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A dream future of creating blog posts!

I had a dream last night about creating new blog posts (yep) and it was next level future!!! It went something like this:

I thought of new blog post idea as I was walking back to my office after lunch…

  1. On my Apple Watch (walking back to my office from lunch)
    > Hey Siri, create a new blog post titled “blah”.

  2. On my iPhone (walking to the train station after work)
    > Hey Siri, add to the body of my last draft, “blah blah blah”.

  3. On my iPad (on the train)
    > Update post content, and add some photos.

  4. On my MacBook (back at home)
    > Proofread, make final edits, and publish post to micro.blog.

POST = ✅

This all took place using MarsEdit 4 on my MacBook, iPad, iPhone, and Watch using a combination of native apps and Siri Shortcuts (no pressure @danielpunkass). I’m sure there are holes in this approach to getting content captured, but it was a dream after all (for now!). 😃