac Pro Upgrade Project - Part One: Software The 2010 era Mac Pro has always been one of my favorite Mac computers. The design and functionality 

2018-03-10: I listened to The Sauce podcast this morning because I was curious what went down with it last year. 

2018-03-09: Movie Night: Thor Ragnarok 🎥 🍿

2018-03-09: Podcast Friday: Welcome To Night Vale 🎙 “Twice-monthly community updates for the small desert town 

2018-03-08: International Women’s Day

2018-03-08: 4.04 Run Not Found (Fortunately it actually was found!)

2018-03-08: Streaming Live on Twitch!

2018-03-08: We tried a new recipe in the Instantpot last night! Chicken Soup Yum! 🥘 Photo: Pre and Post cook 

2018-03-08: WOW! Apple has an open position just to ensure @BlackboxPuzzles is working properly! 😉 They should 

2018-03-07: I am definitely noticing a speed improvement in posting to micro.blog. Thanks @manton! 😃

2018-03-07: It’s Finally Happening! My Boosted Board Extended Range Battery is finally shipping!

2018-03-07: 5 Atom Markdown Packages That I Really Like! 👚‍💻 I installed 5 Atom community packages yesterday that are making me very happy! 😃👚‍💻 Tidy Markdown 

2018-03-07: Sunlit has landed in the App Store! 🛬📲

2018-03-06: Fortnite ACTION! #SaveTheWorld live at twitch.tv/grepjason 🎮

2018-03-06: Behold! micro.meetup! (a start anyway..) 😃🎉🌎 What do you all think? Good? Bad? Indifferent? Awesome? 

2018-03-06: Sounds like it is time to setup a “Bay Area” micro.blog meetup! 

2018-03-06: I wonder what this means for today? ☕ 💀 ⚔

2018-03-05: Comfort Level: 10,000,000 🐱 *Photo Model Credit: Cookie

2018-03-05: I am not understanding the recent increase of demands around “Apple not doing enough to curb device 

2018-03-05: Re: Time Tracking ⏲ I think I have finally made a decision. I am going with Tyme instead of Toggl. 

2018-03-05: Another class = Done! ✅ 😃 📘 ✏ 🏫

2018-03-05: The llama piñatas in FORTNITE are wonderful!

2018-03-04: Post run lunch with @alcedine! 🐔

2018-03-04: Run Log Update 📆 Week: 9 Total Miles This Week: 10.3 This Year: 62.44 Notes 🎉 Did a 4.00 mile run 

2018-03-04: The princess needs her rest. 🐱 👑 🍪

2018-03-02: Podcast Friday: Nintendo Power Podcast 🎙 “Nintendo Power Podcast is the official podcast of Nintendo 

2018-02-28: Dual wield

2018-02-28: I know I am an n-of-1, but software trials really work for me. I purchased the last three 

2018-02-27: As crazy as it sounds, this is one of the hardest achievements for me to reach in regard to fitness. 

2018-02-27: Category: Random If you want something awesome to light candles with, check out the Saberlight 

2018-02-27: I went to Stitches West last weekend with @alcedine. So many cool crafty items and SO MUCH yarn! I 

2018-02-26: Cookie & Mochi 😻 The evolution of cuteness that happened today. 🐱❀🐱

2018-02-26: Finding Tyme to be quite nice for tracking time! 💻📱

2018-02-26: Fuck it. Just ban schools instead of guns. At least this way everyone can be as uneducated as the 

2018-02-26: If anyone was still wondering, it is true, @manton is a wizard! 🧙‍♂

2018-02-25: Attempting to keep up with the CW DC universe timeline is quite the job! Especially since we are 

2018-02-25: The Curry Chickpea salad at Sweetgreen is soooo good! 🥗

2018-02-23: Back to 100% in @blackboxpuzzles! 😀🧡🎮

2018-02-23: Let’s do this! 😀 🥣 🎮

2018-02-23: Podcast Friday: Playing For Fun 🎙 “Listen to two best friends talk about a video game they love. 

2018-02-22: It’s silly, but I love these things. 🌜📌

2018-02-21: I sadly sold my Fuji X-PRO2 yesterday. I wasn’t using it how it deserved to be used. Hoping the new 

2018-02-20: Drafts 5 is feeling sooo good! @agiletortoise 😀🍻

2018-02-20: I haven’t seen an Xserve / Xserve RAID in a long time! Loved managing those systems. I still have my 

2018-02-20: I had really high hopes for OfferUp to replace Craigslist, but it seems to have the same issues of 

2018-02-17: 😍🏡 House in Santarém by Vasco Cabral + Sofia Saraiva - Design Milk

2018-02-17: Fun Art Installation In Palo Alto! We found this fun art installation in downtown Palo Alto! You put in 4 quarters and it goes through 

2018-02-17: Ending your sentence with “no offense” means you are 100% being an asshole and offending someone.

2018-02-17: It’s than time again! Pancake Saturday! 🥞

2018-02-17: Our HomeKit Update! We have slowly been adding to our HomeKit setup over the years at our house, and it has been going 

2018-02-16: 350.

2018-02-16: I used GymKit for the first time with a treadmill today. It was super neat! Tap watch to NFC point, 

2018-02-16: Podcast Friday: Grammar Girl Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing 🎙 “Grammar Girl provides short, 

2018-02-15: TaDa! 🎉

2018-02-15: Theme of today Register & Configure New Business Services

2018-02-14: This is unfortunate if you are a Droplr user.

2018-02-12: Hi Cookie!!! 🐱

2018-02-12: ‘Kung Fury’ is getting a feature-length sequel 🎥

2018-02-12: Added a new “Keywords” section the Discover Directory to cover the new Micro Monday 

2018-02-11: Hurray! Time for more micro.blog pins! 📌 🎉 😃 @macgenie @manton

2018-02-11: Trying an Instant Pot Beef Stew today! 😃🥘 Recipe: here

2018-02-10: Saturday. 🥞 😍

2018-02-10: Do you use a support ticketing system? Which one?

2018-02-09: Everyone is right about how great the braided power cord is, but another detail that gets me is the 

2018-02-09: Welcome Home(Pod)! 🏡🔊😃

2018-02-09: Podcast Friday: Atlanta Monster 🎙 “This true crime podcast tells the story of one of the city’s 

2018-02-09: As if I needed another reason to like micro.blog. It displays dates correctly!! @manton

2018-02-08: Consolidated a bunch of hard drives for a friend today! Started with 8. Ended with 1! 💻

2018-02-07: Started watching a new series yesterday called Mind Field on YouTube RED. Really neat stuff so far! 

2018-02-07: Ideally some kind of voting system would be fun, but for now I added a ‘suggestions for new 

2018-02-07: Tomorrow starts the Heart Health Month Challenge. 🏅 “Close your exercise ring seven days in a 

2018-02-06: It had to be done. Too many apps on my phone! Went with the “heavily remove and see if you 

2018-02-06: I watched 4 HomePod review videos and had 0 “Hey Siri” activations on my devices. 

2018-02-06: New addition to our “Retro Gaming Corner”! The SupaRetroN HD ✅ NES ✅ SNES

2018-02-05: I love using this calculator on my iPad Pro with Apple Pencil! MyScript Calculator 2

2018-02-05: The rearrange (by block or line) feature in Drafts (@Agiletortoise) is so damn great! 😀

2018-02-05: Like the new build of @micron with inline images!! 😀

2018-02-05: Extra bonus of running outside rather than at the gym: you get awesome maps! 🏃‍♂

2018-02-05: For Micro Monday this week, I am recommending @Aleen! I just finished my first episode of her 

2018-02-04: Because Craigslist is a dumpster fire, a friend recommended Offer Up. Just posted a few items and 

2018-02-04: I have been exploring potential ways of retrofitting CarPlay into our vehicle for a while. It looks 

2018-02-03: Me: Hi, I am selling this thing for $800. Craigslist: Will you consider taking $300? or Craigslist: 

2018-02-03: Tried out the Hyperdrive for my MacBook Pro 15” (TouchBar). Too many issues to consider 

2018-02-03: Few things go as slow for me as hand drawing. Deadline in ~9 hours! ✏ 😱

2018-02-02: I have officially finished Parks & Recreation!

2018-02-02: “Interact or interact not; there is no Like.” -@macgenie Perfect! 😃

2018-02-02: I cheated a little for the short term and created a ‘Pinned Posts’ page. https://burk.io

2018-02-02: Podcast Friday: Core Intuition 🎙 “A podcast about indie software development for the Mac, iOS 

2018-02-02: Welcome to Instagram. 😔 This kind of thing has really picked up lately. Not to mentionthe number of 

2018-02-01: OMG THIS BOAT! 😃 🛥

2018-02-01: How about a function that would enable you to pin ~3 posts to the top of your micro.blog. A way to 

2018-02-01: I am having a blast tweaking the micro.blog Kiko theme using only CSS. It’s a fun constraint 

2018-02-01: Vivid.

2018-02-01: Vivid.

2018-01-31: Cool! New backpack from @boostedboards that holds your board. Definitely need to get my hands on one 

2018-01-31: New Project: Consoliate and streamline news consumption. Currently spread across: - Reddit - NY 

2018-01-30: Started playing Celeste on the Switch yesterday. What a crazy game! Really fun & tough! Gereat 

2018-01-29: Have to check every once in a while and make sure they all still turn on! 💻

2018-01-29: It’s so beautiful here! 📷

2018-01-29: Just started the Atlanta Monster podcast. 🔈

2018-01-29: This should never be an error when creating a new password.. 😠

2018-01-29: Watching interviews from 1929 on my tiny pocket computer in 2018. Awesome! 🀯😀 1929 - Interviews With 

2018-01-28: When your font doesn’t support accented characters.

2018-01-28: I didn’t realize how many ‘rocket’ apps I have installed!

2018-01-28: Big Cats on BBC One! EPIC! 🐱 Just finished part 1 of 3. Amazing cinematography! 😻 🎥

2018-01-27: This is a super interesting read! Computer latency: 1977-2017

2018-01-27: Percent I am worried about my right knee has escalated from about 15% to 90% as this week has 

2018-01-27: It seems like there are some weird frame issues with this video output.. Damn you 25fps..

2018-01-27: We installed a blackout curtain in our bedroom and it is life changing!! 🌑 Interesting side effect 

2018-01-27: This made me nervous for some reason, but here we go! IMPORT: WORDPRESS >> MICRO.BLOG ~300 

2018-01-26: That was a short trial..

2018-01-26: Hmm.. that is a ‘solution’, but probably not the preferred method of solving the puzzle..

2018-01-26: We got our first delivery of stuff from Brandless this week. We got an assortment of food, household 

2018-01-26: As I continue using micro.blog in different ways, the more I think I want it to be the origin of all 

2018-01-25: I love the shape of these wine bottles! 🍷

2018-01-25: Fighting DNS issues with a sword!

2018-01-24: I have found a new contender for “worst bed”. 🛏 😭 🥇

2018-01-23: 2017 vs. 2018 Travel I travelled quite a bit in 2017 for work and as a byproduct I ended up with various travel 

2018-01-22: Bad news: Had a part failure in my coffee grinder. Good news: I fixed it by creating a new part by 

2018-01-22: Everything indicates that this monitor should do: HDMI: 75Hz USB-C: 75Hz DisplayPort: 75Hz So far 

2018-01-21: Homescreen/Settings sync through iCloud would make multiple iPad use a viable idea for me! I 

2018-01-21: Run Log Update Calendar Week: 3 Total Miles This Week: 6.09 This Year: 21.75 Goal For 2018: 250 

2018-01-20: Saw this awesome classic MINI today at the track! I love these cars. 🚙 📷

2018-01-19: First time in history I have been 800+ behind on twitter and I don’t seem to care..

2018-01-19: Day 2 of not running. Becoming concerned of feeling in left knee.. 🏃‍♂😓

2018-01-19: Going to consume an entire coffee this morning before I start making updates to the remote Redis 

2018-01-18: Ha! Not 10 minutes after writing a post about Migrating From Wordpress.com to Micro.blog I began 

2018-01-18: It’s really too bad the Safari Extension Developer program is no longer free. People already 

2018-01-18: Migrating from Wordpress.com to Micro.Blog I have been thinking long and hard about micro.blog and how it fits in. From wondering if this will 

2018-01-17: Puzzles for @alcedine and me! 🃏

2018-01-17: Time Tracking In The New Year I have dabbled in time tracking tools in the past (RescueTime & Timing), but most of them were 

2018-01-17: I really like the emoji categories in the discover section. Having a standard catalog of categories 

2018-01-17: I think I finally have my desk setup working smoothly! 💻

2018-01-17: Writing up the pros and cons of moving entirely from Wordpress to micro.blog. A lot to think about 

2018-01-16: This new Pencil holder looks great! PencilSnap Going to need to try this one out I think. ✏

2018-01-16: Blackbox Puzzles is such a great game!! Ryan has done such an amazing job with every aspect of the 

2018-01-15: The new Welcome to Night Vale novel is great! 📚www.welcometonightvale.com/books/ as always, I 

2018-01-15: Just found the option to import your twitter archive into micro.blog. I am torn.. I want to import 

2018-01-15: Most people on Twitter are using the same username here, but a directory search would be super 

2018-01-14: Overcooked! on the Nintendo Switch is great! (and can get quite stressful!) 🍜

2018-01-13: Hmmm.. my blue ring broke. #AppleWatch

2018-01-13: The thing I miss most is Twitterrific..

2018-01-13: New Year, New Social.

2017-12-27: Park 😍 #shotoniphone

2017-12-15: Acer XR382CQK - 37.5” Ultrawide Monitor and MacBook Pro It’s time for another Ultrawide Monitor test! After two failures, I am hoping that the third one 

2017-11-26: Trees, Clouds, Mountains, Waterfalls, and Half a Dome.

2017-11-26: Flowing.

2017-11-26: “Camping” 🏔🏕

2017-11-25: Happy Thanksgiving! 🊃🍁🍜

2017-11-25: Happy Thanksgiving! 🊃🍁🍜

2017-11-15: Mirror.

2017-11-08: 🎉

2017-09-30: Function.

2017-09-02: Dell U3818DW - 38” Ultrawide Monitor Paired with MacBook Pro I recently jumped into the world of ultra big, and ultra wide monitors! Here is what happened.. 

2017-08-19: 🎞

2017-07-24: ♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥

2017-07-16: Aged.

2017-07-06: Stop Receiving Emails About Updates To Shared Apple Reminders If you use reminders and have shared lists, you may have noticed (read: been annoyed) that you get 

2017-07-06: If you thought you deleted your Evernote account, you didn’t. This is anecdotal evidence, since it is just my experience. But, on the off chance that this is 

2017-07-05: ⚠

2017-06-26: Monday Morning. ☕ #boostedboards

2017-06-26: Monday Morning. ☕ #boostedboards

2017-06-21: Surrounded.

2017-06-21: Surrounded.

2017-06-02: #boosted

2017-05-06: Hey Micro Blog friends!

2017-04-03: MacBook Pro Discharging Under Heavy Load? I was recently doing a good bit of work in Final Cut Pro on my MacBook Pro (with TouchBar) and the 

2017-03-22: 🎶 🎹

2017-03-21: 🌶

2017-02-15: 💀

2017-02-09: Disneyland Snaps! Day trip to Disneyland! 9:30am // San Jose ✈ Anaheim 10:30am - 7:30pm // Disneyland! 9:30pm // 


2017-02-07: Oil bottles.

2017-02-04: Social Hall


2017-01-15: ☕

2017-01-14: Up above.

2017-01-02: Tech & Stuff (2016 Edition) Some of the coolest and most useful items that I came across in 2016. Enjoy! (in no particular 

2016-12-11: RSiPhone 7 Plus I ❀ ❀ ❀ the 7 Plus dual camera setup, the portrait mode is so lovely, and the large screen is 

2016-10-19: Banning The Note 7 Regardless of your personal feelings about Samsung, this current "ban" is all show and 

2016-10-09: Watch Roughly two years ago, the ‘new category’ for Apple was the Watch. Until this point, 

2016-09-21: Problem: Live Stream Three Inputs FOREWARD Recently I had a problem come up that needed to be solved with a hardware & software 

2016-09-02: Facebook and Twitter. The same? Someone told me that they don’t see any reason to be on Twitter since they are on Facebook, and the 

2016-08-23: iPad Pro - Desk Setup I love me some iPad Pro! I already enjoyed using it for the majority of my computing, but I was also 

2016-08-11: Driving Off The Road! My wife and I recently drove down to Carmel for a relaxing weekend with some fun mixed in! We stayed 

2016-07-09: macOS Sierra Public Beta - Sleep Wake Issue Fix If you are having an issue with your mac waking from sleep after upgrading to the Pubic Beta of 

2016-07-03: Analog Game Nights ‘Therapy’ comes in all shapes and sizes, and is different for everyone and every 

2016-07-01: iPad Pro: Medium or Large? Some asshole (Thanks San Francisco) stole my iPad Pro 12.9” (along with ~$3,000 of other gear) last 

2016-06-16: MacBook + iPad Pro The iPad Pro 12.9” is a fantastic device that replaces much of what I might need a 

2016-06-16: Definition of 'disrupt' New Oxford American Dictionary disrupt |disˈrəpt| verb [ with obj. ] interrupt (an event, activity, 

2016-04-06: Apple Product Line (My Take) Let’s pretend for a moment that for some weird reason someone asked me to layout the Apple 

2016-04-02: Using The iPad Pro: Keynote Presentation Advancer I have been moving more toward using my iPad Pro as my full time mobile computer, both personally 

2016-03-25: Using Apple News.app RSS has been my news collection and curation tool since the beginning. Throughout time, RSS as a 

2016-02-24: Gold Plating. #science Have you ever done something simply because you wanted to see what would happen? Me too! The latest 

2016-02-05: iPad Pro(ductivity) Holy crap I get a lot done with my iPad Pro! To the casual observer, it definitely comes off as 

2015-12-29: Soylent 2.0 I recently ordered a case of Soylent 2.0 because I was curious to see what it was like. The basic 

2015-12-26: Keeping Up With Finances (OS X & iOS) Keeping track of your finances is a very polarized topic for most people. Love it, or hate it, 

2015-12-11: Alt. Mobile Gaming Generally, the term “Mobile Gaming” refers to playing video games on a mobile device such as a 

2015-12-03: Transformation. Mobile Photos. My wife and I went on vacation to Japan this year! Whenever I travel anywhere, part of my packing 

2015-11-25: A Japanese Sushi Experience すし岩It was an unassuming building, on the corner of two streets that didn’t stand out for any 

2015-11-20: Tokyo Trip - 2015 I did a bit of a photo experiment on this trip. I only used my iPhone 6S to take photos, and then 

2015-11-19: Comparisons & Reviews Why are so many ‘reviews’ in the technology world a comparison of X vs. Y? Other than driving page 

2015-10-22: Safari Reading List With such an overwhelming amount of content to consume on the internet, we are now in a position 

2015-10-16: 3D Touching Into The Future In the Apple world, our first introduction to a screen with multiple depths of interaction was Force 

2015-10-12: What Podcasts Do You Listen To? October 2015 Edition. Podcasts are a huge part of my life. I listen to quite a few of them, and even 

2015-10-09: E.T. (i)Phone Home(screen) Homescreen layouts come and go, and this is mostly true for my iPhone. It generally stays pretty 

2015-10-08: Moving From Evernote To Apple Notes I am a big fan of what Apple’s Notes has transformed into with the latest release of OS X 10.11 and 

2015-09-19: Skip Forward & Backward (Gestures In iTunes) I have been using iTunes (on the Mac) and Podcasts (on the iPhone and iPad) to play my podcasts now 

2015-09-11: iCloud Time Machine With the announcement of new iCloud storage tiers this past Wednesday, it has got me thinking about 

2015-08-07: Apple's iOS Apps Utter the words “I use the stock apps on my iPhone” in a group of nerds and you will surely be 

2015-05-30: Apple Watch I ordered an Apple Watch at 12:01am on April 10, 2015. After receiving the watch, setting it up, and 

2015-05-25: Doing. Keeping track of everything that needs to be done is no easy job. Some people are able to (at least 

2015-04-16: The Six Plus A month or so back I decided to give the iPhone 6 Plus a second try. The first time I tried the 6 

2015-02-28: User.Space | BoostedBoard I had a pretty cool opportunity over the last 2 weeks to take a BoostedBoard for a test run! I 

2015-02-14: FREEkey System A key ring? Really? YES! We carry our keys all over the place, yet we still use the same free piece 

2015-02-03: Quality Coffee Stirring Do you need to stir your coffee and/or tea? This is not a super difficult problem to solve, but for 

2015-01-25: User.Space | Shapeways I have had my eye on 3D printing for a pretty long time, but it was only recently that I finally 

2015-01-04: Tiny But Mighty Trio I live digital, and I am sure many of you do as well. We do of course live in a very analog world 

2015-01-03: User.Space | Sony RX100 III Camera I love taking photos whenever I can, and that means a wide variety of scenes that could come up. If 

2015-01-01: Two Factors Are Better Than One Another year comes to a close, and that marks one more year full of hacks, exploits, and identity 

2014-12-29: 3D Printing: Blue Yeti Microphone Pop Filter Mount Bracket 3D Printing completely fascinates me! I haven’t done much 3D printing to date, but it sure is 

2014-12-27: User.Space | Remember Jailbreaking? iOS 8 / iPhone 6 Jailbreak Although I do like the tweaks I have installed a lot, I can’t imagine I 

2014-12-24: Taking A Step Back From Google I have been on this here internet for a good while. For the vast majority of that time, I have used 

2014-12-22: User.Space | Remotix VNC I have used a lot of VNC solutions over the years. I used them quite extensively when I was managing 

2014-12-21: My First Computer After having another birthday (32nd to be precise) and I sit here at an amazing Late 2013 27" 

2014-12-10: Year End Podcast Roundup! I definitely listen to my fair share of podcasts every week. It is one of the best ways to deal with 

2014-11-25: Where does my car phone go? Not only are cars sorely behind when it comes to technology integration, even tech device physical 

2014-11-23: iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus It’s no secret that I have upgraded to everyone iPhone to date. So, of course, the iPhone 6 update 

2014-11-20: User.Space | Sony A7 Camera Sony A7 Camera System — Used a Nikon camera system for 6 or 7 years. — Finally realized how many 

2014-11-05: User.Space | iPhone 6 & 6 Plus Talking iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in this episode. What has it been like to use both in the 

2014-10-19: How Do I Backup My Stuff? I have been a backup junky for quite a while. I have lost my fair share of data in the past due to 

2014-09-24: Multiple iOS Simulator Instances If you do any type of web development, more than likely you will need to check your code on various 

2014-07-19: Opinion: No More Carry On Bags Dear Travelers, Air travel sucks nowadays. This is not news to anyone, and it didn’t just start 

2014-07-10: Chromebook'd We first heard about the Chromebook when it was launched in the form of the Cr-48 by Google toward 

2014-06-07: I Thought I Was Done With Consoles. #PS4 “I am going to skip this generation of consoles and just game on the PC.” - Jason This 

2014-04-28: State of Mobile Apps. Please Trend This Way. It is no secret that the state of mobile application software has been trending into a dark and 

2014-02-09: Capturing Workflow. How I am most effective. I have been organized for quite some time when it comes to collecting information and then digging 

2014-01-21: Umbrellas I am growing concerned about the new age of what I am calling Tech Umbrellas: very large and very 

2013-12-25: Giving 1% Back I can do more. You can do more. We can all do more. As a town, a city, a country, a planet, a 

2013-12-24: MacBook Air to iPad Air After upgrading from my older Mac Pro to a crazy powerful new 27" iMac, it was time to look at 

2013-12-17: Dragnet. Do the right thing. The first time I heard the Dragnet radio show was when I was about 10 or 12 years old, and traveling 

2013-12-15: Surface Music Kit for Microsoft Surface: Transforming Tablets into Turntables Aside from the Surface 2 and the Surface Pro 2, another stunning device that Microsoft gloriously 

2013-11-01: Early 2009 Mac Pro. The Final Shutdown. Well I did it. I upgraded my “Early 2009 Mac Pro”! But wait, the new Mac Pro isn’t 

2013-09-27: iPhone TouchID I did indeed upgrade from the iPhone 5 to the iPhone 5s. I think there is definitely enough 

2013-09-23: #nanowrimo2013 Challenge: Write a novel…in a month!  This is the challenge set every year by an organization 

2013-07-11: From Gmail to Google Apps. #push I signed up for a gmail account quite some time ago, 2004 to be exact. I don’t really need to 

2013-06-14: Review: Apple Airport Extreme Recently I had yet another Wireless router start to fail on me. Granted it was a cheapo belkin. I 

2013-05-31: [wpvideo PlnaDDGs] View from my room.

2013-04-20: This will happen. Something will happen. Jason

2013-04-03: The Internet! (prop) You may or may not know about a show called “The IT Crowd”. If you do, then you already 

2013-03-14: Google Reader Google reader is being killed. There is backlash against Google around every corner of every blog, 

2013-01-25: Indie Board Games! “I have never made my own board game.” That is a sentence I can no longer say! In fact, 

2012-12-26: It's Sonos Good! Whole house audio = Sonos. End of story. It’s no secret that I love pretty much anything I can 

2012-12-23: Lions and Tigers and a TunnelBear, oh my! Do you use random open WiFi hotspots wherever you go? Please consider using a VPN! Open WiFi 

2012-12-13: Honey, I shrunk the iPad! [iPad mini] iPad, iPad 2, The New iPad, I’ve have them all. And, they have all been great devices. I have 

2012-11-24: FreedomPop 4G Hotspot. Free Cellular Data!? When I bought my iPad (3rd Generation), I got the 4G option. I thought it would be great to have 

2012-11-18: Windows Surface I used a Microsoft Surface today. Not the worst thing I have ever used. I can see having one running 

2012-10-23: OS X Dock. 2D or 3D? Dock23d.app Every time I get a new mac (which seems to be often), there are always the setup tasks and 

2012-10-14: D600-licious! (I bought a Nikon D600) Six or seven months ago, rumors began to pop up on various photo blogs concerning a new camera 

2012-10-13: It's Time For a Proper HTPC! (Post 2of3: The Build) After much planning and searching for the parts you saw in the last post, I have now now done a 

2012-08-12: iOS 6 Beta 1, 2, 3, 4 As I often do, I jumped right in head first when the iOS 6 beta hit the intertubes. After seeing all 

2012-08-01: Enyo or Eny(N)o? I have hit a fork in the road. A week or so back I decided to port a project of mine over to the 

2012-07-21: Photography Workflow Just wanted to document my photography workflow in case any one was interested. Everyone should 

2012-05-11: my.security - Identity Theft Vectors (Cell Phone SIMs) I am in no way claiming to be a security expert, but security has always been a huge interest of 

2012-02-25: The NEX(t) Big Thing I have to give Sony huge props for getting this camera right. I have never been a Sony brand fan, 

2012-02-19: iPhone Camera Accessory - olloclip It’s no secret that the iPhone has a really great camera in it. In fact, the latest iPhone, 

2012-01-16: Browser Testing A couple months back I decided to see what it was like to use various browsers. This was mostly to 

2012-01-01: Writing an iOS app! In June of 2010 I finished writing my first application for a mobile device! Actually, this was the 

2011-10-05: iOS App: CarTunes If you are the type of person that listens to your music on shuffle and likes to hit next a lot to 

2011-09-24: iOS Dev Tip - Getting Images Into iOS Simulator Photo Album Getting specific images into the iOS simulator photo album for testing. 1) Drag the image you want 

2011-07-27: Mac Resource Inspector - Apple Store I went to the Apple store the other day with Valerie to get her MacBook battery looked at. In years 

2011-07-26: The Best Computer I Have Ever Owned! January 29, 2008. Apple announced the MacBook Air. It was nothing short of amazing! Thin, light, and 

2011-07-12: I bet you won't cancel your Netflix. The Netflix backlash today is insane! I am still baffled as to what people are so upset about. The 

2011-07-02: It *would* be great....for $149. HP Touchpad. Well, I went to see it in person, and after trying very hard to keep my expectations very low, I was 

2011-06-19: Photo Apps: iOS Edition I have done this for various platforms, and now it’s time for an updated iOS edtion of what I 

2011-06-17: Battery Life: It's about damn time! Everyone’s universal complaint about smartphones? Battery life! It’s a sad but true fact 

2011-05-14: Samsung Charge (I have signal again!) *UPDATE* Phone = returned. Well after a brief 5 month stint on T-mobile, I have now left. According to them, they have 

2011-05-01: Quick Hands On: Blackberry Playbook We were in an Office Depot yesterday to drop off some packages to be mailed when I happened to see a 

2011-04-10: Olympus E-P2 vs. Panasonic GF1 As you may or may not know, I made the decision to switch from using dSLR cameras to the world of 

2011-03-31: Make your own CR-48! ChromeOS Netbook. Since Google decided to not send me a ChromeOS CR-48 notebook, I had to make my own!(I still REALLY 

2011-03-07: Rooting around in my Nexus S. Well, It finally happened. My Nexus S was working too perfectly, so I had to go ahead and root it 

2011-01-17: RAZER Naga Gaming Mouse Finding the right computer mouse is one of those seemingly never ending quests in a geeks life. I 

2011-01-01: Seagate Momentus XT Solid State Hybrid Drive I have a pretty new Unibody 15" Apple MacBook Pro. It came with 2GB of RAM and a 2.8GHz Core 2 

2010-12-26: Nexus Yes! It has been a rough year for me in the cell phone area. Throughout this year I was on three or four 

2010-12-05: Windows Phone 7: Photo Apps Pretty much anytime I get a new phone / mobile device that has a camera the first thing I do is 

2010-11-30: Twittering in Mexico! 10 months. 6500 tweets. Addicted. Yes. Ok, now that I have admitted it and it’s out in the 

2010-11-22: Giveaway! Various Laptop Hard Drives Hey everyone, it’s giveaway time! I would love to see these go to someone who actually needs 

2010-11-18: Windows Phone 7 It’s true! I got a new phone! (like that is a surprise) If you read the title of this post, 

2010-10-31: Concept Corner: Home Cache Server This device is intended for home use. It is especially useful for users with bandwidth caps on their 

2010-09-12: Our New 2011 MINI Cooper Clubman S! It finally happened! The new 2011 MINI Configurator is online and ready to do your bidding! Valerie 

2010-09-06: Forget Gear, Make Images. I have to start by saying I am just as guilty as anyone when it comes to this subject, but I have 

2010-08-31: What I want Eye-Fi to make next! I have been shooting with Eye-Fi cards pretty much since they were invented. Even after years of 

2010-08-23: My name is Jason, and I’m a WebOS developer! Background:Ever since I started using smartphones, I have always wanted to create applications for 

2010-08-21: Need a Bluetooth headset? Do you live in a state that requires a bluetooth headset while driving? Do you simply just need one 

2010-08-16: So many miles, so few days! Over the course of 11 days, we managed to motor over 4,000 miles!!!!! That was easily 4,000 of the 

2010-08-16: Hooray for speed(ing tickets)!!! Well, it happened. After traveling more than 2000 miles to Denver over 8 days with no tickets, we 

2010-08-13: Collateral Damage List! Below you will find a list of items that did not make it. They will be remembered. RIP. (1) Palm Pre 

2010-08-10: Miles Motored So Far..... 

2010-08-09: How To Clean Your Air Filter In Your Hotel Room. :) When on the road, you often have to improvise an [[post-media:109_gallery]] How To Clean Your Air Filter In Your Hotel Room. :) When on the road, you 

2010-07-30: The Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8G AF-S IF-ED VR has been reserved for the trip! Can’t wait to start po

2010-07-18: 10+ WebOS apps we really want! Google Voice - http://www.google.com/mobile/voice Mint - http://www.mint.com Remember The Milk - 

2010-07-11: It's almost time! August 6th is right around the corner! I hope everyone is getting excited and preparing for what is 

2010-07-05: A Point&Shoot for SLR photographers If you are a photographer that shoots with an SLR, you know why you prefer that to your typical 

2010-06-05: Do I need Facebook? Short answer: No Long Answer: No, I don’t. By now you have all heard of Facebook. You may use, 

2010-05-25: Mobile Phontography! (Jelly Lens) It’s time to get creative with the camera that is with you every second of the day. Your cell 

2010-05-23: Why are you not using WebOS? What smartphone do you use? Careful, some will judge you heavily based on your answer. The cell 

2010-05-02: April 2010: Ten Must Have WebOS Apps Evernote $Fr.ee A great mobile app to access your evernote.com account. RTFM Beta $Fr.ee Still in 

2010-04-29: Review: Eye-Fi Pro X2 8GB Wireless SDHC Card Up until recent years, memory cards for cameras were all about the same. Sure there were different 

2010-03-07: Drop the Book, Grab a Nook! Electronic Ink? Yes, the future is now! The idea of eReaders is not new, however the idea of 

2010-02-17: What sucks about Android. What sucks about Android.Well, to be honest, very little! I switched from using an iPhone to using 

2009-12-24: My Must Have Android Apps of 2009 (Keep in mind I have only been using Android since Nov 6) Handcent SMS - A frontend for SMS/MMS. 

2009-12-23: Toothbrush Review? Yes! Oral-B Triumph with SmartGuide I know it is kind of weird for me to talk about a toothbrush here, but I love this thing! I have 

2009-10-26: Quick Photo Gear Review: Lowepro Computrekker AW Camera/Laptop Backpack I will admit right off the bat that I have a photo and laptop bag obsession. There, now that’s 

2009-10-11: Sprint's HTC "Hero" 30 second Review Well the HTC Hero has finally made it stateside..kinda. Instead of thenext gen looking Hero, we got 

2009-10-06: Quick Lens Review: Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 24-70mm f/2.8G ED I recently went on a photo shoot with a friend of mine to the abandoned town of Drawbridge, CA. I 

2009-09-29: Quick Review: Nikon D90 DSLR. The Nikon D40 was my very first dSLR camera. A fantastic leap from the point-and-shoot side of the 

2009-09-06: The SquareSpace Effect I listen to a ton of podcasts, watch a lot of video podcasts, and have moved all of my TV watching 

2009-08-28: Lamborghini & Bugatti. Simply Amazing. Lamborghini Reventón and Bugatti Veyron. Two cars I never thought I would see in person. Well, 

2009-07-29: Weekly Photopost - Tower Hotel This weeks photopost comes to you thanks to a new software package that I have fallen in love with! 

2009-07-20: Worldwide Photowalk. San Jose, CA . July 18,2009 This past saturday was the Second Annual Worldwide Photowalk! I had an absolute blast going out with 

2009-07-07: Goodbye AT&T Voicemail, Hello Google Voicemail! I have been using Google Voice for a couple days, and I think it is time to step it up! I have been 

2009-07-02: I got invited! (to Google Voice) Today was the day I was finally invited to Google Voice! This might have had something to do with my 

2009-06-19: Photography in (M)anual mode! The Carl Zeiss Distagon 2/35 ZF lens I have been using a new lens for the past couple weeks! The Carl Zeiss Distagon 2/35 ZF. This lens 

2009-05-11: iPhone Safari: It's like having 74.6% of the web in your pocket! Much like when you get burned by your friend with the Moto Razr when they send you an MMS and then 

2009-04-26: Photopost Weekly - Macro Xserve RAID Array It has often been said that Apple hardware is a thing of beauty, and I have to agree. Just look at 

2009-04-14: Photopost Weekly - Whale Breaking The Surface This week’s photo comes from our Mexico trip as well. This was from the day we went out to 

2009-04-14: iPhone Skype app: a secret information gathering alliance? Time to get all conspiracy theory on you! This may be way out in left field, but I am just shooting 

2009-04-06: Concept Corner: Yellow Tail Lights? To continue with the “Concept Corner” series, this week we have a short write up about 

2009-04-03: Review: Jetbook eBook Reader With the recent launch of the Amazon Kindle 2, the eBook reader market is a hot topic once again. I 

2009-03-30: Photopost Weekly - Mexican Sunrise Photography is really starting to become a passion of mine in my life, and because of this I am 

2009-03-14: Home Theater Mac Mini Processor Upgrade A little background: We used an AppleTV for a while in the living room to serve all of our media. 

2009-01-31: Quick Review: Belkin Slim Backpack Are you the kind of person that is obsessed with finding the perfect computer bag? Are you still 

2009-01-29: International Cell Phone Network (cell min vs. unit) It is 2009, and time to fix the problem of cell phone companies. It most likely needs no 

2008-12-14: Top 20 Mac OS X apps/utilities (and why) The other day I had one of those moments where I realized why I switched to Mac and why I love the 

2008-11-30: Concept Corner: Singularity This is the first in what will most likely be an ongoing section on the blog. Concept Corner: short 

2008-11-30: 1,017.7 Miles, 2.5 Days, 127% Fun It’s Friday August 1st, 2008. Day 1 of MINI Takes The States 2008! The day started with waking 

2008-11-30: California Academy of Science visit. 11/01/08 It has been about a month or so since it opened I believe, and my girlfriend and I have been wanting 

2008-11-30: Mini Takes The States 2008! It’s Friday August 1st, 2008. Day 1 of MINI Takes The States 2008! The day started with waking 

2008-10-27: Electronics Project #1 Recently I have been feeling the need to build something tactile. I create and work on projects 

2008-10-01: iTunes 8 + iPhone 2.1 = Getting There I have had an iPhone since version 1.0, and although the iPhone is great, it has been a rough road. 

2008-09-17: The Fiat 500 Test Drive. So my girlfriend and I got invites to a research study about “small cars” a couple weeks 

2008-09-14: FlexPlay "No Return DVD" So we are walking toward the checkout at the local Staples, and out of the corner of my eye, I see 

2008-09-11: Quick Review: Bose in-ear Headphones Let me start by saying, I have been trying to find a set of headphones I like, for probably about 5 

2008-08-31: Quick Xbox 360 Game Review: Unreal Tournament III Another installment of Unreal! Totally rad, right!? Well kinda. The game was pretty good, but the 

2008-08-26: My iPhone is mine! Well I finally broke down and did it.. My iPhone 3G is hacked, well Jailbroken to be more specific. 

2008-08-21: iPhone 3G (ya ya i know) Well, I waited a while to do this post because I really don’t feel you can write a good review 

2008-07-22: iPhone 2.0: Customized So the iPhone 3G came out, the 2.0 firmware was released to all iPhone 1.0 users, we are all happy 

2008-07-18: Quick iPhone App Review: Truphone So, as you may or may not know, I have just zero cell phone signal in my house. Since this is my 

2008-07-16: Apple's Mobile Me Day 1: The Mobile Me switch over didn’t happen quite as smoothly as every would have hoped. 

2008-07-11: zBoost Dual Band YX510 PCS/CEL Recently my girlfriend and I moved to a new house. Everything in the new house is perfect, except 

2008-07-10: iPhone. Round 2.0 So the iPhone 3G comes out tomorrow, but since the 2.0 firmware was let out a little bit early 

2008-07-08: MacBook Air: a few months later Well It has been a couple months of constant use, and the hype is all gone over the MacBook Air, so 

2008-07-07: 2 weeks after jumping the Yahoo! ship So 2 weeks ago, my girlfriend tells me she is deleting all accounts that have anything to do with 

2008-06-29: Google AdSense So you may have noticed some little ads that have popped up on this page as well as HEARTaMINI.com. 

2008-06-28: Quick Movie Review: Get Smart After watching this movie, I really think there are two ways to review the Movie. 1. From the point 

2008-06-27: Quick Software Review: StarPlayr2 If you don’t have Sirius Satellite Radio you can probably stop reading right 

2008-06-25: Anxiously Awaiting MTTS 2008 We are getting very close to the 30 day countdown to MINI Takes The States 2008 - LA! Words cannot 

2008-06-25: What to do with my old iPhone So my iPhone (version 1) has been hacked for a while now running firmware version 1.1.4, and now of 

2008-06-23: Sierra Wireless AirCard 881U The need for internet on the go.Since city-wide WiFi seems to piss off the state gov’s and we 

2008-04-01: ASUS Eee PC The Eee PC or “Tiny Computer” as we like to call it, has been in use now for a couple 

2008-03-03: Callpod Dragon Bluetooth Headset Next Bluetooth headset that is up to bat…..The Callpod Dragon. This headset was found on 

2008-01-29: Oh ya.....they updated the iPhone. 1.1.3 yes it has been like 2 weeks since the 1.1.3 iPhone update. I didn’t write about it till now 

2007-12-29: 2007: Year In Review The year 2007 is now over and I wanted to sum up the best of the best in different categories. 

2007-11-21: VUDU A little background first:I signed up for the Beta test of the VUDU box LONG ago, but never got in. 

2007-11-20: Wii Quick Game Review: Super Mario Galaxy My faith in the Wii has been restored!!!My Xbox 360 has held my attention away from my Wii for quite 

2007-11-16: Mac OS X 10.5.1 Update That sure came a lot sooner than I thought. OS X 10.5.1 has been released. At this rate we are going 

2007-11-01: Garmin Nuvi 200w GPS Receiver As I said below my Pioneer AVIC-N2 died on me, so I took this opportunity to upgrade because I 

2007-11-01: Alpine iDA-X001 Digital Media Receiver I recently had my Pioneer AVIC-N2 Nav Unit in my car die on me. The LCD ribbon cable broke, this was 

2007-10-31: Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard Purchase Status: PurchasedInstall Status: Installed on 1 machine (macbook)Update Type: Fresh 

2007-10-22: Griffin Evolve Speaker System Could this be the speaker solution I have been looking for???Waiting to get a set and find out.

2007-10-17: Blackberry Pearl (8100) [red] haha, what do you know, I am using a blackberry again! Who would of though :) The reason for this 

2007-10-13: Xbox 360 Quick Game Review: The Orange Box Let me start by saying this is by far the greatest value of any Xbox 360 game. You are getting 5 

2007-09-26: Amazon's new MP3 store Amazon recently launched yet another MP3 music store. Normally I wouldn’t care about another 

2007-09-25: Game of the year: Bioshock or Halo3? So I heard an interview today and one of the subjects was “Game of the year.” The two 

2007-09-12: Nokia N75 I received my Nokia N75 in the mail today, which takes over the role of the Blackberry 8700c in the 

2007-08-29: Nokia 8800 so I tried out the Nokia 8800 for a week or so and overall it was at best, ok. The phone is very 

2007-08-22: iPhone update #2 Well the second update for the iPhone came and went. Version 1.0.2, which seems to be even less 

2007-08-17: Updated MINI Photo Gallery! I added some pictures to the MINI photo gallery from Mt. Diablo.

2007-08-08: Review: BlueAnt Supertooth light I picked up a BlueAnt SuperTooth Light bluetooth speakerphone the other day. I am now on day 3 of 

2007-08-01: First iPhone update Just a quick note. Although the first official iPhone update “1.0.1” is a little 

2007-07-16: iPhone YES THE iPhone STILL ROCKS

2007-07-01: iGot iPhone I only had to wait in line for about 4 hours, to get my iPhone. Not too bad really all things 

2007-06-27: iPhone Review!!! (not yet, but soon) [This will be my iPhone review on friday] :)

2007-06-27: Xbox 360 Quick Game Review: Crackdown I own this game as well, I was turned on to it by a friend. I love it now, I’m hooked. You are 

2007-06-20: No I don't hate the wii now Just because I have the 360 now also and seem to be bashing the wii….I’m not. I love 

2007-06-20: Xbox 360 Quick Game Review: Need For Speed Carbon I had already played this game on the wii and was very disappointed. I now know I have to blame the 

2007-06-20: Xbox 360 (4 hours of use review) I don’t know why…well I do….but still. I now have an Xbox 360. The reason??? 

2007-06-05: Wii Game Quick Review: Kororinpa: Marble Mania I wasn’t too sure about this game, I don’t think I would buy it for $49.99, but I got it 

2007-06-05: Wii Game Quick Review: Bust-A-Move Bash! Bust-a-move has always been a great puzzle type game. This one is no different, and it adds the 

2007-06-05: Samsung Blackjack Well I have yet another new Cell Phone. The Samsung Blackjack. No real reason for the change, just 

2007-05-01: My New Digital SLR Camera Well I finally bought a DSLR camera. To be more specific I bought a Nikon D40. This is my entry into 

2007-02-21: LG-42" LCD HDTV - 42LB1DR This TV is amazing! The picture quality is awesome, the TV itself looks beautiful as well. The deal 

2007-01-13: Contour Design iPod Case Well after having my 30gb iPod w/ video stolen I waited some time before getting a new iPod since I 

2007-01-13: Logitech Harmony 670 Today we have the Logitech Harmony 670 Universal remote control. After setting up up all my 

2007-01-02: Wii Game Quick Review: Elebits This game is true Nintendo title. Excellent use of the Wiimote. The gameplay is fun but can get a 

2007-01-02: Wii Game Quick Review: RedSteel Overall the game is ok. It makes pretty good use of the Wiimote. The story is somewhat basic and not 

2007-01-01: MacWorld '07 I will be at MacWorld on Jan 9! Cya there. Apple Cell phone please!

2007-01-01: Happy New Year! And with that, 2006 is over. A lot of good times and a lot of great gadgets. I can’t wait to 

2006-12-01: The New Treo Once again…the cell phone changes. This is cell phone number…..well actually I have 

2006-11-29: The Wii!!!!!!!!!! Well it has been 11 days since I got my Wii, and I have to say it is still THE BEST!I bought 2 

2006-11-06: New Mac Well after having my tricked out PowerBook G4 stolen, I was forced to get a new mac. Well I have a 

2006-09-16: Bluetooth Mighty Mouse I finally broke down and paid the $70 for a Bluetooth Mighty Mouse for my PowerBook. After all the 

2006-09-14: www.Google.com/ig Tabs! I just noticed today that on my Google IG Homepage I now have the ability to have tabs! Pretty cool 

2006-08-30: Blackberry Project complete As some of you may or may not know my current cell phone (for this week) is the Blackberry 8700c.