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This new Pencil holder looks great! PencilSnap Going to need to try this one out I think. ✏️

Blackbox Puzzles is such a great game!! Ryan has done such an amazing job with every aspect of the game / experience! 👾

The new Welcome to Night Vale novel is great! 📚www.welcometonightvale.com/books/ as always, I recommend the audio book because Cecil Baldwin’s voicing is a MUST! 😀

Never heard of WTNV? Preapre yourself for hours of enjoyment! welcometonightvale.com

Just found the option to import your twitter archive into micro.blog. I am torn.. I want to import it, but maybe it’s best to just let it go? Decisions..

Most people on Twitter are using the same username here, but a directory search would be super useful too! Maybe there is one and I am missing it?

Overcooked! on the Nintendo Switch is great! (and can get quite stressful!) 🍽

Hmmm.. my blue ring broke. #AppleWatch

The thing I miss most is Twitterrific..

New Year, New Social.

Park 😍 #shotoniphone

Trees, Clouds, Mountains, Waterfalls, and Half a Dome.


“Camping” 🏔🏕

Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃🍁🍽





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