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2022-09-28: Another month, another @HemisphericViews bonus One Prime Plus episode! 🚀 🛡️

2022-09-28: Another month, another @HemisphericViews bonus One Prime Plus episode! 🚀 🛡️

2022-09-28: Congrats to @hollyhoneychurch on episide 100 of Late Night Harp! 😃

2022-09-28: Another great @monday episode. Thanks @Ericmwalk and @Jean~ 😃

2022-09-28: Great @Monday episode @aa @Jean! 😃

2022-09-27: I was very surprised. Then looked at reviews. People are reviewing their favorite podcast. Not the …

2022-09-27: The moment I realized I don’t actually care about daily notes that live forever.. 🤔

2022-09-26: Finished reading: Pixels of You by Ananth Hirsh 📚

2022-09-26: Dynamic Island is wonderful 🥰

2022-09-25: The internet narrative of “why did you buy an Apple Watch Ultra, you aren’t extreme” is odd to me. …

2022-09-25: Day 2.

2022-09-24: Tot on Apple Watch would be handy!

2022-09-23: Top Tip(?) Add micro.blog/posts/discover to your RSS reader 👍

2022-09-22: Started Watching: She Hulk

2022-09-18: Number of times I have used MagSafe on the 14" MacBook Pro: Zero 🤷‍♂️

2022-09-18: So much wasted effort on the internet telling other people they shouldn’t like what they like …

2022-09-18: Put some time into organizing my Raindrop bookmarks finally! ğŸŽ‰ 😃 Broken links removed ✅ Unsorted …

2022-09-15: Does anyone have user experience with either of these? Bose - Smart Soundbar 900 Sonos - Arc …

2022-09-14: Oh, well, here is something I didn’t know. Along with audio files, you can drop video files …

2022-09-14: Current state of my Task Lists as I burn them to the ground for “The Great Rebuilding of …

2022-09-13: Ignoring the internet until I can get a chance to watch the Nintendo Direct!

2022-09-12: A cat Yakuza in a neon Tokyo alley

2022-09-11: Looking at a stamp catalog on a Sunday afternoon. What kind of wild shit are you all getting into!?

2022-09-11: Things are always changing and evolving in the world of computing and apps for me and for many …

2022-09-11: Camera shutter sound for a screenshot on iOS continues to be a terrible idea. Try taking a …

2022-09-10: Movie Night ğŸŽ¥ 🍿 Thor: Love and Thunder

2022-09-10: Someone explaining Shortcuts always seems to go from “WYSIWYG” to “house of cards …

2022-09-10: Looks like we’re doing wildfires again this year. 😔 🔥

2022-09-09: Sick. Day 2. What the hell is this? 🦠

2022-09-08: Episode 066 of @HemisphericViews has 🚀 Who even know what’s going on here!? ğŸŽ™ï¸ Is this video …

2022-09-08: Every time I use my 14" MacBook Pro I am shocked at the speakers! 🔊

2022-09-08: I friggin love that Mastodon let’s you use .gifs for profile photos 😃

2022-09-08: Splatoon 3 tomorrow! ğŸŽ®

2022-09-08: I don’t even recall the last time I took a sick day. Partially due to the fact that I never felt …

2022-09-07: Episode 066 of @HemisphericViews ✅ Record ✅ Edit ✅ Show Notes ✅ Schedule for Release

2022-09-07: I have been using this Mimestream app for work Email and it’s been a very nice experience!

2022-09-07: Stuff usually isn’t available to order day one. Glad I checked! Apple Watch Ultra arrives Sept 23 …

2022-09-06: When your _short url_ is longer than the destination url. 🤣

2022-09-06: There are two accounts that I have wanted to change my username from burk to jason. omg.lol is now …

2022-09-06: Got my Elephant App all sorted finally. 🐘 ğŸŽ‰ @jason@social.lol

2022-09-06: New brass puzzle in the collection is proving to be, well, puzzling! 😃

2022-09-06: jason@omg.lol secured until 2033! success_kid.gif

2022-09-05: 🌯 It’s a good day. 😃 👍

2022-09-02: I am really looking forward to USB Type C Version 4 1.2a V2b Warp+

2022-09-02: Congrats to the @HemisphericViews Arcadia June 2022 Winners! Yep, it’s September now! (Thanks …

2022-09-01: Congrats to the @HemisphericViews Arcadia June 2022 Winners! Yep, it’s September now! (Thanks …

2022-08-28: 📍 Tacovore, Portland shhh 🤫 don’t tell anyone 😉

2022-08-26: The Discord that came out of @HemisphericViews continues to be at the top of the list of favorite …

2022-08-21: 📍 Bang Bang Pdx, Portland

2022-08-21: 🥒

2022-08-14: One of my new favorite sets in my DALL E Experiments 🐱 💻 A cat wearing a hoodie while hacking into …

2022-08-13: Cataloging all my weird DALL·E art(?) 📷

2022-08-13: New Restaurant Saturday™ 📍 Nong’s Khao Man Gai, Portland

2022-08-11: a three person podcast called @HemisphericViews with two hosts in Australia and one host in the …

2022-08-09: 🌹 💧

2022-08-07: After using the 6th gen iPad mini for so long (my ideal iPad) picking up the 13” iPad feels comical! …

2022-08-07: Finished playing Stray! 🐱 ğŸŽ®

2022-08-06: Cat. 📷 burk.photos

2022-08-06: 📍 Tacovore, Portland

2022-08-04: After the truck incident taking out our fiber. Operation Backup Internet has been been implemented! …

2022-07-31: Oceanhorn 2 ğŸŽ® fin

2022-07-31: No idea what has taken hold of me this week/weekend (sick..) On the plus side I have made it to the …

2022-07-30: 100 Degrees Fahrenheit. Cool.

2022-07-30: Puzzle time 🧩

2022-07-29: Finished reading: Spy x Family, Vol. 1 by Tatsuya Endo 📚


2022-07-24: Our internet dilemma is still annoying and going to be a pain in the ass for work this week.. 😔 …

2022-07-24: Our internet dilemma is still annoying and going to be a pain in the ass for work this week.. 😔 …

2022-07-22: Finished reading: Otaku Elf Vol. 3 by Akihiko Higuchi 📚

2022-07-22: Finished reading: Komi Can’t Communicate, Vol. 2 by Tomohito Oda 📚

2022-07-22: A truck that has no business being on this residential street just took out our fiber line. 😭 😡🤬

2022-07-21: What do you do when you get dry ice in the mail? Make spooky cocktails!

2022-07-19: I think we knew it was coming, it was just when.. 😢 🐻

2022-07-16: Movie Night 🍿 ğŸŽ¥ Everything Everywhere All at Once

2022-07-15: ⭐️ 🌸

2022-07-13: Go buy Planets by @hollyhoneychurch. Now! ğŸŽµ 🔗

2022-07-13: Found a wonderful little path close to home. Great place to clear the mind. 🚶‍♂️

2022-07-11: It’s July! You know what that means! It’s time for the monthly Hemispheric News for One …

2022-07-08: 4-6 📷

2022-07-05: Commence Sushi Tuesday 🍣 🍶

2022-06-29: It’s wild to think that 15 years ago today I was waiting in a ~4-hour line to pay Cingular Wireless …

2022-06-27: One Prime Plus Episode 025 ğŸŽ™ ğŸŽ‰ ⬇️ ğŸŽ‰ 👋 @HemisphericViews

2022-06-24: Spoiler for all those playing Wordle in the United States today. 🤬

2022-06-24: Becoming the very evil you purport to fight against. Our future history book…

2022-06-24: It’s not even a slippery slope anymore. Full-on foundations are being ripped out from …

2022-06-23: x

2022-06-20: It has infected gardening.

2022-06-20: 📍 Kainos Coffee

2022-06-19: Movie Night: The Hitman’s Bodyguard 🍿 ğŸŽ¥

2022-06-18: To go with my Steam Bun Shop! 🧱 ☕️

2022-06-11: 📍 Ramen Ryoma 🍜

2022-06-06: My only “prediction” for WWDC @HemisphericViews will be Sherlocked.

2022-06-04: Another @HemisphericViews One Prime Plus Dot Com successful event! ğŸŽ™ï¸ Currently, we’re going …

2022-06-03: Woohoo! Arcadia June is back in 2022 and we can’t wait to receive your high scores on Discord! …

2022-06-02: Making good progress! 🧱

2022-05-31: 📷 May Photoblogging: Day 31 Prompt: Endurance Full Resolution Set: flickr

2022-05-30: It’s wild how far we have come in tech. Now cars fit into the category of vaporware! 🤯 🚙

2022-05-30: Finished reading: Otaku Elf Vol. 2 by Akihiko Higuchi 📚

2022-05-30: 📷 May Photoblogging: Day 30 Prompt: Fish Full Resolution Set: flickr

2022-05-29: 📷 May Photoblogging: Day 29 Prompt: Stripes Full Resolution Set: flickr

2022-05-29: Oh you know, nothing much, just.. PIZZA SUNDAY!!!!! ğŸ•ğŸŽ‰

2022-05-28: 📷 May Photoblogging: Day 28 Prompt: Fair Full Resolution Set: flickr

2022-05-27: 📷 May Photoblogging: Day 27 Prompt: Written Full Resolution Set: flickr

2022-05-26: TextExpander Expansion with Stream Deck burk.io ⚡️

2022-05-26: This one was in the running but didn’t make the cut for today’s challenge. 📷

2022-05-26: 📷 May Photoblogging: Day 26 Prompt: Schedule Full Resolution Set: flickr

2022-05-26: Oh!? Where did that come from? 😉 ⌨️

2022-05-26: TextExpander Expansion with Stream Deck burk.io ⚡️

2022-05-25: 📷 May Photoblogging: Day 25 Prompt: Mountain Full Resolution Set: flickr

2022-05-25: There are at least 3 other podcasts I would do if I didn’t have to edit them. 😬 ğŸŽ™ï¸

2022-05-24: 📷 May Photoblogging: Day 24 Prompt: Intricate Full Resolution Set: flickr

2022-05-24: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I dropped my FunOrangePen™ and the tip hit the floor. It doesn’t roll nicely …

2022-05-24: Is the photo challenge ending on the 31st this time? Or will it have bonus days as well? @jean …

2022-05-24: How bad is it? I was writing a post about an incident that was mere days ago, and another one has …

2022-05-24: Gun Violence in the United States Thoughts and Prayers 👍👍 Investigations into Social Media Platforms …

2022-05-23: 📷 May Photoblogging: Day 23 Prompt: Plain Full Resolution Set: flickr

2022-05-23: Wow, it’s not very often that something takes over the iPhone on apple.com 🦖

2022-05-22: 📷 May Photoblogging: Day 22 Prompt: Textile Full Resolution Set: flickr

2022-05-22: Today is the end of my streak..

2022-05-21: 📷 May Photoblogging: Day 21 Prompt: Symmetry Full Resolution Set: flickr

2022-05-21: Happy Birthday @_annie!! 🥳

2022-05-20: Little late on the upload today but got it in under the wire! 😃

2022-05-20: 📷 May Photoblogging: Day 20 Prompt: Beverage Full Resolution Set: flickr

2022-05-20: Finished reading: Robo Sapiens: Tales of Tomorrow by Toranosuke Shimada 📚

2022-05-19: 📷 May Photoblogging: Day 19 Prompt: Indulgence Full Resolution Set: flickr

2022-05-19: Really digging these as a crunchy snack! 👍

2022-05-19: Wait, it’s “every other Thursday” again!? ğŸŽ™ï¸ Listen to Hemispheric Views Episode …

2022-05-18: 📷 May Photoblogging: Day 18 Prompt: Random Full Resolution Set: flickr

2022-05-18: A Few Little Mail Features burk.io 📧

2022-05-17: 📷 May Photoblogging: Day 17 Prompt: Hold Full Resolution Set: flickr

2022-05-17: Forgot to update the /setup page for a couple months. 😬 ✅

2022-05-17: PSA: If you have a photo on your wall and the glare on the glass is killing you. This is what you …

2022-05-16: 📷 May Photoblogging: Day 16 Prompt: Time Full Resolution Set: flickr

2022-05-16: 15.5 📲

2022-05-15: 📷 May Photoblogging: Day 15 Prompt: Clouds Full Resolution Set: flickr

2022-05-15: Need to file a bug with @manton 😉 📲

2022-05-15: Sunday update on the 1000 Words Project 📷 Total words collected so far: 102!

2022-05-14: It’s “tremendously bad” because you all were hoping to get it shoved through as …

2022-05-14: 📷 May Photoblogging: Day 14 Prompt: Fence Full Resolution Set: flickr

2022-05-13: 📷 May Photoblogging: Day 13 Prompt: Community Full Resolution Set: flickr

2022-05-13: Drafts Workspaces burk.io 📥

2022-05-12: Finished reading: Delicious in Dungeon Vol. 1 by Ryoko Kui 📚

2022-05-12: 📷 May Photoblogging: Day 12 Prompt: Tranquility Full Resolution Set: flickr

2022-05-12: Major rework of my Drafts workspaces! Fine-tuning now, but overall much more sane.

2022-05-11: 📷 May Photoblogging: Day 11 Prompt: Maroon Full Resolution Set: flickr

2022-05-10: 📷 May Photoblogging: Day 10 Prompt: Pot Full Resolution Set: flickr

2022-05-09: I keep hearing “1Password 8 is pretty good”. I think it’s friggin great! 🔐 😃

2022-05-09: 📷 May Photoblogging: Day 9 Prompt: Bloom Full Resolution Set: flickr

2022-05-08: 📷 May Photoblogging: Day 8 Prompt: Union Full Resolution Set: flickr

2022-05-07: 📷 May Photoblogging: Day 7 Prompt: Park Full Resolution Set: flickr

2022-05-06: Pizza and Batman night! ğŸŽ¥ 🍕 🦇

2022-05-06: It’s Friday night, time to change up some wiring!

2022-05-06: 📷 May Photoblogging: Day 6 Prompt: Silhouette Full Resolution Set: flickr

2022-05-06: Remember when everyone was mad about Twitter for an hour?

2022-05-05: 📷 May Photoblogging: Day 5 Prompt: Earth Full Resolution Set: flickr

2022-05-05: Hooray! Another Thursday/Friday, another @HemisphericViews! ğŸŽ™ï¸ Episode 057 — The Dustbin of History! …

2022-05-04: 📷 May Photoblogging: Day 4 Prompt: Thorny Full Resolution Set: flickr

2022-05-03: 📷 May Photoblogging: Day 3 Prompt: Experimental Full Resolution Set: flickr

2022-05-03: I thought the prompt yesterday (photo) was going to be a stumper. Turns out, I am having a harder …

2022-05-03: Every time a new “book about inside Apple” comes out it reminds me of the common saying …

2022-05-03: Some people want to die on a hill so badly they will settle for a small pile of salt..

2022-05-03: ooooooo I can stream the Playdate! ğŸŽ® AND control it from the computer side via keyboard or …

2022-05-02: Yahooooo!! 💛 😀 ğŸŽ®

2022-05-02: 📷 May Photoblogging: Day 2 Prompt: Photo Full Resolution Set: flickr

2022-05-01: 📷 May Photoblogging: Day 1 Prompt: Switch Full Resolution Set: flickr

2022-05-01: It’s May Photoblogging Challege time! The shared calendar is updated to include the current …

2022-05-01: It’s May Photoblogging Challege time! The shared calendar is updated to include the current …


2022-04-30: Welcome to Night Vale!

2022-04-30: I finally crossed 10% on the 1000 Words Project! 📷

2022-04-30: New pickup for the Pocket! ğŸ’›ğŸŽ®

2022-04-29: Dance Achievement Unlocked 🕺

2022-04-28: Finished reading: Komi Can’t Communicate, Vol. 1 by Tomohito Oda 📚


2022-04-28: In Portland, OR? Come to the meetup tomorrow! 😀👍 @jean has all the details!

2022-04-28: 🌲🚘🌲 📷 ➡️Check it out on flickr ➡️Check it out on glass ➡️Check it out on burk.photos

2022-04-27: Imagine being that comfortable. 🐱

2022-04-27: Finished reading: Otaku Elf Vol. 1 by Akihiko Higuchi 📚


2022-04-26: 2 months at the new job already!? WOW! 😃 🧡 ⌨️💨

2022-04-26: Selling an expensive camera online. Dreading the experience..

2022-04-26: Tickets purchased for the Portland Retro Gaming Expo 2022! ğŸŽ‰ 🕹 👾 😃

2022-04-24: I got two new fun books today! 📚

2022-04-24: We have @alcedine’s mom visiting and she loves books and has never been to Portland. Bet you can’t …


2022-04-23: Sweet find of the week!

2022-04-21: 💚

2022-04-21: As of April 21, 2022, Apple has discontinued macOS Server Bye Bye! Going to Infinite Loop to do the …

2022-04-20: New artwork for my office! 😀

2022-04-20: Wait! @RogueAmoeba mentioned @HemisphericViews on the twitters!? WOW! 😃 ğŸŽ™ï¸

2022-04-19: The bottled water game sure has changed.. ☠️

2022-04-16: Diagnosing a contacts sync issue. Fun? Not Fun? You decide. Also, how did I time travel back to …

2022-04-14: 💜

2022-04-14: 🛑

2022-04-14: Every so often you come across a physical object that has a very satisfying knob, button, switch, …

2022-04-13: Dentist Appointment Day 🦷 🪥 ✅

2022-04-12: ğŸŽ‰ Yay! The A7 IV has arrived 📷😀

2022-04-11: WOOOOHOOOOO! @HemisphericViews Ep. 054! ğŸŽ™ï¸ We discuss the importance of high-vis attire in Andrew’s …

2022-04-10: Yesterday’s @HemisphericViews live event was so fun! Thanks everyone! 📦 😃

2022-04-08: New socks!! ❤️ 🧦

2022-04-08: First grape leaf of the year! 🍇

2022-04-08: ahh ok, now I know why the FedEx number I added this morning seemed “broken"📦 This is a …

2022-04-07: Happy National Beer Day! 😉

2022-04-04: Calling an arborist about our big tree. We’re concerned it might be sick. 🌳😥

2022-04-03: Pulled into the garage yesterday and the odometer read 69999! Needed one extra small detour …

2022-04-02: Great garden day! Went to the Portland Nursery and got a nice selection of plants and spent 4-5 …

2022-04-01: Happy Birthday Kiwi! 14 years old! 🥝 🐱❤️🥳

2022-03-30: One Prime Plus episode 022 is out now! Get all your One Prime Plus needs fulfilled at One Prime Plus …

2022-03-30: Pink. 📷

2022-03-30: I am now getting dynamically inserted Podcast ads for Nicotine products. Podcasters, stop this …

2022-03-29: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Sequel Pushed to Spring 2023 ğŸŽ® …

2022-03-29: Happiest of Happy Birthdays to @alcedine! 😀 🥳 ğŸŽ‚ ğŸŽ‰ ❤️

2022-03-27: Beef Stew night!!! Yum!! 🥘

2022-03-26: I ignored one too many emails. They are texting me now 😂

2022-03-26: Home Network Infrastructure Update Day™ was yesterday and it went super smooth! ğŸŽ‰ 😀

2022-03-25: “Happy Friday” indeed! 😀 🍵 🥑

2022-03-24: Yum!

2022-03-23: Do you sweat the detials? Is QA your thing? Come check us out, we’re looking for some great QA …

2022-03-22: 🚀 😃 TextExpander 7.2 is ready to go! Get your update today! ⌨️💨

2022-03-22: Looking up. Not too bad! 😀

2022-03-22: This game is not how I remember it.. 🤣

2022-03-20: I may be a slight bit biased, but I think @HemisphericViews Announced Trivia Corner was a hit! ğŸŽ‰ A …

2022-03-19: Movie Night: Spider-Man 🍿

2022-03-17: How well do you really know the back of your hand..?

2022-03-16: If anyone was looking to get into the wonderful text/code editor Nova, now’s a great time! 50% off …

2022-03-15: Given my new job and tools that I use, I might be switching task managers! 😱🤪

2022-03-15: 😂 @vincent

2022-03-14: New shirt!! 👕 🧛‍♂️

2022-03-13: Always check for square. 🪵

2022-03-12: Hot and Cold. 📷 burk.photos

2022-03-12: Is it Severance release day yet!? 📺 😱

2022-03-12: Cookie decided it was Tim for us to solve this puzzle again. 🧩 🐱

2022-03-11: What an awesome first day of Micro Camp! Thanks to everyone who joined in today via presentations, …

2022-03-11: Live panel over at Micro.camp talking about Themes and Plugins 👍

2022-03-11: Happy Birthday @Maique! 🥳

2022-03-11: Hi everyone! Interested in some camping today!? 🏕 Live Stream coming up! …

2022-03-09: Goooooooooooooooood Morning Micro Campers! We are getting soooooo close! 🏕 I got something in the …

2022-03-08: Sticker Party! {dancing_banana.gif}

2022-03-07: Awesome!! 🧛‍♂️

2022-03-07: Good morning! 🥑 ğŸž ☕️ 😀

2022-03-05: New hoodie! It’s SOOOOOO friggin comfortable! I never want to take it off! 😀 Disclaimer: this was a …

2022-03-05: As I have said for the last 2 years.. 😷 I wonder if @alcedine and I will be able to go back to Japan …

2022-03-05: Micro.camp is coming up quick! Get ready! 🏕

2022-03-02: Today’s snacks selection includes: Cave aged cheese (whatever that means) 🧀 Blueberries 🫐 …

2022-03-01: If you are using 1Password version 8 on the mac and were sad to see the ability to hold option and …

2022-02-28: Thanks so much to everyone for the well wishes!! ğŸ˜€â¤ï¸ğŸŽ‰

2022-02-28: Playdate SDK ğŸŽ® 😀

2022-02-28: Big news! I am starting a new work path! 😱 As of today, I am now the Product Manager for the …

2022-02-27: There is a Snek under my desk now! (on purpose) 🐍

2022-02-26: Margaritas.

2022-02-25: Movie Night: Gunpowder Milkshake ğŸŽ¥ 🍿

2022-02-25: Nice new visual refresh to the Drafts UI @Agiletortoise! 😀👍

2022-02-20: Definitely my favorite AirTag holder!

2022-02-18: 💻 📷

2022-02-18: New one to try! ☕️ (Definitely got me with the label design!)

2022-02-14: We needed a few more hangers at home. Apparently I ordered 216 of them. I think we are good for a …

2022-02-13: Ask the community™️ Does anyone have a Peloton Tread? Thoughts if you do?

2022-02-13: colors.

2022-02-13: Our adopted outside baby. His name is Peanut (also; Mr. P) 🐱

2022-02-13: “Winter”

2022-02-13: Coffee stop! ☕️

2022-02-12: What a wild couple of weeks it has been! News soon I hope! 😉

2022-02-12: Why have a blog post when you could have a messily laid out and unfindable twitter thread!!

2022-02-11: I don’t usually put skins on things but this was a neat one. ğŸŽ® 👍

2022-02-11: The @HemisphericViews February Issue of the One Prime Plus newsletter is out! Hemispheric News A new …

2022-02-11: ğŸŽ®

2022-02-10: Finished reading: Dragnet: The Case of the Courteous Killer by Richard Deming 📚

2022-02-08: Silicon Valley: “Let’s decentralize everything! BREAK STUFF!” Workers: …

2022-02-08: Creating My Own Dynamic DNS Using Porkbun API burk.io 🐷 One of those fun projects where you just …

2022-02-07: Creating Your Own Dynamic DNS Using Porkbun API burk.io 🐷


2022-02-05: Joe Rogan = Donald Trump 2.0 Same bullshit, different costume.

2022-02-03: Hey OnePrimePlus‘ers! Remember how much fun it was to get together and watch Crocodile Dundee? …

2022-02-02: Hey OnePrimePlus‘ers! Remember how much fun it was to get together and watch Crocodile Dundee? …

2022-02-02: What do we have here? 🧐😉 😀 ✏️ 🏕

2022-02-02: GB cartridge surgery. ğŸ¤ž

2022-02-02: Right click Wordle, save web archive. So basically the NYT bought an NFT. HA! 🤣

2022-02-01: Nice! 🏃‍♂️

2022-01-31: Broke 4 today! 🙌

2022-01-31: I can’t believe it’s February 2037 tomorrow already! Time sure has gone by..

2022-01-31: New camera spot in my office 😀 📷

2022-01-30: This is not New York. 📷 burk.photos

2022-01-30: Testing this new m.b client test flight. 👍

2022-01-28: Server & Storage is rockin and rollin now! Very happy with the new setup. ❤️😀👍

2022-01-27: Remember that time that @canion and @martinfeld didn’t quite see eye to eye on the Matrix film …

2022-01-25: For some reason I was looking at my keyboard today and wondering which keys are used the least and I …

2022-01-25: ğŸŽˆğŸŽˆğŸŽˆğŸŽˆğŸŽˆğŸŽˆğŸŽˆğŸŽˆğŸŽˆğŸŽˆğŸŽˆğŸŽˆğŸŽˆğŸŽˆğŸŽˆğŸŽˆğŸŽˆğŸŽˆğŸŽˆğŸŽˆ ğŸŽˆğŸŽˆğŸŽˆğŸŽˆğŸŽˆHAPPY BIRTHDAY @martinfeld!ğŸŽˆğŸŽˆğŸŽˆğŸŽˆğŸŽˆ ğŸŽˆğŸŽˆğŸŽˆğŸŽˆğŸŽˆğŸŽˆğŸŽˆğŸŽˆğŸŽˆğŸŽˆğŸŽˆğŸŽˆğŸŽˆğŸŽˆğŸŽˆğŸŽˆğŸŽˆğŸŽˆğŸŽˆğŸŽˆ

2022-01-23: That’s going to leave a mark.. 🤦‍♂️ 😭 (Still have all 10 though!) 😅

2022-01-23: When we started @HemisphericViews I never would have imagined something as amazing as this! ğŸŽ™ Could …

2022-01-23: 🍩

2022-01-23: Orion Browser

2022-01-22: Somewhere around here I have a Nikon 24-70 that actually is a coffee mug! 📷

2022-01-21: Cookies are a feature of “the internet”. WE GET IT. 🍪 Glad this “issue” made …

2022-01-19: Apparently Mtn Dew took a time machine back to the 1990’s!

2022-01-18: Aerial Screen Saver 3.0! 🙌

2022-01-17: A great LEGO set! 📷

2022-01-17: Something I do a lot, and seems to work better with the iPad mini than the 13”pro.

2022-01-17: Governments wants to abolish end-to-end encryption. Governments get their wish and put a “safe …

2022-01-16: weekend💨

2022-01-16: Finished reading: Dragnet: The Case of the Crime King by Richard Deming 📚

2022-01-13: Another episode of @HemisphericViews, another earth shattering revelation! Jump into 2022 with us …

2022-01-13: Definitely wasn’t expecting to see a Leica M11 today. 📷 👍

2022-01-12: I still enjoy it! ⬜️🟩⬜️⬜️⬜️ ⬜️🟩⬜️⬜️⬜️ ⬜️🟩⬜️🟩🟩 ⬜️🟩⬜️🟩🟩 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩

2022-01-10: I wonder if I would be of any use at Smile Software..? 🤔

2022-01-10: Feel free to “disrupt” Bluetooth already..

2022-01-10: Eep! ⬜️⬜️🟨⬜️⬜️ ⬜️🟨⬜️⬜️🟨 🟨⬜️⬜️⬜️🟨 🟨🟨⬜️⬜️⬜️ 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩

2022-01-10: Decentralize everything! 📣 We did, it’s all on Amazon! ğŸŽ‰ Yeah! …. wait a min…

2022-01-09: Given how much technology inputs have changed, I wonder if “home row” means as much …

2022-01-09: Attempting to track down where my color profiles are changing from one place to another… 📷

2022-01-09: Testing. 📷

2022-01-09: Trash. burk.photos 📷

2022-01-09: Day 63: My menu bar is still stuck in light mode.


2022-01-08: One of my favorite things to do? Record @hemisphericviews with @canion and @martinfeld. We could not …

2022-01-08: Finished reading: 13 Things that Don’t Make Sense: The Most Baffling Scientific Mysteries of …

2022-01-07: When you want a slight fright every time you pick your phone up. 👻

2022-01-07: Tiny cat or tiny squirrel. You decide! 😀❤️ 🐱🐿

2022-01-07: I may have just deleted 3000+ posts from my micro.blog.. I hope they were the right ones! (wanted to …

2022-01-07: If the saying was “There is more than one way to skin a dog”, people would be outraged …

2022-01-07: 🥳 🟩⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️ 🟩🟨⬜️⬜️⬜️ 🟩⬜️⬜️🟩🟩 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩

2022-01-07: bleak. COVID-19 tests are so hard to find that console trackers are stepping in

2022-01-06: 🍣

2022-01-06: Had a tougher time today! Wordle 201 4/6 ⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️ ⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️🟩 ⬜️🟩🟩🟩🟩 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩

2022-01-05: Finally, an anti-virus company that embraces the fact they are in fact a virus. 🔗 Norton Crypto

2022-01-05: I have been seeing everyone post these weird block emoji things, so I finally looked to see what it …

2022-01-04: 😬

2022-01-04: Have you ever thought to yourself: “Sheesh, I really wish I could have a dumb and useless …

2022-01-04: I’m finding these little cards to be handy! 👍 📝

2022-01-04: Every day that I go into a physical office is another tick mark in the “this is useless for …

2022-01-04: There are few things more boring to hear on podcasts or read about online than apple rumors.

2022-01-02: On the last day of holiday vacation I managed to fall down the entire flight of stairs carrying a …

2022-01-02: The Sony a7c + 24mm f/2.8 G is a lovely combination. 📷 😀 👍

2022-01-01: Kirby’s Dream Land ğŸŽ® ✅

2022-01-01: no, really, tell me more about how great internet advertising is..

2022-01-01: From One Year To The Next Exposure Start: December 31, 2021 11:55pm Exposure End: January 1, 2022 …

2021-12-31: Wow. December 31, 2021.

2021-12-30: Nice pickup today! ğŸŽ®

2021-12-30: The Last Episode of @HemisphericViews! (for 2021) 😉 An extended finale for 2021! @Canion meets …

2021-12-29: ⬜️ ⬜️ ⬜️ ⬜️ ⬜️ ⬜️ ⬜️ ⬜️ ⬜️ ⬜️ ⬜️ ⬜️

2021-12-29: 🌲 burk.photos 📷

2021-12-29: ⛄️ 🐧

2021-12-29: Let’s go out in the freezing cold and make some photos! 📷 🥶


2021-12-28: Progress!

2021-12-28: I can’t remember at all where I picked them up but I much prefer these oval rings to the traditional …

2021-12-28: All these half page height cookie notifications sure have made the web a safer and better place.

2021-12-27: 📷 📷

2021-12-27: 2020 v3

2021-12-27: burk.photos 📷

2021-12-27: My favorite christmas gift? I got orange sweatpants with built in feet! Dream come true. 🧡

2021-12-26: The filters on the Analogue Pocket are quite nice! ğŸŽ®

2021-12-25: Christmas Night

2021-12-25: What time are we doing the synchronized watch of the STAR WARS Holiday Special? ğŸŽ¥ 🍿

2021-12-25: Surely they are people walking around with the name “Mary Christmas”

2021-12-25: Happy Holidays to all you wacky and wild internet folk! Hoping you have a great holiday and enjoy …

2021-12-24: First game finished on the Analogue Pocket. Mario 3! ğŸ˜€ğŸŽ‰ ğŸŽ®

2021-12-24: You know I am not one for self horn tooting, but the latest @HemisphericViews OnePrimePlus bonus …

2021-12-24: Happy Holidays to all you wacky and wild internet folk! Hoping you have a great holiday and enjoy …

2021-12-24: Imagine being the person giving their friends and family NFTs for the holidays.

2021-12-23: Begin World 8! ğŸŽ®

2021-12-23: Just a cool vibe going on here.

2021-12-22: Movie Night: The Matrix Resurrections ğŸŽ¥ 🍿

2021-12-21: The old adage “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, profess expertise about it on …

2021-12-19: Slowly making progress through Mario 3! ğŸŽ®

2021-12-18: First snow of the year in Portland. 😀 ❄️

2021-12-16: Cool colors! ğŸŽ®

2021-12-16: I’ve had this computer for how long!? I just noticed it has a button for DnD! ⌨️ 👍

2021-12-16: New @HemisphericViews Ep. 044 ğŸŽ™ There is another Feld? There is indeed! Jodie joins us to set the …

2021-12-16: Interesting Add subreddits to rss by simply adding .rss to the end. subreddit: …

2021-12-16: The Analogue Pocket has arrived! ğŸŽ®

2021-12-13: Sweet! There have definitely been times that I wished I could go back and tweak and annotation.

2021-12-13: Profile links! ğŸŽ‰ Thanks @gluon 😀

2021-12-07: We REALLY need to do something about this over reliance on AWS. The internet can’t self heal if …

2021-12-07: Tucked. 🐱

2021-12-07: Cat trap #1,065,342 🐱 The belt.

2021-12-05: Cleaning up some switch port cabling!

2021-12-04: We’re going to have to look into upgrading our tree to unified memory next year! ğŸŽ„ 💻

2021-12-03: Just when you thought your keyboard was cool.. ⌨️ 🔗This enthusiast’s keyboard and trackball used to …

2021-12-03: Three drink minimum.

2021-12-02: What even is an “EOFY”?! @canion is trying life as a mad man. How the hemispheres change the holiday …

2021-12-02: 🔗 Wunderbucket 🤔

2021-12-02: I have now touched / used the new 14 and 16 MacBook Pro. I am screwed! 😍 😂 💸

2021-12-01: Homescreen screenshots each month. It was an experiment, but I don’t think there is any reason …

2021-12-01: Another one bites the dust.. ğŸ˜ž People get mad at Apple’s “Walled Garden” but …

2021-12-01: It’s December now? huh.

2021-12-01: I drove an hour in the wrong direction to buy a ladder. 👍👍 🪜

2021-11-29: FedEx hit rate on deliveries. 📦 Delivered when they said: ZERO Delivered 1 or more days late: All of …

2021-11-29: Congratulations to the winners of the @HemisphericViews 𝖷 OMG.LOL Giveaway! ğŸŽ‰ Convieniently they are …

2021-11-27: 🆕 ☕️

2021-11-27: Handy if you upgrade often. 👍📱 Cancel or change the payment method for your AppleCare plan If you …

2021-11-26: A PS5 feature that I have not really heard much about that it super cool are the Adaptive Trigegrs …

2021-11-26: Podcasts that only work in Spotify. Cool.

2021-11-25: Movie Night ğŸŽ¥ 🍿 No Time To Die

2021-11-25: Dead. YUM!

2021-11-25: Here we go! 👨‍🍳

2021-11-25: Bring the pain! 🧅 😭

2021-11-25: Have a wonderful turkey day everyone who has turkey day today!! 🦃

2021-11-24: Hang in there. 📷 One Shot

2021-11-24: What on earth is this!? 🙃 oneprimeplus.com 🛡 @HemisphericViews

2021-11-24: Not sure if this is helpful maybe for the no notifications issues? @manton @vincent

2021-11-23: New bourbon to try! 🥃

2021-11-23: Drops. 💧

2021-11-23: Path. 🌲

2021-11-22: Notifications are just flat out not working right now, right?

2021-11-22: Hey everyone, don’t forget to pickup the new tunes from @hollyhoneychurch! 😀

2021-11-22: My Playdate preorder got delayed, and now apparently my Analogue Pocket preorder got moved back up …

2021-11-21: Since “regular news” can’t seem to figure it out. Terrorist murderer found not …

2021-11-20: Doesn’t everyone update old irrelevant iPhones on Saturday night?

2021-11-20: 🔗 What really happened during Russia’s anti-satellite missile test? Larger pieces are easier to …

2021-11-20: Calendar days like this don’t come along very often! ❤️

2021-11-20: “Oh cool! I can’t wait to play this new game!” 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

2021-11-19: What is this!? There are bonus episodes for OnePrimePlus!? @martinfeld @canion, did you guys know …

2021-11-19: 🔶 One Shot — burk.photos

2021-11-18: I sent someone a link to what I posted on m.b about making a list of apps for a migration between …

2021-11-17: 🏔 📷

2021-11-17: Today is the last day to enter for a chance to win an omg.lol 1 year coupon from when we had …

2021-11-14: Movie Night ğŸŽ¥ 🍿 Red Notice

2021-11-13: This is going to take some time!

2021-11-12: How’s your day going?

2021-11-12: If anyone was going to be signing up anyway, I got this in my email today. 🚨Craft 1-Year License …

2021-11-11: FedEx. We Crush It.

2021-11-11: btw, these are yummy. 🍺

2021-11-11: Dang. Playdate is now Early 2022 instead of Late 2021. There was some kind of weird battery issue. …

2021-11-11: 11/11/11 was the date that Valerie and I got married. That makes today 10 years!! I am so fortunate …

2021-11-11: Every Veteran’s Day brings up a lot of memories. It has been 16 years since I served. So that …

2021-11-11: Every time I have a video meeting with someone who has a laptop camera that is below the screen …

2021-11-10: My life is a constatnt repeat of walking into a room and thinking… What the hell did I come …

2021-11-09: I found the emoji tree!! 🌲

2021-11-09: I need a micro.blog app that lets me monitor multiple accounts..

2021-11-08: I swear 3 months worth of “fires” took place in a single 10 hour work period today. Whirlwind.. …

2021-11-08: 🌈

2021-11-07: Afternoon Movie Day 😀 Free Guy ğŸŽ¥ 🍿

2021-11-06: Can’t reply with photos, so here is mine @gaby 😀

2021-11-06: It’s here! Check out the details of the Hemispheric Views omg.lol giveaway that was announced …

2021-11-05: 🔌

2021-11-05: Opened the first batch of our pickled jalapeños and habaneros.. DELICIOUS!! ğŸ˜€ğŸŽ‰ 🌶

2021-11-04: Downloading Animal Crossing 2.0 update! ğŸŽ® 🏝

2021-11-04: Episode 041 of @HemisphericViews “It’s Not Even a Micro-abrasion!” has been shot into …

2021-11-03: 2 Victory Royale wins in a row! @alcedine and I were owning duos tonight! ğŸŽ®

2021-11-03: 🖋 📷

2021-11-03: Fall. 📷 🍂

2021-11-02: Meta If Facebook has proven anything, it’s that they can build large scale communities that …

2021-11-02: I am now convinced that the 365 in “Office 365” is the number of applications they are …

2021-11-01: First batch of Habanero Peach hot sauce made by @alcedine! Yum! 😀

2021-11-01: What incident got us to this!?

2021-10-31: 🍬 🌽

2021-10-31: I’m mixing old (2000-2005) Apple adapters into the Halloween candy bowl this year. Spooooooky!!!

2021-10-31: Happy Halloween! 👻 ğŸŽƒ

2021-10-29: A wild @neatnik has appeared!

2021-10-29: Someone is apparently not a chicken burrito fan!

2021-10-29: 🔗 Neat! This is a scan of Dan Kramer’s Atari engineering notebook.

2021-10-29: Far into the future, will there be “universe history” where inhabitants of one system …

2021-10-28: “From now on, we’re going to be metaverse first, not Facebook first,” said …

2021-10-27: Big fan of the new “go to folder”! 😀

2021-10-27: Needed to step away from the screen for a bit this morning. 💻 ➡️ 🌲

2021-10-26: 🧽

2021-10-26: All went according to plan for both Macs! No issues. 👍

2021-10-24: Marks the spot.

2021-10-24: Marks the spot.

2021-10-24: Beef Stew night! 😀 🥘

2021-10-22: Ohhhhh yessssss! 😀

2021-10-22: Still my favorite card in my virtual wallet. 🐧 😀

2021-10-21: This new “Look up plant” feature in Photos is cool! 🪴 👍

2021-10-21: How on earth.. 40 episodes?! 😮 In GongNet! @canion has important questions about pencils, I remember …

2021-10-20: Such an interesting tree! 🐙

2021-10-20: The iPhone looks odd with no logo on the back. 🧐 

2021-10-19: Android Users: What are your thoughts on the new Google phones? Good? Meh? Makes you want to …

2021-10-18: Small screen to big screen, I am a Pro Motion 120Hz fan! 😀

2021-10-18: Circles.

2021-10-18: The ports aren’t “back”. They were just disguised as more useful.

2021-10-18: I am looking forward to trying out the SharePlay feature 👍

2021-10-18: My new favorite Office365 feature: Being signed out of everything on every device on a Monday …

2021-10-17: Name that thing!

2021-10-17: Reminder: don’t watch violent or scary movies before bed..

2021-10-16: ☕️

2021-10-16: Hey @dejus, is there are story behind these AMAZING cups? The second I saw them I had to have them!

2021-10-15: 🐍 🐍 🐍

2021-10-15: 😂

2021-10-14: I forgot that I never finished Ash vs. Evil Dead 📺

2021-10-11: Hello to everyone that is interested in the upcoming Hemispheric Views Live Watch event! A quick …

2021-10-11: Oh my! What will I do!?

2021-10-10: Blue Compass Microphone Boom Arm —$75 🛒 Local to Portland, OR

2021-10-10: Sunny with a chance of hail.

2021-10-10: Movie Night: Black Widow ğŸŽ¥ 🍿

2021-10-09: Fragile. 👍

2021-10-09: You know it’s Halloween season when Spiders start triggering your doorbell! ğŸŽƒ 🕷 🕸

2021-10-06: New @HemisphericViews in ~11 hours! ğŸŽ™ Also, this month’s Hemispheric News on the 10th! ğŸ—ž

2021-10-04: Imagine a world..

2021-10-04: Thank you x1,000,000 to everyone for their mentions after we lost Mochi cat. I deeply appreciate …

2021-10-03: Pickled peppers time 🌶

2021-10-01: We will miss you so much sweet Mochi. 😔 2009 — 2021 ❤️🐱❤️

2021-09-30: Teams, how much “help” do you need.. Almost 2GB of memory. Wow!

2021-09-30: I have tried everything under the sun to get rid of these accounts. Nothing works. They always come …

2021-09-29: making pasta sauce! 🍝

2021-09-29: Covid Denial. This generation’s Flat Earth.

2021-09-29: ğŸŽ‰ Hemispheric Views Live ğŸŽ‰

2021-09-29: Company Holiday Gift for Hemispheric Views Inc? 😉

2021-09-27: One of my absolute favs! 🐝 🍯 🍺

2021-09-27: Mark Gurman: “Apple Exploring iPads With Larger Displays” Translation “Apple …

2021-09-27: A new episode of One Prime Plus you say!? Indeed Patreon subscribers! In ‘Generalists!’, we …

2021-09-26: Crawling around in attic insulation is very high on my list of things I hate to do.

2021-09-25: It. Is. Time. ğŸ¿ğŸŽ¥

2021-09-25: Yum!! 🌽

2021-09-25: Still working on the details of how to make SECRET PROJECT ███████████████ actual work, but progress …

2021-09-24: Lunch time 🍜

2021-09-23: Definitely sick and tired of governments trying to force their bullshit agendas on the consumer …

2021-09-23: My new hobby is enthusiastically replying to spam. 📧

2021-09-23: 📣 It’s Hemispheric Views Thursday 📣 Episode 038 has been excruciatingly hand crafted and …

2021-09-23: After using Drafts for who knows how many years, I have just setup the Workspaces feature to give it …

2021-09-22: Every iPhone is incremental. Probably the most incremental of all the platforms. When the product …

2021-09-21: PSA: In case you had any single doubt about the power of mass media to change the mindset of a …

2021-09-21: I guess I have “5G uc” now.. 🤷‍♂️ 📲

2021-09-19: Our shishitos are firing on all cylinders this year! 🌶 The random red ones are INCREDIBLE!

2021-09-19: Backyard WiFi ✅

2021-09-19: First time we have had rain since installing the Rachio. It’s working! It’s raining today, no …

2021-09-18: Rain + Blanket + Coffee + iPad Solitaire 😀

2021-09-17: Just a quick update, Sushi Tuesday™ from this week has been moved to today. Sushi Tuesday Friday™ 🍣 …

2021-09-17: Looks like 16GB is enough for some people. 🤷‍♂️ 📲

2021-09-17: I keep hearing people online say the iPhone can’t be USB-C because it’s too thin. The …

2021-09-16: Seeing on the web as well. This is as far back as I can get. @jean @manton @help

2021-09-16: Did anyone else lose all posts prior to ~4:30pm?

2021-09-16: Take away all the ad/sponsorship revenue, likes, retweets, shares, analytics. How much of the …

2021-09-15: Any Android podcast listeners out there try this? www.getnoti.xyz

2021-09-14: Couple whiskeys with @jmjordan! Nice! 🥃😀

2021-09-14: Let the streaming begin! 😀

2021-09-14: 30 min to go! I am 50/50 on the Southern Hemispher showing up! Hemispheric Views Discord Chat 😬

2021-09-14: Ready 👍

2021-09-14: 2 hours to go! Will the Southern Hemisphere stay awake and make it to the Apple event today!? …

2021-09-13: 🦉

2021-09-10: It’s the 10th of the month! Hemispheric News release day! ğŸ—ž (Every 10th of the month @ 1:00pm …

2021-09-10: Facebook Stories? Nope. Ray-Ban Stories When you understand that your company name is seen as a …

2021-09-09: 🌲

2021-09-09: Ads that confirm you live in ‘Merica.

2021-09-09: Everyone is ordering Facebook “smart” sunglasses, right?

2021-09-09: You can’t spell Hemispheric Views without Every Other Thursday! ğŸŽ™ _let’s just go with …

2021-09-08: Using the Sidecar feature for the first time For Real and it works great!

2021-09-06: Longer weekend = got the home infrastructure upgrade project done! ğŸŽ‰ 👨‍💻 (All runs are 10GbE capable …

2021-09-06: It’s not for everyone, but I like crimping custom length CAT cables. 👍

2021-09-06: Backyard AP going in!

2021-09-06: Restoring an iPhone 3G via Finder! 😱 📲

2021-09-06: 🔗 A light-weight and open-source Dropbox client for macOS and Linux. 🤔

2021-09-05: I may regret this, but here we go. ğŸŽ¥ 🍿

2021-09-04: 🥾 ğŸž 📷

2021-09-04: 🥾 ğŸž 📷

2021-09-04: Rememebr that time (today) that I took a bunch of photos and the exposure compensation was ALL …

2021-09-04: If there are even history books to be read by anyone 200 years from now, 2016-2026 will be looked at …

2021-09-04: I am not going to wear a mask becuase the disease is fake and made up to control my liberties. I …

2021-09-03: 🌶 🌶 🌶 😀😀😀

2021-09-03: We’re going back outside tomorrow little buddy! 📷

2021-09-02: The overlap in the diagram between “People who are outraged over 1Password 8” and …

2021-09-01: TextSniper is awesome for grabbing text off a screen to the clipboard! I just found out that …

2021-09-01: I don’t want to alarm anyone, but, it’s September. 🙃

2021-09-01: Re: Dark mode for M.B. I’m thinking a user setting to match the convention of: Always Light …

2021-08-31: The Touch Bar is still great! 😀👍 That’s it. (no need to reply)

2021-08-31: userscript-micro.blog-dark Hey everyone! Just a heads up that the script is pretty broken right …

2021-08-30: I really like this new camera strap!! ğŸ˜€ğŸ˜€ğŸ§¡ğŸŽ‰ 📷

2021-08-30: Teams Meeting (Usually known as The Battery Killer!) Starting Battery: 100% 1 hour meeting Ending …

2021-08-29: We’re building this set tonight!

2021-08-29: It’s August! So what? The One Prime Plus bonus episode for members is now available in the …

2021-08-29: This checkout system and I do not have a good relationship. 😤

2021-08-28: Streaming: Genshin Impact ğŸŽ® https://burk.lol/stream

2021-08-28: Adorable cup sake! 🍶

2021-08-28: AP 2 of 4 installed!

2021-08-28: Setting up our home guest network. 😂

2021-08-27: 🐱 🐟

2021-08-26: Sure, there is DevonJimbo, but let me introduce you to FinderJimbo! @canion @martinfeld …

2021-08-26: It really is like clockwork! Another @HemisphericViews for your eyes and ears! Wait, eyes, that …

2021-08-25: Today is Definitely a nachos day.

2021-08-24: 🔗 I am SUPER EXCITED for this! 📺 Star Wars Visions

2021-08-24: Ok 🖋 people, do your worst! I need ink for this thing! 😀

2021-08-24: My personal ‘glass’ https://burk.photos 📷

2021-08-24: Hey @manton, you should definitely add a “upgrade to yearly” button here 😉

2021-08-24: 🍶

2021-08-22: It’s about to get delicious in here! 🌶

2021-08-22: Squirrel..? 🐿 🐱

2021-08-22: ☕️

2021-08-21: Picked a few new mugs today at a shop around the corner! Love them! 🧡🧡

2021-08-21: All Micro Camp stickers are now in the mail and on the way! Huge thanks again to everyone that made …

2021-08-20: 🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕

2021-08-20: My assistant. Hard at work. 🐱

2021-08-20: 🔗 Camera+ Studio 🤔 📷

2021-08-20: 🔗 This LEGO Toyota Supra master build made from 477,303 bricks can be driven at 17mph! 🤯

2021-08-20: I guess I will never run out of “Free Identity theft protection” as long as companies …

2021-08-20: EPIC: Boohoo, apple is charging us money. We are the good guy! 😭 EPIC: Proceeeds to copy/paste steal …

2021-08-19: Delete Facebook. Delete Twitter. Old news. Delete the cesspool of useless synergy that is LinkedIn.

2021-08-19: I forgot I ordered these..

2021-08-19: It’s very troublesome how much algorithms are talked about as if they just appeared out of …

2021-08-19: Felt appropriate to post this photo above @pratik’s 😀

2021-08-18: 🏕 Let the sticker sending begin! ğŸŽ‰ 😀

2021-08-15: Finally selling the Mac mini today. ğŸ¤žğŸ¤ž

2021-08-15: FYI if you want to pause your hulu account. I paused it 12 weeks ago becuase I wanted to see if we …

2021-08-14: Celebratory burrito for the conclusion of Micro Camp! 🌯

2021-08-14: Down to the final few to-do’s! ⭐️ 🏕 ğŸŽ‰

2021-08-14: The first (of many) Micro Camp events comes to a close! Thanks to all those involved and those who …

2021-08-14: 📣 Heads up that the microgaming.space domain and discord server are coming down on Aug 21st. This is …

2021-08-13: How do you get the cat off your chair? Give her a better chair. 😉 🪑 🐱

2021-08-12: I’m ready for tomorrow. I hope! 😬 ğŸŽ™ 🏕

2021-08-12: Here we go again.. ğŸ¤žwe don’t off the scale again like last year..

2021-08-12: This was an unintentionally packed week for @HemisphericViews! ğŸŽ‰ Somehow @martinfeld, @canion, and I …

2021-08-12: Want to listen to some @HemisphericViews before the Live episode tomorrow at Micro.camp 🏕!? Good …

2021-08-12: I’m official! 📚

2021-08-11: I haven’t looked at twitter.com in a long long time. (haven’t had an account in many …

2021-08-11: Peppers!!

2021-08-10: I really like the way they have implemented the community browse interaction in the glass app. Nice …

2021-08-10: 🚨 Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Hot off the presses, another rockin issue of Hemispheric News! ğŸ—ž …

2021-08-10: Beta 5 time.

2021-08-09: We need better search curation of smaller podcasts. It’s impossible to find podcasts that are …

2021-08-09: Peach harvest time!! 🍑 🍑 🍑 (They taste wonderful!!)

2021-08-09: 🚨 I was a little out of sync, but everything on burk.io/discover for tracking Tagmoji is up to date …

2021-08-09: Photos Memories: Location Unknown — 2015 📷

2021-08-08: Pass. 🕷

2021-08-08: In case anyone was wondering how development of Big Mail is going.

2021-08-08: Not sure who the culprit is for this one..

2021-08-08: Made a few changes ğŸŽ™

2021-08-06: Movie Night: The Swordsman ğŸŽ¥ 🍿

2021-08-06: Micro.camp is next week! ğŸŽ‰ 😀 🏕 I’m ready! Are you ready!? No, really, ARE YOU READY!

2021-08-06: This real-time network tree view brings me so much joy!! 😍 😀 👨‍💻

2021-08-06: I think it’s safe to say we can stop with the podcast ads that start with “It looks like summer is …

2021-08-05: Today’s harvest!

2021-08-04: 😔

2021-08-04: Streaming: Beat Saber Exercise Time ğŸŽ® https://burk.lol/stream

2021-08-03: That’s a new handy feature of the watchOS 8 weather complication. 👍

2021-08-03: With every country / state / government getting their tentacles into what can or cannot be done with …

2021-08-02: I finally had to move all my tumblr subs over to RSS. I cannot take anymore of their HORRIFIC ads …

2021-08-01: 🍕 and 🍺 with @jean and @alcedine 😀

2021-07-31: One of my favorite stickers 😀

2021-07-30: Website Privacy Rankings are a black box, but take it as face value. My blog homepage is ranked a B+ …

2021-07-29: So excited for Micro Camp 2021! ğŸŽ‰ 😀 🏕

2021-07-29: Woohoo!!! ğŸŽ‰ ğŸŽ® 💛

2021-07-29: It’s Thursday, you know what that means! New @HemisphericViews episode day! ğŸŽ‰ Wait, what? It …

2021-07-28: Episode 033 of @HemisphericViews is edited and ready to go! ğŸŽ‰ Woah, hang on, this may sound crazy, …

2021-07-28: Not a great photo by any stretch of the word great, but I think this is the first …

2021-07-28: Photos Memories: Tokyo — 2015 📷 I think about these pancakes at gram all the time.. ğŸ¥ž 💭

2021-07-27: New wall plugs! 🔌

2021-07-27: The digital crown control on the AirPods Max is wonderful! ğŸ˜€ğŸ‘ğŸŽ§

2021-07-27: 📲

2021-07-26: 🔗 These 3D printed needle covers were designed to put children at ease during vaccinations!

2021-07-26: macOS 11.5.1 👍

2021-07-26: I have been quite happy with the rachio sprinkler controller so far! 💦🌱

2021-07-25: Sometime in the future a company may do something they have not done in the past.

2021-07-25: Tiny phones are fun 😀 Unihertz Jelly 2

2021-07-25: From what I have been able to gather so far, it seems that iCloud Private Relay and NextDNS don’t …

2021-07-25: Creating macOS Finder Links To Craft Notes burk.io 🩳✂️ If you keep your projects in Finder organized …

2021-07-24: Creating macOS Finder Links To Craft Notes burk.io 🩳✂️

2021-07-24: Summer Game Sales ğŸŽ® ğŸŸ¢âž¡ï¸ Xbox ğŸ”µâž¡ï¸ Playstation ğŸ”´âž¡ï¸ Nintendo Switch

2021-07-24: 🧇 2021-07-24

2021-07-24: I don’t remember which trip to Japan we got these, but I think it’s time to put them to …

2021-07-23: Streaming: FANTASIAN ğŸŽ® https://burk.lol/stream

2021-07-22: 🪴

2021-07-21: Safari Technology Preview — Release 128

2021-07-20: How could you not want that sweet artwork popping up in your podcast player!? 😀 oneprimeplus.com

2021-07-20: Our backyard is a dream come true and I couldn’t be happier! 😀❤️ @alcedine

2021-07-20: All healthcare software is bad!

2021-07-20: Great inbox photo today! 🌌

2021-07-20: I can’t imagine this will end well for those who own the accounts.. …

2021-07-20: This is handy for anyone who uses Fastmail and needs an FTP or WebDAV server for something. 👍 …

2021-07-19: 4️⃣0️⃣4️⃣0️⃣ ..Doh.. 4041 now.

2021-07-19: It’s done! ğŸŒŽ Such a neat LEGO set! 👍

2021-07-19: Done! ⚡️

2021-07-19: Photos Memories: Hakone Gardens — 2011 📷

2021-07-18: I guess Portland residents have decided the pandemic is old news.. cool. 😷 ❌ Had to run to the …

2021-07-18: I love playing solitaire in my iPad, but sometimes grabbing an actual deck and playing just feels …

2021-07-18: The Wi-Fi connection upstairs in the craft room was fine, but it’s hard to beat gigabit Ethernet!⚡️

2021-07-18: Ethernet upstairs? Coming up!

2021-07-17: While running some CAT6 cable to replace old CAT5 in the walls today I came across a life lesson. …

2021-07-16: Is this your card?

2021-07-16: Pick a card, any card.

2021-07-15: Green 🌱

2021-07-15: Who knew @canion is an expert in the world of Home Air Conditioners? Not us! You did know that …

2021-07-15: This old (semi-broken) iPad has one job in life now. Fill the entire universe with ğŸ“Ž

2021-07-15: 🔗 Valve announces Steam Deck handheld ğŸŽ® 🤔 🧐

2021-07-15: My Windows 10 Preview (ARM) became Windows 11 Preview (ARM) last night!

2021-07-14: What BSOD!? (blue screen of death) 🤣😂

2021-07-14: I love how they think anyone actually clicked the well hidden and very small UNSUBSCRIBE link by …

2021-07-14: ⚙️ 📲

2021-07-13: Sushi Tuesday!!!!!!! 🍣🍶🍣🍶🍣🍶🍣🍶🍣

2021-07-13: Debugging Shortcuts is a pain.. 😔 I would be absolutely shocked if more than 1% of total iOS users …

2021-07-13: I may have started playing Universal Paperclips again the other day.. ğŸŽ® Things are getting insane! ğŸ“Ž …

2021-07-13: An excellent addition to the refrigerator! Thanks @alcedine! ☕️ ❤️

2021-07-12: All stories are now completed in Solitaire Story! 🕹

2021-07-12: Great OfferUp interaction today. 🤦‍♂️ Person: Is this still available? Me: Yep, it sure is. Person: …

2021-07-12: Your scores have been submitted to the leader board. The numbers have been checked and rechecked. …

2021-07-12: Another successful cat trap. 📦 🐱

2021-07-11: It still blows my mind that a single tap on a quick snapshot can pull out all the text in a photo. …

2021-07-11: Outside ✅ Coffee ✅ Hemispheric News ✅

2021-07-10: Home Tofu Udon for dinner! 🍜 😀

2021-07-10: 🍶

2021-07-10: Yes, please! 🍻

2021-07-10: Did you get the July issue of Hemispheric News? You didn’t!? Only one way to fix that! …

2021-07-09: Really liking these theme colors for my email! Only downside is this theme is not currently in the …

2021-07-09: I finally got the fans to spin up on my iMac! Even max fans is quiet!

2021-07-09: It’s super neat that PlayStation does a weekly post sharing player in-game photography! ğŸŽ® 📷 I …

2021-07-08: Getting an MRI is like going to the worst EDM concert ever.

2021-07-08: Shoulder MRI day. Get in the tube! DON’T MOVE!!! woohoo.

2021-07-07: 🚨 Official change to the schedule. Nacho Friday will take place Wednesday this week. /end alert

2021-07-07: Do I like Scan Thing? Yes, yes I do!

2021-07-06: Still amazed so many people’s arguments still begin with “They have so much money they …

2021-07-06: Running Android apps on Windows 11 via the Amazon App Store. Is this the kind of thing people are …

2021-07-06: ‘Best days’ For Both Mac and iPad Still to Come, says Analyst 🔮

2021-07-06: Daily challenges complete! ğŸŽ‰ 🃏

2021-07-03: The Cosmic Red PS5 controller is gorgeous! ğŸŽ® 😍

2021-07-03: New stamps! 📫 🤖 ğŸŒž

2021-07-03: Just finished SUPERLIMINAL! It was GREAT! ğŸŽ®

2021-07-02: Trying a new place this week for Burrito Friday™️

2021-07-02: Q for Mac Developers: Is “never remembering window size / location” a symptom of some …

2021-07-02: Hemispheric Views 031 — Socks on Socks! ğŸŽ™ To celebrate the end of Arcadia June, we’re joined …

2021-07-02: New solitaire game on Apple Arcade. (I like playing solitaire quite a bit) ♥️ ♦️ ♠️ ♣️ ğŸŽ®

2021-07-01: Streaming a new game: SUPERLIMINAL ğŸŽ® https://burk.lol/stream

2021-07-01: Started playing SUPERLIMINAL yesterday. It’s wild!!! 🤯 ğŸŽ®

2021-06-30: Streaming a new game: SUPERLIMINAL ğŸŽ® https://burk.lol/stream

2021-06-30: I am digging it so far for meeting with people virtually! Especially the Mac app!

2021-06-30: New stickers!

2021-06-30: ☕️

2021-06-30: 🚨 New Builld Of iOS 15 DevBeta2 Is Out 🚨

2021-06-29: Absolutely terrible button placement!! 🤬

2021-06-29: Why are all these blowhard billionaires bad? Countless reasons, but today that reason is because our …

2021-06-28: I like the colors on the new Nikon Z fc 📷

2021-06-28: Settle down already!!! ☀️

2021-06-28: 5 weeks in. 🖥 Updated Review: …

2021-06-28: This new Foundation show looks intereting 📺

2021-06-28: https://www.xbox.com/play feels like a massive hack / workaround but it friggin works somehow!? …

2021-06-28: 🦄 😘

2021-06-28: Siri Shortcuts - Episode 12 📍 Location for Micro.blog

2021-06-28: 📍 Apple Pioneer Place, Portland (Playing around with a new shortcut I made)

2021-06-28: But it was for the gram! Fan Posing for Camera Causes Huge Wreck at Tour de France 🤦‍♂️

2021-06-27: Sunday update on the 1000 Words Project 📷 Total words collected so far: 85!

2021-06-27: Newest addition to the coffee catalog! ☕️

2021-06-27: 😍 🔗 https://www.spoon-tamago.com/2021/06/27/cartier-osaka-masu-facade

2021-06-27: finally got this desktop clean. It was starting to look pretty bad! 😬 😅

2021-06-27: Everyone must get back to the office! (so they can sit in weird isolation pods and still not …

2021-06-26: Today marks 1 year in Portland for @alcedine and me! Holy moly! What a wild year it has been! ğŸŽ‚ 🥂

2021-06-26: ♠️🃏💕

2021-06-26: Mario Golf: Super Rush is a blast! 😀 ⛳️ ğŸŽ®

2021-06-26: Streaming a new game: Mario Golf: Super Rush ğŸŽ® https://burk.lol/stream

2021-06-26: The Pacific Northwest this weekend. ☀️ The Twilight Zone — The Midnight Sun

2021-06-24: Another fun lock screen wallpaper for One Prime Plus members! If you are a member already, check …

2021-06-24: I definitely wouldn’t have put money on today! 📲

2021-06-23: Backyard dessert! 😀

2021-06-23: It begins! @alcedine and I have started on the LEGO map! 😀

2021-06-23: It seems like being on YouTube anymore means constantly apologizing for “not posting as much …

2021-06-23: Interesting. On iPadOS 15, when viewing a video within the plex app, audio is normal. When you put …

2021-06-23: ~300 mass shootings recorded in U.S. so far this year A simple face mask protects from COVID. …

2021-06-22: LEGO!

2021-06-22: Handy little Apple Silicon relate site I came across today. doesitarm.com

2021-06-22: It still amazes me that I can backup this much stuff offsite for $6/month.

2021-06-22: I started using Tab Groups today 👍

2021-06-22: Finished reading: Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions 📚

2021-06-21: Working on the sprinkler system is probably one of the lesser aweful tasks to do out in the 95 …

2021-06-21: 🐱 💤

2021-06-21: I like this new little dark mode selector on developer.appl.com

2021-06-21: If you use CakeBrew alongside brew.sh on an ARM Mac. ğŸŽ‚ …

2021-06-21: Ripped, Transcoded, Metadata’d, Organized in Plex. 👍 😀 📺 ✅

2021-06-21: Ripped, Transcoded, Metadata’d, Organized in Plex. 👍 😀 📺 ✅

2021-06-21: Ripped, Transcoded, Metadata’d, Organized in Plex. 👍 😀 📺 ✅

2021-06-21: 🧡

2021-06-21: I had a dream last night that our trash/recycle pickup person was mad at me. I went to take our cans …

2021-06-21: Untitled.

2021-06-20: Garden food! 🥬 🫑

2021-06-19: Major companies have said in recent job postings that Colorado residents are ineligible to apply for …

2021-06-19: So many doom comments about an initial beta of a 12 day old piece of software. Yet, close to 0 of …

2021-06-19: How to be a terrible software “reviewer”.

2021-06-19: How could I say no to adding this deck to our collection!? 🃏

2021-06-18: It’s so nice having an epic pro web developer inside the house that I can pester with my html & …

2021-06-18: The Micro.Dark UserScript is working fine with the new Safari so far. 👍

2021-06-18: The MacBook Pro is out of the rotation! 😮

2021-06-17: Finally! A phone with a lens cap! 📷

2021-06-17: 😀 @alcedine got me a new band!

2021-06-17: My second favorite 🖋

2021-06-17: Adding to the new 🖋 TagMoji category! My favorite pen! The Parker 5th. 😀

2021-06-17: Xbox crushes PlayStation in the controller options department. ğŸŽ® Xbox: Basically unlimited color …

2021-06-17: Some Apple fans are upset they sold their MacBook Pros ahead of WWDC Never blame yourself, always …

2021-06-17: We have hit Episode 030 for @HemisphericViews! A virtual birthday party for @Canion! Apparently I am …

2021-06-16: Photos Memories: Vancouver — 2013 📷

2021-06-16: Picked up a Busy Box sign to put above the door to our office. It’s so fun, I love it! Pick …

2021-06-16: Night Vale Live tickets secured! Can’t wait! 😀

2021-06-15: Sushi Tuesday!! 🍣 😀 🍶

2021-06-15: The App Idea: A podcast Recording / Editing app that is based around the new SharePlay tech. …

2021-06-15: HAPPY BIRTHDAY @canion! Sent with balloons

2021-06-14: You literally cannot keep count of how many fucking shootings there are in this motherfucking …

2021-06-14: Chip shortages are annoying, but, counterfeit chips are terrifying!

2021-06-14: First salad from our veggie garden! 🥬 😀

2021-06-13: Getting my butt handed to me in Northgard Chapter 3! ğŸŽ® 😱

2021-06-13: Got a few more awesome pins at an estate sale recently to add to our kitchen pinboard! 😀 📌

2021-06-13: Made some new graphics for my twitch stream 😀 ğŸŽ®

2021-06-13: Streaming a new game: Northgard ğŸŽ® https://burk.lol/stream

2021-06-12: Final coat on the firepit cover / table!

2021-06-12: One Shot — 2021-06-12a

2021-06-12: It took quite a while to arrive (the pink one was backordered for a loooonng time), but my keys now …


2021-06-12: Streaming a new game: Northgard ğŸŽ® https://burk.lol/stream

2021-06-11: It’s weird how trends go. I have been a diligent time tracker for many many years. Here I am, …

2021-06-11: Cheers!

2021-06-11: Kind of strange that the packaging doesn’t say what this is actually for..?

2021-06-11: The last of my Tile trackers has been decommissioned. I assume deleting my account will be very …

2021-06-11: Very few apps left on my computer that are not updated for Apple Silicon! 👍

2021-06-11: Textastic is now ’fixed’! 😉 🧛‍♂️ #DraculaTheme

2021-06-11: I like the idea of “Focus” modes. I am going to wait a few more betas though. I am sure it’s going …

2021-06-11: 🚨 TRIVIA FRIDAY!!! 🚨 What sort of product came in this box?

2021-06-10: First solos Victory Royale in season 7! ğŸ˜€ğŸŽ‰ğŸŽ®

2021-06-10: It’s that time again! The June issue of Hemispheric News is available! If you are a One Prime Plus …

2021-06-10: iPadOS Feature Request: “Precise Cursor Mode” when an external ‘regular’ mouse is connected via …

2021-06-09: SharePlay for podcasts?

2021-06-08: The @HemisphericViews Arcadia June event is well under way and heating up! Grab the game and get …

2021-06-08: Someone posted a 100GB text file to a hacking forum recently. It contains 8.4 billion entries of …

2021-06-08: I am not entirely sure why I am allowed to to do this, but here we are! 😂

2021-06-08: I generally understand to varying degrees the design choices made in iOS regardless of how overblown …

2021-06-08: iPhone Apps on iPadOS 15 Now Run in Landscape I don’t like using iPhone apps on iPad, but if I need …

2021-06-08: Stoked for the new Fortnite Season 7! It looks like a blast! ğŸŽ® 😀👍

2021-06-08: In case you missed The Playdate Update! I can’t wait to get my hands on one and start making my own …

2021-06-08: New coffee to add to the list! ☕️

2021-06-07: SF Symbols 3 ğŸŽ‰

2021-06-07: Betas Downloaded! 😬

2021-06-07: Breakfast: Avocado Toast and Cold Brew 🥑 ☕️ Hard to get more WWDC than that 😂

2021-06-07: Gluon and Discord, ready to go! 👍

2021-06-07: One Prime Plus members should be receiving a fresh new release in their inbox today! Enjoy! Thank …

2021-06-07: Setup a WWDC specific channel in the Hemispheric Views discord to avoind spoilers in the main …

2021-06-07: Time to setup the WWDC viewing hall! 

2021-06-06: Movie Night: The Matrix ğŸŽ¥ 🍿

2021-06-06: hmmm.. That’s new. 🍺

2021-06-06: Sunday update on the 1000 Words Project 📷 Total words collected so far: 48!

2021-06-05: Finished reading: Mindset: The New Psychology of Success 📚

2021-06-05: Court overturns California’s ban on assault weapons, calls it unconstitutional Nice work, you …

2021-06-04: 🍕 🍕 🍕 🍕 🍕 🍕 !!!PIZZA FRIDAY!!! 🍕 🍕 🍕 🍕 🍕 🍕


2021-06-04: I saw all the iMac colors today in person and the rumors are true, THEY ARE ALL GORGEOUS!! 😍

2021-06-03: Cookie met Peanut today! 🥰 🐱

2021-06-03: In case anyone in the Portland, OR area is in the market for a 2020 11" iPad Pro + Magic …

2021-06-03: My next project is redoing all the sprinklers!

2021-06-03: I started uploading @HemisphericViews episodes to Archive.org so they can be preserved forever! 😀 I …

2021-06-03: Boom! @HemisphericViews Episode 029 has been released! Check your podcast player of choice! ğŸŽ‰ ğŸŽ™ 😀 …

2021-06-02: Holy crap!! 😱 Thank you for submitting your game to the Game Pitch Review panel at d4: Tabletop …

2021-06-01: Rocking my new fav wallpaper! 😀👍📲

2021-06-01: 🚨 Craft “Daily Notes” with calendar integration dropped today with version 1.6 📆 👍

2021-06-01: Quite happy that it’s Sushi Tuesday today! 🍣

2021-06-01: 🔗 Super Mario Bros: The Morton Jankel Cut (VHS Extended Rough Cut 1.0) Movie 1993 — archive.org

2021-06-01: Facebook-Funded Study Says iOS 14 Privacy Settings are Harmful. Winchester Firearms-Funded Study …

2021-06-01: Imagine having this sweet phone wallpaper!? Imagine no longer, It can be yours as part of …

2021-06-01: Less Paper Office burk.io 📄

2021-06-01: Photos Memories: San Jose (B&W Film at Night) — 2010 📷

2021-05-31: Where the heck is @cheesemaker??

2021-05-31: You all know I can’t stand captcha and the concept needs to DIAF. BUT.. 🔗 …

2021-05-31: I am thinking it’s going to be very annoying to sell this Intel Mac mini in the new world of …

2021-05-31: Streaming Miitopia! ğŸŽ® burk.lol/stream

2021-05-31: I woke up this morning thinking I was back in Belize.. 🤔

2021-05-30: Currently reading: This Is How They Tell Me the World Ends: The Cyberweapons Arms Race by Nicole …

2021-05-30: The Shadowcast has been great for streaming the Nintendo Switch. Also nice if you just want to use …

2021-05-29: Have a lovely weekend everyone! 🔥

2021-05-29: This iMac continues to surprise and delight! 🧡

2021-05-29: Thank you Backblaze!!! 🔥 😀 👍

2021-05-29: 🔗 Amazon devices will soon automatically share your Internet with neighbors

2021-05-29: Yo @maique!

2021-05-28: I LOVE FRESH BASIL 🌿 😀🤤

2021-05-28: What games are on your shortlist for PS5!?? ğŸŽ®

2021-05-28: Much like the DxO camera scores, the iFixit “Repairability Score” is also a single …

2021-05-28: Looks like Big Mail will land on June 10 📧

2021-05-28: 🚨UPDATED My youtube-dl Setup Some stuff changed with the move from Intel Mac mini to the M1 iMac.

2021-05-27: Session 3 of It Takes Two with @alcedine! burk.lol/stream

2021-05-27: Ice Spike!

2021-05-27: At some point people need to stop thinking companies are a single person who is their friend and …

2021-05-27: I keep seeing things about a 4K Updated Nintendo Switch. Let’s just shoot for something that …

2021-05-27: Google’s 80-acre megacampus will take over a chunk of San Jose Very glad we have moved since this …

2021-05-26: Amazon acquiring MGM Studios in $8.45 billion deal Perfect. Ruining broad access to media, one …

2021-05-25: M1, where have you been all my life!? 😍

2021-05-25: I like this little cup so much! ğŸŒž ☕️

2021-05-25: Enjoying it quite a bit so far. 🐁

2021-05-25: Pushing the M1 to 11! Let’s see what this thing can do! 🔥

2021-05-25: Using an M1 based Mac with a fresh install and ground up rebuild, I am now pretty convinced that the …

2021-05-24: America has already endured 230 mass shootings and 13 mass murders in 2021, including 12 mass …

2021-05-24: I think someone forgot to put the DVD icon back into the OS. 🤣 Pretty telling about how often discs …

2021-05-24: Since none of my VMs will work with the M1 chip. I am setting up some new ARM based VMs.

2021-05-24: If you use Razer accessories with a Mac, this is a great utility! ğŸŽ® 🖱 razer-macos

2021-05-24: I am making a conscious effort to

2021-05-24: Trying out a new mouse. The Razer Viper Ultimate. 🐁

2021-05-24: Mac emoji game changer! 😀😀😀 No more ‘control+command+space’!

2021-05-24: Woah! I got an order in for a PS5! ğŸŽ® 🥳 Alsmost got one in for the Xbox Series X as well, but that …

2021-05-23: That’s a lot of GHz! 😆

2021-05-23: It’s fun to be able to play games on the Mac again! Thanks M1! ğŸŽ®

2021-05-23: It’s clear to me now that Big Sur was definitely built for Apple Silicon. 👍

2021-05-23: Sunday update on the 1000 Words Project 📷 Total words collected so far: 48!

2021-05-23: burk.io/setup updated! 👍

2021-05-22: I have a lot of ripping and encoding in my future! 💿

2021-05-22: Hemispheric Views Arcadia Leaderboard UPDATED! https://www.craft.do/s/gfrcTdoyIenecC Things are …

2021-05-22: Anyone in the Portland, OR area in need of a Mac mini or an Ultrawide monitor? 🛒 🏷 M.B friends and …

2021-05-22: 🍕day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2021-05-22: Updated now that I have an actual unit in hand! 📊

2021-05-22: Dear all,

2021-05-22: That’s a fun new addition I wasn’t expecting!

2021-05-21: Old and new! 🧡

2021-05-21: It’s a spicy kimchi ramen kind of day! 🍜

2021-05-20: Hemispheric Views Episode 028 ğŸŒŽğŸŽ™ğŸŒ Not one, but two special guests this week! 🤯 Hannah gives a …

2021-05-20: Good news for anyone using Craft. It looks like the subscription is part of family sharing!

2021-05-19: Streaming It Takes Two with @alcedine! ğŸŽ® https://burk.lol/stream

2021-05-19: This was an easy purchase decision for @alcedine! She loves Spider Gwen! 🕷 👟 /// Life

2021-05-19: I am so into sushi for breakfast. 🍣

2021-05-18: I am sooo out of practice! 🙀 🔐 Anyone can open a Master “lock”. Gotta get back to practicing!!

2021-05-18: It’s Sushi Tuesday! GET HYPE! 🍣 ğŸŽ‰ 😀

2021-05-18: Somehow one of our cats (Kiwi) has taken a selfie and then set it as my profile photo for iCloud. …

2021-05-18: Nothing like a solid Beat Saber session! ğŸŽ® ⚔️ 😀 Beat Saber — LUDICROUS+ (No Arrows + Faster Song. …

2021-05-18: Can you imagine how crazy of an ‘M chip’ there must be within the Apple R&D labs …

2021-05-18: Reminder.

2021-05-17: Streaming It Takes Two with @alcedine! ğŸŽ® https://burk.lol/stream

2021-05-17: I love the idea or Discord Bots, but they sure feel like a major Hack! It’s like Shortcuts on …

2021-05-17: Cool, I don’t think I realized the Apple password manager did this kind of thing. 🔐

2021-05-16: My autocorrect has been so incredibly bad lately. Wondering is this reset will help by letting me …

2021-05-16: 🌹 ğŸŒž

2021-05-14: Streaming 100 level deathruns, why not!? ğŸŽ® https://burk.lol/stream

2021-05-14: Killing this CAPTCHA bullshit should be a top priority of the web.

2021-05-13: Streaming FANTASIAN! ğŸŽ® https://burk.lol/stream

2021-05-12: First Solo Stove trial! 🔥 😀

2021-05-12: Just a reminder that @HemisphericViews is definitely NOT exclusive to Spotify, so listen to it …

2021-05-12: Streaming Wonderbox! ğŸŽ® https://burk.lol/stream

2021-05-12: I could definitely eat an entire jar of this stuff! YUMMM!!!

2021-05-12: Once we get the COVID pandemic under control in the US, it’s time to tackle the next 37 …

2021-05-12: Currently reading: Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions 📚

2021-05-12: This is based on numbers that came from spec unknown machines, but if these preliminary numbers are …

2021-05-11: 🐱 📷

2021-05-11: MF squirrel ate our new veggies!

2021-05-11: Some days creativity just doesn’t happen.. █

2021-05-11: Microsoft is testing a new way to sell you an Xbox Series X Signed up. ğŸ¤ž ğŸ¤ž ğŸ¤ž ğŸ¤ž

2021-05-11: Adding my books! 📚

2021-05-11: Fingers crossed for kick ass new VR tech coming out of VIVEcon today! ğŸŽ®

2021-05-10: Yum yum! 😀 🍴

2021-05-10: One of the absolute best ways to ruin your appetite for dinner is to eat a truckload of guacamole! …

2021-05-10: 👽

2021-05-10: Exciting day! Vol. 1 No. 1 of Hemispheric News went out today to patron members! Thank you all!

2021-05-09: Cheers everyone! 🍻 🦩

2021-05-09: Spent ~2.5 hours organizing screws. In case you didn’t know what kind of person I am already 😂

2021-05-09: ğŸŽ® 😉

2021-05-09: New coffee coming up! ☕️ burk.lol/coffee-roasts

2021-05-09: New salsa I really like! 🌶

2021-05-08: Movie Night! ğŸŽ¥ 🍿 Tenet

2021-05-07: Remember last night when I streamed my “standby” screen for an hour instead of the …

2021-05-07: Mythic Quest day! 😀 ⚔️ 📺

2021-05-06: Streaming Fantasian! ğŸŽ® https://burk.lol/stream

2021-05-06: microgaming.space ğŸŽ® NEXT GAME DAY!!!! ğŸŽ‰ May 15th, 8am - Portland May 15th, 11am - New York May 15th, …

2021-05-06: I have been doing strength training for the last month or so and it’s been going well. I have …

2021-05-05: Hemispheric Views — 027 ğŸŽ™ This is a big one! We compare and contrast our personalities after a …

2021-05-05: Streaming Fantasian! ğŸŽ® https://burk.lol/stream

2021-05-05: I use Pocket Casts now. They have an icon called “pocket cats”. ✅ 🐱

2021-05-05: 🔗 The forgotten anti-slavery history of Cinco de Mayo

2021-05-04: I sure hope Facebook and Instagram are going to be ok.. 😔

2021-05-04: Hanging out. 🐿

2021-05-03: Because I apparently hate myself, I am going to attempt a 200 level death run! I’ll either complete …

2021-05-03: One of the best uses of AirTags, playing hide and seek around the house with @alcedine 😀😂 First …

2021-05-03: iOS 14.5.1 📲

2021-05-02: Sunday update on the 1000 Words Project 📷 Total words collected so far: 38!

2021-05-02: Pretty nice day for some gardening! 🪴 🌳 ğŸ˜Ž

2021-05-01: Movie Night! Mortal Kombat ğŸŽ¥ğŸ¿

2021-05-01: This is the coolest looking flower! 🔭🌺

2021-05-01: Getting some new plants today with @alcedine!

2021-04-30: Time for some Mario Party! Streaming with @alcedine https://burk.lol/stream

2021-04-30: The setup process is 👍👍

2021-04-30: TextExpander keeps crashing for me on macOS 11.3 Going to try this ğŸ¤ž Quit TextExpander. Open …


2021-04-30: 🧡iMac — May 21! 😀

2021-04-30: iMac time! 🧡

2021-04-29: Firmware update time! 📷

2021-04-28: Fixed up the electronics in my “The Internet” prop from IT Crowd that I made a looong time ago. 😀 📺

2021-04-27: Cookie found the blanket bin 😍🐱

2021-04-27: Anyone in the Portland, OR area looking for a PlayStation 4 + PSVR? m.b friends and family discount …

2021-04-26: We got a giant LEGO to store regular sized LEGO!

2021-04-26: What am I learning this week? Irrigation wiring!

2021-04-25: wait.. ICQ is alive again!??! 🤯 😂 https://icq.im/18135233 (I definitely don’t recommend …

2021-04-25: So, once I have an M1 Mac, I wonder if there is anyway to get @gluon running.. 😉

2021-04-25: Prepping a listing for my Mac mini! 🙀 🛒

2021-04-24: Good round of games with some m.b friends this evening/morning! 😀 👍 ğŸŽ® 🕸https://microgaming.space 💬 …

2021-04-24: Checking out TMDB as an alternative to IMDB. Know of others?

2021-04-23: They are cranking over there!

2021-04-22: Streaming Wonderbox! ğŸŽ® https://burk.lol/stream

2021-04-22: Bring on April 30th! 🖥

2021-04-22: Hooray! Episode 026 of @HemisphericViews has landed! ğŸŽ™ “Packed run sheet this week! A ‘quick’ chat …

2021-04-22: Just stumbled upon a shortcut in Craft that is great! To make a link previously, with the link in …

2021-04-21: Streaming Wonderbox! ğŸŽ® https://burk.lol/stream

2021-04-21: It does seem pretty bullshit that blocking the chtbl.com tracker breaks downloading of certain …

2021-04-20: I wanted a vaccine for the last year! I never thought about there being a decision to make as to …

2021-04-20: Derek Chauvin found guilty of all 3 charges in George Floyd’s death …

2021-04-20: Hey Siri, subscribe to @HemisphericViews!

2021-04-20: 🧡 🧡 🧡 🧡 🧡 🧡 🧡 🧡 🧡 🧡 🧡

2021-04-20: See you all in an hour or so!

2021-04-20: Are gas powered leaf blowers illegal yet???

2021-04-20: Waiting for the event like  🐱

2021-04-20: Spring! 

2021-04-19: Can Confirm, having the backups (note snapshots) in Craft is FANTASTIC. Just got back some work that …

2021-04-19: Seems you can’t even view stuff from people on instagram without an account now? Cool story.


2021-04-18: Sunday update on the 1000 Words Project 📷 Total words collected so far: 36!

2021-04-17: I am not “good” at Pokémon, but with help from @alcedine I am going to beat Pokémon Let’s Go. …

2021-04-17: Beautiful Day! 🏖

2021-04-16: Streaming Wonderbox! ğŸŽ® https://burk.lol/stream

2021-04-15: Thursday night streaming! ğŸŽ® burk.lol/stream

2021-04-15: New Coffee! ☕️

2021-04-15: Doing some siding work today since the weather is so nice this week! 🏡

2021-04-15: Look how cool @ericmwalk looks today! 😀 covid immune high five

2021-04-15: Amazon Prime now has over 200 million subscribers As of this friday, it will officially be …

2021-04-14: Streaming Wonderbox! ğŸŽ® User created levels today! https://burk.lol/stream

2021-04-14: I published my first Wonderbox Level! ğŸŽ® ğŸŽ‰

2021-04-14: Photos Memories: Belize — 2012 📷

2021-04-14: What to stream tonight.. ğŸŽ® 🤔

2021-04-13: Finally learning how to make my Twitch page less boring and more exciting!

2021-04-13: iOS 14.5 Beta 8!

2021-04-13: Cars have springs. #CONFIRMED

2021-04-12: Photos Memories: Lands End — 2014 📷

2021-04-11: Sunday update on the 1000 Words Project 📷 Total words collected so far: 31

2021-04-11: Yay!!!!! ğŸ˜€ğŸŽ‰

2021-04-09: Read it later count Beginning of today: 24 End of today: 18

2021-04-09: Streaming who knows what! ğŸŽ® https://burk.lol/stream 7pm-9pm (pacific)

2021-04-09: Another coffee roast to try! ☕️ 😀 https://burk.lol/coffee-roasts

2021-04-09: Do you think there are 800 numbers that aren’t ‘currently experiencing a larger than …

2021-04-08: But how soon is soon!? 😀 ğŸŽ®

2021-04-08: Streaming Wonderbox! ğŸŽ® https://burk.lol/stream

2021-04-08: Do any of you use apps for tracking / training for free weights? For n00bs is best! Weightlifting …

2021-04-08: Problem with hate speech? Don’t fix the root cause, just Silicon Valley™ it! 🤮 Intel’s new AI …

2021-04-08: Also, the Media Corner™ Picks page is updated as well! http://hemisphericviews.com/mediacornerpicks

2021-04-08: It’s Thursday! It’s Hemispheric Views Thursday! Episode 025 / Far Out! @Canion swoons …

2021-04-07: Streaming Wonderbox! ğŸŽ® https://burk.lol/stream

2021-04-07: The majority of mac apps that I use every day (and are running) pop up instantly when clicked on in …

2021-04-07: I have been using Paste (and other) clipboard managers for years. How often have I gone back and …

2021-04-07: I didn’t expect iOS 14.5 Beta 6, but here we are at beta 7 now! 📲

2021-04-06: Next Game Day! ğŸŽ‰ https://microgaming.space Session 1 April 24th, 8am - Portland April 24th, 11am - …

2021-04-05: Sometimes game dialog is too perfect. 🤣 ğŸŽ®

2021-04-05: ğŸŽ®

2021-04-05: 100 @monday episodes!? Wow! Congrats @jean! Bring on the next 100! 🥂 ğŸŽ‰ 😀

2021-04-05: Streaming Wonderbox! ğŸŽ® https://burk.lol/stream

2021-04-05: Any day that I have a reason to use the band saw and drill press is a good day! 😀👍🪵🪚

2021-04-05: Next Game Day! ğŸŽ‰ https://microgaming.space Session 1 April 24th, 8am - Portland April 24th, 11am - …

2021-04-05: I think m.b might be swallowing some posts / replies today & yesterday? 🤔

2021-04-05: Just put words together and you too can be a Silicon Valley Unicorn! 🤪 “…is a …

2021-04-04: Hello Kiwi 👋 🐱

2021-04-04: Streaming The Oregon Trail! ğŸŽ® https://twitch.tv/grepjason

2021-04-04: Photos Memories: Mexico — 2009 📷

2021-04-04: Sunday update on the 1000 Words Project 📷 Total words collected so far: 31

2021-04-03: Streaming Fantasian! ğŸŽ® https://twitch.tv/grepjason

2021-04-03: Today’s little project. Building a little fence for the raspberries. raspberry emoji

2021-04-03: So close last night. 7 people were there, but only 3 actively chatting. Maybe next time! ğŸŽ®

2021-04-02: Clipped from my last stream. This level was a beast! Really well made 👍👍 ğŸŽ® …

2021-04-02: Yes please! 🍪 🌱 🍪

2021-04-02: Another super positive experience streaming Wonderbox on Twitch!? It must be my lucky day! I even …

2021-04-02: Time to stream more Wonderbox! 🥳 ğŸŽ® https://twitch.tv/grepjason

2021-04-02: Another flavor! 🫐

2021-04-02: Photos Memories: San Jose — 2018 📷

2021-04-02: Positive interactions on the internet seem rare anymore. Today was a nice change. Had a nice chat …

2021-04-02: Streaming Wonderbox! ğŸŽ® https://twitch.tv/grepjason

2021-04-02: Yum! 🌴

2021-04-02: Podcast Friday: Gameplay ğŸŽ™Â â€œA podcast about video games and the virtual worlds that power culture …

2021-04-02: World Autism Awareness Day blog.andrewcanion.com A very nice post from @canion

2021-04-01: Extra snacks for their birthday! 🥳 🐱🐱🐱

2021-04-01: Wow! Games like Fantasian are why there must be an Apple TV that is worth a damn in the GPU …

2021-04-01: Probably being paranoid.. Apple has stopped emailing my @mac.com and @me.com addresses and now uses …

2021-04-01: 🤔 🤨

2021-04-01: Xbox remote play works incredibly well! I am playing my Xbox One via my iPad. It’s very cool! ğŸŽ®

2021-04-01: I love how VPN services advertise as “a way to watch streaming content from another …

2021-04-01: Mochi and Kiwi are 12 today!? How!! 🐱 🐱

2021-04-01: I have been using Ecosia search for 894 trees now. It works well and pretty much gets me what I …

2021-04-01: Ubiquiti massive data breach ‘catastrophically worse’ than reported, says whistleblower …

2021-04-01: everything is just fine already US Broadband companies Can’t argue with that.. 🤷‍♂️

2021-04-01: It’s so nice to open my email and have it all be legitimate messages! ğŸŽ‰ 📧

2021-04-01: The Truth about Big Avocado! Hemispheric Views 024 ğŸŽ™ In this installment, we discuss avocados, …

2021-03-31: What a beautiful day!

2021-03-31: This sure is aging well. ☕️ ⚰️

2021-03-31: Day 1,686. Xbox Seris X and PS5 are still a myth. ğŸŽ®

2021-03-30: The May 8th shutdown of Simple Bank is coming very quickly. Still not happy about it, but it’s time …

2021-03-30: It’s that time again! 🚨 NEW GAME TEASER 🚨 Name: 🀫🀫🀫🀫🀫🀫🀫 nope, it's not a QR Code 😉 …

2021-03-30: 📣 Spread the word! 📣 {macro}Dungeon is the Deal of the Day on The Game Crafter! 😀

2021-03-29: Wishing the happiest of Happy Birthdays to the wonderful @alcedine! ğŸŽ‰ ğŸŽˆ ğŸŽ‚ ğŸŽ ❤️ 🥳 Message sent with …

2021-03-29: Scary Movie. 2021.

2021-03-28: I like the way Craft has implemented “Spaces”, it is very helpful for me in keeping …

2021-03-28: Homemade bubble tea! 😀 🧋

2021-03-27: Cookie with the blossoms! 🌸😻

2021-03-27: 🤔

2021-03-27: Great progress already on 1000 Words! Thanks to everyone who has submitted already. Looking forward …

2021-03-27: Great day for Cookie to explore outside! 😀🐱

2021-03-26: Where do I upvote “links in about box”? 😉 @manton

2021-03-26: I think party horn might be my favorite emoji! ğŸŽ‰ğŸŽ‰ğŸŽ‰ğŸŽ‰ğŸŽ‰ğŸŽ‰

2021-03-26: Fastmail. Who Knew? burk.io 📧

2021-03-25: A new photo project! 📷 Spoiler, I want you all to be involved! Check out the blog post for all the …

2021-03-25: Throwback Thursday (2011)

2021-03-25: ❤️spam🤦‍♂️

2021-03-25: Is there a @NetNewsWire iOS beta curently that works with the iCoud sync? //@BrentSimmons Thanks!

2021-03-25: A new @HemisphericViews is ready for your ears! ğŸŽ§ ğŸŽ™ McCafé Mail! Definitely not happy with how the …

2021-03-25: A new photo project! 📷 Spoiler, I want you all to be involved! Check out the blog post for all the …

2021-03-24: I have a new photo project I am going to announce soon and want to involve all of you! More to come, …

2021-03-24: Did you know you can live stream games from the iPad?! I didn’t! But I am doing it right now. …

2021-03-24: Amazon Delivery Drivers Forced to Sign ‘Biometric Consent’ Form or Lose Job That sounds fun. I …

2021-03-23: I have been really into the latest @NetNewsWire lately! ğŸ—ž 😀 👍👍 @BrentSimmons

2021-03-23: Buying Games Physical Copy: $49 Digital Copy: $59 WTF..

2021-03-23: That’s handy! ⌚️📲

2021-03-23: The Oculus Quest USB-C cable is the perfect charging cable for the iPad Pro magic keyboard! 👍👍

2021-03-23: Sometimes I amaze myself. I managed to fall UP the stairs, and then back down part way.. No major …

2021-03-23: If you happen to be one of the wonderful people who have purchased a copy of {macro}Dungeon, perhaps …

2021-03-23: Hmmm. Is macOS 11.3 coming out today? Or maybe it was supposed to? Usually these ship together, …

2021-03-23: I wonder if the (1 year old) “next gen” consoles will be the hot holiday gift for 2021 …

2021-03-23: Microsoft in talks for $10 billion acquisition of Discord It never ends.. ğŸ˜ž

2021-03-22: I always update the night before we record @HemisphericViews 👍

2021-03-22: Photos Memories: Colombia — 2013 📷

2021-03-22: Let’s make it happen!

2021-03-20: 🐮

2021-03-19: Uniform of the day.

2021-03-19: First solo win of Season 2 Chapter 6! ğŸŽ‰ ğŸŽ®

2021-03-19: I think SpamSieve may have just BURNED me REALLY badly. 🤬

2021-03-19: The home button has been gone long enough. It’s time for a toggle to hide this bar. 📱―

2021-03-19: I have never eaten “plant based chicken”. Very curious to see what it is like!

2021-03-19: My Top 5 Social Networks Right Now Micro.blog

2021-03-18: Love seeing Coffee Pot Games Stickers in the wild! 😀👍

2021-03-17: I think we are all done with 2020 taxes now..

2021-03-17: I applied to a job at Panic! 😱 I would be honored to work with such amazing people! if you happen to …

2021-03-16: Screw it, it’s burrito night now! Let’s do this!

2021-03-16: Can’t remember that great Media Corner pick you heard when listening to @HemisphericViews? …

2021-03-15: Finally got the last thing migrated out of Notion. It was an ugly spreadhseet in there, and now …

2021-03-15: Submitting tax docs today!

2021-03-15: I sure hope your Monday is off to a better start than mine. ☕️ 😵‍💫

2021-03-14: Tried finding my old Angelfire site from ~1998 on the wayback machine. No luck. 😟

2021-03-13: Network Firmware Update Day! 👨‍💻 ğŸ¤ž Ubiquiti Amplifi ALIEN » 3.5.0 Ubiquiti Amplifi ALIEN Mesh …

2021-03-12: Movie Night: Hot Fuzz ğŸŽ¥ğŸ¿

2021-03-12: Looks like I have another link to add to Escaping The Amazon.. Want to borrow that e-book from the …

2021-03-12: Just Finished Reading 📚 The Design of Everyday Things By Donald A. Norman

2021-03-12: Every once in a while I did notice some weird battery drain issue re: AirPods Max. The new 3C39 …

2021-03-11: Shaun of the Dead. ğŸŽ¥ 🧟‍♀️

2021-03-11: One of my favorite days, @HemisphericViews Podcast day! Episode 022! ğŸŽ‰ Have you ever had a …

2021-03-10: The @HemisphericViews NFT is OUT OF CONTROL!! 😱 💸

2021-03-10: Camera cluster on the back of my iPhone: Used 100+ times a day! Camera cluster on the back of my …

2021-03-09: Remember back at the beginning of 2020 when I bought an 11” iPad Pro to replace my 12.9” iPad Pro so …

2021-03-09: I think I have completed the quest! Escaping the Amazon

2021-03-09: Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson ( R ) signed a bill into law Tuesday banning almost all abortions in …

2021-03-09: Finally getting around to organizing and cleaning up all my Virtual Machines! 💾

2021-03-09: We recorder another episode of @HemisphericViews today! ğŸ¥³ğŸš¨ğŸŽ™

2021-03-08: I don’t remember where this was taken, but I bet we enjoyed it! 🏝

2021-03-08: They smell amazing!! 🌼

2021-03-08: Going through each item and deleting it on my Amazon wishlist was oddly theraputic! Who knew!

2021-03-08: Thanks @Manton!

2021-03-08: So much progress made on Escape The Amazon! https://burk.io/2021/escaping-the-amazon Biggest updates …

2021-03-07: Feels like with every single day that passes, less feeds in my RSS reader show full articles, …

2021-03-07: Converting audiobooks to .mp3 to remove DRM. And the current book is? 😂

2021-03-07: Listing more stuff for sale online. Let the scams begin! 😔 (On the off chance anyone in the …

2021-03-07: Escaping The Amazon burk.io 🏃‍♂️ 🛒📦🛒📦🛒📦

2021-03-07: Doesn’t look like anything from yesterday posted? 🤔

2021-03-07: Being an “analyst” is so easy. 😂 Step 1: Make stuff up. Step 2: 🤷‍♂️ Step 3: 💰 Apple …

2021-03-06: Got another new coffee to try! ☕️

2021-03-06: We went to New Seasons Market today for the first time. It’s great! 🛒 😀

2021-03-06: Coffee Pot Games logo stickers are now available and they look great! ☕️😀 Check Them Out!

2021-03-05: One of my all time favorite beers 🍻 Have a great weekend everyone!

2021-03-04: How is she so adorable!? 🐱 😻

2021-03-04: The burrito shop knew my nickname! 😂 🌯

2021-03-04: Dinner tonight: trying burritos from around the corner!! 🌯 🍻

2021-03-04: I’m now starting to wonder if the point of all these billionaires is not to compete with one …


2021-03-03: The great migration is complete! Everything I had running on an Intel NUC has been moved over to my …

2021-03-03: Thank you log files! You saved me a bunch of time in figuring out why my config broke. 👍👍

2021-03-03: Hey @manton, is there something on your end that can be added to m.b for richer iMessage previews?

2021-03-03: It kills me that this is an actual bullet point on a job description I saw! Show up to 100% of …

2021-03-03: Notion is so cool.

2021-03-03: 🏷 For Sale: Kindle Oasis E-reader (9th Generation) - Graphite, 7" High-Resolution Display (300 …

2021-03-03: 💡 Plan for 2021 💡 Remove all usage and reliance on Amazon from our life. 📦

2021-03-03: 🧐

2021-03-03: Photos Memories: Monterey — 2016 📷

2021-03-02: Epic Games has bought Tonic Games Group, the company that owns Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout studio …

2021-03-02: Super Followers are the same as Super Spreaders, right?

2021-03-01: hmmm New tumblr app icon. 🧐 I wonder if this means anything significant?

2021-03-01: 📷 Not sure why I never added a “Digital Camera” section to my Museum page, but …

2021-03-01: Hey everyone! Who’s up for a @HemisphericViews sticker giveaway!? 🥳 Check out the details at the …

2021-02-28: Anyone know of a timeline for the addition of tables to Craft?

2021-02-28: 📷 February Photoblogging: Day 28 Prompt: Up Full Resolution Set: flickr

2021-02-28: Today has been a great day! And a very clean day! Thankful for a wonderful SUNday! ğŸŒž Cleaned …


2021-02-28: Deep clean the kitchen day!!! 🧼 🧽

2021-02-28: Here we go! ☕️

2021-02-27: Can’t wait to hear more.

2021-02-27: 📷 February Photoblogging: Day 27 Prompt: Pompasetting Full Resolution Set: flickr

2021-02-27: Excited to try this new coffee! ☕️ 🌈

2021-02-27: An excellent suggestion from @cygnoir! There is now a Board Games channel on the micro.blog Game …

2021-02-27: 📷 February Photoblogging: Day 26 Prompt: Favorite(s) Full Resolution Set: flickr

2021-02-26: After all these years I have finally committed shift + command + ] to memory when using Safari!

2021-02-26: Current mood. 🍕

2021-02-26: yada yada. 🙌

2021-02-26: Something I learned today while looking into how you go about deleting your google account. You can …

2021-02-26: Another item to add to my block list: “apple car”

2021-02-26: 📷 February Photoblogging: Day 25 Prompt: Code Full Resolution Set: flickr

2021-02-25: One of my absolute favorite new pieces of “kitchen gear” are these Prepd shallow silicone trays. …

2021-02-25: Facebook on Thursday announced Oculus Quest 2 VR headset and Portal smart display owners can wake …

2021-02-25: Hot dang! @HemisphericViews Episode 021 is live and ready to be consumed. We didn’t have an …

2021-02-24: Definitely looking forward to 2027 when “5G” is what it was claimed to be.

2021-02-24: 📷 February Photoblogging: Day 24 Prompt: Baby Full Resolution Set: flickr


2021-02-23: Bye Bye Fry’s. End of an era. 😢

2021-02-23: 📷 February Photoblogging: Day 23 Prompt: Banana Full Resolution Set: flickr

2021-02-23: The current leader in worst battery life in a consumer electronic device is the August Wi-Fi Smart …

2021-02-23: We still have @HemisphericViews stickers available! 2 designs available now, more coming soon! Check …

2021-02-23: Someone purchased a copy of {macro}Dungeon today! I don’t know who it was, but whoever it is, …

2021-02-22: 📷 February Photoblogging: Day 22 Prompt: Spell Full Resolution Set: flickr

2021-02-22: Some people love it, some people hate it. I personally can’t get enough of the 1900’s …

2021-02-21: I tried out using old iPhones as webcams today using Camo Studio and EpocCam. Camo seemed to be …

2021-02-21: 📷 February Photoblogging: Day 21 Prompt: Colors Full Resolution Set: flickr

2021-02-21: Sunday Afternoon Coffee. ☕️😀

2021-02-21: Left. 📷

2021-02-21: Definitely a ramen day! Here are the Fixins for today 🍜

2021-02-20: Playing World’s End Club tonight! ğŸŽ®

2021-02-20: Few things make me as happy as sushi & sashimi for dinner (or breakfast. or lunch. or anytime.) …

2021-02-20: These paint pens are RAD!!!

2021-02-20: 📷 February Photoblogging: Day 20 Prompt: Weather Full Resolution Set: flickr

2021-02-20: iPhone mini = Still an A+ Magnet Wallet = Still awesome!

2021-02-20: I wonder what percentage of all iOS users are using Shortcuts? I have to imagine it’s 1% or …

2021-02-20: 📷 February Photoblogging: Day 19 Prompt: Alive Full Resolution Set: flickr

2021-02-19: Podcast Friday: Tomorrow’s Monsters ğŸŽ™Â â€œJack Locke, a mysterious conman with a vendetta who …

2021-02-19: 📷 February Photoblogging: Day 18 Prompt: At Home Full Resolution Set: flickr

2021-02-18: A very appropriate memory for Photos to show me today! 👩‍🚀 💫

2021-02-17: 📷 February Photoblogging: Day 17 Prompt: Still Full Resolution Set: flickr

2021-02-17: Wallpaper.

2021-02-17: Photos Memories: Yosemite National Park — 2017 📷

2021-02-16: 📷 February Photoblogging: Day 16 Prompt: Erudite Full Resolution Set: flickr

2021-02-16: Working on the prototype for the next coffeepot.games game! 😀 teaser 😉

2021-02-16: Similar mood over here @traci 😂

2021-02-16: Brain Cloud. 📷

2021-02-16: 📷 February Photoblogging: Day 15 Prompt: Reflection Full Resolution Set: flickr

2021-02-16: Hooray! The power is restored! 🔋 🔌

2021-02-15: It’s truly amazing how quiet the world is when the power goes out. Even in the dead of night. 🔋🔌🤫

2021-02-14: 📷 February Photoblogging: Day 14 Prompt: Compassion Full Resolution Set: flickr

2021-02-14: Here we go! @alcedine and I are going to stream some Co-Op Portal 2! ğŸŽ® 🤖 📺 …

2021-02-14: ⛄️ 😀 🪵🥕🫐❄️🏔

2021-02-13: A USB-C port for charging and pulling off photos from SD card would make the Q2 perfect (for me). 📷

2021-02-13: 📷 February Photoblogging: Day 13 Prompt: Make Full Resolution Set: flickr

2021-02-13: Trapped.

2021-02-13: Senate Votes to Acquit Trump in Impeachment Trial Surprise. (Not at all. Fuck each and every one of …

2021-02-13: 🥰 🐱

2021-02-12: In honor of first snow, mango margaritas! (I’m sure it makes sense somewhere) 😂 🥭 🍻 ⛄️

2021-02-12: When in heaven, make snow angels! ☃️

2021-02-12: 📷 February Photoblogging: Day 12 Prompt: Sporg Full Resolution Set: flickr

2021-02-12: What would go great with your new @HemisphericViews sticker collection..? 🤔 Probably one of these!

2021-02-12: Our front yard appears to have been erased! ⛄️

2021-02-11: 📷 February Photoblogging: Day 11 Prompt: Machine Full Resolution Set: flickr

2021-02-11: In case you were wondering what the new @HemisphericViews sticker sizes look like! (on a 15" …

2021-02-11: Finished the table upgrade / modification on the drill press today! 🪚 🪵


2021-02-11: Dearest Blood Pressure, We have had our disagreements lately, but honestly, get stuffed! 🖕 …

2021-02-11: It’s true! @HemisphericViews Episode 020 is available now! A Jumper Is a Sloppy Joe! We have …

2021-02-10: 📷 February Photoblogging: Day 10 Prompt: Energy Full Resolution Set: flickr

2021-02-10: 📷 February Photoblogging: Day 09 Prompt: Muddy Full Resolution Set: flickr

2021-02-10: I forgot to post my “Muddy” photo for yesterday! Doing it now! 😬

2021-02-09: This photo challenge section in @gluon by @vincent is too good!!! 😀😀👍

2021-02-09: 4am - 7am Recording and chatting with @canion and @martinfeld. An absolute delight as always! ğŸŽ™ …

2021-02-09: There is no amount of time that is “enough” when it comes to a hot shower. 🔥 🚿

2021-02-08: 📷 February Photoblogging: Day 08 Prompt: Hope Full Resolution Set: flickr

2021-02-08: I picked up this awesome old square yesterday for $10! Beginning work to restore it to former glory …

2021-02-07: 📷 February Photoblogging: Day 07 Prompt: Craving Full Resolution Set: flickr

2021-02-07: Photos Memories: Belize — 2012 📷 (A much needed few weeks of airplane mode)

2021-02-07: Beautiful packaging! 🍻 🍊

2021-02-06: 📷 February Photoblogging: Day 06 Prompt: Sport Full Resolution Set: flickr

2021-02-06: Time for @alcedine and I to start out stream of Portal 2 Co-Op! 🤖 😀 Streaming on Twitch ğŸŽ®

2021-02-06: 🍻 👍👍

2021-02-05: 📷 February Photoblogging: Day 05 Prompt: Pets Full Resolution Set: flickr

2021-02-05: What!? There is a new episode of Lounge Ruminator out today!? I wonder who the guest is? 😉 Go listen …

2021-02-05: Another 4:04am Sleep Not Found I’m afraid..

2021-02-04: 📷 February Photoblogging: Day 04 Prompt: Layers Full Resolution Set: flickr

2021-02-04: Quick brew before jumping on a podcast! ğŸŽ™ ☕️

2021-02-04: If you installed the iOS 14.5 beta, check for updates, there is a new version available this …

2021-02-03: 📷 February Photoblogging: Day 03 Prompt: Comfort Full Resolution Set: flickr


2021-02-03: Testing video uploads using the Mac app rather than the web. ğŸŽ®

2021-02-03: Animated.

2021-02-02: Sublime Ads is really nice! @vincent 👍👍

2021-02-02: If you happen to use Reddit, and wouldn’t mind leaving an upvote on my post about launching …

2021-02-02: I never noticed this until now, there is no Apple Notes app on the Watch? (Clearly I have never …

2021-02-02: Where have I seen these colors before..? 🤔 ⚔️ ğŸŽ® In case you would like the same color scheme. RGB …

2021-02-02: I love the new sorting options in Reminders! (iOS & macOS Betas) Especially Manaul Sort 😀

2021-02-02: 🔗 Photographer Slices Up a Leica for Art 📷

2021-02-02: 📷 February Photoblogging: Day 02 Prompt: Morning Beverage Full Resolution Set: flickr

2021-02-01: blast from the past.

2021-02-01: 📷 February Photoblogging: Day 01 Prompt: Close Up Full Resolution Set: flickr

2021-02-01: 🗓 I updated the shared calendar from previous Photo Blog Challeneges with the words for the current …

2021-02-01: We have Portland library cards now! 📚

2021-02-01: I am sooooo sick of “find all the traffic lights” 😡

2021-01-31: I plan on filling ZERO circles tomorrow! 😀😂😥

2021-01-31: I was playing dress up with Mochi this morning. 👚 👖 🐱

2021-01-31: Day 31 of closing all rings! “How did you finish your rings on day 31?” Replacing the toilet in our …

2021-01-30: Happy to see that .rtfd makes data much more portable between various notes apps!

2021-01-29: If you are using the homebridge-dyson-pure-cool Homebridge plugin and it stopped working for you, …

2021-01-29: I have an internal conflict. I don’t use Twitter and haven’t in many years. I don’t believe in them …

2021-01-28: A new @HemisphericViews episode came out today! 😀 019: It’s a Veblen Good! ğŸŽ™ @canion always …

2021-01-27: If you are into board games or know someone who is, give this new game a look, I just launched it! …

2021-01-27: I don’t believe that the PS5 or Xbox Series X actually ever came out. Anywehre. ğŸŽ®

2021-01-27: A New Board Game: {macro}Dungeon burk.io âš”ï¸ğŸ›¡ğŸŽ‰

2021-01-27: If you are into board games or know someone who is, give this new game a look, I just launched it! …

2021-01-26: Sony Xperia 1 II That’s the name that made it through huh? hmm. ok.

2021-01-26: I guess it does snow here! 😀 ☃️

2021-01-26: Absolutely Gorgeous!! 📷😍

2021-01-26: Photos Memories: Cancún — 2016 📷

2021-01-26: Making a new fitness calendar for myself! Going to pick a new challenge for each month! ⌚️

2021-01-26: 👋 📱14.4, ⌚️7.3, 💻11.2

2021-01-24: Who’s up for a spinach and mushroom omelette!? 🥬🍄🥚

2021-01-24: Share your content with the world! Just Kidding! It’s ours.

2021-01-23: Beautiful day today! Making progress on the new work bench! ☀️ 🪵 🪚

2021-01-22: This PhotoStatistica app looks neat 📷 Has anyone used it?

2021-01-22: This is officially a Big Sur bug.. Happening on 2 computers. 🤔

2021-01-21: A bar graph made of wood. 😆 🪵 📊

2021-01-20: We ( @alcedine + me ) have officially started the Society of Curiosities puzzle adventure!

2021-01-20: Can you reverse four years of utter bullshit in 90 days? We’re sure as hell going to try!! 🇺🇸

2021-01-20: A new episode of @HemisphericViews came out today!? Who knew!? 😀 I bet there is nothing …

2021-01-20: One of the best reasons I can think of to write blog posts about your setup of various things is so …

2021-01-20: NextDNS Setup burk.io 🔒

2021-01-20: 🇺🇸 ğŸŽ‰ 🇺🇸 ğŸŽ‰ 🇺🇸 ğŸŽ‰ 🇺🇸 ğŸŽ‰ 🇺🇸 ğŸŽ‰ 🇺🇸 ğŸŽ‰ 🇺🇸 ğŸŽ‰ 🇺🇸 ğŸŽ‰ 🇺🇸 ğŸŽ‰ 🇺🇸 ğŸŽ‰ 🇺🇸 ğŸŽ‰ 🇺🇸 ğŸŽ‰ 🇺🇸 ğŸŽ‰ 🇺🇸 ğŸŽ‰ 🇺🇸 ğŸŽ‰ 🇺🇸 ğŸŽ‰ 🇺🇸 ğŸŽ‰ 🇺🇸 ğŸŽ‰ 🇺🇸 ğŸŽ‰ 🇺🇸 ğŸŽ‰ …

2021-01-19: I have spent a lot of time recently training SpamSieve for a certain type of message. I just …

2021-01-18: I think this is my first 400% green circle day! 🏆 😀

2021-01-17: Today’s “fill your rings” comes in the form of ripping out an old chicken coop.

2021-01-16: The battery life on the August lock is SHIT.

2021-01-16: It’s 🌮 night!!! ğŸŽ‰

2021-01-16: I have a paid SmugMug account and a flickr pro account. I have been using SmugMug forever and have a …

2021-01-16: It’s been 108 days since I last updated the micro.blog useerscript!? Sureley there are more …

2021-01-15: “We have to deliver better products to the PC ecosystem than any possible thing that a …

2021-01-15: Beautiful! 😍 📷 🔗 The Red TTArtisan 50mm f/0.95 ‘Year of the Ox’ Lens is Gorgeous

2021-01-15: Finally getting around to cleaning up my Safari bookmarks! 🔖

2021-01-15: I should clarify I am starting a new series: “Native Apps Are Enough.” I mean stock platform apps

2021-01-14: I am starting a new series: “Native Apps Are Enough.”

2021-01-14: Is that the first @HemisphericViews episode of 2021 in your podcast player..? 👀 It is indeed! Open …

2021-01-13: Wood workshop winter update! 🪵 🪚

2021-01-13: Stoked to have another episode of @HemisphericViews release tomorrow! ğŸŽ™ 😀

2021-01-13: Oh! It’s my Micro.blogiversary! How many years has it been? 3 years!? Thanks @jean, @manton, …

2021-01-12: We ( @alcedine ) started new WoW characters today. It’s 2021. ğŸŽ®

2021-01-12: I tried editing a podcast while listening to another podcast. It was not a good idea. ğŸŽ™âŒğŸŽ™

2021-01-12: I guess I need a new computer! 👨‍💻 🤷‍♂️

2021-01-12: Finish recording podcast at 6:45am. Power goes out at 7:15am. 👍🙌

2021-01-12: Bye bye power 👋 ⛈ ☔️

2021-01-12: Photos Memories: Location Unknown — 2011 📷

2021-01-12: Recording Light On 🚨 ğŸŽ™

2021-01-11: Thinking a live stream play through of Portal 2 (co-op with @alcedine) would be fun!! ğŸŽ®ğŸ˜€

2021-01-10: Final couple play through sessions of Unannounced Board Game before releasing very soon! 😱

2021-01-10: Today’s “mini project” is a hardwood mallet for tapping pieces into position on …

2021-01-10: Sanding progress 🪵 🪚

2021-01-09: Another board game with friends evening! ğŸŽ²

2021-01-09: Everyone has been talking about Signal the last few days. Is Threema still a thing? That one was …

2021-01-09: Have a great weekend everyone! ☕️

2021-01-08: One of the coolest apps I have seen in a while! WOW! It’s actual magic. 🧙‍♂️ …

2021-01-08: My favorite Fitness+ instructors so far are: Kim Kyle Bakari


2021-01-07: Well, shit. BBVA USA has made the strategic decision to close Simple.

2021-01-07: After all the chaos, 2 plus 2 still equaled 4. Amazing. Happiness? No, not today. Shame and disgust …

2021-01-06: WOAH! @alcedine brought this to my attention today. Game changer! ⌚️ ğŸŽ® No more choosing random other …

2021-01-06: New wallpaper time! 😀

2021-01-06: Photos Memories: Belize — 2012 📷

2021-01-06: They aren’t “Terrorists”, they are “Trump Supporters” HUGE …

2021-01-05: Feature request for Apple Watch: Like “Do not disturb while driving” but “Do not …

2021-01-05: I don’t want to step on @dejus’s “what is is Wednesday?”, so here is a what …

2021-01-05: Preparing a new list. “Companies I will stop doing business with if they hire ex-trump trash …

2021-01-04: ğŸŽ® @HemisphericViews branded Nintendo Switch! 😀

2021-01-04: Internet outage. Back to bed. 🛏

2021-01-03: Onto the next steps of the project! 🪵 🪚 Live on Twitch!

2021-01-03: Let’s get through some of these audiobooks and physical books, shall we? ğŸ“šğŸŽ§

2021-01-02: Movie Night: FANTASTIC FUNGI ğŸŽ¥ 🍿

2021-01-02: First rough cut ✅ 🪚 🪵

2021-01-01: I think we have a successful lamination! 🪵 🪚

2021-01-01: I was hopeful with all the sound effects changes in Big Sur, some of that would have come to iOS. …

2021-01-01: I’m ready!

2020-12-31: Virtual Board Games with friends for the New Year! ğŸŽ²ğŸ¥‚

2020-12-31: It’s clear that our kitties are very interested in what their mommy ( @alcedine ) is doing …

2020-12-31: Piecing together a “live streaming rig” out of stuff I already have around the house! This will be …

2020-12-31: Have a safe, healthy, and happy New Year all you wonderful Micro.bloggers! ğŸŽ† 🥂

2020-12-31: Streaming Live on Twitch! Content: Woodworking in the garage! https://twitch.tv/grepjason

2020-12-31: 2020 Results! On To 2021! burk.io 🥂

2020-12-31: Hemispheric Views — Episode 016 ğŸŽ™ Killer Growth! In this final episode of 2020, @canion reveals his …

2020-12-30: I think I’m going to go with this layout. 🪚

2020-12-30: Need to figure out a way to live stream woodworking projects! 🪚

2020-12-30: We’re onto the next stage of our wine making! 🍷

2020-12-30: Streaming Live on Twitch! Content: Final edit pass on Hemispheric Views Episode 016! …

2020-12-29: Still in search of an Xbox Series X and PS5. ğŸŽ®

2020-12-29: I hope I can get to the bottom of this soon.. Every.Single.Day.

2020-12-29: Streaming Live on Twitch! Content: Playing Games https://twitch.tv/grepjason

2020-12-29: Prepping for my next woodworking project! 🪚 Going to replace the handle on our kettle 🫖

2020-12-29: Time to play everyone’s favorite game! “WTF color is this wall!?”

2020-12-29: Tool Tip 💻

2020-12-29: I have been invited to the Milo family! @HemisphericViews @canion @martinfeld

2020-12-29: I am streaming the edit of the next episode of the podcast! (just to see what it would be like to …

2020-12-28: Abstract 2020. 📷

2020-12-28: Love midday peppers for a snack! 🌶

2020-12-28: Recorded another episode of the podcast (at a different time slot)! I wonder how the show will be …

2020-12-27: ASU UltraBoosts! Graduation shoes! 😀 👟 (I have wayyyy too many shoes!!) 😂

2020-12-26: 🐘 🍒 🍺

2020-12-26: ğŸŽ¥ 📺 🍿 WW84

2020-12-25: Happy Holidays micro.blog family! 🥂 😀 ğŸŽ

2020-12-23: Nothing like giving an unlimited, rubber stamp ‘get out of jail free’ card to a power …

2020-12-21: Lot’s of coolness, but it didn’t work out. 🤷‍♂️📧 *blog post update

2020-12-21: Photos Memories: Layton — 2019 📷

2020-12-20: Wait, there is still question as to whether Tucker Carlson is a piece of actual shit?

2020-12-20: Photos Memories: Cupertino — 2019 📷

2020-12-20: Doing some sound treatment in the office today! ğŸ”Šâž¡ï¸ğŸ”‡

2020-12-18: I just dropped my camera. 📷 I heart actually stopped. 😱

2020-12-18: Another day of Apple Fitness+. I still really dig it! 👏

2020-12-18: Two absolutely beautiful wood working tools that @alcedine got me for my birthday! The purple heart …

2020-12-18: Maybe I am missing something? Do you have to have an account to view Wirecutter now??

2020-12-17: Sushi for dinner!! 🍣 🥳

2020-12-17: This was a really neat and fun camera in 2011! 📷 I really loved the color and finish on it as well.

2020-12-17: This was my first interaction with ‘IOS". The IOS before there was iOS. 🌉 » 

2020-12-17: Another great episode of Hemispheric Views is in your podcast feed right now! You Need to Go Back to …

2020-12-16: I just did 3 of the beginner Fitness+ workouts and my impression is.. This is a really awesome …

2020-12-15: 10 minutes of listening experience. Best audio I have personally ever heard. wow! ğŸŽ§

2020-12-15: Recording a podcast in 4.5 hours.. Do I go to bed, or just stay up.. 😴 ğŸŽ™

2020-12-15: What the actual fuck? It’s insane how warped of a reality 50%+ of the US lives in. Imagine …

2020-12-14: Congrats to incoming President Biden for winning the 2020 election 492 times!

2020-12-14: Wow! Definitely didn’t see that one coming! Ecosia is a search engine that promotes privacy …

2020-12-14: The macOS 11.1 update will update my MacBook Pro from an intel core i7 to an Apple M1, right? 🧑‍💻 😂

2020-12-13: Holy crap! So you know how you can ask Siri “where is my iPhone” and it will make your …

2020-12-13: Hold the phone! There is a mango version now!!?!?? 🥭

2020-12-13: Maturity shines through once again in the dude bro tech review scene. The hot take on the AirPods …

2020-12-12: 🤤 🍕

2020-12-12: Tumblr is lost at sea..

2020-12-11: 😻

2020-12-11: My MacBook is feeling sliggish.. 🤔 💻 🐢 Checks >uptime Ahh yes, 86 days, that’ll be it. 🤣

2020-12-11: It’s snowing!!! ğŸâ˜ƒï¸ğŸŽ®

2020-12-11: Home steak ramen day! 🥩 🍜 😀

2020-12-11: Ingredients: Bread, Avocado, Hot Sauce, Everything Bagel Seasoning. mmmmmmmmmmmmm yum! 😀 🍽

2020-12-10: Photos Memories: San Jose – 2018 📷

2020-12-10: 😀 ☕️ 😀

2020-12-09: Anyone using tumblr these days?

2020-12-09: Quite handy for what I needed to accomplish! Thanks Automator! 🤖👨‍💻

2020-12-08: $41.3 Million for a Gulfstream G650ER!? 🛩

2020-12-08: Wowsers!! ğŸŽ§ HeadPods! Can’t wait to hear them on the 15th! (I went with the lovely green) 😀

2020-12-07: When you decide that you don’t want to pay for content and “ads are fine”. This is …

2020-12-06: Hemispheric Views ğŸŽ™ “People actually sent us their desk photos! Here is the first HVmini (of …

2020-12-06: Photos Memories: Castle Rock State Park – 2015 📷

2020-12-05: I am calling it now! Predator is coming to Fortnite Season 5. If you have seen the movie, you will …

2020-12-05: Photos Memories: Location Unknown – 2009 📷

2020-12-04: Today was officially the last day of classes. I am now done with school. I decided to finally finish …

2020-12-04: Cheers everyone! Have a great weekend! 🥃

2020-12-04: Decided to make a new icon for my email. 🤣 💾 📧

2020-12-03: I don’t know who does the show notes over there at @HemisphericViews but they are not half …

2020-12-03: Hemispheric Views ğŸŽ™ My First Dongle Arrived! “As usual, things get a bit crazy on the show. …

2020-12-02: Still not used to seeing “5G” in the corner of my phone.

2020-12-01: 30 days left to add custom domains to Hey! ğŸ¤ž

2020-12-01: Need more ☕️ for the ğŸŽ™ edit!! 🐝

2020-12-01: I think the new name “Salesforce Squawk” fits Slack really well. Congrats on the …

2020-12-01: Podcast Record Day! ğŸŽ™ ğŸŽ‰

2020-11-30: Wallet arrival! 😀 📲

2020-11-30: Nintendo Switch System Update 11.0.0 Patch Notes 😱 ğŸŽ® Users can wirelessly connect their smart …

2020-11-30: Federal Communications Commission chairman Ajit Pai has confirmed he will be stepping down on …

2020-11-29: I think it was time that @HemisphericViews had a presence on Micro.blog! ğŸŽ™

2020-11-28: ….??? 🧐 ⚔️ 🛡 ♟ 🤷‍♂️

2020-11-28: Make sure your tree has enough RAM this holiday season! ğŸŽ„ (We’ve upped it to 64GB this year)

2020-11-27: Leaf. 📷

2020-11-27: I am loving these shades of green! 💚 📷

2020-11-27: Plant or Tiny Sea Creatures!? 🌳 🐙 📷

2020-11-26: ğŸŽ¥ 🍿 Insert Coin

2020-11-26: 🦃

2020-11-26: Happy Thanksgiving! Wishing you all a wonderful (and tasty) day! 🦃 ğŸ§¡ğŸ’›ğŸ¤Ž 😀

2020-11-26: The transition to Dark Sky can’t come soon enough. Tapping the weather widget on iPadOS and getting …

2020-11-25: Photos Memories: Big Sur – 2012 📷

2020-11-25: Started playing NieR:Automata last night. ğŸŽ®

2020-11-25: Photos Memories: Quicksilver County Park – 2018 📷

2020-11-24: Magnet charging! 🧲

2020-11-24: We had 5G with our old sims, but now we have even more 5Gs in our 5G. This new 5G is 5Ger than the …

2020-11-24: So many great SF Symbols exist, but Reminders only has a tiny handful..? 🤔

2020-11-24: New What The Golf levels!! 🏌️‍♂️ ğŸŽ 😀

2020-11-23: Getting closer! 🪚

2020-11-23: I really want Walkie-Talkie on the iPhone! ⌚️📲

2020-11-23: Photos Memories: Somewhere in the air.. – 2020 📷

2020-11-23: Seems to me if you are wondring how well Apple did with the initial M1 transition, just look to how …

2020-11-23: Photos Memories: California – 2009 📷

2020-11-22: Continuing work on my floating shelf with built in MagSafe! I decided to add an Apple Watch charger …

2020-11-21: I talked about this on episode 005 of the podcast, but I don’t believe I posted here. What …

2020-11-21: Bye Bye Hair!

2020-11-21: Finished my woodworking project for the day so I decided to cut the majority of my hair off next. …

2020-11-21: How low can it go!? 😀

2020-11-20: So I made a floating nightstand a while back and now I’m re-sanding it and adding a MagSafe charger! …

2020-11-20: Podcast Friday: Takeout Breakout ğŸŽ™Â â€œYour hosts Megan, Emily, Giselle, and Cate surprise each other …

2020-11-20: Doing a weekly review while listening to @theweeklyreview. How review’y of me!

2020-11-20: iPhone 12 mini rocks all the socks! 🧦📲

2020-11-20: It’s 2pm somewhere.. ☕️

2020-11-19: I just watched a 45 min video on how to properly fell a tree. Am I going to be cutting down large …

2020-11-19: I thought I was dealing with a weird macOS bug when my AirPods only seemed to have sound on the …

2020-11-19: Hemispheric Views ğŸŽ™ You’ve Buggered Up Your Quadrants! “I share my impressions of the …


2020-11-19: Five Geeeeeeee!!!!!!! 😂

2020-11-18: I am in full on “plan our next Japan vacation " mode! ğŸ‡¯ğŸ‡µğŸŽ‰âœˆï¸ (not sure when it will be …

2020-11-18: “The United States government is perfectly capable of escorting trespassers out of the White House”

2020-11-18: Hooray! 🔊 😀

2020-11-18: This “They only have 16GB of Ram” thing is Megapixels all over again. Don’t fall …

2020-11-18: My system said it was out of memory and I couldn’t imagine how that could be possible.. …

2020-11-18: Our home internet situation went from Good (Paxio) » Horrific Trash (Comcast) » AMAZING! …

2020-11-18: That trial didn’t last very long 😂

2020-11-17: Installed a new kitchen sink today! 😀😀

2020-11-17: Unlock with Apple Watch for 1Password 7.7 is wonderful! ⌚️🔓

2020-11-17: Wait, what!? Different colored flags actually work on iOS now!!?? 🤯 🚩📧

2020-11-17: oh! So I was talking about VPNs a little while back. The decision looks to be made now that ClearVPN …

2020-11-17: Photos Memories: Yosemite – 2017 📷

2020-11-16: Photos Memories: Wisconsin – 2018 📷

2020-11-16: Snap into a Red Bull! 🐮

2020-11-15: 🚨 Reminder: The next Game Day is November 21st! 🚨 Check microgaming.space for the times and details! …

2020-11-15: Shishito peppers night!!

2020-11-15: I 💚 iPhone mini!

2020-11-15: Beautiful tree gradient! 🍁

2020-11-15: You now know what @martinfeld’s and @canion’s desk situations are like now (if not, be …

2020-11-15: You now know what @martinfeld’s and @canion’s desk situations are like now (if not, be …

2020-11-14: ğŸŽ®

2020-11-14: Delivered to the wrong address initially, but it’s here now! ğŸŽ®

2020-11-14: 43 it is then. 😆

2020-11-13: Apple switched back to the good sim tool!

2020-11-13: youtube-dl update 2020-11-13 It looks like the latest version (v2020.11.12) is working with …

2020-11-13: Our favorite pizza from Pizza Jerk (NE Portland)! 🍕 It’s Always Sunny in Cully (Pepperoni, …

2020-11-13: I love this! 😂 https://xkcd.com/2385/ 👩‍💻

2020-11-13: 🤗

2020-11-13: Happy Days! iPhone mini has landed! 💚📱

2020-11-13: Which number is larger than 270 again? 306 or 232 Asking for an enemy..

2020-11-12: Made up a stuffed pepper recipe for dinner tonight! Hope they are delicious! Ingredients: ground …

2020-11-12: There is always that one thing you forget to check before updating your OS.. 😬 I remembered the …

2020-11-12: Cool! I was just talking about this a week or so back!

2020-11-12: You already know what @martinfeld’s desk situation is now (if not, be sure to give it a …

2020-11-11: Thank you all so much for the anniversary wishes! Today was a great day spent with the wonderful …

2020-11-11: Made updates to “My youtube-dl setup” blog post to reflect recent DMCA bs and updated …

2020-11-11: Hey. HEY. HEY! burk.io 📧

2020-11-11: 3287 Days! 😀 @alcedine

2020-11-10: New Macs announced today. 🤣

2020-11-10: Let’s get this party started!!

2020-11-10: Curious when you will be able to purchase an Xbox Series X for retail price? Did anyone get one when …

2020-11-10: This color is gorgeous! 😍🧡

2020-11-10: Today is the kind of day that relates to something that I wrote in my latest blog post regarding my …

2020-11-10: I think I am going to take a pass on today. Can’t focus on anything in a worthwhile way. Stuff …

2020-11-10: Hey. HEY. HEY! burk.io 📧

2020-11-10: If you use youtube-dl and it seems to have stopped working mid yesterday when looking at your …

2020-11-10: Bring on the preorder date!!!! 

2020-11-10: If you already use it, or were thinking about it. 50% is pretty nice! 😀

2020-11-09: I have no idea what the star button does but I pushed it!

2020-11-09: Hemispheric Views ğŸŽ™ Episode 006: HVmini // Battlestations — Martin’s Desk “The first in …

2020-11-08: Baby Yoda Show season 2 time! 📺

2020-11-08: I tried booking at the Four Seasons Total Landscaping for our anniversary next week, but they seem …

2020-11-07: iPhone 12 mini / Green / 256GB ✅ iPhone 12 mini Silicone Case with MagSafe - Kumquat ✅ iPhone …

2020-11-06: Definitely a soup day! 🥣

2020-11-06: I wonder what these little bonus episodes of Hemispheric Views are all about? I guess I will have to …

2020-11-06: 5AM! 5G!

2020-11-06: Here we go!

2020-11-05: 4:45am alarm set. ⏰ 📲

2020-11-05: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Just be 270 already!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

2020-11-05: LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special | Official Trailer | Disney+ @alcedine showed me this morning and I …

2020-11-05: 4:30am is one of my least favorite times in the day.

2020-11-04: New puzzle! 🐱

2020-11-04: It’s so precious when people are still writing that “blah blah is unlikely in this …

2020-11-04: Hemispheric ViewsğŸŽ™ I Used the Corporate Card! “What’s going on this week? Well, let us …

2020-11-03: New day tomorrow. New firmware to capture it. 📷

2020-11-03: Cheers to a better tomorrow everyone. Please be well. ❤️

2020-11-03: Neat! I wasn’t expecting a 3.0 firmware this soon after 2.0. Happy to see development …

2020-11-03: Me in 2016: I am surprised you think he would do anything worthwhile for our country. Me in 2020: …

2020-11-03: Every time we have to set the clocks forward or back I count how many clocks need to be manually …

2020-11-02: I have no need for one, but totally want one! 😀 Raspberry Pi 400

2020-11-02: We don’t use eero WiFi anymore, so naturally our eero plus is expiring soon. Need to do a …

2020-11-02: Microblogvember 02 Concentrate? Simply keeping my head above water is my main objective at this …

2020-11-02: You know how when your sports team loses “the big game” and your city is wrecked, or …

2020-11-01: A while ago I was talking about working on a Micro.blog Apple Watch app. Two things made me decide …

2020-11-01: I wonder who turned off the spam filters over at mac.com / me.com / icloud.com? 📧

2020-11-01: Microblogvember 01 Today is dreary. So was yesterday. And the day before that. Looking forward is …

2020-11-01: NOVEMBER

2020-10-31: I really like this new macOS wallpaper! 😍

2020-10-30: Favorite Candy. 🍬 GO!!

2020-10-30: Almost forgot that it’s Baby Yoda - Season 2 day! 📺

2020-10-30: Hooray! 14.2 GM! No more of this pop up!

2020-10-30: I get the idea of the red chump hats that say something “funny” on them istead of his bs …

2020-10-30: Everything talks about upgrading to 4TB of iCloud storage, but there is no price anywhere. Weridly, …

2020-10-30: Photos Memories: San Jose – 2018 📷

2020-10-30: Easy choice today!

2020-10-30: Users can buy iCloud storage in addition to Apple One plans, for up to 4TB I am actually happy …

2020-10-28: Happy to see you can now pay for Micro.blog using Apple Pay! BaDing! <—that’s the …

2020-10-28: I thought clicking the icon on the right would bump it up in single increments. It does not. It goes …

2020-10-28: Getting so close I can feel it! 👨‍💻

2020-10-27: The White House science office listed “ending the COVID-19 pandemic” as the top accomplishment of …

2020-10-27: Photos Memories: Belize – 2012 📷

2020-10-27: Water found on Moon. If you voted for Biden you thought: “Oh cool, I wonder what this could …

2020-10-27: 22% of American adults either moved or know someone who moved during the pandemic That seems like a …

2020-10-27: App of the day: TextSniper “This thing is friggin awesome!” -Jason It’s on SetApp …

2020-10-27: The lack of coverage regarding GitHub & youtube-dl to be odd and concerning. It doesn’t …

2020-10-26: Your ballot for the November 2020 General Election has been accepted and will be counted! 🗳

2020-10-26: Reeder 5 Sync Mac mini: Every 5 minutes MacBook Pro: Don’t fetch on this Mac iPhone: …

2020-10-25: Outa the way! We’re making wine!!! 🍷 🍇

2020-10-25: The very first full copy of BOARD GAME NAME REDACTED has arrived! 😀😀 âš”ï¸ğŸ›¡ğŸŽ² Time for final tweaks …

2020-10-25: Never had one of these before. 🥭 🍺

2020-10-25: How do you feel about the little app/podcast banners in mobile Safari? 👍 Good 🤷‍♀️ Indifferent ğŸ‘Ž Bad

2020-10-25: New stickers!

2020-10-24: 👍

2020-10-24: Photos Memories: San Jose – 2013 | Film 📷

2020-10-24: https://jointwt.org huh.. wat.. That’s really the name you went with?? Twt and thus all Twt.social …

2020-10-24: Filling out our ballots!! 🗳

2020-10-23: Getting this a lot today..?


2020-10-23: If you were wondering how to make a website absolutely perfect. Look no further than this!

2020-10-23: Another new set of iPhones, I bet we get to see more idiots throwing iPhones on the ground to …

2020-10-23: Hemispheric Views ğŸŽ™ Episode 004: iChunes! “We wrap back to see how Andrew’s experience …

2020-10-23: Prepping tomorrow’s coffee! 😀☕️

2020-10-22: Definitely feels like a coupe day. 🍜

2020-10-22: We’re moving up! 🦘

2020-10-22: Hemispheric Views ğŸŽ™ Episode 004: iChunes! “We wrap back to see how Andrew’s experience …

2020-10-21: I ❤️ Portland.

2020-10-21: Welcome to Micro.blog @jidabug 👋 😀 ğŸŽ®

2020-10-21: I think my gluon push notifications may have stopped.. 🤔

2020-10-21: Why not grab the Hemispheric Views Apple Watch Face in preparation for the next episode! 😀 (I am not …

2020-10-21: I wonder if my iPhone mini will make Control Center a usable feature!?

2020-10-21: 👍👍

2020-10-20: Imagine if Trump shut the f*ck up for once. Now, don’t imagine it, and make it happen! VOTE. …

2020-10-20: 💻 12 inch MacBook Apple Silicon OLED Display Runs macOS / iOS / iPadOS apps natively GO! 💸 💸 💸 💸 💸

2020-10-20: My Reeder 5 Settings. 👍

2020-10-20: “5G” is the wrong emphasis for the new iPhone 12 line. Simply because 5G has nothing to …

2020-10-20: We’re not last, but we’re not first either! Don’t let @manton (Austin) beat us! 😉 …

2020-10-20: Emotional Compression. burk.io 💬

2020-10-19: ğŸŽ‰ ☕️

2020-10-19: Good! Because that pricing was B S !

2020-10-19: Photos Memories: New York – 2014. 📷

2020-10-19: Emotional Compression. burk.io 💬

2020-10-18: We just learned that there is an easter egg game within the screen on our kettle! It’s silly …


2020-10-18: The president is big on “herd immunity” for two reasons: That is how he thinks about …

2020-10-17: 🚨 Reminder: The next Game Day is October 24th! 🚨 Check microgaming.space for the times and details! …

2020-10-17: Including multiple app icons is such a big thing on iOS apps now, why not on macOS apps? No similar …


2020-10-16: “Even if you chopped the wagon up into little pieces” @macgenie 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

2020-10-15: ☕️

2020-10-15: Cool story. 😂

2020-10-14: New puzzle added to the collection!

2020-10-14: Cardboard mock-up! 😀 131.5mm x 64.2mm Can’t wait!!! 🤩

2020-10-14: Bartender 4 - Public Beta 💻

2020-10-13: Things that have been made with our grapes: Jam, Raisins, Syrup. What’s next? Wine! 🍷 🍇

2020-10-13: Portland, OR // October 13, 2020 // 08:56 am 📷 #adayinthelife

2020-10-13: iPhone 12 mini - Green. ✅

2020-10-13: First time I have posted in a support forum in a loooonnnggg time! Hope they are nice. ğŸ¤ž

2020-10-12: “Accidentally” ordered pizza for dinner. 🤷‍♂️ 😉 🍕

2020-10-12: Weird dream last night: Someone took all the trees from our house in the night. 🌳❌

2020-10-12: I wonder what a Spark 3.0 will look like.. 🤔 Or perhaps we will continue down the 2.9.10 path?

2020-10-11: I could make / eat guacamole every single damn day. ❤️ 😍 🥑

2020-10-11: I was playing 1v2 Rocket League basketball. Tied up and 22 seconds go. 1 play left. I managed a …

2020-10-11: I not only found one of my favorite beers of all time, but it’s wayyyy after the season it should be …

2020-10-10: Just started Alwa’s Awakening on the Switch! ğŸŽ®

2020-10-09: Oh, happy blot day to me! (My blots renewed today) ğŸŽ‚

2020-10-09: Hemispheric Views ğŸŽ™ It’s Very Internet! “Jean MacDonald joins us! The upcoming …

2020-10-08: testing my last 2 posts did not hit the timeline..

2020-10-08: Hemispheric Views ğŸŽ™ It’s Very Internet! “Jean MacDonald joins us! The upcoming …

2020-10-07: OfferUp has been great in Portland! 👍

2020-10-06: Tonight 🍴 Chinese Food 📺 Tiny World 😀😀

2020-10-06: Another (I think sucessful) edit! ğŸŽ™

2020-10-05: New slogan? UPS. Crushing it.™️

2020-10-05: Sometimes you don’t want to Monday anymore. 🐱

2020-10-03: More Tiny World tonight! 📺 😀

2020-10-03: Shoulder Kitty™️

2020-10-03: Playing around with new lock screen wallpapers! 😂 🤔

2020-10-03: Phone trees. 😭


2020-10-03: If I fits, I sits.

2020-10-02: 📺 🍿 Tiny World


2020-10-02: Flu Shot Day! 💉

2020-10-01: No, you didn’t know it was October. 😬

2020-10-01: Strands. 📷 (👀 at 100%)

2020-09-30: A few more updates to the Micro.blog “dark mode” userscript. Version 2020.09.30.09 …

2020-09-30: Kottke gets it. The President Is a White Supremacist. And So Are You if You Support Him.

2020-09-30: It is truly astonishing how many politicians value their own shitty political existence over another …

2020-09-30: Amazon One: Palm scanner launched for ‘secure’ payments …

2020-09-29: or crosswalks or hydrants or stop lights or cars or bicycles or signs or airplanes or people or …

2020-09-29: Still needs work, but the initial update to the Micro.blog “dark mode” userscript is …

2020-09-29: Congrats on the release @manton! 🍻

2020-09-29: When it comes to App Subscriptions, you are not paying for what you got today, you are paying for …


2020-09-29: I wonder how the Keybase purchase by Zoom is going 🤔

2020-09-28: Next wood working project! A shelf.

2020-09-28: Today’s research project: Finding out the history of “Rip City” relating to …

2020-09-28: Time. How does it work!? Most of the time..

2020-09-27: Excited and anxious to see how badly mb.userscript is going to break with the release of Micro.blog …

2020-09-27: “We’ve got him now” instance #1,876,235,375,278

2020-09-27: Learning how to make stuff out of wood Latest project: I finished the cat dinner tables! 😺🐟😺🐟😺🐟

2020-09-27: They are neither “Proud” nor “Boys.” They are grown adult men who make a …

2020-09-26: iOS widgets are useless if they don’t update in the background. I am very underwhelmed and sad about …

2020-09-26: Yum! @alcedine made pasta sauce with the tomatoes in our garden! 🍝

2020-09-26: One of my fav mugs! Love the square handle especially.  🌈

2020-09-26: Flickr Survey

2020-09-26: Enola Holmes was a lot of fun! 🍿 ğŸŽ¥ 😀 👍 🕵️‍♀️

2020-09-26: Just finished Luigi’s Mansion 3 with @alcedine in co-op mode! Great Game! ğŸŽ® 15h 27min

2020-09-25: Movie Night! Enola Holmes ğŸŽ¥ğŸ¿

2020-09-25: The name of our home server is WOPR 😀 What do you name your computers?

2020-09-25: I love colorful cables!! 💕

2020-09-25: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) announced Friday the state will completely reopen its economy, …

2020-09-25: Oh! I didn’t expect that going from 10.15.6 to 10.15.7 🤷‍♂️

2020-09-25: 🌧 😀 ❤️

2020-09-25: Hemispheric Views It’s Worth $15 on Gumtree! “This week we chat wildfires in both …

2020-09-24: I am putting free ads or as I call them “Shoutouts” on my blog using Sublime Ads!

2020-09-24: A remote controlled camera drone inside your house that is owned by Amazon. 😂 lolnope.

2020-09-24: I am no longer 😡 at Logic Pro X. I think I am now 😀.

2020-09-24: 🚨 Reminder: The next Game Day is September 26th! 🚨 Check microgaming.space for the times and …

2020-09-24: Hemispheric Views It’s Worth $15 on Gumtree! “This week we chat wildfires in both …

2020-09-23: I’m getting better! ğŸŽ™

2020-09-22: I am “good” at a lot of things, but it’s good to admit when you are not good at …

2020-09-22: macOS Big Sur 11 beta 8 is the first beta that feels like mcOS! 🍾

2020-09-22: macOS Big Sur 11 beta 8 Things progress!

2020-09-21: Mini consoles! ğŸŽ® PlayStation Genesis SNES NES Turbo Grafx 16

2020-09-21: 🚨 Reminder: The next Game Day is September 26th! 🚨 Check microgaming.space for the times and …

2020-09-19: In other news, trump still thinks TikTok is Twitter.

2020-09-19: minimal. Some neat new ideas here. a meditation-inspired writing app.

2020-09-18: How can we completely ruin a design and pretend like a ratings system provides any value? Answer: …

2020-09-18: The nachos process begins!! 🍻 🤤

2020-09-18: Just finished The Last Campfire! 🔥 ğŸŽ® 👍 😀

2020-09-18: He can’t do a damn thing about an actual threat to the country, but we’re safe from TikTok. Wow. …

2020-09-17: This beta of iPadOS should only be deployed on devices dedicated for iPadOS 14.2 beta software …

2020-09-17: If I had to guess, I would say 75%-85% of the apps I have installed are there “just in case”.

2020-09-17: 🚨 MasterClass is Giving College Students a $180 1-Year Subscription for Just $1 SEPTEMBER 17 ONLY

2020-09-17: 🙌

2020-09-16: For the first time in the history of iOS, you have the opportunity to be the default browser and …

2020-09-16: The Best Buy checkout system is melting right now from PS5 preorder attempts. ğŸ”¥ğŸŽ®

2020-09-16: I wonder which Mail clients and Browsers will be first in line to support the new iOS 14 default …

2020-09-16: Happy Nova day! Check it out if haven’t already. It’s great!

2020-09-15: Oh, hello there. 🕷🕸

2020-09-15: LEGO x Adidas Originals 🤩 😱

2020-09-15: Feb 2020 ➡️ Sept 2020

2020-09-15: Experiment 🤷‍♂️ Safari + Pocket + Raindrop ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ Safari

2020-09-15: Let the GM downloads Begin! 📲

2020-09-15: The new Hemispheric Views Apple Watch bands look great! 😉

2020-09-15:  Ready!

2020-09-15: The auto switching of the AirPods Pro is now working on mine and wow is it magical! Pick up device, …

2020-09-15: New holdfast! 🔨

2020-09-14: Please Rain. Please Rain. Please Rain. Please Rain. Please Rain. Please Rain. Please Rain. Please …

2020-09-14: Just sell TikTok already so the buyer can start their regret for the last remaining days of their …

2020-09-14: Nintendo taking some inspiration from Xbox!? Remote install from web. Yes! More things like this! ğŸŽ®


2020-09-13: Interesting look when the app icon is the same color as the badge

2020-09-13: Trying out this Sugru stuff for the first time! ğŸ¤ž

2020-09-12: I didn’t think I would notice a perceivable difference between an AQI of 400 to 500. I was wrong.

2020-09-12: Dear AQI, 417 is the wrong direction. kthnxbai.

2020-09-12: I have done it!! Solved!! This is a great one! 😀 our puzzle collection

2020-09-12: iOS and iPadOS feel like they need another solid 2-3 betas. 📱 macOS feels like it needs another …

2020-09-12: Looking out. 📷

2020-09-11: Walkie-Talkie on the Apple Watch is really fun! 😀 ⌚️

2020-09-11: Hemispheric Views Podcast burk.io ğŸŽ™

2020-09-11: I think I finally found the setting that was was driving me crazy! ⌚️ ğŸŽ‰

2020-09-11: 🚨 Next Game Day is September 26th! 🚨 Micro.Blog Game Days Join the Discord

2020-09-10: All red.. 🔴

2020-09-10: 🚨 Second session is live! 🚨 Micro.Blog Game Days Join the Discord

2020-09-10: That’s certainly not true….. 🤨

2020-09-10: Let the sauce making begin!

2020-09-10: A browser plugin that let’s you search amazon and then shows you where you can buy it at local …

2020-09-10: Podcast Friday (one day early): Hemispheric Views ğŸŽ™ “Join @MartinFeld, Andrew @Canion, and Jason …

2020-09-10: As an experience.. Slack feels like Windows 95. Discord feels like macOS.

2020-09-10: I will never understand the concept of not being able to pump your own gas in Oregon.

2020-09-10: Easy Decision! 👍

2020-09-10: Great first session of Game Days! Mario Kart is still so much fun! ğŸŽ® 😀 Session two for today is at …

2020-09-10: 🚨 First session is live! 🚨 Micro.Blog Game Days Join the Discord

2020-09-09: Hoping all of our new Oregon neighbors remain safe and the fires stay at bay. ♥️

2020-09-09: Hope my time tracking app gets updated for Big Sur soon.. 😬 🤔 ğŸ¤ž I think it’s the only app I …

2020-09-09: As a government function, using twitter as your main source of pushing information out to the public …

2020-09-09: Orange. 📷 burk.photos

2020-09-09: New Puzzle! 😀

2020-09-09: **South** **North** 🧐

2020-09-09: Awesome! Nova (from Panic) is launching next week! Inst-buy for sure. The beta has been a joy to use …

2020-09-09: 🚨 Tomorrow is the day! 🚨 Micro.Blog Game Days Join the Discord Games On Deck Switch: Mario Kart PS4: …

2020-09-09: Mark Zuckerberg says Apple’s App Store ‘deserves scrutiny’ Anything that takes …

2020-09-08: Castro sure is a beautiful app. And thoughtfully designed! It’s one of those apps that makes you …

2020-09-08: Mochi is quite the hunter! 🐱 ğŸŽ£

2020-09-08: A fuzzy trap! 🐱

2020-09-08: Here we go! ⏰ ğŸŽ™

2020-09-07: 🚨 Just a few more days! 🚨 Micro.Blog Game Days Join the Discord Games On Deck Switch: Mario Kart …

2020-09-07: Working on some new watch face layouts. Time to shake things up. ⌚️

2020-09-07: “Leakers” like Jon Prosser help no one and hurt everyone. I am disgusted by whoever their sources …

2020-09-07: “Now in Theaters and IMAX!!” Cool. No Thanks. ğŸ‘Ž

2020-09-06: QC35 ear cup replacement!

2020-09-06: Broccoli Beef! 🍴

2020-09-06: Also interesting. Minty. Could be a good mixer?

2020-09-06: A “smart watch” before there were “smart watches”.

2020-09-06: Very interesting! Has a smell of chocolate and light taste of coffee and cola. I’m into it!

2020-09-05: ğŸŽ¶ Currently Playing ğŸŽ¶

2020-09-05: The Microsoft Duo looks beautiful

2020-09-05: Anyone in the Portland Area in the market for a SONOS PLAYBAR? https://offerup.co/Xi0jcycMx9

2020-09-05: Picked up an awesome second hand vise today! 😀 🧰

2020-09-04: !?

2020-09-04: The only correct vote is a vote that removes this piece of shit. Trump: Americans Who Died in War …


2020-09-03: I like this pencil! ✏️

2020-09-03: 👋📱7💻 6

2020-09-02: August Photo Challenege I did with a couple freinds. 📷

2020-09-01: Huge update to Sunlit! Well done team! This is a massive upgrade for Micro.blog users and anyone …

2020-09-01: Public Calendar Link added to the Micro.blog Game Days page! 📆

2020-09-01: Spending some time today to organize and update my Drafts actions!

2020-09-01: Snarky Not-Posts // August 2020 ➤ Remember when people cared about folding phones for 5 min? 📱 ➤ …

2020-08-31: Accidentally ordered pizza delivery from another state.. 😂 🍕

2020-08-31: Power. 📷

2020-08-31: Here we go again… 📧

2020-08-30: Low. 📷

2020-08-29: Here goes nothin! (Or possibly everything!?) 😂 🇦🇺 🍴

2020-08-29: Silicon Valley glory days are over. It will be mostly dismantled by 2030. Whether for the right …

2020-08-28: Amazon’s fitness band creates a 3D model of your body + recognizes the emotion in your voice! …

2020-08-28: Micro.blog Game Days info updated! ğŸŽ® https://microgaming.space https://discord.gg/jaNBdrx

2020-08-27: Now Playing: The Last Campfire 🕹

2020-08-27: HomeKit 2020 Update! burk.io 💡

2020-08-27: Wide. 📷

2020-08-27: I wonder who gets to be the CEO to choose between helping actual people or burning trucklooads of …

2020-08-26: Summer. 📷

2020-08-26: It is absolutely nuts to think about the fact that our current president actually wants us all dead. …

2020-08-26: Remember what POS in Chief said, “if you don’t test, you don’t get new …

2020-08-25: You had a good run Oculus. RIP. Time to find a new VR platform to use. 🖕FB. Facebook used the …

2020-08-25: Oh, hello there. 👋 📲

2020-08-25: Making A Board Game - Part 6 burk.io 🛡

2020-08-24: Making A Board Game - Part 6 burk.io 🛡

2020-08-23: It hurts to know people are watching these bullshit tr(ch)ump ads on YouTube and buying every second …

2020-08-23: Small. 📷

2020-08-23: It doesn’t matter how fancy you think your kitty houses are, nothing beats a cardboard box. …

2020-08-23: Think back 1,804 years ago, the year is 2016. Remember hearing: My vote doesn’t matter. He can’t …

2020-08-22: Hmmm.. I think my Mac mini has turned itself off twice.. 🤔 Doing some investigating to see if I can …

2020-08-22: Things that are overlooked: the iPad data plan that I haven’t used in over 6 months given the state …

2020-08-21: Of all the cameras I have owned over the years, the Leica Q2 continues to be my absolute favorite to …

2020-08-21: Gift. 📷

2020-08-21: It’s a home ramen lunch kind of day! 🌧 ☁️

2020-08-21: Morning breakfast 🍇 harvest! 😀

2020-08-20: No promises! BUT, I am going to try and make this a thing, somehow, someway. It will be rough, but …

2020-08-20: My nightmares are made of this! The latest update to Adobe’s Lightroom app for iOS and iPadOS had a …

2020-08-19: Gaudy. 📷

2020-08-19: Another Tagmoji advances to production! ğŸŽ‰ Cycling 🚲 🚴‍♀️ 🚴‍♂️ 🚵‍♀️ 🚵‍♂️

2020-08-19: Logitech “notch”.

2020-08-19: Ahh, there it is. 💻

2020-08-18: I am quite surprised this App Airport “system” hasn’t been shutdown yet.

2020-08-18: Screenshots on iOS really need to stop sounding like a camera shutter.

2020-08-18: Let me know if you would like to buy our Oculus Quest. Oculus today announced a change to its login …

2020-08-18: DevBeta5. Fix the camera issues? We shall see! ğŸ¤ž

2020-08-18: Updated to include other consoles to broaden interest. Also updated the interest list form ğŸŽ®

2020-08-18: Micro.blog Xbox Game Night Interest List ğŸŽ® (Pass it on!)

2020-08-18: Micro.blog Xbox One Game Night?

2020-08-18: This should be interesting! 📺 Advanced algorithms to fly simulated F-16 dogfights against each …

2020-08-17: “After Microsoft, Oracle is also reportedly looking to buy TikTok” 😂 🤣 😂

2020-08-17: One thing that comes to mind for me in this Apple / EPIC Games thing is how many more hundreds of …

2020-08-17: Space. 📷

2020-08-17: Oregon Driver Licenses are gorgeous! 😍 So colorful and SO many cool holograms!

2020-08-17: Started Journaling January 1st this year. I have made an entry every day. Today it is now starting …

2020-08-17: New fancy propeller!

2020-08-16: Move. 📷

2020-08-16: Completed: The Touryst ğŸŽ® I liked it a lot! Not too long of a game, with exploration with some fun …

2020-08-16: Movie Night: Sonic The Hedgehog ğŸŽ¥ 🍿 🦔

2020-08-15: Would a Luna Display (USB-C version) make a meaningful change to anyone’s setup / workflow in …

2020-08-14: It’s Friday. What does that mean? IT’S NACHOS DAY!!!

2020-08-14: Day 1 of teaching myself woodworking! Working on turning a piece of junk wood into a shelf!

2020-08-13: Up 📷

2020-08-13: New puzzle!!! 🧩

2020-08-13: For every 1 point of dumb decision damage you inflict, you receive 10 points of damage to your …

2020-08-13: Nineteen Eighty-Fortnite 🤣 Well played

2020-08-13: Everyone’s favorite past time. Paint the garage day!!

2020-08-13: I saw a couple titles in my RSS this morning mentioning “Portal 3” and got REALLY …

2020-08-13: Good Morning! 🥴

2020-08-13: You know what is terrible? The sound of your own voice. ğŸŽ™ 🤮

2020-08-12: Of the 6,836,783,842,678,183 things wrong in the world, banning TikTok (a service that will die on …

2020-08-11: Stand Hours today: 19. ⌚️ Not recommended..

2020-08-11: Open. 📷

2020-08-11: Left foot in. Right foot out. 🐱

2020-08-11: 😱 ğŸŽ®

2020-08-11: ✅ Oregon Voter Registration


2020-08-11: Instructions for today. Prep work, build the following: Triscuit Cracker, slice of pear, slice of …

2020-08-11: I will finish this paper today. ✏️ I will finish this paper today. ✏️ I will finish this paper …

2020-08-10: More Cookie!

2020-08-10: Happy 5th Birthday to Cookie!! 🥰😀🐱🍪 How is she 5 already!?!?

2020-08-10: The neighbors are having fence work done. Their contractor took down half our fence as well. (that …

2020-08-10: What I would give to have the ability to screenshare to relatives AppleTVs and iOS devices to fix …

2020-08-10: Something ate the heck out of our sunflower! 🙀

2020-08-10: Big Sur has been WAY faster at importing giant RAW files into photos from SD Card. A very welcome …

2020-08-10: It seems obvious that his plan is to ban/disrupt/discredit any information platform that could be …

2020-08-10: This pops up every 8 seconds on the mac now.. 😔 Sign in. “Internal server error”.

2020-08-09: Path. 📷

2020-08-08: Added to Now Playing ğŸŽ® The Touryst

2020-08-07: New. 📷

2020-08-07: It has arrived!!! 😱😀 It is massive!

2020-08-07: DMV ✅ (The most pleasant DMV experience I have ever had!) 👍

2020-08-06: Current Status

2020-08-06: It’s a half step for trump to get from “ban chinese tech” to “ban chinese …

2020-08-06: The macOS public beta that hasn’t been released yet?

2020-08-05: 🍇

2020-08-05: This is a “cool” bug..

2020-08-05: burk.photos

2020-08-05: I don’t think I have heard of Mailspring ? 📧

2020-08-05: Choose. 📷

2020-08-04: Do you use your mouse cursor to mark the position of a progress bar to see if it is actually moving …

2020-08-04: DevBeta4 is very welcome today

2020-08-03: How internet “tech news” works nowadays. Write article to make it seem like Apple is at …

2020-08-03: Mystery 📷 Neat detail at full res.

2020-08-03: In case anyone in Portland knows someone who could use these!

2020-08-03: Current Status: Ripping DVDs with a fax machine. 📀 📠

2020-08-03: I have tried just about every finance tracking system there is. Quicken, Simplifi, Mint, Emma, …

2020-08-02: We took ALL of our cardboard to a recycing place this morning and they didn’t even charge anything!? …

2020-08-01: That’ll do!

2020-08-01: Puzzle.


2020-08-01: So stoked for this to show up!!

2020-07-31: A fantastic way to end the week! 🍣

2020-07-31: Apologies to the bike person for never being closer than 50 yards and somehow ruining his entire …

2020-07-31: The grapes are starting to turn! 🍇

2020-07-30: First Portland “OfferUp” purchase today. ğŸŽ‰

2020-07-30: Facebook CFO David Wehner on Thursday said changes in the way Apple’s iOS handles ad tracking …

2020-07-30: 🔗 Where US citizens are allowed to travel to this summer Well done everyone. 👏

2020-07-29: Focus, Direction, and Motivation are at all time lows. 0’s across the board. 🧠

2020-07-28: This is quite a nice game!

2020-07-28: Now that trump wears a mask sometimes, any chance we can swap it out with one that makes him shut …

2020-07-28: â¤ï¸ğŸ§¡ğŸ’›ğŸ’šğŸ’™ğŸ’œğŸ–¤ğŸ¤ğŸ¤Ž

2020-07-28: A lot of fighter jets flying over today.. Sad, disgusting, and scary that the first thing I thought …

2020-07-27: Picked up Pistol Whip VR today. INTENSE! It’s like Beat Saber and Superhot smashed together. ğŸŽ®

2020-07-26: Today took a weird turn.. I think I am going to try a make a Swift Mac app? 🤷‍♂️

2020-07-26: Rack it up!! 😀👍

2020-07-26: How do brand graphics like this make it out the door..?? 🤷‍♂️😔

2020-07-25: Mmm mmm mmm!! 👍👍 🍕 Pizzeria Otto

2020-07-25: Dinner: Pizzeria Otto 🍕 PIZZAAAAAAAAA!!!!

2020-07-24: Movie Night: Radioactive ğŸŽ¥ 🍿

2020-07-23: Just finished Super Hot VR! So Good in VR! ğŸŽ®

2020-07-23: My Keychron K1 is dead. ⌨️ ☠️

2020-07-22: Fixed a few issues on our home network. 👨‍💻

2020-07-22: 👋 📱

2020-07-21: Taking a chance and getting Warcraft III Reforged. ğŸŽ® ğŸ¤ž

2020-07-21: What You Wanted burk.io 🗳

2020-07-20: Went to use an Instagram Embed code to insert someone’s cool art in a post.. The embed code is …

2020-07-20: 📣 Hey trump, get fucked! 📣 Hey trump, get fucked! 📣 Hey trump, get fucked! 📣 Hey trump, get fucked! …

2020-07-20: Looking at furniture at The Joinery. 😍 😍

2020-07-20: Got one of the office shelves up! This one is the “iPhone progression” shelf. More shelf collections …

2020-07-20: How to make a problem worse? Add White House.

2020-07-20: According to my super complex algorithmic calendar, DevBeta3 today? 📅

2020-07-18: The Big Sur beta was garbage on my MacBurk Air. Decided to try it on the MacBurk Pro. Amazing how …

2020-07-18: We Are Moving! (During A Pandemic?) burk.io 🏡

2020-07-17: 280 characters isn’t really enough to say “Fuck Trump and Everything Related to Him” an infinite …

2020-07-17: Cleaned carpets for 4 hours. Fun? Yeah, kinda. 🧼

2020-07-16: Blowing my fucking mind how insanely mad people get about wearing something as simple as a mask in …

2020-07-16: The weather isn’t looking good! 😂 ⬛️

2020-07-16: A different portable platform keyboard. 😉 ✋

2020-07-16: 🔗 T‑Mobile Unveils Latest Un‑carrier Move: Scam Shield

2020-07-15: Is “Twitter hacked again." even a headline anymore..?

2020-07-15: Today: Replacing sewer line from house out to city line. Under_Construction.gif

2020-07-15: LOTS of cable management left to do, but progress is being made!

2020-07-14: Sun spot. ☀️ 🐱

2020-07-14: Radioactive – Official U.S. Trailer | Prime Video

2020-07-14: Getting work done.™️

2020-07-14: Out with the new, in with the old! 🐁

2020-07-14: What do you do when there is a “mini heat wave” in Portland? Rip out your HVAC system! 😂

2020-07-14: If you don’t come out of the pandemic with: A new skill A new income A new expertise You never …

2020-07-14: Grant Imahara, ‘Mythbusters’ Host, Dies at 49 So young. Rest in peace Grant.

2020-07-13: I wonder how many people on Facebook are ranting about the privacy concerns of TikTok? 🤦‍♂️ Even …

2020-07-12: MY DESK HAS ARRIVED!!! Now to get it looking right!! 😀

2020-07-12: Right to Repair — Medical Devices burk.io 🚑

2020-07-12: Fun soldering project for Sunday. Converting my desk clock from wall power to USB power so it can …

2020-07-10: RSS Podcast : Spotify Podcast :: .com Websites : .onion Websites ?🤔?

2020-07-10: New puzzles added to the collection! 😀

2020-07-08: Working on “pinned posts”! 😀

2020-07-07: Congrats on the launch @becky!! 🧶 😀

2020-07-07: Looks like we are back to the every 2 weeks betas.

2020-07-06: If you don’t have a kitchen thermometer (or hate the one you have like I did) do yourself a solid …

2020-07-05: 🕷

2020-07-05: Cookie in her native habitat. 🐱

2020-07-04: Delivery scheduled for 7am-1pm. It is now 12:49pm. Will they make it!?! Lock in your votes!

2020-07-04: If the majority of people cared about voting as much as they care about bullshit fireworks, imagine …


2020-07-02: What do I consider “fun”? Wiring and configuring our new home network!! 😀

2020-07-02: I think it’s safe to say that Cookie is adjusting to the move and feeling comfortable pretty …

2020-06-24: I took this opportunity to “zen the heck out of my phone”! 🧘‍♂️📱

2020-06-24: Loving the app update notes this week that call out fixes for iOS 14 without mentioning iOS 14 😉

2020-06-23: Very few casualties given they are DevBeta1! iOS 14: Unread 2 macOS 11: Everything About The Menu …

2020-06-23: I am going to assume (and hope like hell) that App Library and Widgets Anywhere come to iPadOS in a …

2020-06-23: I really can’t imagine basing my streaming career on Mixer thinking it will be great being …

2020-06-23: Do you have a dehumidifier in your home? Does it work great? Is it quiet? If you answered yes, which …

2020-06-23: No more terminal hacks!! ğŸŽ‰ 💻 macOS Big Sur brings back the classic startup chime that was …

2020-06-23: It works! 🐱

2020-06-22: Deleting RSS for the next 3 days so I can avoid all of the “they should have done this” …

2020-06-22: I knew it! It looked like there was something under the water when I was there! 🕵️‍♂️🤣 Secret …

2020-06-22: Nice. Trying to hide it in the news. 🤮 On Monday, Microsoft and Facebook announced that they would …

2020-06-22: It begins. 📱 Set default email and browser apps.

2020-06-22: Surprise!

2020-06-20: “Fixed” Or, even better 🙃

2020-06-20: Just finished the @martinfeld & @canion megacast. ğŸŽ™ Well done guys! 👍

2020-06-19: First squads game of Season 3 with @alcedine = Victory! ☂ 😀 ğŸŽ®

2020-06-19: Just another shoutout to A Fine Start by @blake

2020-06-19: So many fingers crossed for the next incarnation of Newton. ğŸ¤ž ğŸ¤ž ğŸ¤ž ğŸ¤ž ğŸ¤ž ğŸ¤ž ğŸ¤ž ğŸ¤ž ğŸ¤ž

2020-06-19: 🥭

2020-06-19: We really need to get a better way to keep multiple usernames involved in a micro.blog thread. They …

2020-06-19: HEY! The best way I can describe it is “Gmail coming onto the scene in 2005, but not from …

2020-06-19: People are together, COVID cases go up. Put space in between people, COVID cases go down. Bring them …

2020-06-19: Imagine many are wondering about this? Do you support custom domains? Not yet, but we will later …

2020-06-19: Podcast Friday: Supernatural ğŸŽ™Â â€œMost mysteries can be solved by looking at the facts. But sometimes, …

2020-06-18: Getting a lot of spam the last few days… 🤔 Must be a campaign by Hey! 😉

2020-06-18: Finally got around to watching the PS5 reveal video. Looks cool! We’ll be picking up a digital …

2020-06-18: Remember 1080i? 📺

2020-06-18: Replacement AirPod Pro has arrived! Glorious crackle free audio once again! ğŸŽ‰ ğŸŽ§

2020-06-17: Addition to AirPods that I would love. Better, make it a standard for all headphones. w/option to …

2020-06-17: Using Firefox exclusively as my browser for the last ~6 months on Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Only found …

2020-06-17: Voice Tweets is Twitter wishing they came up with TikTok, right? 🤔

2020-06-17: iPad apps that are locked to portrait orientation. Stop it.

2020-06-16: After using my own domain for my email for SO long, going back to something like …

2020-06-16: My automated youtube-dl system broke.. here is what happened and how to fix it (in case it happens …

2020-06-15: I am a very light and extremely anxious sleeper. One odd noise and I’m up for hours with panic. Made …

2020-06-14: Challenge: Build Something In Your Garage! burk.io Fun challenege project I did with a friend of …

2020-06-13: SO MANY friendly kitties in our neighborhood!! (I’ve lost count) 😀😻❤️

2020-06-13: ğŸŽ¥ 🍿 The Mummy (1932)

2020-06-12: Sanebox really lays it on thick when you cancel.

2020-06-11: Also, new HomeKit thermostat arrived today! (Still need to touch up paint behind it) 🥵 🥶

2020-06-11: Stove cleaning day! 🧼

2020-06-11: I imagine it won’t be long until someone builds a service that pulls Spotify exclusive podcasts and …

2020-06-10: Gorgeous day today!

2020-06-09: What’s up with spiders always chilling out in the ceiling!? 🕷

2020-06-08: Currently blowing my mind: Friction Stir Welding. 🤯

2020-06-08: We’re back in the land of glorious fiber!!! 🙌

2020-06-07: People seem to be very confused on how a mask works.. it’s either only holding their chin up or only …

2020-06-06: All my internet ads are now for “bullet proof vests” and “body armor”. Cool.. 😔

2020-06-04: Oil faces tough road back from coronavirus. 😢

2020-06-02: I Served For This? burk.io

2020-05-30: Clouds 📷 burk.photos

2020-05-30: Hey all! I seem to have lost my motivation.. I am just backtracking through the web to see if maybe …

2020-05-29: The first year that my developer account is going to renew before WWDC. 

2020-05-29: ğŸŽ¥ 🍿 Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

2020-05-29: How on earth did I injure my shoulder…sleeping…??? It feels torn.

2020-05-29: I’m not sure that regurgitating proprietary & stolen information from a company is the same …

2020-05-28: Currently Playing: Minecraft Dungeons ğŸŽ®

2020-05-28: “Where work happens.” 😂

2020-05-28: 📦

2020-05-27: How on earth did I not know this!? 🐻 📝 Sometimes, a single word won’t do. Create multi-word tags by …

2020-05-27: I put it on my phone and never actually launched it.. 🤣! @Gabz

2020-05-27: If you prefer storing your blog images in a central storage location like Wasabi or S3, CloudMounter …

2020-05-26: “Sign in with Google” is such a good long con.

2020-05-26: One of the worst things about ML and AI is how fast it is used as a fake excuse for a company to use …

2020-05-26: Oh, hello 10.15.5! 👋 💻

2020-05-26: Well then. 😂

2020-05-25: Started: Deliver Us The Moon ğŸŽ®

2020-05-25: If I got 1 thing from iOS 14, it would be default app selection. Start with the basics even, and add …

2020-05-24: Summer Time! ğŸ˜Ž + ☀️ + (🧊🥭)

2020-05-24: Playing Games - Good Job! burk.io ğŸŽ®

2020-05-24: Playing Games - Good Job! ğŸŽ®

2020-05-23: I love a good beer after a good run! 🏃 🍺

2020-05-23: My phone now tries to autocorrect “guacamole” to “quarantine”. That’s where we’re at now. 😂

2020-05-23: One of my all time fav foods. Freshly made guacamole!! 🥑 🍻

2020-05-22: The option for “Text Message Forwarding” disappeared from my phone.. The only thing I …

2020-05-22: Settle down DayOne! 😂

2020-05-22: I cannot even express how happy I am to have gigabit fiber internet again soon! Counting down the …

2020-05-22: These names almost can’t get any more bullshit. The USA Freedom Act 🤮

2020-05-21: I just used Business Chat with Apple today for the first time. It was fantastic!! 😀👍👍

2020-05-21: Noooooooooooooooo 😭 ğŸŽ§

2020-05-21: Is there an actual reason someone would export a Microsoft Word documnent to .html on purpose? Some …

2020-05-21: So we’re going down this “exclusive podcasts” road huh? So, basically, you made …

2020-05-21: Well that is a crock of shit! No thanks Logi. If your Bluetooth mouse or keyboard does not …

2020-05-20: Micro.blog Dark Mode userscript 2020.05.20.01 Changelog Removed the https://*.micro.blog wildcard …

2020-05-20: New watch band!! ⌚️ 🏳️‍🌈 😀

2020-05-20: iOS 13.5 day! 📲

2020-05-19: Don’t worry everyone! It’s nachos day!!! 🍻 😀❤️

2020-05-19: Anyone care to help out with a tiny 7 question (multiple choice) survey for a class? Thanks!! …

2020-05-18: Still blows me away that my Macs routinely run 30+ days flawlessly in between reboots. 👍 💻 ❤️ Not to …

2020-05-18: ☕️ ❤️

2020-05-18: Summer session starts today! 3 more classes this session! 4 more to go after these! ğŸŽ“

2020-05-17: Micro.blog Dark Mode userscript 2020.05.07.01 Changelog Increased size of user avatar images. …

2020-05-17: Fresh bloom! 🌺 🌵 flickr

2020-05-17: Neat sky last night! 🌑

2020-05-17: Turnip price: 92 🏝 Dodo code: NJNXV

2020-05-17: ğŸŽ¥ 🍿 Spaceship Earth (2020)

2020-05-16: 🔗 Edison Mail rolls back update after iOS users reported they could see strangers’ emails

2020-05-16: Example NaN Of Poor Security Practices burk.io 🔐

2020-05-15: What’s the word that describes the inverse relationship between someone claiming they are a patriot …

2020-05-15: Example NaN Of Poor Security Practices burk.io 🔐

2020-05-15: Tons of great progress on the board game dev this week! I blocked 10 hours for work on the game this …

2020-05-15: So now you can “engage” and “react” to all the ads on Instagram with gifs? cool. 😂

2020-05-15: 🚨 TURNIP PRICE 617 🚨 🏝 Dodo Code: 0YNR0

2020-05-14: Another benefit of making meyer lemon martinis is fresh lemon smelling hands for a while! 😀 🍋 🍸

2020-05-14: That’s quite the delivery update! Previous estimated delivery date: Tuesday, January 5, 2021 …

2020-05-14: In a major blow to citizens’ privacy, the US Senate voted today to give law enforcement agencies …

2020-05-14: Micro.blog Dark Mode userscript 2020.05.14.05 Changelog ‘Plans’ popup arrow color …

2020-05-14: Micro.blog Dark Mode userscript 2020.05.14.01 Changelog Update background color for publish alert …

2020-05-13: Speaking as an American, if “normal” was the United States prior to COVID, I definitely do not want …

2020-05-13: Something interesting I have noticed regarding ⌨️ People who think the 🦋 keyboard is bad also think …

2020-05-13: New puzzle added to the collection! 🔐 😀🤗

2020-05-13: Micro.blog Dark Mode userscript 2020.05.13.14 Changelog

2020-05-13: Micro.blog Dark Mode userscript 2020.05.13.5 Changelog

2020-05-11: Making A Userscript For Micro.blog burk.io 🌑 aka: alternate color palette

2020-05-11: Ads for ad blockers.

2020-05-11: Reading and writing at night! 😀

2020-05-11: Making A Board Game - Part 5 burk.io ğŸŽ²

2020-05-10: Making A Board Game - Part 5 burk.io ğŸŽ²

2020-05-09: Playing Good Job! Co-op with @alcedine! It’s pretty damn fun! ğŸŽ®

2020-05-09: GoodNotes looks to be quite good at indexing PDFs. This could be what I need! 👍

2020-05-08: Cold Beer ✅ Comfortable lounge chair ✅ MacBook with a full battery ✅ Sun is shining ✅ ğŸ˜Ž ☀️ 💻 🍺

2020-05-08: Podcast Friday: McMillion$ Podcast ğŸŽ™Â â€œThe directors take you even deeper into the story of a fraud …

2020-05-08: It’s too hot to go running. ☀️🥵90° 5 min later goes running


2020-05-07: I wonder if something like micro.blog is a place to act as a place to ID people (like Keybase does …

2020-05-07: Coffee Delivery!!!!!!!!!! ☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️

2020-05-07: “Certified for Humans” wtf..?? 🤔 Is this another clue that Amazon is actually controlled by robots? …

2020-05-07: The “outside the frame” content in photos really shouldn’t be accesible to third party apps. It …

2020-05-07: Pizza day is one of the best days! 🍕

2020-05-07: I am not 100% sure about this, but I think the iPad Pro screen dims when your device gets really …

2020-05-05: Some of my favorite electronic related thingies right now Leica Q2 iPad Pro 11” Nintendo Switch …

2020-05-05: STEAK NACHOS TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2020-05-05: 2 more classes officially done! ğŸŽ‰ğŸ»ğŸŽ“ (7 classes remaining) 📗 Geography of U.S. and Canada 98.43% 📘 …

2020-05-05: Comcastic

2020-05-05: WWDC June 22! ğŸŽ‰

2020-05-04: “Have you tried turning it off and on again?” — Roy 💬

2020-05-04: I write snippy / angry / snarky posts in drafts and then never post them.

2020-05-04: 🦋 > ✂️

2020-05-04: Apple updates 13-inch MacBook Pro with Magic Keyboard, double the storage, and faster performance

2020-05-03: 4+ months since last haircut. 💇‍♂️ 😂

2020-05-03: My Raspberry Pi meltodown last week turned out to be a good thing! My new install/config is running …

2020-05-03: 🤔 Researching Ring Security System Eufy Security System SimpliSafe Security System Anyone have …

2020-05-03: Yard Work: The trees fought with vigor, but in the end, we were victorious. 🌳🤺

2020-05-03: 🌴

2020-05-03: Doing my internetting outside this morning! Coffee, OJ, iPad, Sunshine. 👍👍😀

2020-05-03: Oh.. People are still wasting keystrokes on this kind of thing huh? Cool. 5 reasons the iPad Pro …

2020-05-02: A couple of my subscriptions expired on accident (Credit card expired). Decided to do an experiment …

2020-05-01: Remote Micro Meetup 😀

2020-05-01: BBQ FOR DINNER!!!!!!!!! SO EXCITED!! 🤤 🍖

2020-05-01: April 2020 Photoblogging Project 📷 ğŸŽ‰ COMPLETED ğŸŽ‰ (Probbaly going to take a month off and then do …

2020-04-30: 📷 April Photoblogging: Day 30 Prompt: Drink Full Resolution Set: flickr

2020-04-30: There must be some name for the relation of wealth to how much the person acts like a stupid child.. …

2020-04-29: 📷 April Photoblogging: Day 29 Prompt: Tool Full Resolution Set: flickr

2020-04-29: 💬 “Quotes” added to Discover! Discover Suggestion Tracker

2020-04-28: 📷 April Photoblogging: Day 28 Prompt: Soft Full Resolution Set: flickr

2020-04-28: It’s 2020. I am doing a whiskey blending event online. Obviously. 🥃

2020-04-28: 🚨CURRENT TURIP PRICE IS **633!!**🚨 🏝 Dodo Code: 3GYD2

2020-04-28: It’s nice that during ‘lockdown’ the planet finally gets a break from all our …

2020-04-27: 📷 April Photoblogging: Day 27 Prompt: Low Full Resolution Set: flickr

2020-04-27: People read and enjoy The Outline? How..??? This is quite possibly the worst ‘design’ I …

2020-04-26: Commence operation Pi Rebuild ⌨️

2020-04-26: noooooooo! micro-sd card died in my Raspberry Pi. That seems to be the biggest problem I have with …

2020-04-26: 📷 April Photoblogging: Day 26 Prompt: Air Full Resolution Set: flickr

2020-04-26: A small touch, but a great one. In Bear you can do a full backup of your notes from the iOS app. …

2020-04-25: 📷 April Photoblogging: Day 25 Prompt: Self Full Resolution Set: flickr

2020-04-24: Have a great Friday night everyone! 🍻 😀

2020-04-24: So happy with how great Apple is at making trackpads. ❤️

2020-04-24: What if instead of saying “when things go back to normal” we say something else? Things in the world …

2020-04-24: The tech reviewers takes on the new iPad keyboard or insert new tech thingy further affirm for me …

2020-04-24: 📷 April Photoblogging: Day 24 Prompt: Orange Full Resolution Set: flickr

2020-04-24: A positive that comes out of this? No one can say “This is how we have always done it” …

2020-04-23: Cool! 🥃

2020-04-23: Current most loathed “technology”? Mine is “Leaf Blower” (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

2020-04-23: 📷 April Photoblogging: Day 23 Prompt: Shallow Full Resolution Set: flickr

2020-04-23: Found an interesting bug in @gluon. Now to figure out how to best desribe it for @vincent. 😀 🐛

2020-04-23: I am not really sure what makes planetary “different”, other than the technical stuff. Seems like …

2020-04-23: Hot day. Hot soup. ☀️ 🥵 🍜

2020-04-22: 📷 April Photoblogging: Day 22 Prompt: Natural Full Resolution Set: flickr

2020-04-22: Success! Isolation Poppers!! 🌶

2020-04-22: Making cream cheese jalapeños! Making it up as I go!

2020-04-22: 🏝 Dodo Code: B24MP

2020-04-22: Thought: Add dropdown to new post window for quick addition of Tagmoji that are in production to …

2020-04-22: Looks like I have some updates to make to Discover Suggestions! 😀👍🌱 We’ve added 🌱 to the Discover …

2020-04-22: Drink up.

2020-04-21: 📷 April Photoblogging: Day 21 Prompt: Full Full Resolution Set: flickr

2020-04-20: 📷 April Photoblogging: Day 20 Prompt: Black Full Resolution Set: flickr

2020-04-20: I didn’t relaize the Apple Watch was 32GB now. ⌚️

2020-04-20: Big cursor support update day for many of the apps I use! 😀

2020-04-19: 📷 April Photoblogging: Day 19 Prompt: Balance Full Resolution Set: flickr

2020-04-18: 📷 April Photoblogging: Day 18 Prompt: Still Full Resolution Set: flickr (was trying for a …

2020-04-18: 2019 Taxes ✅ 💸

2020-04-17: Whirlwind of a day! Valerie had a work thing at 3am. I drove to the airport at 9am. Flew OAK to PDX …

2020-04-17: Number of positive benefits from people stealing and leaking designs of future electronics: ZERO …

2020-04-17: The stock market is utterly repulsive and overwhelmingly disgusting.

2020-04-17: 📷 April Photoblogging: Day 17 Prompt: Gold Full Resolution Set: flickr

2020-04-17: Is this America being “great again”?

2020-04-16: 📷 April Photoblogging: Day 16 Prompt: Angle Full Resolution Set: flickr (another cool one to look at …

2020-04-16: 🐱❤️🐱

2020-04-15: 📷 April Photoblogging: Day 15 Prompt: Glass Full Resolution Set: flickr

2020-04-15: Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro order placed! ⌨️😀

2020-04-14: Tried something a little different for dinner tonight. Smoked Salmon Grilled Cheese! Yes, it was …

2020-04-14: 📷 April Photoblogging: Day 14 Prompt: Smooth Full Resolution Set: flickr

2020-04-13: 📷 April Photoblogging: Day 13 Prompt: Dark Full Resolution Set: flickr

2020-04-13: Using Edison mail for a couple days. 📧


2020-04-12: Current view / mood.

2020-04-12: 📷 April Photoblogging: Day 12 Prompt: Metal Full Resolution Set: flickr you can zoom way in on this …

2020-04-12: Island Open For Everyone! 🏝 Dodo Code: 15DNY

2020-04-11: 📷 April Photoblogging: Day 11 Prompt: Cold Full Resolution Set: flickr

2020-04-11: Another great “feature” of the RRS L-plate. Protects camera body from dings. 👍 📷

2020-04-10: 📷 April Photoblogging: Day 10 Prompt: Fire Full Resolution Set: flickr

2020-04-09: 📷 April Photoblogging: Day 9 Prompt: Rules Full Resolution Set: flickr (it’s a stretch. Think …

2020-04-08: lol “Google bans Zoom use over privacy concerns”

2020-04-08: 📷 April Photoblogging: Day 8 Prompt: Symmetry Full Resolution Set: flickr

2020-04-07: Night Mode. Absolute darkness. Hand-held. 📱 Absolute Voodoo.

2020-04-07: Two Minutes in Time. ⏲ 📷

2020-04-07: Fuzz Buzz 🐝

2020-04-07: Another ☕️

2020-04-07: 📷 April Photoblogging: Day 7 Prompt: Texture Full Resolution Set: flickr

2020-04-07: Thankful for the sunshine today! ☀️

2020-04-07: New background I am using for my MacBook.

2020-04-07: Playing around with new color combos for a ‘dark mode’ when using the web version at …


2020-04-06: I very much hope all apps trend toward custom icon options in the near future! 📱

2020-04-06: 📷 April Photoblogging: Day 6 Prompt: New Full Resolution Set: flickr

2020-04-06: The swap is complete. 2018 iPad Pro 12.9" + 2019 iPad mini ➡ 2020 iPad Pro 11"

2020-04-06: I very much dislike this practice of companies using “deactivate” as a synonym for …

2020-04-06: New items for sale! burk.io/sale 🛒 2018 Apple iPad Pro 12.9" - Space Grey - 512GB - Cellular, …

2020-04-06: 🙌 Bear Editor 2.0 Alpha 🐻 We’ve been working hard on some of your requests: tables, attachment …

2020-04-05: 📷 April Photoblogging: Day 5 Prompt: Night Full Resolution Set: flickr

2020-04-05: Made a new iPad wallpaper for fun today. http://get.burk.io/Gradient_Home.png

2020-04-05: My island is open to all right now! 🏝 Dodo Code: M91D7

2020-04-05: Ahhhhh ok! 😀 Hopefully it will keep people inside.

2020-04-05: Now that is some rain! ⛈

2020-04-04: I really need to get my ass in gear on the █████ ███████ project! 😬⚔️

2020-04-04: Another photo from today that I am now using for my iPad wallapper! (feel free to take it if you …

2020-04-04: Favorite Apple Watch Apps - April 2020 ⌚️ Castro Dark Sky Deliveries Drafts ECG Fantastical Fitbod …

2020-04-04: 📷 April Photoblogging: Day 4 Prompt: Lines Full Resolution Set: flickr Check this one out at 100%

2020-04-04: The Leica Q2 is an absolute delight. ❤️ 🔴📷

2020-04-03: Don’t know until you actually try it but I still think I would really like to have a Taptic Engine …

2020-04-03: 📷 April Photoblogging: Day 3 Prompt: Triangle Full Resolution Set: flickr

2020-04-03: Didn’t nail the focus, but still kind of cool! 🦅

2020-04-03: ‘It Felt Like a Black Mirror Episode’ The Inside Account of How Bird Laid off 406 People …

2020-04-03: Awesome! The iPad pip has gotten really smart about placement. 👍👍

2020-04-02: This funding brings the total valuation of Notion to $2 billion. Nope I sure don’t see it, but sure …

2020-04-02: 📷 April Photoblogging: Day 2 Prompt: Macro Full Resolution Set: flickr

2020-04-02: I realized I didn’t have a way to complete my youtube-dl workflow if I got a link on my iPhone / …

2020-04-02: When it comes to people being completely fake, Twitter and Facebook have nothing on LinkedIn.

2020-04-01: Time to create a Shortcut to send a link to youtube-dl on my Mac mini! 📲

2020-04-01: Want to ensure I finish my checkout? Put Apple Pay on your site. 🛒

2020-04-01: 📷 April Photoblogging: Day 01 Prompt: Pink Full Resolution Set: flickr

2020-04-01: I ran out of weeds in Animal Crossing so I went outside to continue my work! 🌿

2020-03-31: Day one of “We Don’t Have Any Coffee In The House.” ❌ ☕️ ⚰️


2020-03-29: My youtube-dl Setup burk.io 📺



2020-03-29: Today is my favorite birthday, it’s @alcedine’s birthday! 😀 ğŸŽˆ ğŸŽ‚ ğŸŽ ❤️


2020-03-28: Coloring for fun this morning 😀 ğŸŽ¨

2020-03-27: In would be so jazzed to have Castro on my iPad!

2020-03-27: iPad Pro 12.9 (2018) » iPad Pro 11 (2020) Time Elapsed: 48 hours Really digging the 11" …

2020-03-27: Just another reminder that @vincent is crushing it with @gluon! 👍👍

2020-03-26: iPad Pro 12.9 (2018) » iPad Pro 11 (2020) Time Elapsed: 24 hours So far, all is well. No major …

2020-03-26: He watches. 📷 burk.photos 🦉

2020-03-25: Doesn’t everyone drink their wine from a fox cup? 🍷 🦊

2020-03-25: Making “the best” beef stew tonight! 🥘😀

2020-03-25: Going to try out the 2020 iPad Pro 11” in place of my 2018 iPad Pro 12.9” for a little bit and see …

2020-03-25: Orange. 📷 burk.photos

2020-03-24: Shelter in place. 🐱

2020-03-24: Done with classes for the day 📚. Time for some wine 🍷 and Animal Crossing ğŸŽ®! 😀

2020-03-24: Bubly Sparkling Water Ranked Flavors Peach Mango Strawberry Blackberry Raspberry Lime Grapefruit …

2020-03-24: Sharing iCloud folders! 😀📁

2020-03-23: This class is a perfect example of college being a waste of time and money. Guy rambles for 2 hours …

2020-03-23: We got groceries! 😀👍 This was our number.. 🤨 🤔

2020-03-23: Animated Color Change Blog Logo burk.io Another fun project! 😀 _(it looks much better on the page …

2020-03-22: Animated Color Change Blog Logo burk.io Another fun project! 😀 _(it looks much better on the page …

2020-03-22: I just realized I have CMYK Hydro Flasks! 🖨 🥤😂 Y: Water only C: Coffee or Wine M: General use

2020-03-22: Getting grocery delivery from literally anywhere is still not possible (in our area) 🤔 🛒 🥕

2020-03-21: Going to do another photo challenge for April just to keep up the creativity! I made another public …

2020-03-20: More productive in the last 25 min than the entire previous week.. 🤷‍♂️

2020-03-20: Margarita.

2020-03-20: Bright. 📷 burk.photos

2020-03-20: I am beyond sick of real world news being distributed exclusively on twitter. STOP IT. 🤬

2020-03-19: IT’S ANIMAL CROSSING TIME!!! ğŸŽ® 😀🏝


2020-03-18: Don’t forget to download the “day one” patch early as well if you preloaded! 🏝

2020-03-18: Trying out iPad Pro (13.4) mouse support with the Magic Trackpad 2! Pretty cool implementation.

2020-03-18: Had to! 😍 🌕 DeskSpace: Lunar Surface

2020-03-17: The lemon forgot how to lemon. 🍊🍊🍊🍋

2020-03-17: I have been looking around for AirTable replacements for a while, and this is the only thing I have …

2020-03-17: Rescheduling tax appointment. I wonder how that all will work out? Surely they will extend for …

2020-03-16: Given current conditions, we’re going to need more puzzles here at the house!

2020-03-16: I got a new sweatshirt with my Nintendo points! 😀

2020-03-16: I guess we are “shelter in place” now.

2020-03-16: It’s an orange. NO, it’s a tangerine!?

2020-03-16: Just a quick reminder that the Unofficial Official Micro.blog Discord is going for anyone that wants …

2020-03-15: It’s the little things that bring delight 😀

2020-03-14: Beat damn thermometer I have ever used! A must have!

2020-03-14: Tonight calls for carne asada nachos!! 😀

2020-03-14: Oh neat! Micro.blog is in Font Awesome! Need to go and change some of my blog post type indicators. …

2020-03-14: Not sure what I am going to do for swag this year.. but I did want to run this along side all the …

2020-03-13: New page to keep track of our puzzle collection! burk.io/puzzles 🧩

2020-03-13: I figured this would be the case. Looking forward to seeing how it is! Apple’s Worldwide Developers …

2020-03-12: US government asks silicon valley for AI to solve problems. Seems to me they have plenty of …

2020-03-11: The new (completely redone) watch app for Things is really great!! Best watch app to date of any I …

2020-03-10: Need to find a Font Awesome icon? Boom! ğŸ˜€ğŸ’¥ğŸ”Ž

2020-03-10: Looks like Newton mail is dead. again.

2020-03-10: trying to do weird things with youtube-dl..

2020-03-09: ğŸŽ‰ @alcedine got us a new puzzle to add to our collection!! It’s gorgeous and super satisfying …

2020-03-09: Custom Post Type Indicator burk.io Syntax highlighting is back! 🙌 So happy to have that fixed. (also …

2020-03-09: Remember that time I broke syntax highlighting only on desktop on my blog? Yep, well that’s …

2020-03-08: Custom Post Type Indicator burk.io



2020-03-07: WOW! My first time trying the “use content outside the frame” feature and I must say I am very …

2020-03-07: Went soup shopping today! 🍜 😀 👍

2020-03-07: I didn’t even know this was happening!! ğŸŽ® WELCOME BACK, COMMANDER

2020-03-07: Cookie is learning about rain today. 🌧 🐱 😀

2020-03-07: Fresh eggs from the farmers market! 🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚


2020-03-07: ğŸŽ“ History of Engineering class officially complete. ✅ Final Grade: 97.55% (A+) ğŸŽ‰

2020-03-07: Curious if anyone has implemented some kind of custom metadata using @blot? I have the package.json …

2020-03-06: 🍷

2020-03-06: Hooray for timeline position retention in latest @gluon TestFlight! ğŸŽ‰


2020-03-05: Sad to hear about Boosted 😢

2020-03-05: Working on some ‘post type’ indicators. End goal is to create custom blot metadata …

2020-03-05: There should definitely be a “sick” or “injured” mode that allows for a break from inspiration on …

2020-03-04: Playing around with designing some new icons today! Came up with a new “graph” icon I like! Links to …

2020-03-04: Morning light reading: A precise explanation of the P - Value

2020-03-04: Get your bells ready! We are getting close! 💰 ğŸŽ®

2020-03-03: I Voted! 🗳

2020-03-02: You have no idea how excited I am to use our new Thermopen Mk4 tonight!!! 🥩

2020-03-02: Sometimes you need Micro.darkmode ğŸ˜Ž

2020-03-02: ğŸŽ“ Status 1 more class complete. 9 to go. ✏️ ✅ History of Engineering

2020-03-02: 🔗 Great deal on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: 3 Month Membership - Digital Code ğŸŽ® $24.99 (44% off)

2020-03-02: The February Photo challenge was a lot of fun! I look forward to the next photo related m.b event! …

2020-03-01: 📷 February Photoblogging: Day 30 Prompt: Vision Full Resolution Set: flickr

2020-02-29: 📷 February Photoblogging: Day 29 Prompt: Leap Full Resolution Set: flickr

2020-02-29: Whoops! I scratched the hell out of my phone screen trying to “get the shot”. 🤷‍♂️

2020-02-29: A Thank You Letter To Developers burk.io 💌

2020-02-29: Mochi 🐱

2020-02-29: 📷 February Photoblogging: Day 28 Prompt: Below Full Resolution Set: flickr

2020-02-28: Hold the phone! Pins are now in @gluon!? 😀👍

2020-02-28: Movie Night: Knives Out ğŸŽ¥ 🍿

2020-02-28: I probably would have just changed the font size for mobile, but I suppose that’s another way to do …

2020-02-28: PSA: Do NOT play Superhot VR in a confined space. You may inadvertently punch a wall very hard and …

2020-02-28: A Thank You Letter To Developers burk.io 💌

2020-02-28: cat *.md > combined.md Such a small command saved such a large amount of time.

2020-02-28: 👟🧡

2020-02-27: 📷 February Photoblogging: Day 27 Prompt: Together Full Resolution Set: flickr

2020-02-27: Had a heck of a time with “Photoblock” today with together..

2020-02-27: Italics emoji are 🤣

2020-02-27: I really ❤️ Paste App. that’s it 😀

2020-02-27: Their booth looks amazing!!! ğŸŽ® 😀

2020-02-27: ah, yes, youtube embeds don’t work in the timeline..

2020-02-27: When your cat takes up the entire bed. 🐱 🛏

2020-02-27: I knew that the Desktop and Documents folders can sync between macs if you choose to, but I just …

2020-02-27: 🤔 When was the last time you used the camera on your iPad? What made you decide to use it?

2020-02-27: Wait, Unread 2!? How did I miss this! 📱

2020-02-27: Beat Saber is not only one of the best games of all time, it’s a fantastic way to trick …

2020-02-27: Hey again @cygnoir! Here is what I used 🥚

2020-02-27: I clicked a reference link in Wikipedia and then got this after about 35 auto redirects.. wow! A few …

2020-02-26: 📷 February Photoblogging: Day 26 Prompt: Escape Full Resolution Set: flickr

2020-02-26: Cool new @gluon feature!

2020-02-26: Oh!? I guess our eero pros are now HomeKit routers! Didn’t expect that from a firmware update! 😀👍🏠

2020-02-25: 📷 February Photoblogging: Day 25 Prompt: Hurdle Full Resolution Set: flickr

2020-02-24: 📷 February Photoblogging: Day 24 Prompt: Double Full Resolution Set: flickr

2020-02-24: 🔗 📺 [4k, 60 fps] A Trip Through New York City in 1911

2020-02-24: 🔗 Enable the Startup Chime on New Macs ooooo! Looking forward to trying this on my MacBook! 💻 😀 ğŸ¤ž

2020-02-24: I am ready to go! ✈️ 😀 ğŸŽ®

2020-02-23: 📷 February Photoblogging: Day 23 Prompt: Station Full Resolution Set: flickr

2020-02-23: I DEMAND AN INVESTIGATION!!! Midnight Wisps

2020-02-23: 📷 February Photoblogging: Day 23 Prompt: Station Full Resolution Set: flickr

2020-02-23: 🔗 Brick Sculptures for Kidults

2020-02-22: 📷 February Photoblogging: Day 22 Prompt: Spectacle Full Resolution Set: flickr

2020-02-21: 📷 February Photoblogging: Day 21 Prompt: Progress Full Resolution Set: flickr

2020-02-21: Current mode: Do literally anything other than what I should be working on. 😬

2020-02-21: 🔮 📱 The world yells for Lightning to be replaced with USB-C The wish is granted USB-C is more …

2020-02-21: The Great Blog Cleanup! burk.io

2020-02-21: “This is how we’ve always done it” might as well be “This is how we’ve …

2020-02-20: 📷 February Photoblogging: Day 20 Prompt: Scale Full Resolution Set: flickr

2020-02-20: Animal Crossing: New Horizons SO HYPED!!! ğŸ˜€ğŸ˜€ğŸ˜€ğŸŽ®

2020-02-20: I have been looking for something like this IGDB to keep track of gaming stuff. Specifically: …

2020-02-19: 📷 February Photoblogging: Day 19 Prompt: Space Full Resolution Set: flickr

2020-02-19: It was on my todo list for a while, but I got it checked off today! ✅ Update Photography Workflow …

2020-02-19: Tesla Cybertruck pre-orders have purportedly blown past the 500,000 mark Damn! That’s a lot …

2020-02-19: I ❤️ this flickr view https://www.flickr.com/photos/friends/

2020-02-18: 📷 February Photoblogging: Day 18 Prompt: Oppose Full Resolution Set: flickr

2020-02-18: My (computing) happy place. My (computing) happy place. The Dock still makes me smile after all these many years. 😀👨‍💻 For …

2020-02-17: Sometimes you just need to eat fish sticks!

2020-02-17: 📷 February Photoblogging: Day 17 Prompt: Cool Full Resolution Set: flickr

2020-02-17: Making a chart for no real reason other than it’s fun to make charts sometimes! 📊

2020-02-17: Curious what other cultures you are a part of that complain as much as technology? I would imagine …

2020-02-16: Here we go. The Irishman 📺 🍿

2020-02-16: 📷 February Photoblogging: Day 16 Prompt: Rest Full Resolution Set: flickr

2020-02-16: Music Blast From The Past burk.io ğŸŽ§

2020-02-16: Has anyone tried Emma? It looks a heck of a lot nicer than Mint. 💰

2020-02-15: Watching 📺 Live In Front Of A Studio Audience

2020-02-15: Trying out a few different games today. The Turing Test Destiny 2 The Outer Worlds Styx And …

2020-02-15: Getting close to finishing my “clean up blog posts” project! A few more years to go. 😵 2006 ✅ 2007 …

2020-02-15: Today’s photo was a challenge! It was difficult to get the angle right and balance myself without …

2020-02-15: 📷 February Photoblogging: Day 15 Prompt: Balance

2020-02-15: 🤮 Block.one raised $4 billion in 2018 by promising to build a decentralized, blockchain-based …

2020-02-15: 🥇

2020-02-14: I have had the MacBook Air (2019 - max spec) for 2 months now and I have nothing but great things to …

2020-02-14: I think Cookie misses her mommy (@alcedine) being away for the weekend.. 😢🐱

2020-02-14: 📷 February Photoblogging: Day 14 Prompt: Warmth

2020-02-14: Strange how the web m.b will turn a photo sideways sometimes..? 🤷‍♂️ @manton

2020-02-14: Accidently got the LARGE instead of my normal Medium today. ☕️ LET’S GO GET SOMETHING …

2020-02-14: Podcast Friday: Abstract Development ğŸŽ™Â â€œPodcasting is another medium for me to share what I’m up to. …

2020-02-13: I got one of these for my camera lens about a month ago and it has been wonderful! good protection …

2020-02-13: 📷 February Photoblogging: Day 13 Prompt: Rise

2020-02-13: Not happy about the message itself, but happy to see @vincent’s Status app working great! I …

2020-02-13: ‘My Setup’ Page burk.io (a project challenege for myself) 😀

2020-02-12: 🔗 XKCD: Blockchain

2020-02-12: 🚨 Newsflash! 🚨 I am very aware that I abandoned my cart without checking out.. 🛒 🤦‍♂️

2020-02-12: 📷 February Photoblogging: Day 12 Prompt: Attachment

2020-02-12: Howdy doody 🤓 What’s a pirate’s favorite thing about marketing? Thee arrrrrROI. On that …

2020-02-11: 📷 February Photoblogging: Day 11 Prompt: Plain

2020-02-11: Just noticed this new squarer app icon look. I wonder if we will see less rounded corners on our …

2020-02-10: 📷 February Photoblogging: Day 10 Prompt: Sign

2020-02-10: Anyone using Infuse instaed of Plex? curious how you find it in comparison? 📺

2020-02-10: I better get out and go find something sign related!

2020-02-10: Sometimes two mice are better than one! 🐁 ⌨️ 🐁

2020-02-10: If I got one of those new RAZR phones I would for sure break it in the first week opening and …

2020-02-10: You have a voice to reach the masses about literally any worldly issue and you use it to talk …

2020-02-09: 📷 February Photoblogging: Day 9 Prompt: Lull

2020-02-09: Holy moly! That wind last night! 🌬

2020-02-08: Love me some Relauncher.. 🤪

2020-02-08: 📷 February Photoblogging: Day 8 Prompt: Contrast

2020-02-07: 📷 February Photoblogging: Day 7 Prompt: Above

2020-02-07: New stickers! 😀

2020-02-07: More often than not, when I have to delete a series of characters, I tap the delete (backspace) key …

2020-02-07: Looking forward to getting this installed! 🙌 📷 LEICA Q2 - FIRMWARE UPDATE 2.0

2020-02-06: Does Squarespace have: A: an unlimited podcast advertising budget. B: some deal where they pay …

2020-02-06: Recent New Software Panic’s Nova (Coda 2) Very nice and works very well! Microsoft’s …

2020-02-06: 📷 February Photoblogging: Day 6 Prompt: Plant

2020-02-05: 📷 February Photoblogging: Day 5 Prompt: Hide

2020-02-04: New day! New @gluon build! 😀

2020-02-04: 📷 February Photoblogging: Day 4 Prompt: Spot

2020-02-03: I like the little smirk calendar when you have no more events for the day. 😏 📅

2020-02-03: Thanks @macgenie for the photoblogging challenge! I really needed this! 😀📷🤗

2020-02-03: 📷 February Photoblogging: Day 3 Prompt: Reflect

2020-02-03: 🔗 The ultimate photo for today’s photoblogging prompt! WOW!

2020-02-03: Puzzled. 📷 burk.photos

2020-02-02: People understand that all the blogs on the internet showing “Mockups of the new iPhone” …

2020-02-02: 📷 February Photoblogging: Day 2 Prompt: Sight

2020-02-02: I wonder how many politicians accounts need to get hacked and/or have personal data leaked in order …

2020-02-02: Going to add all my photos for the photo blogging challenges to the m.b Flickr group as well! 📷

2020-02-01: Had an absolute blast at Forbidden Island tonight! 🍹 😀

2020-02-01: 📷 February Photoblogging Challenge: Day 1 Prompt: Open

2020-01-31: Got a nice podcast break the last 2 weeks with all the “10 years of iPad” episodes that I got to …

2020-01-31: The only way to actually go running and listen to a podcast with only your Apple Watch: Bring your …

2020-01-31: Movie night tonight! I think we are going to watch that new Terminator movie. ğŸ¿ğŸŽ¥

2020-01-31: Senator Lindsey Graham is drafting a bill that could penalize companies using end-to-end encryption. …

2020-01-31: 📢 PSA Exporter has been updated and now works with Notes.app in Catalina! 💻

2020-01-30: 🔗 Desktop Goose 💻 🤣

2020-01-29: Something that doesn’t seem like it should be possible, but always is: I have more apps …

2020-01-29: I don’t see app subscriptions as a “large price increase”, I see it as …

2020-01-29: Forget Banksy, I am here for this! 🐱

2020-01-29: Oh Neat! @Alcedine and I have been married for 3000 days! 😀

2020-01-29: Remember Universal Paperclips!? 😀 ğŸŽ® ğŸ“Ž

2020-01-29: I like minimal design as much as the next person, but this might be a little too far. 💻

2020-01-28: iOS 13.3.1 time! ⚙️ 📲

2020-01-27: The End. 📷 burk.photos

2020-01-25: I have been using JSFiddle, but am finding CodePen to be my preference. 👨‍💻

2020-01-24: Let There Be.. Dark! burk.io 💻 🧛‍♂️

2020-01-24: Podcast Friday: Launched ğŸŽ™Â â€œHi 👋, I’m Charlie Chapman and I’m working on a new podcast …

2020-01-24: Super done being sick. Take hike 🤧

2020-01-23: Every time I see the @Gluon app on my phone, this immediately pops into my head!

2020-01-23: Imagine if tech news ‘reported’ every single bug found in Windows (regardless of how …

2020-01-22: One of my favorite puzzles! Pin Block Case 🧩

2020-01-22: Spam Call Blocking Trials What I have tried so far NoMoRobo ğŸ‘Ž (failed to block calls) RoboKiller ğŸ‘Ž …

2020-01-22: I have to imagine that when Boeing eventually brings the 737-MAX back they will change the name? No …

2020-01-21: Finally got around to it! New Year, New Color Scheme! burk.io (now to find all the pesky corners …

2020-01-21: Something seems troubling about the flickr acquisition. On the surface it feels like there was no …

2020-01-20: Working our way through the Hanayama Chess puzzles! 🧩 Pawn ✅ Rook ✅ Knight ✅ Bishop ✅ King ✅ Queen …

2020-01-20: Tesing. Notes.app Export » Bear Import Just to see how it handles various embedded content …

2020-01-20: I have to say, @gluon would look awesome on macOS as well! 😬😉 Really liking the aesthetic. Does …

2020-01-20: 2019 MacBook Air battery life: Fantastic! 💻👍

2020-01-20: With Catalina, all the apps I used to backup my notes in Notes.app broke. I haven’t found …

2020-01-20: When I see online ads (not very often these days) they have been for knee replacements.. Nailed it.

2020-01-19: 🔗 The Secretive Company That Might End Privacy as We Know It 🤔 Clickbait or Concern. You be the …

2020-01-19: Fun little game on Apple Arcade. Pretty short and neat art style. Pilgrims ğŸŽ® 🕹

2020-01-19: J 📷 burk.photos

2020-01-19: I don’t know the last time I went to a McDonald’s, but this coffee mug is one of my favorites! I …

2020-01-18: TickTick seems like a nice looking Todoist. ✅

2020-01-18: They have arrived! 😀 👟 😍 adidas “Moon Festival” UltraBOOST 4.0

2020-01-18: People are always saying what a nice community Micro.blog is? Well, they are right! @alcedine and I …

2020-01-18: iA Writer is a delight. 💻

2020-01-17: Ouch.. my site is very broken in Microsoft Edge. 😬 Going to need to look into this!

2020-01-16: 🍕Thursday!!!

2020-01-16: Re: Slack. The way you have to make a new account for every. single. workspace. makes me wonder.. …

2020-01-15: “Deactivate Your Account” is a sham. Show some damn back bone and put a full …

2020-01-15: Email Clients (very general ratings) 🧐 Mac Canary🔴 Apple Mail🟢 Airmail🔴 Airmail (Beta)🟢 Newton🟡 …

2020-01-14: 😤 Nose Clouds™️

2020-01-14: Verizon’s actual search results are provided by Microsoft’s Bing, but Verizon added …

2020-01-14: Verizon today launched a new search engine, claiming that its “OneSearch” service will …

2020-01-14: Neat! 💻 😀 Super stoked to try this out and see how it compares to Coda!

2020-01-14: The same scam call I get every day just got through Nomorobo. I guess they are out. Onto the next …

2020-01-13: Monday the 13th!! 😱

2020-01-13: 👨🏻‍💻😀

2020-01-13: Started taking classes again to finish the almost done degree I never got. âœï¸ğŸŽ“

2020-01-13: Started taking classes again to finish the almost done degree I never got. âœï¸ğŸŽ“

2020-01-13: Apple is “on track” to launch four new iPhones in September, according to Ming-Chi Kuo. Such …

2020-01-12: Up Above. 📷 burk.photos

2020-01-11: 🚬👿📷

2020-01-11: 🔗 📺 ğŸŽ® The Story of Super Mario Bros. 3 | Gaming Historian

2020-01-11: Leica camera quality is superb!! Their lens cap design is…trash. 🤦‍♂️📷 The only thing …

2020-01-11: As a product, Redfin > Zillow. 🏡 🔍

2020-01-11: So, this new concept phone from OnePlus where the glass on the back can “make the cameras …

2020-01-11: App tryout number one. 📲

2020-01-11: That’s it. I’ve had it with scam callers! (I’m sure this feature will bite me somehow but the scam …

2020-01-10: FRIDAY SJC🛫☁️🛬PDX 🏡 🔍👀 PDX 🛫☁️🛬SJC

2020-01-09: 12 min 📖 ğŸŽ§ The Power of When

2020-01-09: Birds. 📷 burk.photos

2020-01-08: Started in on Gears of War 5. Not into it. Moving on to the next title in my backlog! ğŸŽ®

2020-01-06: I am astonished at the number of people who walk away from their expensive unlocked laptops at a …

2020-01-05: 🐱

2020-01-05: That time I re-edited the Star Wars Holiday Special. 🤣

2020-01-05: Trying out a new Apple watch setup. Instead of a face with a bunch of complications, just use a nice …

2020-01-04: I feel more and more that “the indie web” is “the web”, and that other shit is something else.. …

2020-01-04: Now I know which AirPods are mine! ğŸŽ§

2020-01-03: Going through my blog post archive and cleaning things up. Broken links, broken images, changing …

2020-01-03: Podcast Friday: The Dream - Season 1 ğŸŽ™Â â€œMLMs. There’s nothing as intoxicating as piles of money, …

2020-01-03: Twenty Twenty has arrived! 🙄

2020-01-02: We have officially finish season 1 of “The Baby Yoda Show”! 😀👍 📺

2020-01-02: What does a $20 beer taste like? Not sure, but about to find out!! 🍺 💸

2020-01-02: Mail.app keeps opening itself? Fixed! ğŸ¤ž ğŸ¤ž If you have been dealing with Mail.app randomly popping …

2020-01-01: Don’t forget to update all your Hazel rules for 2020 filing! 💻

2020-01-01: Next up! 🥃

2020-01-01: Not ‘resolutions’. Just some things I want to get done. ✅ Twenty Twenty. Mark As …

2019-12-31: 🥃 ğŸŽ‡

2019-12-31: Application complete! (With some spaces for future additions) 💻 😀

2019-12-31: Project New Laptop Stickers! 💻 test layout

2019-12-31: 1st Flaviar shipment arrived! A sub from @alcedine! 😀❤️ You pick a tasting sample every month and a …

2019-12-31: Calls with a checkmark have been verified by the carrier. First I have seen / noticed this. 📱

2019-12-30: Facebook and healthcare information. Are you actually fucking kidding me??? No. Way. In. Hell.

2019-12-29: The Peak Design travel tripod is a 10/10 so far from my perspective! 📷 The design team there is …

2019-12-29: A great Easter Egg! 😂 🤣 📷

2019-12-29: One thing I would change about the 2019 MacBook Air would be to have one USB-C port on each side …

2019-12-28: Holes. 📷 burk.photos

2019-12-28: What is this Xbox One X!? And how do I get one!? 😍 ğŸŽ®

2019-12-27: FRIDAY SJC🛫☁️🛬PDX 🏡 🔍👀 PDX 🛫☁️🛬SJC

2019-12-27: Another interesting potential benefit of using Micro.blog rather than the others. It’s most …

2019-12-27: I keep a lot of stuff in AirTable.. A major shortcoming that I didn’t come across until today …

2019-12-27: Star Wars tickets procured! ğŸŽ¥ 🍿

2019-12-26: 🐱 ğŸŽ


2019-12-25: Happy Holidays Everyone!

2019-12-23: Finally getting around to consolidating our storage at home! 💻 💾

2019-12-23: I can’t even imagine how you narrow down to 25 from every photo on flickr, but here they are! …

2019-12-22: Been having some runaway process issues (100%+ slammed CPU) with Copied lately.. Trying Paste for a …

2019-12-22: Good news everyone! Pilot G2 minis exist!! 😀 🖊

2019-12-22: I massively underestimated 4K@60Hz gaming! 😍 ğŸŽ®

2019-12-21: A database that contained over 267 million Facebook user IDs, phone numbers, and IDs was discovered …

2019-12-21: 🔗 Yes. your AirPods Pro might smell like blueberries. No, we don’t know why. Wow, they do! …

2019-12-21: For some reason I no longer have the “Text Message Forwarding” option on my phone under …

2019-12-21: Loving the increasing amount of Star Wars spoilers with each day that passes! ğŸŽ¥ ğŸ‘Ž

2019-12-20: 🔗 Pikachu Exists And Is Living In Australia 🤯

2019-12-20: Someone (kitty) made a new page on my website by walking on the keyboard.. 🐱🐱🐱 Better to create than …

2019-12-19: If you or someone you know is looking to get a Flickr Pro account, here is a coupon! Coupon code …

2019-12-19: So far, Castro has the most consistent sync / playback of podcasts for standalone Apple Watch …

2019-12-18: This will definitely be the longest part of the new install! 📷

2019-12-18: The gold MacBook Air is beautiful! 🥇 😍 💻

2019-12-18: Drink Juice. 📷

2019-12-18: Fresh install on a brand new computer and the it seems like the “Mail.app pops up whenever it …

2019-12-17: It surprises me every year! Such a delightful feature! 😀 ğŸŽˆ

2019-12-17: The Firefox Developers Edition logo is really nice. 🦊😀 (The Nightly logo is awesome too!)

2019-12-17: The Firefox Developers Edition logo is really nice. 🦊😀 (The Nightly logo is awesome too!)

2019-12-17: You always underestimate how long it will take you to get a new computer setup juuust right.

2019-12-17: The Peak Design Travel Tripod has arrived! 📷 Once again they have done a great job on packaging and …

2019-12-16: After a bit of uncertainty and a small adventure with @alcedine to beat the clock, I ended up …

2019-12-15: The food scene in Portland, OR is top notch! 🍽

2019-12-15: Looks right to me! 😉 🍕

2019-12-15: Remember when everyone complained incessantly about a simple usb-c adapter? ⚡️🚗 😂

2019-12-15: Fishing 📷 burk.photos

2019-12-15: I had one of the best meals of my life last night at G-Love in Portland, OR. Every single dish was …

2019-12-14: Great lunch at Tin Shed with @alcedine and @macgenie! 😀 🍽

2019-12-14: 💭 A while ago I removed my blog rss feed from auto posting on m.b. For a couple reasons: Ability to …

2019-12-14: AirPods Pro - First Flight Test burk.io ğŸŽ§ ✈️ 🔇

2019-12-13: SJC 🛫 ☁️ 🛬 PDX

2019-12-11: oooo! It looks like the Peak Design Tripods are starting to ship! 📷 📦

2019-12-11: Heading to Portland this weekend! 😀

2019-12-10: Wondering aloud: Is Newton Mail dead (again)? 📧 🤔

2019-12-10: I was going to buy a refurb MacBook Air today, but I went back to the refurb store and the config is …

2019-12-10: ‼️😀👍 @agiletortoise

2019-12-09: Why are console makers SOOOOO against wireless audio???? ğŸŽ® ğŸŽ§ 😡

2019-12-09: Instead of the normal end of the year “Products I really liked” post, I thought I would …

2019-12-09: oh.. Looks like my Amazon Wishlist is public!? (and has been for who knows how long) I had no idea.

2019-12-07: You know it’s the holidays when you start hearing me say “Hey Siri, please turn on the Christmas …

2019-12-07: This new AR version of Untitled Goose Game is super realistic!

2019-12-06: Anyone need any of these items? 🛒

2019-12-05: AirTable is amazing but $20/month so I can color code cells is rough..

2019-12-05: When something starts with “It’s the latest fad in Silicon Valley” you know it’s …

2019-12-04: Cyber Week stop it.

2019-12-03: Can you imagine what it would be like to figure out what the heck is causing Mail.app to constantly …

2019-12-03: I should probably change it to the delete key.. Seems more fitting. 😂

2019-12-03: Swapped one of my keyboard keys for fun! 😀

2019-12-03: Definitely need multiple cups today. ☕️

2019-12-03: The Satechi Mac mini dock has been working well. It’s really nice to have the access right on …

2019-12-02: It rains in CA. 🌧 Delay in delivery due to weather or natural disaster.

2019-12-01: If you need a gluten free cracker option, these are delicious!! (Even if you don’t need a gluten …

2019-12-01: Second round of play testing the board game with @alcedine! Name Redacted ⚔️♟ coffeepot.games

2019-11-29: Today was a success. I now have the Virtual Boo Ringtone (from Luigi’s Mansion 3) as my iPhone …

2019-11-29: So many Black Friday emails from services that I forgot existed.

2019-11-29: I often wonder what percentage of total iOS users utilize shortcuts? 1%? 5%? More, less? Curious …

2019-11-28: Everyone in the house gets Thanksgiving! 😀😀🐱🐱🐱

2019-11-28: I was using Workflowy for a project and it was cool, then I found Dynalist. Neat!

2019-11-28: TripIt Pro is very sad to see me go.


2019-11-28: Wishing you all a wonderful day!

2019-11-28: 🏃 🙌 🦃

2019-11-27: Nintendo Switch eShop Cyber Deals ğŸŽ®

2019-11-27: 🌧 + 🥶 = 🍵😀 Salty Caramel Pumpkin Black

2019-11-26: Facebook, the social media company behind the Oculus virtual reality platform, has acquired Beat …



2019-11-25: All of the Affinity software is 30% off right now! I am really liking their stuff. 💾

2019-11-25: The Toys That Made Us Season 3!!! 😀😀

2019-11-25: Uh oh. Peak Design just launched V2 of all their Everyday Bags 💸💸💸

2019-11-24: 🐱 🍂

2019-11-24: Florida Dog to Florida Man: Hold my doggy beer.

2019-11-23: “Priority” 🤔

2019-11-22: Self portrait of this week.

2019-11-22: The Xbox One X is really good! ğŸŽ® 👍

2019-11-22: Was reading an article but didn’t finish becasue I 🤮 The idea was “what you do is who …

2019-11-22: burk.io needs some life support.. ☠️ 😬

2019-11-22: Mac Mini Dock - Satechi Aluminum Stand Hub burk.io 🖥 (pretend that is a Mac mini emoji)

2019-11-21: Today is just all around werid..

2019-11-21: Happy Holidays! 🥃

2019-11-21: The Xbox One X has arrived! 😀 🙌 ğŸŽ®

2019-11-20: Is the box with our Xbox One X Box inside containing an Xbox One X here yet? ğŸ“¦ğŸŽ®

2019-11-20: Just in case anyone needs a constant update on the launch date of Animal Crossing: New Horizons! 😀 …

2019-11-20: New 404 page! Just for fun. 🤣 burk.io/404 Mr. Resetti

2019-11-20: Raspberry Pi 4 + Touchscreen burk.io 💻 ⚙️

2019-11-19: We found a kitty at the lake! 😀

2019-11-19: Raspberry Pi 4 + Touchscreen burk.io 💻 ⚙️

2019-11-18: Someone finally cleaned his WAR ZONE of a desk! 😱 (You can ask @alcedine, it was looking rough!)

2019-11-17: We finally started watching!!! 😀😀

2019-11-17: Pumpkin Cheesecake Ice Cream + Milk + Rum. Sorry, not sorry! 🍰 🍦 🥛 🥃

2019-11-17: I finished Torchlight II ⚔️ ~22 Hours ğŸŽ®

2019-11-16: I wonder if it would be worth adding micro.blog to keybase so people can verify their m.b names …

2019-11-16: How is night mode even real??

2019-11-16: Second time outside for Cookie! 🐱

2019-11-16: We’re back in business! Pi!

2019-11-16: I love Saturday breakfast for lunch!! 🥓 🍳 ğŸž 🥑 🧀

2019-11-16: First time I have seen the “hamburger” menu as an actual hamburger, and I love it! 🍔

2019-11-16: If you can’t edit tweets, you shure as hell shouldn’t be allowed to edit Star Wars …

2019-11-15: 📱 Yesterday: 203 apps installed ⬇️ Today: 160 apps installed ⬇️ Tomorrow: 100 apps installed? …

2019-11-15: 🤣 At least they know their users. ğŸŽ®

2019-11-15: Project!! 😀

2019-11-14: Is Discord kind of the IRC of today? (Plus voice)

2019-11-14: Today is the day! 📺 🍿 ğŸŽ¥ 🌀

2019-11-14: Playing Games - Luigi’s Mansion 3 burk.io ğŸŽ® 👻

2019-11-14: Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales thinks he can create a better social network. WT:Social 🤨 🌐

2019-11-14: I thought I cared about tracking stuff in trakt.tv 📺 I think this may actually not be true.. 🤷‍♂️

2019-11-13: Minecraft Earth 😀😀 ğŸŽ® 📲

2019-11-12: Happy to see that Firefox can Picture-in-Picture Youtube videos like Safari now! (not sure when it …

2019-11-12: Facebook is secretly using your iPhone’s camera as you scroll your feed If something like this …

2019-11-11: That’s great, but, are you updating your privacy policy? 🧐

2019-11-11: That’s a pretty great alarm 🍦 😂

2019-11-11: 8 years ago today! ❤️11-11-11❤️ @alcedine + @burk 😀🥂 valerieandjason.com

2019-11-10: I’m really liking Torchlight II ğŸŽ®

2019-11-10: “Xfinity” is still one of the worst all time rebrands.

2019-11-09: 👻 @alcedine and I are finally starting Luigi’s Manion 3! ğŸŽ® 😀

2019-11-09: My guardian angel. 👼 🐱 😍

2019-11-09: I recently changed my photo on m.b to an actual picture of myself to be more personal. Problem is …

2019-11-09: a little bit differently Tyler Blevins – famously known as Ninja, the world’s most popular Fortnite streamer – has now …

2019-11-08: I am really into these 12 minute “micro books” right now! 📚 It’s a nice format to gain some extra …

2019-11-08: I want one of these for the coffee table. 🤣

2019-11-07: Let there be light! ⌨️ 💡 💜

2019-11-07: 🙌 ⚔️

2019-11-07: You know you have been playing beat saber too long when you have an itch on your ankle and try and …

2019-11-07: Comparing some keyboards. ⌨️

2019-11-07: Hoping this fixes all my bedside charging woes! ğŸ¤ž 🔋 iPhone Apple Watch AirPods

2019-11-07: With the numbers being so close anymore, I’m not sure any of this really matters. My take away …

2019-11-07: Dinner last night! Yum! 🍽 Herb Roasted Salmon with Cumin Beets & Bulgar.

2019-11-07: DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials for Safari is back! 🦆

2019-11-06: It’s been a rough start for my AirPods Pro! Day 6: Fully submerged left unit in martini 🍸 Day …

2019-11-05: 👋 iOS 13.3

2019-11-05: Hey look, there is a landing page now! ♟ coffeepot.games

2019-11-05: The local street gang. 🦃

2019-11-05: Remember that time I was eating Halloween candy on November 5th? Those were crazy times.

2019-11-05: It’s not wrong. 📷 burk.photos

2019-11-05: Time to compare! 🖊

2019-11-05: I wonder how many SEO buzzwords can fit in 10 min?

2019-11-04: Confirmed: An AirPod Pro should still work after being fully submerged in a martini. (don’t ask) 🍸 ğŸŽ§

2019-11-04: Adding pet stuff to the favs list! 😀

2019-11-04: I love getting packages from Japan! 🇯🇵 📦 😀

2019-11-04: The rebrand of Facebook is their Alphabet moment to avoid government scrutiny, etc. No? TNW 🔗

2019-11-03: With everyone freaking out about 5G, I ask, what if carriers actually provided legit 4G first..?

2019-11-03: No bikes. 🚫 🚲

2019-11-03: 🥵 ğŸŽ‰ 🥇 😴

2019-11-03: Surprising we haven’t seen more “I returned my AirPods Pro already, and the top 11 reasons you …

2019-11-03: Now to miss my stand circle because I am dead tired! 😂

2019-11-03: Hike/Photo day! 🥾 📷

2019-11-02: Test driving some new sunglasses. ğŸ˜Ž I think I like them?? 🤔

2019-11-02: 1000 🏆

2019-11-02: For All Man Kind. S1E1 📺

2019-11-02: AirPods Pro: I was a little on the fence after my first 10 min of use. Flash forward to now; I like …

2019-11-02: Halloween Pro ğŸŽƒ ğŸŽ¶ 🔊

2019-10-31: Come get some candy kids!! ğŸŽƒ 👻 (the fog machine is awesome!)

2019-10-31: I hope we get trick or treaters tonight! We got a neat fog machine just for this! 😀🧛🏻

2019-10-31: Now that I actually put them side by side, the new one isn’t actually that much bigger.

2019-10-31: Pretty sure we are going to do this Xbox All Access thing when it launches on November 18. ğŸŽ®

2019-10-31: Forgot these were coming too! 4D 👟 ///

2019-10-31: I am really into this face! ⌚️

2019-10-31: The ifixit “repairability” scores are increasingly worthless with every day that passes. The …

2019-10-31: Happy Halloween everyone!! ğŸŽƒ 👻 🧟‍♂️🧛🏻

2019-10-30: Oculus Quest VR build 10.0 is now available!

2019-10-30: Latest addition! 👟

2019-10-30: I wonder if that was a mistake? 🤔

2019-10-30: First run with the AirPods Pro. 👍👍🏃‍♂️

2019-10-30: I can’t wait to try them out!! 🙌😀

2019-10-30: HORI Nintendo Switch Split Pad Pro Ergonomic Controller burk.io ğŸŽ®

2019-10-29: Blending 3 different bourbon together to see what happens! 🥃

2019-10-29: People online REALLY care about adding “Pro” to a name.. 🤷‍♂️

2019-10-29: The whole world joined in on the download when I got to around 3.0GB. 😬

2019-10-29: HORI Nintendo Switch Split Pad Pro Ergonomic Controller burk.io ğŸŽ®

2019-10-29: There we go. ✅ ⌚️6.1 💻10.15.1

2019-10-29: Rocky.

2019-10-29: The vast majority of Technology Reviewers need to do two things: Step away from technology for a …

2019-10-28: I don’t think I have ever seen the little screen pattern on that microphone before! 📱🍏

2019-10-28: Lawn or Smoothie? 😂

2019-10-28: HomePod

2019-10-28: Looks like AirPods Pro was real

2019-10-27: 🧀 🔥

2019-10-27: Can you hear me now??


2019-10-25: Going to see how these are. ğŸŽ®

2019-10-25: Look at an email on phone Hold power button to activate Siri Say “Remind me about this” …

2019-10-25: The purpose of Medium is to create the most annoying reading experience possible, right?

2019-10-25: “Facebook News”

2019-10-24: I had to get one of the new pirate shirts!  🏴‍☠️

2019-10-23: Hot Lava is quite fun! ğŸŽ® 🌋

2019-10-22: Good thing you didn’t get the X-Pro2 yet @gabz! 😂 📷 Fujifilm Unveils the X-Pro3

2019-10-22: Facebook today announced it was partnering with the state of California to try and fix the state’s …

2019-10-22: Bye bye data cap! It was not nice knowing you. 👋 0️⃣1️⃣0️⃣

2019-10-22: Anyone have cool photos of their Halloween house decorations!? ğŸŽƒ 👻

2019-10-22: Opinion: If that Microsoft “not a phone” (duo, I think) came out now, I think it would crush the …

2019-10-22: Tech Press on Camera Bump iPhone: that square bump is the worst thing to ever be created. Pixel: …

2019-10-22: Tech Press on Face Unlock iPhone: If your eyes are open and find an identical twin with malicious …

2019-10-22: Making A Board Game - Part 4 burk.io â™ŸğŸŽ² ⚔️

2019-10-21: I may have splurged a little and got a ⛺️ for the kitties. Cookie likes it so far! 😀🐱

2019-10-21: For new users of the Micro.blog Mac app, it might go a long way to have buttons for control …

2019-10-21: 🔗 LEGO Fan Builds Link’s House From The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild WOW!!

2019-10-21: I think my Untitled Goose Game save file is messed up.. can’t get one of the quests to complete. 😔 ğŸŽ®

2019-10-21: I got a cool new t-shirt on Sunday!

2019-10-21: Making A Board Game - Part 4 burk.io â™ŸğŸŽ²âš”ï¸

2019-10-21: Playing Games - RiME burk.io ğŸŽ®

2019-10-21: micro usb is 🗑

2019-10-20: ğŸ“šğŸŽ§ The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck

2019-10-20: ğŸ“šğŸŽ§ Who Moved My Cheese?

2019-10-20: 📚 ğŸŽ§ 4 Hour Work Week

2019-10-19: ğŸŽ¥ 🍿 Zombieland: Double Tap

2019-10-19: Getting access to Twitter’s API is a terrible experience. Maybe I won’t be going down …

2019-10-19: Sometimes a thing exists that you must have and it’s only in Japan. (Who am I kidding, this is often …

2019-10-18: 📖 ✅ Who Moved My Cheese?

2019-10-18: ğŸŽ¥ 🍿 Between Two Ferns: The Movie

2019-10-18: “purgeable space” drives me to complete madness

2019-10-18: Podcast Friday: Mythical Monsters ğŸŽ™Â â€œThe great heroes of myth are known throughout the world. Their …

2019-10-17: 📖Reading: Embrace Your Weird: Face Your Fears and Unleash Creativity

2019-10-17: Hex 📷 burk.photos

2019-10-17: Sure.. Ok.. 😂 🤦‍♂️

2019-10-17: If you are having issues getting watchOS 6.1 Deve Beta 4 to install. Try this: Uninstall beta …

2019-10-16: I was going to take a macro photo of a ladybug, and then it disappeared.. 😂 📷 ğŸž

2019-10-15: Farewell cruel world, I have eaten enough nachos to put down an 🐘. 💀

2019-10-15: 🐝

2019-10-15: The iPad Pro graphics capability is astonishing! Take this A chip, throw it in an Apple TV and that …

2019-10-15: Neat!

2019-10-14: Lime Time. 📷 burk.photos

2019-10-14: Results of my super scientific Micro.blog Poll! 📊 Do you use a case for your phone?

2019-10-14: Wires! ⚡️

2019-10-13: Dang, looks like something maybe changed with the way Notes.app works in Catalina? Both of the …

2019-10-13: Tiny 🍦

2019-10-13: Just learned about this feature when I was going through the settings. ⌚️ 🕰

2019-10-13: The best 🌮/ 🌯 truck!! YUMMMM 😀

2019-10-12: I really dig this new number style! ⌚️

2019-10-12: Relaxing. ☁️

2019-10-11: Nice scare tactic to try and get me to impulse upgrade to a plan I don’t need.

2019-10-11: Blast from the past! Remember Xsan? 

2019-10-10: New flavor! 💦 🌸

2019-10-10: Really looking forward to trying out some NFC triggered automations! 📱⚙️😀

2019-10-10: 🐱☕️

2019-10-10: The amount of conflicting info and news is amazing 🔥 🌬 🔋

2019-10-09: It was very difficult to not buy this today.

2019-10-09: So it sounds like we are going to be without power in some spots of the Bay Area for somewhere …

2019-10-09: I can’t believe I have been using @blot for a year already! ❤️

2019-10-09: I completed WHAT THE GOLF! Such a wonderful game!!! ⛳️ 😀😂 ğŸŽ®

2019-10-08: Sorry everyone for the flood of trash!! Not sure how those got picked up as posts!? 😬

2019-10-08: Forgot to update my phone video settings with the new phone now that I can do 4K 60fps! 📱 ğŸŽ¥ 1080p@60 …

2019-10-07: I love walking around the neighborhood every day in October and seeing it slowly transform into …

2019-10-07: We are live! 🖥

2019-10-07: I would argue that Steam has never been optimized for any platform. ğŸŽ®

2019-10-07: Catalina Update Day! 💻

2019-10-03: I have had the Peak Everyday Backpack for a while now and I just now found a pocket I didn’t know …

2019-10-03: ☕️ 🌴 ☀️

2019-10-03: First time I have ever seen this! Cool feature! 📱 🔋

2019-10-02: Playing with the stars. ✨

2019-10-02: Surface Duo > Galaxy Fold 🤫

2019-10-02: Inktober 2019. Day Two. Mindless. 🖊

2019-10-02: Inktober 2019. Day One. Ring. 🖊

2019-10-02: I don’t draw. I am going to take a crack at Inktober to get outside my narrowly defined self!

2019-10-02: After seeing some videos of people using this new Tesla Smart Summon feature, this SHOULD NOT be a …

2019-10-02: So many posts yesterday about thhe “new iOS dev beta including the new photo stuff”. I …

2019-10-02: ğŸŽ§ğŸ“š The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right

2019-10-01: Relaxing in the backyard while the ☀️ still exists! ğŸ˜Ž 🍻

2019-10-01: ❓What do you use for a local mac webserver? Still use MAMP? Or something else nowadays?

2019-10-01: 47%! Getting closer! ⛳️ ğŸŽ®

2019-10-01: Tried one of those car detailing services that come to your house today. Amazing job and very …

2019-10-01: Beautiful clouds ⛅️

2019-09-30: Yum!

2019-09-30: I ❤️ What The Golf! ⛳️ ğŸŽ®

2019-09-30: It’s criminal that with the extortion that is Comcast’s internet pricing, they also have a tiny data …

2019-09-30: Micro.blog Poll 📊 Do you use a case for your phone?

2019-09-30: If I had a choice I would leave the stainless steel band on the iPhones non-tinted regardless of …

2019-09-30: watchOS 6.0.1 ⌚️

2019-09-30: iOS 13.1.2 📲

2019-09-29: Reading this headline. On the screen of the Series 5. 😂 ⌚️

2019-09-29: New iPhone. 📱 👀 Your screen time was up 109% over last week.

2019-09-28: Minecon Live 2019 ğŸŽ® ⬜️

2019-09-27: Mochi’s favorite treasure lately. 😀❤️🐱

2019-09-27: Websites “reporting” on 2020 iPhones already. 😂

2019-09-27: Yesterday: 🥵 Today: 🥶

2019-09-27: I got great tickets! ğŸŽ‰ 🍿 ğŸŽ« 😀

2019-09-27: The new Apple TV screensavers (Aerial on the Mac) are 🐱 approved! 😀👍

2019-09-27: iOS 13.1.1 📲

2019-09-27: Podcast Friday: The Edge of Sleep ğŸŽ™Â â€œWhen a night watchman finishes his shift at work, he is …

2019-09-26: Had to! ğŸŽ® 😀

2019-09-26: Steak nachos tonight! 🥩

2019-09-25: Granted my iPhone X was 2 years old, but the battery life of the 11 Pro is blowing my socks off in …

2019-09-25: The ability to add photos to reminders is wonderful!

2019-09-25: Whiskey & Bourbon added to my favs list 🥃

2019-09-25: Surely someone is messing with me? Which one of you is doing this?? Mail.app randomly pops up and …

2019-09-25: 🔗 Oculus Quest’s secret trick: It can double as a wired PC VR headset - Ars Technica Wow! I didn’t …

2019-09-24: Taking photos in total darkness. How is this possible!? 😱

2019-09-24: Mario Kart Tour! ğŸŽ®

2019-09-24: Solid day of yard work today! 😀

2019-09-24: Cheers everyone! Happy to be here and happy you are all here as well! 🍷

2019-09-24: Curious to see if upgrading the Apple TV HD to the Apple TV 4K (A8 to A10X) will effect Apple Arcade …

2019-09-24: Wait. Oceanhorn 2 doesn’t have a setting for invert y axis… How the!? ğŸŽ®

2019-09-24: I could be missing something perhaps. On the iPhone 11 Pro, why are the camera lenses sticking out …

2019-09-24: I think I would like a button in Apple Arcade for “Download All”. ğŸŽ®

2019-09-23: Really really really liking  Arcade on the Apple TV with an Xbox One Controller! ğŸŽ® 📺

2019-09-23: This night mode camera is working really great! And the ultra wide surprises me every time I use it! …

2019-09-23: The majority of “analysts” were wrong about the iPhone 11 series?? SHOCK It’s …

2019-09-23: You are a target for intervention, unless you are firearms.. 8 deaths from ecigs and it’s an …

2019-09-22: Down Low 📷

2019-09-22: In case these are useful for anyone that doesn’t already subscribe to them. ğŸŽ®

2019-09-22: Cookie’s favorite part of the morning is getting an ice cube! ❄️🐱

2019-09-21: Stainless Steel Link back in the rotation to accompany the new titanium case! 😍 ⌚️

2019-09-21: ğŸŽƒ 👻

2019-09-21: M.B 🐛 @manton @cheesemaker In app mention bug with dark mode? screenshot

2019-09-21: Odd. “iPhone drop tests” are still dumb and useless. 🤦‍♂️

2019-09-21: Xbox ğŸŽ® connected to Apple 📺 😀

2019-09-21: Is it possible to get badges on the m.b iOS app for mentions? /@manton

2019-09-21: The matte (frosted glass) back is 👍👍

2019-09-21: Our healthcare system working.. 😔

2019-09-21: What did I do to my back? Not a damn clue. How much does it hurt? 12/10 😢

2019-09-21: Trying to figure out what makes today “Batman day”…

2019-09-21: Xbox One controller arrives today. We’re ready for Apple Arcade on Apple TV! 📺 ğŸŽ®

2019-09-21: I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Series 5 Titanium came with an extra Light Gray sport …

2019-09-21: 💚📱

2019-09-21: Transferring a Suica card from your old phone to new phone is super easy! 🐧 🇯🇵

2019-09-20: Untitled Goose Game! 😂 ğŸŽ®

2019-09-20: UPS Has Delivered! ğŸ“¦ğŸŽ‰

2019-09-19: Thursday chore: changing a garbage disposal. Difficulty: 2/5

2019-09-19: First we had Silicon Valley. Then Silicon Forest. Now Silicon Prairie. What’s next, Silicon Bayou? …

2019-09-18: ğŸ¤ž

2019-09-17: I definitely want this table!

2019-09-17: Attempting to reproduce. 🐛 @manton @cheesemaker

2019-09-16: Downloading some Apple Arcade games! ğŸŽ® 📱 💻 🖥 📺

2019-09-15: Still one of the best games ever created! Blackbox ğŸŽ® 📱 What’s Inside Will Amaze You: Explore the …

2019-09-15: Picking locks is so damn satisfying! 🔐 😀

2019-09-15: Lock Picked my first “The Club” today. VERY easy. 🔐

2019-09-15: 🍷 🍻

2019-09-15: Started: Torchlight II ğŸŽ®

2019-09-14: For Sale 🛒 Apple Watch - Series 4 44mm Stainless Steel GPS + Cellular Charger + Sport Band Excellent …

2019-09-14: Harvest Moon 📷 burk.photos

2019-09-14: 🌼 📷

2019-09-13: Safe to say Cookie is relaxed. 🐱

2019-09-13: You got me on that one Podcasts.app! 😂 It always says “episode title is available”. I thought …

2019-09-12: The alarm that only gets used one a year. ⏰

2019-09-12: 20 year old bird!

2019-09-12: People often ask me about what my favorite product is in various categories. So, I decided to keep …

2019-09-10: Super stoked on today’s event!  Ordered today: ⌚️ 44mm Titanium Ordering Friday: 📱 11 Pro - …

2019-09-10: 💸😀💸😀💸😀

2019-09-09: The Apple Card Experience burk.io 💳

2019-09-09: It sure looks like Fry’s is going to be closing by end of year. 🧐

2019-09-09: Playing Games - GRIS burk.io ğŸŽ®

2019-09-07: Great day of writing! Got one blog post out and another scheduled for tomorrow! Working now to build …

2019-09-07: That’s a wierd one. A post from 2007 is showing up as though it was published today.. 🤔

2019-09-06: Two high end design “choices” that drive me crazy. (Fortunately the second one can be “fixed” with …

2019-09-06: “The Modern Web” 🤦‍♂️ Trash ads everywhere Over 1 min to load the page!? 100+ Errors …

2019-09-06: The Leica Q2 📷 burk.io

2019-09-04: Not sure if this is a good idea? I am going back through ALL my blog posts to clean them up …

2019-09-03: In the wake of 2 mass shootings at Walmart stores in recent months, the company said Tuesday it …

2019-09-02: Mail.app 📧 Horizontal View: Default is one too many columns Portrait View: Default is one too few …

2019-09-02: I always wonder if it was a conscious decison when I come across an iPad app that only works in …

2019-09-01: Going from fantastic Paxio gigabit fiber to shit Comcast. 😭 💀

2019-08-30: Mochi 🐱

2019-08-30: The Oculus Quest is so rad! ğŸŽ®

2019-08-30: Podcast Friday: Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Day ğŸŽ™Â â€œDaily dose of word power from …

2019-08-29: Elevation Labs - FamilyCharger burk.io ğŸ—ž

2019-08-28: Remembering the GT-R. ❤️

2019-08-28: This new Orange Vanilla Coke tastes like Vanilla Coke to me. I’m not picking up any 🍊. Maybe …

2019-08-28: When Mochi is hungry. 🐱

2019-08-27: How long after the Nintendo switch light launch until so,done hacks it to work with the dock for tv …

2019-08-27: Oh!? I’m on iOS 13.1 Beta 1 now! Didn’t expect that before the launch of 13.0.

2019-08-26: I wonder how much the Apple Card costs to produce? Materials, overhead, etc. More than other (metal) …

2019-08-25: Giving me a very Adams Family vibe on this one! 😀🧛‍♂️

2019-08-25: Code 📷 burk.photos

2019-08-25: New Tagmoji™ added to production! Adding more emoji to Discover in Micro.blog. It’ll take a little …

2019-08-25: 🙌 🏃

2019-08-25: 👋 🐱

2019-08-25: The problem with disruption is boredom and lack of follow through. Too often once tipped from stable …

2019-08-25: Riding Shotgun 📷 burk.photos

2019-08-24: Grill 📷 burk.photos

2019-08-23: I’ll watch that!! The Mandalorian 📺

2019-08-23: Solid 3.15 miles today! 🏃

2019-08-23: 🐱+🙂

2019-08-22: Guinea Pig Halloween Costumes!? 😂 Paging @macgenie 📢 😀

2019-08-22: I can hardly believe it’s here! More to come soon surely! 😱 😍 📷

2019-08-22: 🚀

2019-08-22: Now Playing: GRIS ğŸŽ®

2019-08-22: Whoops, I guess I have Parallels for another year. 🤷‍♂️ 💻 You have subscribed to Parallels Desktop …

2019-08-21: They are coming in hot now! iOS 13 DevBeta 8! ğŸŽ‰ 📲

2019-08-20: Affinity Photo 👍 Affinity Designer 👍

2019-08-19: 30-60 min of Beat Saber is quite a good (and fun!) workout! 🥵 ğŸŽ¶ ⚔️ (I installed a bunch of new songs …

2019-08-19: New pin! 😀

2019-08-19: What a task it is to ‘delete’ all data from Google! Slowly chipping away at it. So far, …

2019-08-19: When people post “concepts” of Apple (or other) products that have no basis in the reality of …

2019-08-17: 😀

2019-08-16: Silicon Valley Comic Con starts today! ğŸŽ‰ğŸ˜€

2019-08-16: Podcast Friday: Sound Escapes ğŸŽ™Â â€œOver the seven episodes of this podcast, we’ll be immersed in …

2019-08-16: True Form 📷 burk.photos

2019-08-16: I will assume they only know my password via some hash/whatever, but this is still interesting …

2019-08-15: The 2018 iPad Pro 12.9 is a damn fine computer!!! (That’s it, just stating facts) 😀

2019-08-15: Red 📷 burk.photos

2019-08-15: Yum! 🍑 🍺 😀

2019-08-15: How do these shoes keep getting delivered to our house!? 👟 🤷‍♂️ 😉

2019-08-15: iOS 13 Beta 7! 🥳

2019-08-14: Late night gaming session. ğŸŽ® 🐱

2019-08-14: Now that TweetMarker is officially shutdown, is there any feasibility in that code / tech making its …

2019-08-13: Everyone has their own definition of comfort. 😹

2019-08-12: Season X ☂ time! Duos with @alcedine! ğŸ˜€ğŸŽ‰ ğŸŽ®

2019-08-12: Super Hot VR on the Oculus Quest is AWESOME!! ğŸŽ®

2019-08-12: Silicon Valley Comic Con is this week!!! ğŸ˜€ğŸ¥³ğŸŽ‰ğŸ™Œ

2019-08-12: The architecture is absolutely stunning. Seeing it in person really makes you appreciate modern …

2019-08-12: Flickr » Smugmug Tumblr » Automatic Glad to see old favorites moving to new owners who …

2019-08-12: The Oculus Quest USB-C cable is great for MacBook charging! 💻

2019-08-11: Editing photos on the iPad is so relaxing. 📷

2019-08-10: Visiting Apple Park with @alcedine! 😀 It was really stunning! 📷 –> Apple Park Visit

2019-08-10: The implementation of Look Around in the new  maps is really good! 🗺

2019-08-09: Oops. I accidentally bought something. ğŸŽ® ğŸ˜Ž

2019-08-09: Podcast Friday: Drawing Inspiration ğŸŽ™Â â€œExploring the joy of drawing with graphite, colored pencil …

2019-08-09: Since cancelling my Adobe Creative Cloud sub I’ve been using alterntives and much prefer them! …

2019-08-09: Some of the biggest corporations in the United States are scaling back their display of violent …

2019-08-09: Security researchers have cracked Apple’s FaceID biometric system yet again. But there’s an unusual …

2019-08-08: I must have taken productivity pills or something! Packed up more of the house More progress on the …

2019-08-08: I find it intersting that generally people say “On iPhone and Android” rather than “On iOS and …

2019-08-08: The redesigned list scroll view in watchOS 6 is great! ⌚️ 👍 😀

2019-08-07: Anyone need any of this stuff? (Offers accepted!)

2019-08-07: I’ve been using dark mode from iOS beta 1 though 5. I switched to light mode for beta 6 to see what …

2019-08-07: Beta 6’ing. 📱⌚️

2019-08-05: This seems to be where we’re at. Still. In the year 2019.

2019-08-05: Hooray for coffee shop work today! ☕️

2019-08-05: We’re back in this bullshit again huh? It’s always someone else’s fault. Always. 🙄 Government = One …

2019-08-05: Currently Reading 📚 📕Red Rising 📗Animal Farm 📘Relic

2019-08-04: Cheers to everyone, hoping you had a nice weekend. So thankful to have the micro.blog community.

2019-08-04: Netflix rents DVDs by mail. Netflix kills the need for DVDs with streaming. Netflix sells streaming …

2019-08-03: I can confirm that if you need to clean your AirPods, this is the stuff to do it with! ğŸŽ§ 👍

2019-08-02: Today was fun!! ğŸ˜€ğŸŽ

2019-08-02: Flatbread is pizza without the guilt of calling it pizza.

2019-08-02: Weekend car! 🚗💨 (Going to be doing a bit more driving this weekend than I had originally planned) 🤣

2019-08-01: Why are text editors so fun!?

2019-08-01: I wish I knew what has changed to make my Screen Connect remote connections stop working.. 🛑

2019-07-31: 💭 Thinking aloud: Will we look back at this flood of podcasts starring Hollywood folks as the voice …

2019-07-30: Not sure why I forgot that I can just do a VM of MacOS 10.15 Catalina.. 🖥

2019-07-29: The new little unique sounds associated with each iMessage Tap Back are great! 😀

2019-07-29: Today is very “5”. First iOS 13 beta 5, and then I pull into the garage and see this.

2019-07-29: If you are still on the fence about using the iOS 13 betas.. I would say, just wait. Please just …

2019-07-29: Beta 5, a day earlier than I expected! ğŸŽ‰ 📱

2019-07-28: Stranger Things 3 📺 ✅

2019-07-28: Does anyone use the IKEA smart home lights and want a deal on some bulbs? E26 980 & E26 950 💡 🛒

2019-07-27: 😔 @blot still down.

2019-07-27: Very cool iOS 13 feature! Copy text in an email message, share to reminders. Email subject become …

2019-07-26: A couple tasty beverages this evening! 🍹

2019-07-24: Finder Tags (or whatever we are calling them these days) would be handy in Apple Notes and …

2019-07-24: Static 📷 burk.photos

2019-07-24: 🔗 Tokyo unveils 2020 Olympic medals made from recycled phones

2019-07-24: I didn’t realize today was “National Screw In Your Tire” day! 🚙

2019-07-22: ğŸ¤ž there is some way to migrate photos from SmugMug to Flickr Pro. 📷

2019-07-22: I have signed up for a Flickr account! Welcome to 2005! 😀 📷

2019-07-22: Cool! You can now sign up for Flickr without a yahoo account. 📷

2019-07-21: Any Fuji x-mount photogs out there interested in a weird lens (I think I picked up in Japan)? 📷🛒 …

2019-07-21: Starting off Sunday morning with a complete resume rewrite! 📝

2019-07-20: Picking out carpets with Mochi 🐱

2019-07-20: Another 🐱 for @macgenie 😀

2019-07-19: Podcast Friday: Carrier ğŸŽ™Â â€œWhat happens when a truck driver picks up a loaded trailer, but has no …

2019-07-19: Trying out a new ⌚️ layout. Alarm Weather Calendar Waterminder Reminders Activity

2019-07-18: Watching @alcedine play in the final Splatfest! 🦑 ğŸŽ®

2019-07-18: Looks like our Mac mini is in good shape for our new 64-bit world!

2019-07-17: I can hardly believe I am saying this, but I may have found a backpack that I am not going to …

2019-07-17: Dev Beta 4 = Feelin right! 👍

2019-07-16: 🔗 It seems too cool to be true, but if it is, I want it!

2019-07-16: MacOS Catlina Beta 4 today. Maybe iOS betas today as well? ğŸ¤ž

2019-07-15: How do you TestFlight the TestFlight app!?

2019-07-14: 🔗 LAPD Crime Scene Photos from the Mid-1900s

2019-07-14: MM2 🔨 ğŸŽ®

2019-07-14: haayy 👋

2019-07-13: Thinking it might be nice to have the always on screen widgets from iPadOS 13 on the iPhone. 🤔

2019-07-13: Beginning Stranger Things season 3! 📺

2019-07-13: Baked salmon is ready!

2019-07-13: New bourbon! 🥃

2019-07-13: Update to my Noise Cancelling Headphones Blog Post. With the Bose 700’s added to the list. ğŸŽ§

2019-07-13: Are you ready for a terrible Star Wars joke I just made up?! Q: What do they call Cloud City in …

2019-07-12: New beer! 🍺 🥭

2019-07-12: Is this a foot in the door for “default apps”? 🤔 📱 ğŸ¦¶âž¡ï¸ğŸšª

2019-07-11: It’s weird to me that you can only have 2 pinned favorites?

2019-07-10: “Noise Cancelling Headphones 700” That’s the product name???? 🤨

2019-07-10: I was comparing the newly updated MacBooks yesterday and it’s an interesting decision for the specs …

2019-07-09: First time in a while that I don’t have to scroll! ğŸŽ§ 🙌

2019-07-09: Super Mario Games, Ranked From Best to Worst ğŸŽ® I think I would have put Sunshine higher in the …

2019-07-09: The Discover Tagmoji Tracker (not sure what to call it) should now be back in sync with current …

2019-07-08: iOS/iPadOS 13 Dev Beta 3 (revision 2)? 🤔

2019-07-08: The next chapter in my quest ğŸŽ§

2019-07-08: Oh no! Pretext broke on iOS/iPadOS 13. I’m lost! 😱

2019-07-08: I bought a Luna Display a while back and I never use it. Anyone looking to pick one up? $50 shipped …

2019-07-08: Hey! There are new Tagmoji! I better get to upating my list!

2019-07-07: 🏖

2019-07-05: Needed a new lock screen look!

2019-07-05: More earthquakes! I am 100% looking forward to not living in a high rise condo soon! 11th floor + …

2019-07-05: Podcast Friday: The Allusionist ğŸŽ™Â â€œA podcast about language by Helen Zaltzman.”

2019-07-04: BBQ time!!!!!

2019-07-04: 😂 📦

2019-07-04: Now that Safari on the iPad is “Desktop Class”, perhaps extensions some day?

2019-07-04: Streaming Beat Saber Live on Twitch! ğŸŽ®

2019-07-04: New Spider-Man movie time!! ğŸŽ¥ 🍿 🕷

2019-07-04: Open Quicken. All data is gone. Perhaps we are done using Quicken..

2019-07-04: Little earth quake to get the day going I guess..

2019-07-04: Have fun, be safe, and enjoy the day everyone! 🇺🇸

2019-07-04: ☕️ + ğŸŽ® = Good Morning

2019-07-03: The Logitech MX Ergo feels so wonderful with the iPad Pro (iOS 13). 🐭

2019-07-03: Orderd the new Bose 700 headphones. Originally scheduled for delivery today (July 3). Now delayed …

2019-07-02: Looks like @blot is down? 😕

2019-07-02: iOS Calendar In iOS 12 you could show the times next to events in month view. Am I going crazy or is …

2019-07-02: iOS 13 Dev Beta 3! ğŸŽ‰

2019-07-01: 🍜

2019-07-01: The number of times I see this kind of thing tells me it’s not “working” as well as eveyone thinks?

2019-07-01: I wonder if there will be a beta update on a holiday week?

2019-06-30: New pin!

2019-06-30: Guest at the Apple Pride 2019 event.  🌈

2019-06-29: The Gameboy Micro is so cool! (and the battery lasts forever!) ğŸŽ®

2019-06-28: Time since order placed: 2 months.. 📷 Soon. I hope. Please!? ğŸ¤ž

2019-06-27: Super 64 ğŸŽ® Play Your Nintendo 64 On Modern Displays With The Super 64 HDMI Adaptor

2019-06-27: Going to be some great hot takes about this one.. 🤦‍♂️ 

2019-06-27: Jony Ive to form independent design company with Apple as client If it wern’t from the Apple Press …

2019-06-27: iPad Pro sticker status!

2019-06-26: The Brydge keyboard. I tried it, but it didn’t work out.

2019-06-24: I was hoping that Public Beta 1 would be a newer build than Developer Beta 2. Looks like that is not …

2019-06-24: Looks like a good number of people have received their Micro.blog @WWDC19 meetup stickers! Fun to …

2019-06-24: Anyone have the build numbers handy for the iOS 13 and iPadOS Public Betas?

2019-06-24: I forgot how easy it is to connect your AirPods to the Apple TV! Fantastic!

2019-06-23: What a gorgeous loaf of bread! Can’t wait to eat this tonight!! 🥖

2019-06-23: Streaming Beat Saber Live on Twitch! ğŸŽ®

2019-06-22: iOS 13 Dev Beta 2 update: things 3 has to be force quit every time you want to use it. The second …

2019-06-22: Holey Moley!!! ⛳️

2019-06-21: Welcome To Night Vale Stickers!! 😀

2019-06-21: 🧘‍♀️ 🧘‍♂️

2019-06-21: Podcast syncing to the Apple Watch is the absolute worst. 😡🤬😡

2019-06-21: It’s been a while since I have seen someone wearing a Google Glass V1. (until today). I can’t …

2019-06-20: Love seeing photos of people putting their Micro.blog @WWDC19 stickers on things! 😀👍

2019-06-20: 🥃

2019-06-20: What are the chances that Apple Arcade is a way to test out that type of model for the entire App …

2019-06-19: Beta 2 is definitely worse. So many more apps broken.

2019-06-19: Told you. 💰

2019-06-18: Happy Birthday @macgenie!! 😀 ğŸŽ‚ğŸŽ‰ğŸŽˆğŸŽ Sent with confetti

2019-06-17: ğŸŽ‰

2019-06-16: Given the past, Beta 2 should be this week! 🙌😀 that’s when I will probably try again on my iPad Pro. …

2019-06-15: Down to the final 9!

2019-06-14: So.. Bend “tests” are still a thing on YouTube? 🤦‍♂️ 😔

2019-06-13: Third batch going out! ⭐️

2019-06-13: Dead Cells is really good! ğŸŽ® 😀👍

2019-06-12: I really think the Monica “personal CRM” is great! (I also really wish there was an iOS …

2019-06-12: Trying to force myself to use this swipe typing in iOS 13 to see what it’s like.

2019-06-10: Second batch going out the door! ✉️

2019-06-09: Easier to keep track of the sticker quantities if there is a single blog post link to look back at. …

2019-06-09: First batch heading out the door!

2019-06-09: Beautiful hike at Castle Rock today! ☀️ 🌲 ⌚️

2019-06-09: Went to a place called Hops and Scotch with @alcedine last night. It was really cool! All the …

2019-06-07: Podcast Friday: Dialog ğŸŽ™Â â€œEach season, Federico and John discuss the impact of technology on …

2019-06-07: Brydge Keyboard - iPad Pro 12.9 Updated 2019-06-07 It’s not working out..

2019-06-06: My replacement Brydge keyboard arrived yesterday. Putting it through the motions now. Going to …

2019-06-06: iOS 13 on my iPhone X: Going fine. iPadOS 13 on my iPad Pro: Downgraded to iOS 12. 🗑 🔥 ❌⛔️📛🛑🚷📵

2019-06-06: For those unable to get all the way out to CA this year for the Micro.blog meetup at WWDC 2019, add …

2019-06-06: Micro.blog last night at the show 😀⭐️

2019-06-05: Live Near WWDC! 🍺 🦉 ğŸŽ¸

2019-06-05: Officially recommending to not install iPadOS DevBeta1.

2019-06-04: Drinks with @alcedine at The Contenintal while we wait for The Talk Show Live. 🍸

2019-06-04: Time for the Escape the Keynote escape room! @alcedine and @jsorge are in our group!

2019-06-04: I will do my best to figure out some way to get some of these out to you all!! ğŸ¤ž


2019-06-04: Lovely day in the park. 🌳 WWDC

2019-06-04: I way over ordered Micro.blog at WWDC19 stickers.. If you are around, and didn’t get any of them, …

2019-06-04: I way over ordered Micro.blog at WWDC19 stickers.. If you are around, and didn’t get any of them, …

2019-06-03: Brydge Keyboard Update #3: original keyboard confirmed defective by Brydge. Replacement on the way.

2019-06-03: Anyone at WWDC able to score me some of the shirts from the pop up? Men’s L, Women’s M.

2019-06-03: Using a Bluetooth mouse with my iPad Pro is wild

2019-06-03: 🔊

2019-06-03: 🔗 Running list of apps that don’t seem to work with iOS 13 - burk.io

2019-06-03: Roaming around downtown San Jose. I have all the iOS, iPadOS, and Xcode betas on an SSD if anyone …

2019-06-03: We are officially iOS 13 now! 😀 (doing this, so you don’t have to! 😂)

2019-06-03: iOS 13 and iPadOS installing. 😬

2019-06-03: Downloading all of them. 😀

2019-06-03: “Important Note for Thrill Seekers: If you’re interested in living on the edge and trying out the …

2019-06-03: Commence Downloads! WWDC

2019-06-03: Mac Pro 🤯

2019-06-03: Ready. Set. Go!

2019-06-03: Dusting Off An Old Project - Part 1 burk.io

2019-06-03: Super excited for today (this week)! ☕️ is ready, ⚡️fiber internet tubes are warmed up, Micro.blog …

2019-06-02: 🦄 💀 WWDC

2019-06-02: Cooking 101: Burn the cheese = delicious. 🔥 🧀 😀

2019-06-02: 📣 WWDC FYI: I plan on having a number of USB drives with all the new WWDC betas on them for anyone …

2019-06-02: I’m ready! WWDC 🤖

2019-06-02: New mug! ☕️ 😀

2019-06-02: What ever happened to that board game I was working on developing??? ğŸŽ²

2019-05-31: Which devices will I be installing iOS 13