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Shortcuts Ep. 9

Siri Shortcuts - Episode 9

Shortcut Name: Micro.linker
Revision: 1.0
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What does it do?
Browse to a URL and use this Shortcut from the share sheet. It will allow you to creat a markdown link with your own title and post it to micro.blog as one of three things:
- Share Link: Post md link with leading ‘link’ Tagmoji (🔗).
- Review Link: Post md link and allows you to choose between 1-5 ⭐️.
- Comment on link: Post md link with leading comment text.

How does it work?
1. Use the share sheet to send the URL of the current webpage to the Shortcut.
2. Set URL to variable clipboard.
3. Create new text string with text variables %title% & %link%.
4. Ask for input for Link Title, and replace %title%.
5. Replace %link% with clipboard.
6. Set newly created md link to variable md_link.
7. Choose from menu the post type to create:
- Share: Place link Tagmoji in front of md_link.
- Review: Let user choose number of stars, place review star(s) Tagmoji in front of md_link.
- Comment: Place comment in front of md_link.
8. Set final output to post_output and post to Micro.blog.

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“Source Code”
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